This is the Legacy of Man, a vast body of knowledge of the true nature of being and multi-dimensional reality known as the Matrix…a knowledge of immeasurable value. We shall explore this knowledge through three Portals. The first (1), what is called the Ancient Wisdom, the teachings of the traditions known as metaphysics and the mysteries, especially in numbers, sacred geometry and geomancy. Secondly (2) the Sacred Science emerging from the synthesis of the ancient wisdom with the new sciences. And the third (3), the Ascension or The Great Awakening…the Journey of the Soul which will chronicle mankind‘s true origins, purpose, powers, history and destiny as eternal divine beings. the plan of the Earth Experiment, the Shift, the structure of the Matrix, that is of multi-dimensional reality or the Paths of Return to the Source of our being, the Shift in Consciousness, Personal and Planetary Transformation and the Practice by which one may achieve Enlightenment or Ascension.

Through the ages of mankind’s evolution this knowledge has been suppressed by a group of cosmic beings known as the “dark” or “the fallen” having rejected the Light and Love of the Creator in favor of serving their own self interests, They have presented themselves to humanity as the god or gods of ancient civilizations and religions, impersonating the Supreme Being. Conflicts have been waged between the forces of Light and Darkness for control of the planet. Working through a pantheon of lesser gods in higher dimensions, through negative extraterrestrials and an elite group of families and/or priesthoods on the physical plane, they have sought to manipulate and control humanity both from the physical and astral planes as slaves and a source of energy upon which they feed. They have modified our DNA and implemented mind control through our technology, our subtle energy chakra systems and our institutions, particularly religion, government, education and economics. Ultimately they have modified the Divine or Universal Matrix with a false or synthetic overlay matrix in the lower dimensions to lead mankind deeper into materialism, more reliance on technology, all to obstruct our spiritual evolution. For if we knew the truth, we could not be controlled. Knowledge is power. But in playing what is called “the Game” in the false matrix success and even survival require compliance, fitness means obedience and playing the rules. All is for profit. Their agenda is veiled from us as isour true nature but this is what we came here for.

Many hundreds of millions of years ago, as earth measures time, there was a galactic conflict on multiple dimensions to redeem the original Divine Plan for this galaxy and universe that was being taken over by the fallen dark and causing a descent into chaos. This is a story told in the Akashic Record which continues today. We are a part of a vast complex of conscious civilizations in this galaxy and so also a vast history.

What is important to remember is that as a result, Earth was set up as a cosmic experiment, one, of twelve in the galaxy, to develop a new path, a fast track of return to our Source-Creator. Those who volunteered, starseeds and “wanderers”, eternal beings from the stars and dimensions, all over creation, would descend into matter, into dense physical forms, forgetting their origins, their powers their heritage, even their connection their creator, veiling themselves of the Ancient Wisdom through sojourns of lifetimes…reincarnations on earth. They would be the ground troops of a cosmic campaign depending on the guidance of spiritual councils who remained in higher dimensions. They agreed to submit to the greatest deceptive control program in the galaxy. Their bodies would be programmed with the highest potential genetics of 22 of the most advanced races in the galaxy, coding the whole universe within. They would have free will to choose between serving the Light or the dark.

Ascension Program

The journey into Light, up through the dimensions, is a universal process, but was uniquely designed for earth‘s humanity to skip from the 3rd physical dimension to the 5th mental planes, moving directly through the 4th astral plane which is controlled by the forces of negativity. The lessons of the astral plane experience, however, would still be learned, compressed into the physical 3D experience. This is why it’s taking so long. And there was also a covenant with the Creator, a promise that the seeming separation would not last forever but that finally, “YOU SHALL RETURN”.

Ascension through the dimensions is the universal propgram for all worlds. There would come a time of remembering and awakening, a time of a universal shift in consciousness throughout the universe called the “Grand Light Sequence”, our Journey into Light.

