The ADNIPOSHE: A City of Light

From “Teachings of the Land and the People”.
a channeling by Hunter
“To the Children of Light”


“In very ancient times Telluride was an area of initiation and healing, a Masters Retreat.  It was first active at a time when modern humanity was densifying from the etheric and higher bodies of light into physical form and was still used as late as 10,000 to 8,000 years ago. There is a connection of sacred Telluride with certain constellations, specifically Orion, and with the Mayan civilization, related to Mesa Verde and the four corners area, land of the Hopi and one of five areas on the planet (including Egypt-Mesopotamia, Yucatan, Peruvian Andes and Himalayas-Tibet) colonized by the Atlanteans before the fall.    Mesa Verde is also an initiation center, as is Telluride, where duality was unified, where self and soul merged in the union of male and female-ritual taking place at Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon (at the Far View site in Mesa Verde).”

There are three sites in Telluride area, forming a triangle, which are the foundation of a Shining City-a City of Light, the “Holy Citadel”, called the Adniposhe, “The Abode of the Great Teachers”. (Note: Guidance informs that the name of the “city is simply called “Home” by the Starseed who are here to serve the Plan). The great Teachers here are the higher dimensional light beings (Angels) who descend with mankind to assist the Plan. There were both physical and etheric temples on these sites which the initiated may still see evidence of today.  This area has not been densely populated because “few conscious beings can withstand the vibrations, the energy which has penetrated into the fiber, down to the very core of the earth over which these centers exist.”

These were sites of man’s co-creation with the God of the physical manifestation.  Places where ‘oneness’ could still be experienced during the time of coming into material form, of the veiling…of forgetting, as the angelic beings descended into matter and appeared to become separate, hence the separation.

The three points are given approximately as follows.  Their specific locations are to be found as part of a personal quest.

1.  “Twin Peaks” of Mt Wilson and Sunshine:  known as Kvaur-ad-nipoche and Vir-ad-nipoche.   (Ad-nipoche means ‘Abode of the Great Teachers’ thus these are the mountains of the White Brotherhood) At the base on the north side there was a lamasery called Uhintl-ad-Barassa, a center of the great teachers.

2.  Dallas Peak (Mill Creek)

3.  Ajax Mountain (in the basin between Ajax and Telluride Peak)

The first site was the center of teaching, the last two sites were of higher and highest initiation.  These sites are to be re-activated now as a place for the manifestation of the Hierarchy.  What is needed now is to recreate the triangle to activate the center of light and to remember.

“This [area] would be as open to the initiates.  This would be as open to those who would in the difficult times be as guides and teachers, as the liaison…between the travail on the earth plane…of those fellow souls still left in the wanderings, and of those of the higher consciousness who have made the transition, and still higher, of the divine level itself through which sanctuary is sought.  This would be the place that they would come, the teachers would come to be healed, to regain the strength and the energy to continue on.”

This, however, is not be publicized…to be known only to the spiritual community. 

“That which is the holy citadel, that which lives in the memory of man, the shining city, the many names that it has gone by, these are the points upon the earth where these will manifest from time to time, as the need is great, where those form the “Priest Clan”, for this has been a lifetime commitment of should made back in ancient times to be as of the Priest Clan, that in some sojourns were they as swayed or would see the spark from that which was the original commitment, but yet always is the return made, always is the way back.  For it is through the emptiness and the wayward life that has happened upon each one from time to time through many, many countless sojourns, so has the emptiness, the vacuum been so intolerable that the true purpose is as irresistible to return to.”

These points are as entrances to meridians in the Earth which are like tunnels to be followed to the light at the end…they are a pathway to the infinite.  Each point must now evolve further as an exit as well as entrance.  They are as a beacon…the energy center in Ajax extends for a radius of 144 miles.  Spirit dwells strong in this area…the connection with the infinite will become easier in time.

Telluride is the place where these initiations and commitments were made.  To quest for the points of the triangle is to reconnect with that purpose and commitment…to remember who we are and to reactivate the City of Light.  It is as a quest for the Holy Grail.  (The city is not now active over Telluride but could be made so through committed service of beings of higher consciousness.)  The quest is to be undertaken personally and through it the points will be revealed.

