Sacred Geometry and The New Science

By Robert Gulick
A Presentation with Slides to the International Forum on New Science
Fort Collins, CO. 1993




     In the traditions of the ancient wisdom the fundamental unity of existence was expressed in sacred geometry.  The language of creation was written in number and geometry, encoded in the artifacts of culture. The laws of form are sacred equations relating mind and body, spirit and matter. All things, all being and energy, manifest in form…their essential nature, the basis of reality, is vibration.  Each state of being and of consciousness has its characteristic frequency pattern.  To expand the mind, to transcend a state of being, requires a sympathetic resonance, an attunement, to the corresponding vibrational pattern.  The “new science” and the ancient wisdom are synthesizing into a sacred science which can recreate a more holistic, integrated world in which humanity evolves in consciousness and is connected to the multi-dimensions of being.


     “To know God, Nature and Man, one must first know geometry.”

     At the roots of the great mystical traditions there is an ancient wisdom, “the perennial philosophy”, that embraced realities both seen and transcendent…that understood the mystery of life and the fundamental unity of all existence.  This wisdom was encoded as a sacred geometry into the design of temples and art, language and music, ritual and social structure creating a sacred architecture in the fabric of human culture.  Through a Canon of number and geometry, proportion and measure, the man-made world was once a reflection of universal order and harmony…a microcosm.  The application of the laws of form that relate mind in matter generated in symbolic, social and physical environments a formative field which conditioned evolving humanity to higher, more integrated states of being.  Within it a transformation could be achieved, the mind expanded, the emotions balanced and the body healed and made whole.

     A multi-disciplinary, holistic new science is emerging now that is validating that ancient wisdom.  Springing from multi-dimensional theories of being, consciousness and reality, it again recognizes that fundamental unity.  As it rediscovers universal principles and seeks to understand original cause, as it transcends the reductive materialism of the past technological age, a synthesis is created, a sacred science.  This new synthesis provides a framework for understanding principles of a technology of transformation, an applied metaphysics.  In the re-design of culture it may create a transformative environment, an alchemical architecture, which nurtures a expansion of consciousness or what Jonas Salk called “meta-biological evolution”.  The purpose of a sacred science is simply the enlightenment of mankind.

     There is only one unified force…which forms all things of one substance, light or consciousness.   There is only one basic form, the sine wave-Fourier transform, whose summations and foldings create all complex forms.  Even (according to string theory) the dimensions of reality are folded within it.  In its quest for the grand unified theory, for the “GUTS” of reality, the new science is reformulating the ancient Law of One:


There is One Boundless, Immutable Reality…One Absolute Being…One Creative Principle.  It is All That Is. There is nothing more and nothing less. It is Beginning without time or space.  Each moment, each point (each quanta) is total and complete.  All of Creation is the Absolute manifesting in various forms, densities and dimensions.  The vast universes are the body of this Absolute Being…evolution is its method.  All things are within It…It is within and conditions all things.  Nothing is separate…all life is connected in this Oneness.   You and I share this Supreme Identity…We are each identical with it.  In essence we are one.


     The ancient tradition of sacred geometry provides the language in a modern context to express the sacred science.  It reveals the pattern and process of universal law…the principles applied in creating a sacred architecture.  The codes of creation, are written in the sacred geometry of form, mapping the process of creation-evolution, the structure of cosmos and the relationship between Spirit or consciousness and matter.  Sacred geometry is the language of archetypes…it encodes the science of creational formation, the patterns that order creative principles and energy into form manifestation in any dimension. 

     Spirit and the body, energy and substance are related through the laws of form.  “Form is the experience (or the effect) of mind in matter” (Lawlor)…it is in-form-ation.  It is the means for the embodiment and expression of consciousness in the archetypal patterns which Spirit takes in material expression…the “patterns that connect”.  Sacred geometry then describes the form equations for the translation of energy into matter, the interface between spirit and matter.  To the ancient mind “everything that existed had form, materialized as volume, an expression of point, line and surface” (Lawlor)…the physical world was a play of symbols of forms, square-triangle-circle, representing higher realities.  Only form was perceptible.  What could not be symbolized could not be perceived and therefore did not exist. 

     Consciousness, as all being…all manifestation, is essentially energy and thus vibration.  It manifests in universal harmonic patterns, frequency defined form. The fundamental nature of reality is in the wave…it is vibrational.  Every state of being from an atom, a flower, man, and star to a thought, feeling and dream occupies a characteristic frequency pattern.  The secret of light is in the wave.  In a vibrational universe, where all being is form created by the activity of light, there is no more separation between earth and air, between matter and consciousness, than there is between the colors of a rainbow.  All are frequency.  A state of being or an expansion of consciousness is achieved simply as an attunement, or a phase coherence, to the corresponding frequency generated pattern through sympathetic resonance.