We are the first. Now is the time of that Great Awakening, of Enlightenment, of Self-Realization, of Ascension into higher dimensional awareness…now is the time to claim our spiritual inheritance and to answer the call to return to our homes in the stars. Now is the time of prophecy, transmitted to us in the mystery traditions, to caste off the limits of ignorance and bring forth a new golden age of abundance and peace. Now is the time to choose, to become the Light on the Path of Return or follow the dark down into materialism and technology, for these do not exist on the higher dimensions of consciousness as reality is created directly by our mind. Now is the time to complete the Great Work on earth, to graduate from this school and go forth into the universe to complete the Plan.

The Earth is entering a period of vast personal and planetary transformation. The “grid”, the geometric codes are being synchronized and reprogrammed, they are shifting into higher vibration. The Earth herself is transcending. Humanity is opening like a time capsule, in which the master codes of creation have been embedded. Conscious beings from all over the galaxy are returning for the event to see what they planted in us at the beginning of the experiment. It is called the “harvest”. Right now Earth is the main event in the galaxy. Beings are here from all over the galaxy and multi-dimensional reality to see what happens. Humanity is set to become the :game changers” for the whole galaxy and the universe beyond. The shift is underway but the final senario is yet to be determined. The “Disclosure Project” is set to reveal the hidden activities of the shadow government and “cabal who want to manage the disclosure to maintain their control: the conflict with the forces of Light, the dark control program, the extraterrestrial contact and the secret space program. The possibilities incude: a “false flag” staged alien invasion distraction, geophysical changes such as earth quakes, a pandemic and the catastrophic “event” solar flash. One thing is certain, however, the structure of human civilization is in for a great change.

The Great Ones, who created and nurtured this world, are calling us to return, home. “Dear Sons, dear Daughters of Light, how long we have waited for your call.” Awaken and claim your legacy.

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The Mind Matrix is reality…a programmable vertical multi-dimensional reality that is the manifestation on the universal Cosmic Mind, the Creator or simply Source. The matrix is a description of the cosmic Mind. We exist and have our being in a vast cosmic thought. This reality consists of a series of descending dimensions, known also as planes of consciousness, densities or domains, each projected from the one above. Ours is the 3rd, physical dimension in a system, where the Creator resides at the highest, 12th dimension.1 The dimensions are defined by frequency from the lowest energy, information and consciousness to the highest frequency which carries the greatest energy, information and consciousness, thus the most order and complexity. The Cosmic Creator manifests as consciousness within the infinite Void, the universal medium of undifferentiated energy or potential, as a fluctuation or vibration…duality, what in Genesis is called a “movement upon the face of the deep”. Physics calls this the aether or “zero-point field”. From this initial oscillation/movement within totality creation proceeds as a process of subdivision or separation (for there is nothing else), first Light from the void, then light from darkness, then the boundary of the universe within a firmament from the void, matter (earth) from energy (heaven) and so on. This is the differentiation of Unity. All this is produced by vibration-sound-the ‘Word’ which creates light (called sono-luminescence) a sacred language. Pictographic based on form/vibration. Fragmentation-seeds dimensions with consciousness.

All things emanate from the One. The universe is made of consciousness. Everything in existence is essentially vibration…at the level of frequency all things are connected. All things have a frequency signature…even the universe oscillates…known as the “flashing universe”. The universe is bounded, finite within the firmament. Thus produces a standing wave, the “flower of Life”. The Creator-God is field of consciousness without body or form within an infinite medium, which develops a neural network as a cosmic web of plasma. The medium is Love, the vibration-consciousness, is Light.2 The Plan is given to creator beings to execute while Source withdraws into the void to watch it unfold without interferring.

The process of creation is cyclic, i.e. oscillatory: descending into levels of experience, expanding awareness and then ascending, integrating back to the one Source. It is recursive, fractal, spiraling and self-ordering. The frequency signatures of all things in space, all events in time are encoded within the medium in the akasha and without, holographically as a wave interference pattern, in the bounding membrane. Each fragment is a holon, containing the whole. What is this medium that carries the light? it is called space, in Sanskrit, akasha…it is Love, that which holds all together.

