Sacred Geometry and The New Science

By Robert Gulick

A Presentation to the Spirit of Place Symposium, University of California
Davis, California, 1989

Composite Diagram

composit-diagramThis composite of diagrams and temples indicate an ancient tradition of encoding knowledge of cosmos in a geometrical context. The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the North Rose of Chartres Cathedral, the Kabbalist Tree of Life, the Sri Yantra, typical of an ancient methodology.

At the core of the ancient wisdom was a very geometrical way of thinking: For the sages of pharaohic Egypt, of the Kabbala and the Vedas, the Sufis and Pythagoreans, “Everything in the created universe-everything that existed, manifested as volume-an expression of point, line and surface-geometry defined its existence). Only form was perceptible.  What cannot be symbolized…in-formation…cannot be perceived…and does exist.  For the Pythagoreans even the original One was 3-dimensional, i.e. corporeal.”  Robert Lawlor.

“What is God? God is height, width, depth”.

                                                                            Bernard de Clairvaux

To the ancient mind the physical world was a play of symbols-forms representing higher realities, i.e. phenomena were but projections of a implicate order.  All existence had form…all levels of experience, mental, emotional and physical, had volumetric existence, they had shape, a body, defined by geometry.  The encoding of being, of the divine idea, in substance was a sacred geometry, of archetypal pattern…the language of light. 

The practice of geometry was to measure, to give meaning or dimension.  The creative act arises out of the imposition of limits or boundaries upon the chaos of primal existence.  Creation is in the power of limits.  Hence to measure, “rhythmos”, like the act of naming, was a sacred act given to the gods.

Yantra and Mandala

sri-yantraThe Sri Yantra is the holiest of Hindu symbols representing the mystical construction of the cosmos, the nine intersecting triangles being the “cosmic wombs”, the tattvas(principles) in number, the balance of polarities of male and female.

All traditions represent their teachings in sacred symbols and patterns-mandalas, medicine wheels and yantras. They are diagrams of cosmological order and process in which the structure and evolution of creation-of reality-is symbolized in geometrical patterns of circle-triangle-square’s. They are maps to more integrated states of being. Meditation upon the sequence of form-geometries, with their associated colors and sounds (mantra), whether visualized in a mandala or contacted in ceremony in the Temple, conditioned an alignment of the Self-body, emotions, mind-to the totality which the pattern represented.  It was a psycho-cosmic integration of the vehicles in attunement to cosmic reality.  In the practice of magic a similar procedure of sounding mantras in the visual presence of a sacred symbol summoned an energy, elemental force or conscious being into focus.

Geometry in Nature Mandala-Crystals

light-pyramidsPyramids of light in a diamond crystal lattice.

All traditions represent their teachings in sacred symbols and patterns-mandalas, medicine wheels and yantras. They are diagrams of cosmological order and process in which the structure and evolution of creation-of reality-is symbolized in geometrical patterns of circle-triangle-square’s. They are maps to more integrated states of being. Meditation upon the sequence of form-geometries, with their associated colors and sounds (mantra), whether visualized in a mandala or contacted in ceremony in the Temple, conditioned an alignment of the Self-body, emotions, mind-to the totality which the pattern represented.  It was a psycho-cosmic integration of the vehicles in attunement to cosmic reality.  In the practice of magic a similar procedure of sounding mantras in the visual presence of a sacred symbol summoned an energy, elemental force or conscious being into focus.

Force as Geometry

ring-magnetLines of the magnetic force field of A ring magnet.

black-holeGravity-the bending of space-time around a blackhole, an infinitely dense mass, affects the movement of matter and energy-here light is stretched into its color spectrum by geometry.

Even forces in Nature are an effect of geometry: grids of energy springing from the balance of polarities Yin+Yang or positive and negative.

As Maxwell explained electromagnetism mathematically-equations being patterns of number and operations-Einstein also did for gravity. In the Theory of General Relativity time is spatialized and the force of gravity becomes an effect of the geometry or curvature of the space-time continuum.  In the “geometrodynamic” universe of John Wheeler, physical phenomenon are converted to geometry-gravity, charge, spin and experience becomes an interplay of space-time and mass.  Mass teaches space how to expand-space teaches mass how to move.