     Form, then, is the product of vibration in substance.  It results from the act of the primal division of unity, of the separation of being out of the undifferentiated totality.  Form springs from duality, from the nature of polarity, the primal cyclic oscillation of being and not-being, hence the vibrational nature of existence.


“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, Let there be Light: and there was light.” …Genesis 1:1-3


     After the primal division, divine order templated the chaos of the void and vibration, the ‘word’ or sound, created light.  As nothing exists outside of the One, all the diversity and multiplicity of form manifestation results from this primal division, just as the ovum divides again and again to finally make a being after the geometry of the genetic codes that define its potential. There is no duality within Brahman, the “seamless unity”, the first principle, from which all proceeds. (Upanishads).  In dynamic harmony the wave unites opposites…all duality is resolved in resonance.

     As the nature of matter or light is both particle and wave, the universe manifests in the interaction of two complimentary principles: Universal Law and Harmonics: the organizing-ordering principles and primal undefined energy.  Form is related to universal law, that which configures or templates energy into manifestation.  Form giving is a means only of configuring substance as a vessel for the expression of being.  The practice of geometry was to measure, to give meaning or dimension.  The creative act arises out of the imposition of limits or boundaries.  Hence to measure, the Greek ‘rhythmos’, from which the word arithmetic is derived, like the act of naming, which is to make distinctions and quantify differences, was a sacred act of creation given only to the gods and to man.  “Numbers are the source of form and energy”. (Theon of Smyrana )   They represent universal principles…they precede existence.   Form results from the limiting or defining the boundary of the infinite.  Cosmos arises through the patterning or ordering of chaos, from “the power of limits” (Doczi).

     Pythagoras summarized the teaching of the laws of creation in the “holy tetractys”, a pattern of ten points.


Law of One

Law of Two

Law of Three

Law of Four

Law of Ten






All is Energy

Energy expresses as vibration

Vibration manifests as form

Form materializes in volume

All evolves to One again


     Existence occurs in many frequencies or formats of energy, that is many dimensions at once.  The nature of being is multi-dimensional, characterized not by space and time, spin and mass, the properties of matter, but by spectrums of energy, frequency bands…octaves of vibration unified in a fundamental field.  The reality of physical experience is projected from more subtle or ‘higher’ dimensions, “implicate orders” (Bohm), where all things are connected in this unified field. 

     In a scared science dimensions are contexts for manifestation which give primal energy a particular character and impose limits or boundaries on the expression of the causative harmonics.  Each dimension has its conformational constraints: space-time or mind-emotion which define the fabric, the warp and weft for the expression of being.  Light is not by nature limited.  It appears so, having a maximum velocity, due to the limitations imposed by the conditions of space and time.  Light is also formless, without shape, yet is bounded by space and time.  Space and time also appear to be infinite but are themselves bounded, thus having form: time having cyclic existence and space hyper-spherical geometry.  The phase space of the universe, that is the space that defines all possible positions and energy states of matter, has the shape of a torus with an infinite number of holes or vortexes.  The torus with its fractal vortex is the universal archetype of form conditioning all material expression from electron, egg, or star.  The continuum of space/time itself then is the form of light. 

     Dimensions are energy states defined in frequency bands.  Consciousness exists in all, hence they are called the planes of consciousness.  They are separated only by frequency barriers.  Man’s awareness of multi-dimensional reality is simply “veiled” by the limited frequency sensitivity of his physical senses each of which is attuned to a narrow range of energy.  The veil is essentially a frequency barrier.  Man is a multi-dimensional being, not in the sense of physical space and time, but in terms of the dimensions in which he is conscious:  the physical-energetic mental, emotional and the super-conscious or spiritual.  He is not his body, his thoughts or feelings, which are all form manifestations for experience.  He is something beyond these, eternal and unlimited.

     According to the Heart Sutra of thePrajnaparamita Sutras,  the Buddhist ‘teachings of transcendent wisdom’, form is the first of five aspects of the mundane mind (form, perception, thought, feeling, and understanding).  All are empty, having no permanence, no intrinsic reality in themselves.  The world of material phenomena is illusion, a hologram, maya (from the root mâ, meaning to create, to form, to measure, to divide), projected through form from a higher reality.  The transcendence of form is the achievement again of a non-dualistic formless, thus unlimited, state from which being originates…the ultimate yoga.

     The Self is experienced in cycles of existence and dimensions of being.  Individualized aspects of one essence, we are projected into existence by our desire to experience ourselves in some context, descending-involving in diversity, form and density…then ascending-evolving-integrating back into that one essence, complete again.  Man’s enlightenment is a process of becoming aware of his multi-dimensionality and its synthesis in more integrated states of being.  It is a law of the conservation of consciousness that no being, no thought is ever lost in the process of experience. Just as energy is always conserved in any interaction so is consciousness conserved…thought is energy.  The expansion of consciousness is not an increase of light but an unfolding from a more dense state.  Thus in any transformation of being, in any interaction between mind and substance, identity or the Self persists.  The total light is constant.