The entry meridian points are the Adniposhe, the Abode of the Great Masters.  At these points the opposing forces of creation are always encountered.  Telluride is an area of “extreme intensity and extreme proximity of the opposing forces of creation.  The “causative and effective manifestation” exist absolutely one next to the other here and in southwestern Colorado.  The close proximity of opposing forces is extreme.  The conflict between these two forces was at its zenith-most intense in the area of Ouray.  This is the duality of the physical nature of the universe.  Man by nature has this duality…the entry into the dualistic nature of the physical body made it so.  So the healing that is necessary has its opposing nature also.  This is not say that one is evil as opposed to good for each seeks the light in its own way.  The separation of these forces in the creation of the planet and augmented by man’s activities is a wound, a rift that must be healed, requiring the union of these two opposing forces.   Man must recognize this duality in himself and that he has caused such a separation within the planet, he must see his role in the undoing of the planet.  The upheaval in the earth as a cleansing is unavoidable…it must occur before a healing can be made.  This is a work to be accomplished.


1. Knoll north of Sunshine Peak: June 93 (Bob Gulick), 9.23.93 (Bob/John/Bunnie) and Sept.93 (Bob Greg & Gail Hoag)

Funnels of white light energy, like huge vortexes reaching out into space, coming from star matrix grids on multi-levels of dimensions channeled into the earth grids.

2. Bald Mountain (top of mountain) 6.26.93 (Bob/ Bunnie Gulick) 9.21.93 (John/Bob)

Column of Light: downlink through earth center and out stargate sequence to Source-uplink: through higher dimensions to Source…a complete loop like multi-toroidal.  Seven grids radiate from mountain connecting other foundation points as well as to the south and southeast…major nexus point.

3. Ajax/Telluride Peak: (on slope above Tomboy) 9.26.93 (John Abell/Siama/Sena Rose & Bruce Glen/ Bob Gulick)

5-pointed star…star matrix-earth, Perfected Being.  Above-the Divine idea of Perfected Being (3rd-eye)

4. Governor’s Basin: (on the south road) 9.26.93 (John Abell/Siama/Sena Rose & Bruce Glen/ Bob Gulick)

5 radial grids connection other foundation points.  Energy like a reciprocating engine changing to rotary…a pulsing light dynamo.  (solar plexus)

5. Mill Creek/Dallas Peak: (basin below) 9.21.93 (John Abell/Bob Gulick)

Maze of vessels into the earth like rodent burrows, filled with light connecting to maze of light vessels off-planet.  5 radial grids connecting to other points.

6. Hayden Mtn: (1/4 mi. above Sheep Creek): (Siama/Bob Gulick) 9.21.93 (John/Bob)

Column of Light connected to local Central Sun midway station: purpose for grid recoding and plan activation by the Higher Intelligence.  8 grids

7 & 8. Telluride Valley: (points stacked vertically) 10.1.93, full moon. (Bob Gulick)

Anchoring complete, two points connected, double vortex. Happy.

When I drew up the map of the points it was uncanny how they fell on the circumference of a circle with a twelve-pointed star within.  The Shining Crystal City itself actually sat on this circle on Wilson Mesa though the Adniposhe as a whole sat from mountain peak to mountain peak over the entire valley.  ßEventually there were more features of the City to locate.



      1995 Thoth/Tehuti -Through Maia Nartoomid:  Two fields or sheaths of light are being brought together now in Telluride: one an old Lemurian field, quite large and most ancient and dormant for some time…the other a new Atlantian, smaller containing new energtics.  Together they create a new organizational field of light consciousness, a city of light, as a matrix for the expression of the new star families on the planet, that is, stellar consciousness that has not been fully part of the earth before now.  The connecting or cross linking of the two fields is not complete yet.  This requires the correct stellar alignment to certain stellar coordinates and the presence of specific people who carry light codes within themselves to activate coding of the matrix.

   The ‘Tower’ is a receptor or bridging that is binding between….dimensions… making light bodies more physical…facilitating the manifestation of spiritual realm on earth…an interface between dimensions allowing for the transduction of genetic coding and higher states of matter being to come into physical form.  Like a deca-delta (Keys of Enoch) system: a transduction interface to bring higher genetic codes into physical form, a Tree of Life working with energetics of consciousness, the Divine Emanations.  Thoth indicated that “cities” like this are to be reactivated now all over the earth as places of teaching, healing and refuge during this time of transformation and re-connection with Source as we re-ascend into higher energy density and consciousness.