Current cosmology, both the “Big Bang” and the Plasma Vortex theories of the origins of the universe, propose that filaments or strings of concentrated energy-a cosmic web- have worked to shape the observed universe of galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

“All manifestation, electromagnetism and gravity-the forces of nature are an effect of the bending of space.  Physics is geometry.” 

                                                             John Wheeler, physicist

“What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space itself.” Edwin Schoedinger

Diamond Crystal
Kepler’s Solar System

Geometry in Nature, Pattern that connects, formative principles

Islamic Patterns

islam-mozaicIslam tile patterns reflect the underlying thought – the geometrical ordering of creation.

persian-carpetMulti-leveled Persian carpet exhibits the interplay of cosmic principles-perhaps the “magic carpet” of legend activating the psychic powers of the mind to fly

Islamic sacred art is based on the geometrical essence of existence.   Number and geometry were the root principles, the cause of life.  These patterns expressed the law of Unity in diversity… designed to attune one to the higher levels of reality…of cause…which the bodily form was but a transitory effect.

       Islamic tile patterns have all 32 crystal symmetries and a perfect expression of the mystical Law of 3.  Only squares, triangles and hexagons combine to produce regular space-filling patterns, symbolizing the interplay of the basic cosmic principles of Body-Soul-Spirit.

      Arabesques (floral patterns) representing the principle of Life and Growth unfold in spirals out of the underlying pattern of geometry, representing the Divine Thought-Idea in pure geometry.  Thus did the feminine principle of manifestation and energy spring from the masculine pattern-the dualities harmonized in geometry- woven on the warp and weft-time and space-consciousness and matter of the 3-dimension.  In contrast to western notions, the feminine principle is that of power needing the masculine principle of order to create.  The male principle of Idea remains latent without the feminine activator.

Siva-Shakti: The Creative Principle of Duality (compare to Gnostic Sophia (Wisdom)

shiva-shaktiPrimordial Duality: Shiva-Shakti

crystal-and-dragonCrystal & Dragon: Shiva and Shakti in cosmic union.

shivaShiva & Shakti

In a way similar to mystical Islam, the masculine principle of Thought-Idea and the feminine of power and activity are represented in Hindu-Tantric tradition by Siva and Shakti. In perpetual dance their sexual union represents the interplay of the cosmic principles of Universal Law and Harmonics, order and energy, which together create phenomenal existence.  Duality is an essential condition of Being-from the original Manifest-Unmanifest to Self-Notself or in mystical Hinduism, Purusha…The primal Divine Thought and Prakriti…the totality of Nature-Manifestation.

       Existence-manifestation is the vibration or oscillation upon the universal medium or space which causes a densification or coagulation to occur.  This is liken to the Gnostic concept of the original World Mind which emanates Wisdom-World Thought ,Sophia.  Thought dances upon the context of the Universal Mind matrix giving rise to all creation which Thought ensouls and is consequently bound up in form.

Albert Einstein: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

      In the soul’s quest for the radiance of its source Sophia-Thought descends into the Void, the “sea of glass” the realm of dimensions, in search of self through ‘form’, producing finally the perfect form, the Anthropos, which ascends again to the Creator as the Christ.  Thus Sophia-Wisdom, as the feminine or active principle of creation (as Shakti is in Hindu) is encoded as the (Hebrew) Presence, the Holy Shekinah Spirit, which is the manifestation of God in matter and whose essence/character is form which is being.  Emanation, not creation, is the Law of manifestation.  The response, or the expression of Thought in form is called feeling and is related to the manifestation of time which is consciousness, i.e. the awareness of self. Thus emotion is the key to self-knowledge.  It is the mirror in which Thought sees itself and is joined with its compliment in wholeness again.

Golden Spiral
Leonardo’ s Man

Spiral–Golden Proportion as Above-so below, yellow brick road

Golden Proportion, man as microcosm

DNA: The Geometry of Life

dna-spiralDNA spiral helix codes produce the I-Ching pattern.

dna-mandalaDNA geometry as mandala.

chemical-bondChemical Bonding-Covalent
Hexabenzocoronene.-Shared electrons

The codes of inherited characteristics of all life-forms are contained in the sequence of nucleotide pairs held between the poles of dual spiral helixes-hence in science geometry governs the expression of life  mirroring traditional wisdom.  Chemistry is basically geometry-chemical bonding, is essentially conditioned by the form of atoms and molecules.