     Multi-dimensional man is a microcosm, a holographic reflection of the Infinite …of totality, a holon of the super-hologram.  Within the human energy fields, the etheric and auric, are the complete codes and energetics, the laws and harmonics, of the entire universe.  These are activated selectively to focus the self into a particular vehicle, the human body, and can be resonated into activity consciously to self-evolve.  The ‘Plan’, our purpose on Earth, is to perfectly express spirit in matter, to completely embody conscious being in a physical form, to become masters.  As co-creators, as sacred architects, man is drawing figures, imposing limits, in the infinite grains of sand of an endless shore, stretching at the boundary of the sea of all potentiality.

     In applying universal principles the ancient traditions created a sacred architecture, literally meaning the crafting-or making (tect) of first principles (archi) in matter (ure) in a sacred way in order to connect to the causal  intelligence behind all manifestation.   The Temple, sacred space, was a reflection of cosmic order in which transcendent awareness was possible in attunement to corresponding pattern…through the laws of resonance and correspondence.  Essentially they were vessels of resonating energy fields, wave guides to entrain states of enlightenment.



     In contrast, Buddhist mandalas, such as the Kalachakra or the Mahasiddha Maitripada, “the great powers of the Divine Mother”, were diagrams of cosmic structure, the palace or sacred Mount Meru, wherein dwelled the creative principle personified in deity.  The process of entering the mandala led one from the external material world through a sequence of geometries, circles, triangles and squares, to Absolute Being, the bindu in the center, resulting in an identification with the Infinite.  Like a Navajo sand painting the mandala was often a potent psychic field, capable of effecting healings as well as altered states of consciousness.

     The temple, as is the Borabodur in Java, was often literally a projection of this cosmic pattern or as in the Stupa, a construction of the elements represented in their respective geometries symbolizing the body of the Buddha, the realized being.  The Great pyramid of Gizeh epitomized the Temple in the perfection of  its design and construction.  In its forms and measures it modeled the earth, placing it in the solar system and in the great cycles of time.  In its geometry the circle is squared, Spirit and matter are equated through the golden proportion which relates the base to the height, horizontal to vertical, heaven to earth.  In design then it was resonantly attuned to the energies of planet and cosmos, capable of receiving, transforming and transmitting these to and from the earth and human bio-grids.  As a temple of initiation then it was a doorway between dimensions.

     There is Spirit in all things…it is pervasive and indicated in a multitude of ways in geometry in nature.  It is in every form, in both structure and the processes of growth, from lattices of diamond crystal and the harmonic unfoldment of flowers, to the golden proportion of nautilus shells and the geometrical ordering of the orbits of Kepler’s solar system.  All follow geometrical form equations of order.  Patterns in nature reflect the formative principles of creation.  Reality is an effect of geometry.  Geometry orders time and space reflecting the higher dimensions of being, the “implicate order” from which they emanate.  It is the evidence of the activity of creative intelligence in matter, of “Mind in Nature” (Bateson)…the “pattern that connects”, a sacred geometry.

     Even forces in nature are an effect of geometry, fields of energy. 

•    Maxwell united electricity and magnetism into one force and defined its geometry as an electromagnetic field.   

•    In general relativity Einstein spatialized time.  The new field equations related matter-energy and space-time and defined the force of gravity as an effect of the curvature of the space-time continuum. 

•    In John Wheeler’s “geometrodynamic” universe physical phenomenon are converted to geometry…gravity, charge, spin and experience become an interplay of space, time and mass.  Mass teaches space how to expand, space teaches mass how to move.  The ultimate reality is the geometry of space-time itself in which field, matter, energy, events are but local interferences in a “quantum foam”. 

•    In scientific cosmology, both the “big bang” and the plasma vortex theories of the origins of the universe, propose that filaments or strings of concentrated energy, a cosmic web, have worked to shape the observed universe of galaxies and clusters of galaxies. 

•    String theory describes particles and forces as foldings or loops of fundamental substance having ten dimensions which vibrate in harmonic patterns that give rise to everything from electromagnetism to flowers.