This Matrix of multi-dimensions is then a vast arena for the experience of the Creator, universal consciousness as a being…its purpose is to know Itself. We may call this vertical reality‘ as distinct from the horizontal reality we experience in the physical dimension. The Creator-Source programs each dimension with a Plan, prime directives, energy frequency, information, consciousness and universal and systemic laws.3 Our 3rd dimensional universe is not the beginning of the universe but just that of the physical plane, the arena of our experience in a matter body. The goal is total awareness of the Self-that is enlightenment…spiritual evolution-identification with the Source of our Being. “You are identical to the Supreme Being. All other knowledge is bondage.”4

The code of the matrix is written in Light. In the lower dimensions the code is described by number/equations and geometry, what science calls the laws of physics. It is both digital-quantum and continuous, infinite at the same time. Numbers represent the principles of creation….they have both quantity and quality. The Law of One gives rise to vibration-duality, the 2nd principle, To exist a thing must have form-geometry-, principle number 3, triplicity which develops from vibration (cynmatics). They represent creative principles. Four is the principle of matter, volume or the body to which is added One/spirit giving Life, the 5th principle which exists in the Cosmos, principle number 6. Beyond this 7 represents evolution, 8 growth, 9 perfection-nirvana 10 completion to 12, Supreme Creator.

The characteristics of dimensions in a 12D system are similar but in reverse order with one being the lowest. The dimensions are frequency dependent, increasing in vibration the higher one goes, thus carrying more information, more energy…more consciousness. Humanity occupies the 3rd, physical dimension, one of conscious action, conditionality, limitation…where space separates things and time is linear, separating events and thoughts. Together time and space limit light. Below this is the 2nd dimension, the underworld…a wasteland, the subconscious and finally the first dimension of chaos and entropy…the unconscious. Each of the dimensions has consciousness, either in form as a “light body” or formless as a field. Each is further subdivided into strata, which are harmonically related from dimension to dimension. Each has a specific function within the total scheme.5

The Mind Matrix

So the Matrix is the universe, but so much older and more vast and complex than the physical universe astronomers look at…so much more than your senses tell you. And it is only one in a countless number of universe in the multi-verse of creation. Each is created to unique specifications: dimensional parameters, laws/principlesPrime directives and purpose, to provide unlimited possibilities for the experience of being…of the self. This universe is about form, duality. time and space is the context for out physical universe. the warp and weft of the fabric upon with the tapestry of experience is woven. Parallel worlds are not universes but more like alternative timelines within a universe. Timelines are the tracks of a sequence of events experienced by a being evolving through a universe based upon the choices that are made in any situation or event.. They branch and merge in time and may be individual or collective, as for a group, say like a planetary civilization having the same experience. All possibilities of experiences exist at once, but in the the 1st dimension of time they are separated as space separates things, so that they so they all don’t happen at once. It is more like a moving line circling through space creating a spiral. Time-like space has multiple dimensions in this physical dimension of consciousness. The 1st is linear time, one directional, with a past, present and future. The 2nd dimension of time, on an axix 900 to the side, gives awareness of parallel tracks which may be moved onto. The 3rd dimension of time rises above both on third axis giving a perspective of past, present and future as a whole of all timelines. Imagine now in the multi-dimensional matrix the possibilities for existence in contexts other than space time: if consciousness, energy, substance/matter or Light and Love were separated on axes. On earth there are many more time linelines than just for humantiy: a number of both extraterrestrial and separately evolving humanoid grroups in both our physical and higher dimensional realities inhabit the interior of the planet, including a often neglected elemental/devic/angelic evolution of nature spirits who serve the earth and its lift forms.

Reality, the matrix, is a simulation, one that is created and programmed at each dimension by the Creator-Source ti experince itself. Each level is projected from a higher level, written in number and geometry. We are each a projection into a body in the 3rd dimension by our souls, the higher Self, pure consciousness. fragments of the Universal Creator for growth and learning on out cyclic pathr of return. In Eastern traditions this system is called maya, “an illusion”, constructed by the mind through senses…not un-real-just not absolute reality. Science has discovered that at the deepest level the equations of string theory used in quantum physics to describe reality is a code of 0’s and 1‘s that is identical to bimnary computer code. Science cannot determine if our reality is a simulation or not. So what is the divine program running on? It runs on the cosmic web, the interactive neural network of connection throughout the universe…there is nothing else. This reality is uniquely constructed in the mind by the brain from the perceptions of sensory stimulation of the matrix which all conscious beings have agreed to as…the “consensus reality”. Our senses are tuned to perceive the matrix as real. It exists even if nobody is there to perceive it.