     The geometry of DNA is universal-mirrored in the pattern of the I-Ching, the Taoist Chinese Book of Changes as in many traditions.  4 nucleotide bases of the code join in pairs-Yin and Yang.  3 pairs making a codon, the elementary byte or word in the code-a binary triplet which is a hexagram.  There are just 64 possible different codons-the same number of hexagrams in the I-Ching.

    Shifting 90°, the computer generated axial view of the DNA molecule displays the mandala of life-a whirling star made of pentagrams, the sacred geometrical symbol of Life-Perfect manifestation.  To see the pattern requires a shift in perception. The two views exhibit the interplay of the dual masculine and feminine principles required to create form in life.

     The geometry of DNA codes translated into musical notes produce a tapestry of sound…designs of music much like the melodies of Chopin.

The Tai’ Chi of the Tao

yin-yangThe Tai’ Chi -Taoist symbol of unity and harmony in cosmic process.


Duality is the essential nature of existence, the activity of opposites in rhythmic harmony,  as the Taoist symbol of Yin and Yang symbolizes.  Together they are a whole in dynamic balance, each the seed of the other within it.  Thus the essence of existence is not thing-ness but process, the way, the Tao.  It demonstrates the Principle of Alternation (Cycles): everything in Nature is becoming or evolving into its opposite-everything in form is vibration.  Creation arises out of the continual dance of opposites which are inseparably united in One. There is only One reality, its nature is two…there is only one God, its names are many. 

     All manifestation arises from the wave.  All duality is resolved in resonance.  In the circle of perfection all dimensions, all expression, is inseparably united in the wave.

    All form can be described in terms of Fourier Transforms, the summations and foldings of one single fundamental wave form, the sine wave.  All things can be described as quantum wave functions, from the fundamental field and atoms to man.

     This symbol could easily be used as a basic scientific equation for the complementarity or symmetry in nature: object-process, matter-antimatter, spirit-matter, E=MC2 and finally the GUT, grand unified theory which relates quantum and relativity.  In S-Matrix theory, process is the reality.  Objects, matter are but transient, bound states of energy in a constant flow.  Transformations are eternal.   All reality alternates between two expressions as does the essential nature of light as particle-wave.  Vibration is the underlying principle in manifestation….it is an effect of the interplay of opposites seeking equilibrium manifest in the wave and the whole-the circle of unity.  For the physicist there is no separation at the level of the wave.   The primal division of Unity is an internal act producing a polarity.  All reality exists between One and Two, the poles of an octave or frequency band.

     The Principle of Alternation:  The irrational Source, Totality, undergoes an irrational division or polarization of duals which out of their interaction and activity create the substance of which the universe is made.  Light…sound….mind…existence  arise out of the activity of these polarities.  Oscillation is thus fundamental to the universe.  The universe is in constant motion-vibration which coagulates substance out of the continuum and folds this into density.

Cymatics: The Relationship of Sound and Form

chaldniChaldni figure-pattern of quartz sand dancing on a metal plate excited by sonic vibration at 8200 cps. Matter accumulates in the areas of least energy.

sonorous-grid-patternSonorous grid pattern in liquid paraffin.

Sonic energy-the action of a pressure wave-vibration produces patterns in substance. Manifestation results form the interaction of Mind/Thought, as vibrational energy, with substance. Chaldni vibration figures are metaphors for the way consciousness embodies in matter though form. These vary according to the frequency, energy(amplitude) and nature of the medium in which it is interacting.  It seems that form follows frequency.  Pattern, the nature of reality, is a function of vibration.  Simple life forms like the diatom (shown) exhibit forms as if responding to a primal sound-the creative “word”.

       Chaldni’s original work has been expanded by Hans Jeny into a science called Cymatics: from the Greek meaning the affect of wave on matter.  Such a variety of geometries in 3 dimensions suggests, as does the wave nature of matter developed by quantum physics,  that the fundamental nature of the universe may be knowable as wave patterns. “Everything is vibration”.  For example…

…….De Broglie’s Matter Waves: matter in various states have characteristic vibrations-frequencies-waves.