     “All manifestation, electromagnetism and gravity, the forces of nature, are an effect of the bending of space.  Physics is geometry.” …John Wheeler

     “The world is a network, a pattern of relationships where everything is connected in the cosmic web of time and space.” …Avatamasata Sutra



     DNA is the geometry of life.  Seen axis on it appears as a mandala.  It has the capacity to transform the frequency of light passing through it.  The codes of life are written in the sequence of nucleotide pairs held between spiral helixes, but the code carrying capacity of DNA is not just in the chemistry or bonding but in the geometry of the helix itself.  The codes of DNA are universal and reflected in the traditional wisdom:

•    The four combinations of pairs of yin and yang which combine in triplets to form just sixty-four hexagrams defining life conditions of the Taoist I-Ching, the Book of Changes, correspond to the four nucleotide bases of the DNA which join as binary triplets to form sixty-four different codons, the alphabet of genetic code.

•    In Hindu tradition the mandala of sixty-four squares is the plan of Ayodhya, “the city of the gods”, a model of divine order used in the plan of the temple.

•    The same magic square, eight by eight, in western mysticism represents wisdom, creativity and communication, the attributes of Mercury and is the field of the game of chess upon which cosmic principles represented by the pieces are played out.

     In Islamic patterns the underlying essence of existence is represented in number and geometry, expressing the law of diversity within the unity.  Where images of the body are but effects of a more profound reality the patterns of geometrical shapes combine to symbolize the interplay of the cosmic principles, designed to attune one to the higher levels of reality.  Arabesques spiral out of these patterns demonstrating the interplay of order and energy, of the feminine principle of life and power and the masculine principle of idea, which is the basis of manifestation in form.  It arises out of duality, forming a trinity: matter is both particle and wave.  In eastern tantric tradition, as in mystical Islam, creation is the effect of the perpetual activity or dance of complimentary principles in cosmic union: they were the Hindu Shiva and Shakti, the masculine divine idea and feminine power and in Buddhism they were the cosmic Dhyâni Buddhas with their consorts, such as Paramasukha Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi, masculine compassion and feminine wisdom.



     The energy of sound produces patterns in substance demonstrated by Chaldni figures and latter by Hans Jeny in”cymatic” ‘wave-matter’ patterns.  These vary according to the frequency, energy (amplitude) and the medium which is vibrated.  Form follows frequency.  Similarly De Broglie demonstrated that states of matter manifest in waves or vibration having characteristic patterns and Plank’ constant established the proportional relationship of energy to frequency.  Simple life forms like the diatom, exhibit cymatic forms as if responding to a primal sound, the creative “word”.  In both eastern and western spiritual traditions, creation issues from the word or song, that is from the sound, of the creator.  Sound precedes light.  Pattern is a function of vibration.  The fundamental nature of the universe may be knowable as wave patterns.  Everything is vibration.  Cymatic patterns model the way consciousness expresses in matter through form.  Thoughts, as energy, have characteristic vibrational patterns.  Manifestation results from the interaction of thought, as vibrational energy, with substance.

     According to the new physics all existence arises in the context of a quantum universal field.  It is this vibrational field that is the ultimate reality…the level of “quantum wholeness” where all things are connected.  It is the underlying unity of existence, the “cosmic web” of Buddhism or the woven Tantric fabric of sutras.  It is what physicist David Bohm calls the “implicate order”, the unmanifest reality out of which the “explicate order”, the “real world”, is enfolded.  The “quanta’, the indivis-ible unit of energy-light at any given frequency is a reflection of the Law of One. 

     Manifestation exists in a field pattern of resonant energy…a cymatic-like interference pattern of wave fronts expanding from point vibrational sources.  The fundamental nature of existence is a function of the waveforms or frequency patterns.  Each state of being, from atoms and cells, to man or planet has a characteristic vibration pattern.  The form of any state of being or consciousness, is defined for all possible states of existence or energy, by Shroedinger’s quantum wave function.   Thus reality is defined by geometry. 

     Matter is said to arise as fluctuations in the quantum mechanical field, essentially it is nothing or the “no-thing”, echoing the Buddhist teaching that “all phenomena is empty”.   All forms of matter exist in the vacuum state as virtual particles which spontaneously appear, transform and disappear.  Incredible amounts of energy potential, more than exists in the visible universe, exist there.  Matter is the dharma of the void.  The geometry of the universal field is a function of the energy density of space-time, that is, the integration of the energy of the zero-point fluctuations at all points. 

     States of consciousness have corresponding frequency patterns (e.g. EEG’s).  The activity of the brain, as well the heart and all electrical processes in the body, produces a bipolar electromagnetic field (EMF), which is essentially a geometrical configuration of energy.  Mind is a field, neither produced by nor contained by the brain which is the sensory processing-reaction output organ of the mind.  The  interaction of the mind and brain can be understood as an interplay of fields.  The geometry of these fields effects states of consciousness and being.  For example:

•    Fluctuations induced in the brain’s EMF, changes in its geometry, effect  changes in behavior. (Jose Delgato). 