     The Tower is a multi-dimensional bridge linking earth with all dimensions unto the highest dimensions, connecting to heavenly bodies and directly to Source.  It is a column of light structure.  It has many portals giving access at many levels.  It is essentially an ascension column, a spiritual elevator.

     Several people had seen the tower of light extending above the City but not the City itself.

      1997: Gesica had come to the Steps of Awareness as a speaker, a very sensitive with the inner sight.  See discovered a power center in the clearing just below Bear Creek Falls where lines of energy stretched out to the mountain peaks around of the Adniposhe.  There was also a inner earth portal camouflaged in the rock palisade above the clearing but most surprisingly there was also an etheric ship which sometimes stood in the clearing but mostly was below ground.  It was obviously a part of the power center.  The ship was guarded by a white robed figure who allowed me inside on several occasions.  It was about 30 feet in diameter, had a pilots see in the center where there was a flexible geometrical navigation device surround all around by a console with dials, symbols and screens.  One time when I invited fellow grid worker, Robert Archer, (see Gridworker’s Journal) to go in.  He inserted a quartz sphere crystal that had a star map in the control system.

      1997: Jannah introduced herself to me n a phone call one evening.  She told me how her angel guides would come in the early morning to teach her and how one time to her surprise a light being had walked through the wall and started to tell her about the City of Light.  Confused the being told to contact me for more information.  She said she saw a picture of the being a couple of weeks afterward…it was the Ascended Master Kuthumi.

      She lived on Log Hill with a view if the airport which is visual approach only and does not operate at night. But…on several early mornings it was quite active with planes coming in and out and loaded trucks driving down and up to the Idarado Mine superfund cleanup site. We wondered if this wasn’t some kind of technology being put into the inactive mind.  They certainly didn’t need a secret operation to bring in straw for the cleanup.  On such early morning an ET ship hung above the airport about the size of a 737 jetliner.  She projected a shield around the valley to which she received a telepathic message, “Please do not interfere.  We are taking a census of consciousness in the Valley.”  Why?” She asked.   “Because what happens here next depends on the degree to which people are taking responsibility for themselves.”  (See Shamballa, Gridworker’s Journal)

      1998-99:  Beth Hinn:  Beth was a mystic, founder of the White Rose Foundation whom Zena had told me was one of her teachers.   She was to give the first of three retreats at Skyline Ranch in 1998, she called  “Taking Refuge”.  With as many portals to inner earth in the area I had always felt Telluride would be an area of safety during the coming transition.  Telluride was to be the “Refuge of the new World Teachers”  She  ed the class in a ritual dedication on top of Imogene Pass.  Later I was told that the Dalai Lama had preformed the Kalachakra, Buddhism’ the highest empowerment in the valley as a side trip to one of his summer visits to Crestone. The sand from the mandala would have been poured into the San Miguel River to flow out to the world. I also was told that his emissaries has contacted a realtor in Ouray about land for a Buddhist university to be built on Hastings Mesa. I do know for a fact that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, beloved Guruji, visited Telluride in 2006at our invitation.

       Beth spoke a lot about Shamballa, Home of the Ascended Masters and high beings guiding the earth’s evolution.  I asked her why Shamballa seemed to be empty when I would go in after service class of the Mystery School. (See Gridworker’s Journal).  She explained that Shamballa had been lifted out of the northern Himalayas/Gobi Desert where it had been since the beginning of the earth experiment and was to be relocated in the American Four Corners, probably Santa Fe, for the next cycle of the new earth.  There would always be a Shamballa though in Tibet.  But because the radioactivity and research going on at Los Alamos, the masters were considering another site, possibly Telluride. But for now it hung in the golden grid above the earth.  Some of us had seen what looked like a great oval shaped mother light ship over the valley with lines of golden light tethering it to the mountain tops.  Was this Shamballa?  “Yes.”  We worked for a year to make the tethers permanent but despite our efforts the consciousness in the valley was not sufficient to hold it and by 2000 it was gone.