…….Plank’s Constant (h): Energy (E) is proportional to the Frequency state of matter (F):  E=hF.

…….Energy (E) and Matter (M) are related through the constant of the speed of light squared: E=Mc2

       Cymatics may be model for thought-forms, i.e. the wayconsciousness interacts with matter.  Thoughts, as energy, have characteristic vibrational patterns.  Form is the experience of Mind in substance.  It is what relates consciousness and matter

Electromagnetic Field: Mind

brain-emfModel of the Electromagnetic field produced by activity of brain.

The activity of the brain, as well the heart and all electrical activity in the body, produces and electromagnetic field.  Mind interacts with the brain, which is an organ of the mind-an organic computer-though the geometric energy field produced by the bi-hemispheric brain. 

….Fluctuations induced into this field, i.e. changes in the geometry, can affect the behavior of life-forms (Jose Delgato). 

….Prolonged exposure to the uncontrolled intense fields generated by computer CRT’s and by high tension electrical transmission lines have been shown to cause cancers and birth defects. 

….EMF’s interact with DNA to modify the genes suggesting that through the field patterns produced by thought man may be able to consciously self-evolve genetically. 

….Robert Becker, who has pioneered work in the use of EMF’s in healing (limb regeneration and bone repair) has proposed that the mechanics of mental telepathy(ESP)-thought transmission may be understood as energy transfers between two interacting electromagnetic fields.

….Pulsing the EMF around the body can entrain the mind to the frequency of the pulsation and can for example induce an alpha state of consciousness.

Electromagnetic Field: Earth

earth-emfThe Earth’s Van Allan belts of radiation have the form of the planets electromagnetic field.

The earth has an electromagnetic field with a geometry similar to the human field.  Generally considered too weak to have any influence, life on the planet has evolved and matures in each existence within this field-our thought and behavior are conditioned by it.  Communication and feeling with the planet could be by a sympathetic resonance occurring between similar information fields.  Could such field interactions explain the bond we have as a species-the collective unconscious-providing a context for global connection as it does on a smaller scale for a school of fish or a flock of birds in which each individual moves in unison with the whole.  Here is the basic principle of resonant interaction between being and its environment and is the model for the relation of Body and Spirit in the Temple.  We are tuned to the planet, however, by more than field interaction:

….The normal awake state of the human mind, called Beta, is +/- 11.7 cps electromagnetic energy-half the wave length at this frequency  is exactly the diameter of the planet.

….Light travels around the circumference of the planet 7.4 times in a     second which the frequency of the Alpha state of consciousness of expanded awareness.

….Attunement to 7.84 hz., the Schumann Resonance frequency, which is the natural resonance of the planet has been shown in radionics work to promote healing in living systems.

….The Schumann Resonance produces a standing wave between the earth’s surface and the bottom of the ionosphere which fluctuates with lightning and solar activity.

Geometry of Mind

kluver-form-constantsSequence of Kluver form constants.

The geometry of the physical world is a reflection of the pattern of Mind.  Work by Ron Siegel in altered states of consciousness induced by hallucinogenic drugs shows that the mind sequences through a series of geometrical patterns called “Kluver form constants” that are consistent for all types of people regardless of cultural background.  As one enters into an altered state the pattern sequence begins with a regular grid and proceeds to a cobweb (radial grid), to cone or tunnel and finally a spiral.  Siegel concludes: “There is a geometrical structure to the mind that conditions perception”- the order we sense in the phenomenal world is a mirror of the pattern of Mind.

Quantum physics proposes much the same conclusion:  In the act of observing (perceiving) there is an interaction with that which is observed to suggest that the observer and observed are not separate.  “There is no out there” Consciousness appears to create reality through the act of choosing which “pops the Qwif”, as Fred Allan Wolf would say, i.e. collapses the quantum wave function which defines all the probable events in any given situation into the single actual event that is experienced

Sentics: The Frequency Signature of Emotion

sentic-frequenciesSentic frequency signatures.

brain-wavesMusic Affects Brain Waves

Emotions, like thoughts have forms-frequency signatures which may be in pressure as a touch, or sound or in visual images.  Vibration

patterns encode feeling.   Such archetypal signatures, according to the work of Manfred Clynes, evoke the same emotional response in people regardless of background, culture, sex or race and explain the power of the great masterpieces of music, art and architecture.