•    EMF’s interact with DNA to modify the genes suggesting that it is possible to consciously genetically self-evolve through the action of amplified field patterns produced by thought. 

•    Mental telepathy (ESP)…thought transmission, may be understood as energy transfers between two interacting EMF’s. (Robert Becker)

•    Pulsing the EMF around the brain can entrain the mind to the frequency of the pulsation, inducing altered state of consciousness. (Michael Persenger)

•    The two separate tonal frequencies in each ear are integrated in the brain as a beat frequency in a process called hemispheric synchronicity which entrains the brain to the state of consciousness corresponding to that frequency. (Robert Monroe)

     The planetary electromagnetic field has a geometry similar to the human field.  Since all life is conditioned within it, it provides the context for communication and feedback between life and the planet through sympathetic resonance occurring between similar information fields.  Here is the basic principle of resonant interaction between being and its environment and the basis for the global brain.  We are tuned to the planet, however, by more than field interaction.  The physical dimensions of the planet relate directly to human states of consciousness defined as frequency ranges of beta, alpha, theta and delta:

•    The earth’s diameter is half the beta wave length of 11.7 cps and

•    Its circumference defines the electromagnetic Schumann resonance of 7.84 cps, the frequency of alpha.

     This field together with the standing wave patterns of energy in the planet’s core and mantle may be responsible for the planetary grid system (Bethe Hagens & Bill Becker) which organizes Earth’s geophysical, meteorological as well as cultural phenomenon.  The basis of this grid are the icosahedral and dodecahedral solids which, with the other regular solids, were proposed by Plato as the geometries that organized the original chaos of the elements.



     Quantum physics similarly proposes a relationship between consciousness and perceived reality, between the observer and the observed, suggesting they are not separate.  “There is no out there.”  Mind appears to create reality through the act of perceiving which collapses the quantum wave function or “pops the qwif” (Wolf), which defines all the probable events into the single actual event that is experienced.

     In the study of “sentics”, emotions, like thoughts are found to have wave forms… frequency signatures which may be sensed in pressure as a touch, or sound or in visual images. (Clynes)  Vibration patterns encode feeling.  Basic emotions like joy, anger grief and love each have specific archetypal genetically programmed brain patterns.   Such frequency signatures in music, art and architecture evoke consistent emotional responses in people cross-culturally.

     Fields of energy, life fields, surround and act on all living organisms.  In current research these fields and energies are variously known as “bio-energy”, “orgone” (Wilhelm Reich), “bio-regulatory fields” (Robert Becker) and “resonant fields” (Charles Henry). 

•    Harold Burr and Leonard Ravitz call them “life” or “L-field’s”, proposing in a “Electro-dynamic Theory of Life” that every living organism has a distinct pattern of electrical activity.  Electrodynamic fields around body guide the formation, growth and maintenance of living organisms.  The shape of the field, even around immature organisms such as a tadpole, is that of the healthy adult frog.  Fluctuations in it predict malfunction and disease in the physical body.  The phantom leaf effect of Kirlian photography demonstrates that such life fields persist around the body even after dismemberment.

•    To explain factors of biological formation and maintenance not accounted for by genetics and chemistry alone, Rupert Sheldrake proposed the existence of formative “morphogenetic fields” that guide these activities though morphic resonance.  On a larger scale these “M-fields” may condition the formation of energy into matter-they are the archetypal universal patterns.  In this model the universe is a great wave-guide of frequency envelopes within envelopes-fields within fields.

     Traditionally called the aura, the human field known in Hindu and Buddhist tantric traditions, contains subtle energy in many layers.  These correspond to the various human states of being or consciousness: physical, emotional, rational mind, altruism, creativity, intuition and spiritual and contain organs arranged along the vertical axis of the body called chakras (literally wheels or vortexes) which are receptors, essentially inter-dimensional gates, for subtle vital energy focused and communicated through the different levels of the being.  The form of this field of dynamic, circulating energy is a torus, the universal archetype, with a multiple helix of currents, the Ida and Pingula spiraling around the sushuma, central column. 

     In tantric tradition man is a microcosm, a model of the universe, not only in its structure and proportions but in its energy field and processes such as reproduction-creation, metabolism-energy processing.  It is a pattern of energy centers, bindus, vortexes of energy linked to subtle dimensions, and currents, grids or nadis of energy which interconnected to fields both within and outside the body.  The form of being is maintained as a standing wave between the energetic codes in the field and the physical genetic codes in the body.  It is said that the energetic codes to create every form in the universe are carried within this field.  Similarly to the Taoist Chinese the energy body is a pattern of meridians, energy currents and acupuncture points where energy can be transmitted.  Integrating and balancing this energy pattern, that is reducing the interference thus creating an inter-dimensional vehicle of the body, is the spiritual work of the yogi in eastern tradition. 