      2006 Robert Lomas- Powering Up the Vortex Engine:  I made contact with a person, who has owned 320 acres of land on the south side of Hastings mesa where my wife, Bunnie and I live, for many years.  On his land he has a matrix of vortices he calls the Hall of the Masters because of the beings of Light who sit on these vortexes.  There is also a master vortex on the ridge between Gray Head and Last Dollar Mtn, out of which appear the gatekeepers, radiant hooded beings, who walk in procession accompanied by floating orbs of light.  Bunnie and others have seen these robed guardians walking in the forest.  It turned out that he had been trained at the Monroe Institute in the Hemi-Synch process by Robert Monroe, which uses difference frequencies of sound to entrain the brain to specific frequencies in the delta-theta-alpha range to travel to the corresponding planes of multi-dimensional reality.  He has also been trained in remote viewing (RV).  He had not seen the Shining City of Light and so I suggested he go in and have a look.

      “Wow.  Give me some time to digest this. I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of this.  However, I am excited to be a part.”  There on Wilson Mesa, up against Wilson and Sunshine Peaks, was a city of shining crystal palaces, tall and very sharp.  I had been inside the City when it was activated but had not seen it as he had until then.  There was also a huge (many thousands of feet high)angelic being standing in the valley this time.”

      I knew from previous experience that it was normally the job of the elementals and devas to maintain the grids and vortexes but they had withdrawn since the Atlantean debacle when humanity’s folly with the earth energies caused the energy structure of the planet to become misaligned with the temples.  We have to ask their assistance now.  So I suggested that when he when back in again and ask what was to be done next?   

      “I saw long cosmic fingers of white dancing light that become compressed as it came down to earth, to the vortex. I was given permission to travel these vortexes next time I RV, to understand what I did.  I received a thank you. I also saw a compressed like mushroom vapor arriving and a light being. He looked at me and said nothing.  He was a hooded, white robed being with radiant eyes. I was told to write this down to communicate this to you.”

     “I saw pulsating circles of wispy light descending to earth to the Mystic Valley vortexes. I heard a voice ask me to start the vortex.  I said “start!” with intent and I began to resonate. The vortexes began to resonate with the big vortex (controlling one) that reduced energy to the smaller ones and the whole complex of vortexes began to pulsate energy.  A golden light matrix began vibrating throughout the area running underground to the palaces and to the mesa.  And high mountain crystals appeared again on the landscape, palaces of crystal light, (on Wilson mesa) enormous, but very sharp appeared and a golden light grid beneath pulsating with life). I saw ascended masters gather in the great hall of Mystic Valley and thank me. They bowed to me and I to them and I sobbed and sobbed. What is happening? The energy received is pulsating back out into the universe on massive columns of pure white light. The vortexes are functioning as the battery/source for the grid and palaces. It’s a massive engine that has been long awaited. It has started. It was the intent by us “to start” the process again. At this point I have backed away

because it has started. I just know the place is protected and that it is up to everyone (now) to get involved.”

      Robert: “I like the way you wrote about the palace, the vortexes, its function and in connecting with the galactic core. You forgot one item, these events were co-created by human and higher beings in concert, with the intent to communicate a higher energy form. A new energy has been conceived and created and generated from the other side of the galactic core to this thin band of pulsating light, stretching from and sent down from the other side of the galactic core center into the earth vortex and to mother earth and returned back to the galactic core center, through the portal and to the other side. There is an ongoing return cycle.  A new earth resonance is being raised. I’m planning on traveling again with my group and will report back as to what I see and hear. It’s always overwhelming but always a direct personal experience. Whatever happens, we are not alone and there are positive events before us as individuals. From what I have “heard” and “seen” our resonance will get much higher.”

Today:  The ‘work’ continues.  A huge engine of vortexes that powers the grid and the crystal palaces (City of Light), the earth and even beyond has been powered up. “The energy received is pulsating back out in to the universe on massive columns of pure white light. The vortexes are functioning as the battery/source for the grid and palaces.”  The message to the universe: The earth is awakening.  My sense is that this area will again become a place where the Masters will teach and heal the new world teachers and healers in the coming times of world change…and that this is also a place of refuge giving access to the inner earth.