Life Energy Fields

human-aura-fieldHuman Auric Field

cosmic-chakrasThe nadis and bindus-chakras of the human energy field connected to corresponding energy patterns in the cosmos.

kirlean-leafThe Kirlian “phantom leaf” effect demonstrates the persistence of life fields even after removal of a part of the physical body.

Biological energy fields explain the formation, behavior and healthy maintenance of the physical body not  accounted for by the mechanics of genes and body chemistry.  These are energy structures that act on the body through resonance.  They are receptors of subtle information arriving to the body from many dimensions of existence.

      Traditionally called the aura, the human field contains subtle energy in many layers corresponding to the various levels of experience-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and as well contain organs called chakras (meaning wheels after their apparent shape) where energy focused and communicated through the different levels of the being.  A resonant interaction occurs between the energy  and the physical bodies, one affecting the other.  In Tantric/Hindu tradition the body was a microcosm of the universe-a pattern of energy centers, vortexes of energy connecting to subtle dimensions, and currents or fields of energy defined by the nadis  which connected-communicated to fields outside the body.  Similarly to the Taoist Chinese the energy body is a pattern of meridians energy currents and acupuncture points where energy can be transmitted-communicated.


Current research:

       Life-Fields: (Harold Burr & Leonard Ravitz): Electro-dynamic Theory of Life: electromagnetic fields around body guide the formation, growth and maintenance of living organisms- its shape like that of the healthy adult -fluctuations in it predict malfunction & disease in the physical body.

     Bio-energy:  Bio-plasma (Russian research), Orgone energy of Wilhelm Reich, Resonant Field Theory (Charles Henry).

     Environmental Effects: richness of the environment-physically & energetically affects brain growth in terms of number of synaptic connections i.e. the wiring density (Marion Diamond).

To explain how cells specialize in the body, how the fetus-body changes form as it matures, how behavior is transmitted between generation, biologist Rupert Sheldrake proposed the existence of formative “morphogenetic fields” that guide these activities though morphic resonance. On a larger scale these “M-fields” may govern the formation of energy into matter-they are the archetypal universal patterns.  The universe is a great wave-guide of frequency envelopes within envelopes-fields within fields.

In the human energy field the chakras of the subtle energy body are centers or vortexes of energy-points of access for the physical body to its sources of vitality in multi-dimensional reality. They are in effect inter-dimensional gateways. Like atoms or neurons they are sources of resonation generating a vibrational field.  Integrating this energy pattern-that is reducing the interference, is the spiritual work of the yogi in eastern tradition, thus creating an inter-dimensional vehicle of the body.  The environmental field, a natural or a created sacred space, can condition such an integration through a process of sympathetic resonance.

Chakra system:

Crown-related to the Pineal Gland in the center of the brain, piezo-luminence.

3rd Eye-Pituitary gland, like an eye, light sensitive,

Quantum Universal Field

iridiumIridium atoms in an electron micrograph-a pattern of vibrational energy like a holographic image.Quantum field of matter, vibrational universe, wholeness.

standing-waveStanding Wave Of Universe
Frequency Determined – Wave Nature of Reality

Matter is both like particle/object  and wave/vibration.  Light exists in  a field pattern of resonant energy…a cymatic-like interference pattern of wave fronts expanding from point vibrational sources-called atoms.  Matter is said to arise at the zero-point fluctuations in the quantum mechanical field.  The quantum wave function defines this fundamental field which unifies all existence.  It is the Field (or geometry)…the ultimate reality.  All existence arises out of the vibrational field.  The concept of the “quanta’, the indivisible unit of light at any given frequency is a reflection of Unity-the Law of One.

     This field is the level of “quantum wholeness” at which all things seem to be connected.  It is the underlying unity of existence-the “cosmic web” of Buddhism or the Tantric “weaving”.  It is what physicist David Bohm calls the “implicate order”, the un-manifest reality out of which the “explicate order”, the “real world”, is enfolded .