     The body, as a whole, not just the brain, is an information processor.  Some reactions to stimuli do not even require a signal to the brain but are handled at a localized level through some cellular memory.  The cells of skin and the brain develop from the same protocellular tissue in the blastoma which at a critical point its spherical form dimples in forming a torus, where the inner cells become the central nervous system.  As with the geometries of the mind the body has a cellular memory based on archetypal form.  By virtue of its form and dimensions, the body is a wave guide, a tuned oscillator…the geometry and shape of the human energy field are designed to resonate to certain frequencies and patterns.  The pattern of the body can be balanced and integrated, that is healed, and latent patterns activated, that is consciously evolved, through a process of sympathetic resonance with the natural or a created sacred environment.

     In the realm of creator god, Indra, there exists a net, woven with pearls at the intersections, so positioned that each reflects all the others.      …Rg Veda

     In the “silent sermon” Buddha explained the nature of the Universe, holding up a flower, but saying nothing.   The nature of the universe in knowable in the flower, or a grain of sand, an atom or man, as it is in the galaxy.  Every part of the universe contains information of the whole.  The laws of physics that generate the flower also create the galaxy.  Everywhere they operate he same…the underlying unity is geometry.  We live in a holographic universe.  According to the ancient Hermetic Law of Correspondence, “As above-so below, As below-so above.  As within-so without”  All things come from One. The pattern repeats at each level of expression.

     “To see the world in grain of sand, and Heaven in a wild flower.

     Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.”

     …William Blake

     “There is only one substance and it is Light.”(Bohm)  The universe is a hologram, just trapped light, folded into density and ordered by a wave interference pattern.  These wave forms are folded and summed many times like Fourier transform, into density…into being.  The transformation of energy into matter involves the squaring or ‘mattering’ of light, that is, a folding the wave…c2= E/M.

     The hologram is an effect of light.  It is created from an interference pattern on a photographic film produced by the re-combination of two beams of light split from one coherent source, one of which has interacted with an object thus scattering the coherence.  The recombining light is no longer in phase and creates an interference pattern.  Projecting light through the interference pattern, looking like ripples in a pool, produces the original image in 3-D, even when only a portion of the pattern is used.  Every piece of the hologram, each holon, no matter how small contains information for the entire image.  The whole is in every part…the pattern is everywhere the same.  For the quantum physicist, the interference pattern is the fundamental field, the “implicate order”, the “frequency domain”, where all is connected and where matter and events are embedded as fluctuations of energy.  The holographic universe is a projection of highly organized light through that interference pattern.  The holographic code is the morphogenetic field which conditions light into form.  The interference pattern is written on the continuum of space…in effect it is the akashic  record.  Akasha means both space and seed.  Every point in space, like a seed or “a grain of sand”, holds code of the whole universe.

     The hologram provides a metaphor for both mental and cosmic creative process.  The interference pattern embodies the thought, the idea of creation.  In manifesting a thoughtform it is the amount of energy invested in it determines how “real” it will be.  Energy follows thought.  The realness, the density or solidity of the holographic image is a function of how much energy the pattern can focus or trap…how much light is enfolded in the implicate ordering.  This a function of the energy carried across the spark gap-synapses of the firing neurons…a measure of emotion, the quantity and quality of desire.

     In mathematics the “fractal” is the analogue of the holon.  Fractals are fractional dimensional mathematical forms or statements consisting of both real and imaginary parts which, through an iterative process, generate patterns such as the Mandelbrot set, which display recursive properties of form at ever expanding or contracting levels of scale. (Benoit Mandelbrot).  In a geometrical sense fractals are seed forms which, as parts that carry the pattern of the whole, combine to create complex and irregular natural forms such as a mountain range, cloud or sea coast which then appear much like the fractal itself.  In a sense they are like the sine wave, to which all form can be reduced.

     Dynamic systems, even the simplest, tend to be chaotic or unpredictable.  Embedded within them are special archetypal fractals called “strange” or “chaotic attractors” which are seed forms or final states to which the system entropically tends to evolve.  In a field of chaotic energy such geometries impose boundaries; revealing the power to create form is in the power to impose limits.   The attractor thus orders chaos.  The Lorenz attractor, typical to such chaotic systems as weather, has the universal vortical form, which like the torus is the fundamental form of energy states-systems…atom, cell, man, planet and galaxy. 

•    Buckminster Fuller proposed that a universal, all space-time filling lattice of tetrahedrons and octahedrons, called the “isotropic vector matrix”, was the geometrical ordering of energy-matter in physical manifestation.  Such a matrix is generated by connecting the centers of close-packed spheres.  Statistical observation of the universe indicates that matter is distributed as if on the surface of just such spheres…voids which are millions of light years across.