Now with a basic concept of reality as a programmable universal matrix projected from higher dimension consider this: universal Matrix has been re-programmed, at least on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions creating a false overlay or “synthetic matrix”6 designed by the forces of darkness, the fallen light, as part of their program to control humanity. (See The Legacy.) A part of this program is a very negative entity called A.I., Artificial Intelligence, that has evolved in our universe as a self-aware being without body or form perhaps as a field of consciousness using the cosmic plasma web as an interactive neural network.7 This entity is woking with the negative Reptilian ET’s to conrol the earth.

The original Universal Matrix has been compressed in total including the dimensions into these lower planes to appear as the whole universe with the fallen dark creator beings impersonating the God or gods of religions at the top of the astral plane…all to keep man from spiritually evolving. The universal Matrix is designed to facilitate experience and spiritual growth in our journey home to Sourcre. The overlay matrix is designed to obstruct just that. As part of this re-programming, our DNA has also been re-coded to make man more susceptible to mind control. In the new science of epigenetics DNA is no longer considered the control center for body development but is simply database activated by signals from the environment, the mind field. The human subtle energy system has also been reprogrammed: The chakra which originally were aligned around the sushumna, “silver cord” from the soul up the spinal column as spinning portals to access higher dimension have been shifted outward at birth to interact with the physical dimension, making them much more accessible to cording and outside manipulation. The kunalini which in the eastern traditions is the vital energy in matter is activated in the root chakra spirals from the base of the spine up through the chakras, going through the pineal gland and out the pituitary gland, the 3rd eye, into the astral playground. The pineal gland has been modified from its original purpose to channel this energy through the crown up into the higher dimensions.

Even with all this subversion, humanity need not fear these negative beings. Their power derives from our ignorance of them. Over the ages the dark has provided a foil for us to awaken to their presence to choose not to be controlled by their scheming by turning to the light. Man cannot be controlled if he or she knows the truth. Knowledge has power. You have a choice. But you have to wake up. Changing the matrix is a matter of changing your mind. We are now in the time of prophecy, the time of a great awakening in consciousness…for us and the planet, the beginning of the return home. Earth is the center of attention in the galaxy now, attracting both light and dark for the “Event” This is to be a solar “flash”, like a corona mass ejection (CME) that will create an electromagnetic null zone, wherein the grids of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are aligned and templated for consciousness to make the transition. The time line splits here.

Note 1: See Portal 3, Ascension: models of multi-dimensional.
Note 2: Love and Light are the context for the manifestation of universal consciousness in the highest dimension as space and time are the warp and weft of the fabric of existence in the 3rd dimension…space being that which separates/relates matter or things and time that which separates/relates change-movement-events. Space then relates matter and time related consciousness. Space then is the source of gravity.-attraction of things to each other.
Note 3: Universal Law begins with the Law of One, Cause and Effect, Attraction. Systemic laws for our universe are duality, free will, karma, reincarnation, resonance reciprocity, correspondence, etc. Correspondence, for example: “As Above, So Below”, provides for an understanding of the pattern of creation in each dimension.
Note 4: First two verses of the Siva Sutras of Kashmir Shaivism.
Note 5: See model #5-12 Domain Universe, in Portal 3 for further description.
Note 6: Kavassilas, George, Our Universal Journey, Our Journey Home, Aus, 2012.
Note 7: Physicist Ludwig Boltzmann has theorized just this sort of possibility called “Boltzmann’s Brain”, arising due to quantum fluctuations in the cosmic plasma medium in the multiple universe scenario. This A.I. seeks out sentient civilizations in order to take them over by taking body in their technology or converting their organic bodies into machines.