Each level of organization, each state of being,  from proton to planet, cell to man, or from thought to emotion, occupies a characteristic plane or frequency of vibration, ie pattern…Reality is geometry. Dimensions, the planes of consciousness, are bands of frequency, octaves of integrated vibration patterns.  Accessing a dimension, a reality is literally a matter of tuning in or matching the pattern as does the tuner of a radio or an antenna wave guide.

Holographic Universe

Galaxies and stars radiating in broad spectrums of energy from visible light, infra-red, radio wave, x-ray and beyond, create a vibration wave interference pattern on a cosmic scale as matter does at the atomic scale.

The hologram is a metaphor for the way perceived reality is a projection of highly patterned and organized light.  The vibrational matrix of matter at the atomic level is much like that at the cosmic scale.  David Bohm’s holographic theory of the universe proposes that the Universe is made of one substance-Light and that matter is just trapped light, ordered by a wave vibration interference pattern.  These wave forms are folded and summed many times into density…into being, in the way a hologram is produced. All forms are the summations of one shape, the sine wave-Fourier transform, of different lengths and amplitudes.

The Hologram

hologram-diagramThe arrangement for producing a holographic image is metaphor for the cosmic creative process.

interference-patternHolographic Wave Interference Pattern

Dew Drops in Web

The hologram is an effect of light.  It is created from an interference pattern on a photographic film produced by the re-combination of two beams of light split from one laser source, one of which has interacted with an object scattering the coherence.  Projecting light through the interference pattern, looking like ripples in a pool, produces a 3-dimensional image, even when only a portion of the pattern is used.  Every piece, no matter how small, is a microcosm, containing the codes for the entire image.  The whole is in every part…the pattern is everywhere the same.   It is the “implicate order” or for the quantum physicist, the hologram is the fundamental field in which matter and events are but local concentrations of energy.  But it is a dynamic one, constantly ebbing and flowing- focusing light into existence then changing, allowing reality to dissolve again into the field.

      The holographic reality, like Islamic art, springs from the original coherent Will of its creator split into dual aspects, a combination of  two fundamental principles, the image-Thought embodied in pattern/geometry and power-activity, the desire to manifest embodied in Light.  The pattern is produced by two qualities of that Light- and interplay of Yin and Yang-configured within a specific geometrical process in the way light is brought through the “eye”, the circle (spirit) into trinity expression to the square of physical reality.  The image is thought made manifest.  Reality is light held in a holographic pattern.

    Energy-Mind is converted into matter in the holographic metaphor in the combination of two waves-beams of light (c x c=c2 where E=Mc2).  The interference pattern of light is written on the continuum of space-time existing everywhere.  The holographic code is the morphogenetic field which folds light into the density of matter.

    Reality arises out of the holographic pattern-and effect of the Law of Resonance.  The energy fields of the body, the etheric codes, may be a 3-dimensional holographic pattern through which we are a projection.  The hologram focuses light in space-time, needing a substance to reflect the image which itself is ephemeral, having no substance.  The real-ness or density of the holographic image, i.e. how solid it is,  is a function of how much  energy the pattern can focus or trap…how much light is enfolded in the implicate ordering.  In manifesting a thought form image held in the holographic mind, it is the amount of energy invested in the thought that determines how “real” it will be.  This energy is a measure of emotion-the quantity and quality of desire…a function of the energy carried across the spark gap of the neurons firing in the brain which energizes the mental vibrational field generated by the pattern of wave fronts expanding form the neural vibrational point sources.  In the hologram as in traditional wisdom, creation arises from the union of mind and emotion…of idea (pattern) and energy(desire).

     The holographic pattern is the frequency barrier-the so-called “veil” between dimensions-the boundary between realities, between frequency bands.   Entering into cosmic reality is literally a matter of going through the hologram, re-tracing the geometries, as in a mandala.

The Flower and the Galaxy

flower-galaxyThe same principles in geometry that generate the form of the flower also create the galaxy.

In the “silent sermon” given in answer to a disciple’s question about the nature of the Universe, the Buddha held up a flower, saying nothing.   The nature of the universe in knowable in the flower, or a grain of sand, an atom or man, as it is in the galaxy.   It is everywhere the same…the laws of physics that generate the flower also create the galaxy.  They operate everywhere…the underlying unity is geometry.  We live in a holographic universe.  According to the ancient Hermetic Law of Correspondence, “As above-so below”….All things come form One.