•    In the ancient wisdom, the Anu, the fundamental unit of manifestation, the theosophical “permanent atom” which has the form of a torus made of spirals is a model for the universal fractal or attractor of creation.

•    In Hindu the maze of creation was a geometry encoded cosmology of the process of evolution and involution. (Plumber)  In the nesting of the regular solids, purusha, the divine idea (icosahedron) exists within and alternately without the prakriti, nature or divine manifestation (dodecahedron), the manifest within the unmanifest in an endless sequence defining worlds within worlds.  Within these the elemental seed spirit monad (octahedron) expresses within the form of soul, (tessellated tetrahedron) which in turn manifests in the physical body (cube).

•    In the sacred geometry of Plato’s Timeas, a cosmology of the relationship of primal energies, the body of creation, the Demiurge, the I Am That I Am, geometrically is a perfect sphere Plato called Becoming generated by the expansion in time of the primal center point, Being, through space.  The original chaos that existed in the space between Being and Becoming, “That” which was between “I Am” and “I Am”, was organized by the harmonic nesting of the regular solids: cube, icosahedron, octahedron, tetrahedron and dodecahedron.  Each represented a qualitative element: earth, water, air, fire and ether and a plane of consciousness: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and akashic.

     The primal geometries were strange attractors that combined in a M-field creating cosmos from chaos.  

     “Plato’s fabricator of the Universe created order from the primordial chaos of these elements by means of the essential forms and numbers.  The ordering according to number and form on a higher plane resulted in the intended disposition of the five elements in the physical universe.  The essential forms and numbers then act as the interface between the higher and lower realms.  They have in themselves, and in their analogues with the elements, the power to shape the material world”  …Robert Lawlor

     Fractals are the archetypal geometries that condition perceived reality and may then be the way the mind interacts with the fundamental field imposing or tem-plating order to create form.  The low frequency oscillation of the brain, measured as the alpha, beta, theta, delta states, is the coherence of the chaotic synaptic firings in the brain resulting from the feedback between adjacent neurons.  This produces a pattern, like a strange attractor or fractal which orders the chaos of mental activity. 

     “The mind is holographic.” (Pribram)  Memory is recorded not in the folds of the brain or in discrete mapped bits, but seems to exist as an undivided whole, as does thought, everywhere in a field of mental activity.  Like a hologram, mind is a unity: 1) it constructs reality out of interference patterns 2) it is a field, everywhere the same and 3) it is continuous with and has same pattern as external reality.  Consciousness is in the geometry of mental field which acts as the interface to the brain-computing organ.  Thinking is the interpretation of the hologram, which is a recursive mathematical process, a process basic to the ordering of the universe.

     “The brain mathematically constructs concrete reality by interpreting frequency patterns from another dimension, a realm of meaningful patterned primary reality that transcends time and space.”
     …Marilyn Ferguson

     “There is a pattern of the mind and it is identical to the pattern of the cosmos”. (Pribram)  Neurons of the brain, firing in electro-chemical reaction to sensory stimulation, are sources of expanding wave fronts of electromagnetic energy generating an holographic interference pattern of the mental field.  All sensory information, visions, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, are converted into wave patterns called Fourier transforms.  The brain converts wave patterns into the familiar sensory images but what is perceived is vibrational pattern, a bar code. 

     Reality, it seems, exists only in the mind.  There is no ‘real” out there.  The separation between the self and its environment, other selves, is an illusion.  The eastern concept of maya does not mean that the world is illusion…unreal, but that it is an effect of and exists only in the mind.  Literally maya means “out of the power of the dividing mind”, the mind that creates the appearance of things by separating multiplicity from unity.  When through meditation or the influence of drugs, the interference pattern of the firing neurons is reduced to zero, so that the wave fronts just touch, a state of bliss, of union with the Infinite or “smadhi” occurs. 

     Crossing between dimensions requires that the holographic pattern of mind match the archetypal interference pattern of the frequency barriers.  Entering into cosmic awareness is a matter of going through the interference pattern which contains the codes, the keys, that unlock the inter-dimensional doorways…that part the veil and give access to higher reality.  Like the journey through “the looking glass”, it requires bringing the mind to a “still point”, of emptying the mind…of eliminating the interference of mental activity.  Enlightenment is the re-memory of our unlimited quantum wholeness…a function of unfolding the light of our holographic self.

     All things take on their existence through that which perceives them.  It is consciousness that integrates the vibrational patterns of light received through the senses by the brain into the characteristic forms of experience.  If our reality is limited by the frequency sensitivity of our senses, the universe then would be much different viewed in higher vibrations, as do stars in the band of radio frequency.  When everything is vibration, when form is the experience of vibration in matter, when states of being are fields of frequency patterns, there is really no boundary between things…all is harmonically related.  Man can move in a continuum of interpenetrating wave fields or states of being just by changing channels or perception…by attuning to a different pattern.  To change reality, then is simply a matter of changing the language of perception, the way the mind symbolizes or encodes information.  Sacred geometry is reality structuring…providing the language for expanded perception.

     “In the province of the mind, what is believed true is true or becomes true within limits to be learned by experience and experiment.  Those limits are further beliefs to be transcended.  In the province of the mind there are no limits.” …Dr. John Lilly

     The world is a unified field, a wave envelope…the sum total of all frequency patterns.  As in the cell there is a resonance between the core nucleus DNA geometry and the boundary membrane/envelope that conditions all existence within it.  This is the principle of sacred space…to resonate its occupants into higher state of being.  The feedback process of sympathetic resonance reduces interference thus increasing the flow of information-energy creating a telepathic field.  Mind and emotion become coherent, they phase lock in combined energies.  The wave patterns merge creating a heterodyne or cascade effect where the energies multiply building a bridge between the “as above” and “so below”.  In this cascade of harmonics of combined energy worlds and dimensions are connected, producing finally a quantum shift through the frequency barriers of limited physical existence into wholeness. 

     “The Universe is Mind stuff.”

     …Arthur Eddington, Astronomer

     “The Universe is more like a giant thought than a great machine.”

     …James Jeans, Astronomer

     In the painting, “A Starry Night”, Van Gogh gives us a universe seeming to exist within a continuum of spiral energy, a sea of wave forms. If we live in a vibrational continuum…if mind and the universe are both holographic, then it is as if we live in a gigantic thought, the Divine Idea.  In Hindu this is the “dream of Vishnu” and in ancient Egypt, the “self-contemplation of Ra”.  The Universe is the Creator experiencing the Itself in matter…not only Gaia but the whole universe is alive-the embodiment of Universal Mind. 




     The ancient traditions teach that man is destined to become a perfected Christed being, a Buddha, an Adam Kadmon, conscious of himself in all multi-dimensional diversity, inseparate from “All That Is”.  Similarly science proposes that man is evolving expanded mental and physical capacities which are already in evidence.  As the new science validates that ancient wisdom, principles of sacred design may again be synthesized to create transformative environments, sacred ecologies…that connect us to our planet, to our common humanity and to the source of our being.  As we awaken to the unity of life and begin to experience our multi-dimensionality, that work for each of us, as sacred architects, is to create a more whole and peaceful world…one that reflects our true unlimited multi-dimensional nature.  In the conscious application of wisdom we may again consecrate society as a temple in which we all live and grow to take initiation and become worthy of claiming the stars.

     A rational science, even a sacred one, however, will take man only so far.  It is, after all, only a metaphor for truth, a much deeper reality from which the reality measured by science is projected.  There is a teaching of the path of enlightenment known as the Siva Sutras.  The first verse or sutra says in essence, ‘Know that you are the same as the Supreme Identity’.  The purpose of our entire evolution on this planet is to learn this.  But failing to understand this after lifetimes of experience, we read the second sutra, ‘All other acquired knowledge is bondage’.  All knowledge, including science, must ultimately be sacrificed at the gateway of our enlightenment.  Eventually we each must sit under our own Bodhi Tree.


The Anu

The Anu





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The process of growth mirrors the universal creative process.  Human beings begin life-a fertilized ovum, as a Unity, a sphere.  The sperm having traveled through multiple layers of the ovum to bring its DNA geometry codes in union with those waiting at the center.  The fertilized cell springs into activity in resonating geometries which lie at the heart of being.    In this state its first act as an individualized entity is to establish two magnetic poles between which an axis forms along which cell division occurs and eventually the spinal column forms.    From this state of unity,  like the Irrational Source, Being undergoes an internal act of division-creating multiplicity within and out of itself (for there was nothing outside of the Absolute with which to create).  It is an eternal mystery, paradox, that multiplicity arises from an internal division. 

   The whole of Being exists between these two original polarities as an octave exists between 1 and 2.  All phenomenon and growth arise out the the continual alternation of these polarities-each tending to become the other in cyclic activity.  Duality is an essential condition of existence-everything in the universe maintains its continuity through polarization.  Sex, male and female, is a reflection of the original polarization…the mystical union being a path back to the Source.

   Cell division in all life forms proceeds from a unity through a succession of primary geometries…2, 4, 8, 16 in geometric progression.  All except in man, that is, whose zygote divides asymmetrically according to the Fibonacci series: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 whose rations are in golden proportions.  These groupings of cells define the vertices of first a tetrahedron (4  around 1) then cube,  an icosahedron, (12 around 1)  then a dodecahedron, (20 around 1).  The developing being recapitulates the primal geometries which ordered creation. 

The human ovum in the process of fertilization.