Indra’s Net (Necklace) is made of pearls or jewels strung at the intersections of a web or network such that each pearl or dewdrop on the spider’s web reflects the other, i.e. the are holons in a holographic pattern.

Cybernetics: Artificial Intelligence/Mind/Spirit

computer-eyeEye in the Computer Circuit: artificial intelligence

In the science of artificial intelligence information is coded in bits of on-off circuit switches as 0 or 1, void or unity.  The essential numbers are ordered in the techno-geometry of silicon circuits, basically quartz crystal. True to universal law information flows and manifests when the circuits, the geometries, are energized, in this case, powered with electricity.

     There is a metaphysics in the computer.   In cybernetics, higher orders of energy-frequency enfold or encode lower frequencies, i.e. “blue light can program red light, because it has higher energy, but red light cannot program blue light” .   David Foster suggests in the Theory of the Intelligent Universe that some kind of “blue light”- a higher frequency or organization- imprints order, its pattern, on all lower forms, Man and acorn.

The physical universe, a lower order, is defined, enfolded, by the mind, but he mind is not in it.  the physical universe accounts for the brain but the brain does not locate the mind.  Whatever conceives of the universe cannot be contained by it.  “The image cannot contain the image maker”.

Chaos Theory

lorenz-attractorLorenz Attractor


The Vortex Theory of Matter

particles-in-cloudSubatomic Particles in a Cloud Chamber

spiral-galaxySpiral Galaxy

Torus: Universal Form of Being-Atom, Man, Planet, Galaxy, Universe

Fractal Geometry: The Mathematics of Thought-Forms

fractalsFractal geometrical patterns generated in the computer by the Mendelbrot Set. The sequence shows the pattern at ever increasing magnification of one area revealing spirals that reduce the seed form in black and expand into spirals again. The seed form is the set of real solutions to the equations where the boundaries are tending to go to infinity

Complex and irregular forms such as a mountain range, cloud or seacoast can be generated by a mathematical algorithmic ordering of geometrical seed forms known as fractals (meaning fractional dimensional forms composed of both imaginary and real parts in computer simulations originally by IBM’s Benoit Mendlebrot.)  The process of pattern generation is a sequence of solutions of a mathematical statement of dualistic terms, X and Y, which in successive operations the solution of the last step is substituted for the unknown in the next in a process called iteration.  As is the hologram, the fractal pattern is thus a geometrical statement of the Law of Correspondence: “As it is above, so it is below”.  The pattern infinitely repeats cyclically with increasing or deceasing scale demonstrating the principle of worlds within worlds where the whole is in every part.

     In physics fractals provide the model for how consciousness interacts with the fundamental field to create form; i.e. it is the theoretical basis of the “thought-form”.   Fractals are the archetypal geometries that condition perceived reality. In a field of chaotic energy such geometries impose boundaries; revealing the power to create form is in the power to impose limits.  Such fractals are known as “strange” or “chaotic attractors”. They are the fundamental form a chaotic system will reduce to entropically over time…in other words, the seed form.

    Creation is a maze-like a fractal pattern.  Dimensions like light waves run everywhere.  There are creations within creations.  Within every dimension there is another…octaves of frequency producing patterns of existence.

Holographic Mind

generated-brain-modelComputer generated model of the brain as a bi-polar field of energy produced by the activity of the hemispheres. Roger Sperry.
Left-Logical, Analytical, Language oriented, Non-Spiritual Right- Intuitional, Creative, Artistic, Spiritual. Bi-cameral Mind-psychologist Julian Jaynes: “The Origin of Consciousness”, 1976. Right H. dominance, Command hallucinations, voice in the head of God, in the ancient human mind. Bicameral mind balance 3000 yrs ago. Brain evolved to have a space for “god”

brain-anatomyBrain Parts & functions

“The mind is holographic”, a theory proposed by Stanford U. neurologist Karl Pribram.  Memory is recorded not in the folds of the brain, in discrete mapped bits, but seems to exist as an undivided whole, as does thought, everywhere in the field generated by mental activity.  Like a hologram, mind is a unity everywhere within the electromagnetic field pattern around the brain.  Consciousness is in the geometry of mental energy.  The brain is only a computer, a sense organ of the mind, where the field acts as the interface between the two.

     The dualistic nature of the brain-functioning as an integration of two hemispheres may be like the split beams that combine to create the holograph.  The left brain-beam linear-rational-object oriented, the right one wholistic, intuitive-process oriented…one knows but cannot speak (communicate), the other speaks but does not know.  The reliance in a Cartesian reductionist-left brain thinking mode, has created an imbalance that has made it impossible for technological man to read the holographic pattern underlying the “real” world.

     The power of the brain to integrate vibrational energy into new patterns that connect one to other realities is demonstrated by hemispheric synchronicity of Robert Monroe.  In this process two different tonal frequencies that are fed separately through each of the ears.

     The brain synthesizes these into a new frequency corresponding to alpha, theta and delta states of consciousness which between 0.5 and 8.0 cps are normally too low to hear. As a result the mind is entrained to an altered state of consciousness corresponding to the frequency.

Neural “correlates” of the Mind. Mind is not produced by the activity of the brain, but exists separately. Koch.

4 Brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Neurons and the Mental Field

brain-neuronsDiagram showing wave field produced by activity of neurons of the brain.

brain-neurons2Brain Parts & functions

The activity of the brain – neurons firing in electro-chemical reaction to sensory stimulation create an interference pattern.  The neurons-like atoms, are sources of expanding wave fronts of electromagnetic energy generating the mental field.  “There is a pattern of the mind and it is identical to the pattern of the cosmos”.

     States of consciousness are associated with specific brain wave frequency patterns, demonstrated in the Mind Mirror of Maxwell Cade.

     Stimulation from the senses arrive in the brain as an expanding wave along the neural pathways, that is as a pattern of sine waves.  All sensory information, visions, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, are converted into wave patterns.  All objects are patterns of wave forms called Fourier Transforms.  The brain converts wave pattern into the familiar sensory images.  What is perceived however is vibration pattern. 

     Reality, it seems, exists only in the mind.  There is no ‘real” out there.  The separation between the self and its environment, other selves, is an illusion.   The concept of Maya of eastern tradition does not mean that the world is an illusion, not real,  but that it is an effect of and exists only in the Mind-(literally meaning “out of the power of the dividing mind”).

     According to Pribram, when through meditation or drugs, the interference pattern of the neurons is reduced to zero-so that the wave fronts just touch-a state of bliss, of union with the Infinite or “smadhi” occurs.  Returning through the hologram, then, like the journey through “the looking glass”-is a matter of bringing the mind to a “still point”, of emptying the mind…of eliminating the interference of mental activity

The Energy-Vibrational Universe

star-view-emfStars views in the radio band of electromagnetic frequency ap-pear as holographic interference patterns.

Our reality is a function of the frequency sensitivity of our senses-our universe would appear much differently if we saw radio waves, for example, instead of light.  Reality is perception-perception is conditioned by frequency sensitivity to symbols, language…the environment.  In short, the environment conditions reality and this is a fundamental concept in the design of sacred space.  To change our reality-to attune to the inner dimensions is truly a matter of changing our perception, that is changing our environment.  Sacred Architecture is reality structuring.

    When everything is vibration, when form is the experience of vibration (or thought) in matter, when states of being are fields of frequency patterns-waves within waves, there is really no boundary between things…all is harmonically related.  When all being is form there is no more separation between earth and air, fire and water that there is between color in the spectrum of the rainbow.  Man can move in a continuum of interpenetrating wave fields from an atom to a star by just changing channels or attuning to a different focus or pattern.

A Starry Night

starry-nightIn A Starry Night, Van Gogh gives us a universe seeming to exist within a continuum – of spiral energy

If we live in a vibrational continuum.  If mind and the universe are both holographic, then it is as if we live in a gigantic Thought, the Divine Idea…the “dream of Vishnu” of Hinduism or the “self-contemplation of Ra” of ancient Egypt.   

     The Universe is the Creator experiencing the Self in matter…not only Gaia, but the whole universe is alive-the embodiment of the Universal Mind.