Principles for the Design of Worlds

By Robert Gulick

A Channeled Manual for Earthbound Starseeds, A Journey into Awareness
Universalia Annual Symposia. University of Denver, 1989



revised Dec. 15, 1989
revised Oct. 30, 1996
revised Oct. 8, 2013

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Cover: Geometric Codes for the 12th Universe
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Forward: Michael’s Call to Return 2
Transmission: The Council of Elders of the Central Suns 3
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Creation 101: Creation and First Universe; The Council of Elders 7
Universal Law and Harmonics: Order and Energy 9
Universal Law 10
   Fig. 1 Symbols of the Universal Laws 13
Universal Harmonics: Light, Sound, and Color 14
Sacred Geometry (incomplete) 14
   Fig. 2 Fractal Universe 14
The Dimensions 15
The Universes: Directives and Codes 18
    Fig. 3 Multi-Dimensions of the 12th Universe 22
Omniverse 23
Gates: Stargates and Other Portals 24
    Fig. 4 Multiple Gateway6 26
The Human Energy Field: Man the Microcosm 26
The Soul 28
Earth and Solar System: Fields, Grids & Evolution 30
The Grids 31
Expansion of Source/ Communications with Council 33
Transmissions of SOURCE 37
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*This booklet is condensed from material channeled by Altraha Alea and Robert Gulick in April through July, 1988.




We are in the midst of a great planetary and person awakening, a great initiation in consciousness. As this transformation dawns, we are again being given the knowledge of our origins and destiny, the nature of reality and being and the keys to creation, that we may remember and become whole. Here then is a holon, a fragment containing the whole, of the nature and effect of Universal Laws and Harmonics, the creative principles for the design of worlds, as told from the unique perspective of those who gave order and purpose to creation.

A.A. Michael’s Call to Return Channeled by Solara




Transmission: 4.11.88


“We of the Council of Elders bring you greetings from the Regions of Light of the All Radiance.  We speak to you now in order to bring to you the opportunity of growth of understanding beyond your immediate perceptions.  We are your world’s creators in that we bring order of form and content to your physical expressions and the inner knowing of that which you call Universal Law and Universal Harmonics…the way Universes are made from thought energy to grid to physical form.

We speak to you now because the magnitude of your time is upon you. The earth trembles in anticipation.  So should be your anticipation, not that you should tremble, no, but to anticipate the Glory that is upon you…to anticipate the evolution that moves through your veins and hearts…to anticipate your own participation in this evolution and consequently your own growth and understanding.

We are a motley crew throughout the heavens, the form and content , the function and the experience, the reason for existence varies greatly.  All carry different weights and measures in order to facilitate the enhancement of their awareness.  Yours is a planet of great beauty, its wonders are boundless.  Its physical knowing has opened considerably century upon century yet in the midst of its nearly unsurpassed beauty within the planets, its occupants, hu-mans, have tended to emphasize the polarity expression within themselves.  Now as all else evolves to higher expression and form…so must each human look to themselves to open the door and once again to experience and embrace their Soul.

As Radiance moves, like Golden Light upon the planet, all else will be overshadowed,  All else will be moved.  Its very existence will fade upon the regions. Universal Law demands participation.  It demands conscious acknowledgement and understanding.  It demands responsibility…as one beam of light to another.  It demands recognition…of self, of others, of Universes, of the Whole.  And it demands action within that responsibility.

Planet Earth to date has been a planet with few doers and many followers.  Now it becomes a space where all energies have import, where all is acknowledged and where all take action with responsibility of Self, whether they be hu-man, planet, animal, mineral or star.  For human must move to hu-man, man in higher understanding, higher evolution and expression…man, no longer reaching for the stars as if they were unattainable except through his emotions but man in Union with the stars as his brothers and sisters of heavenly expression.

We bring forth symbologies of energies to assist you in this process.  We send Golden Rays to open your hearts to their knowing that you might expand like a golden flower upon the heavens.  We bring you windows and gateways to your Souls that you might see, choose and walk through. We bring much for you to access at this time…gifts of understanding.  We ask only that you see them, honor them and accept them, that the vision of your mind may open to the heavens, to the masters that you are, that you and We may work more consciously in harmony with your own evolution and that of Planet Earth.

See yourselves as Golden Light, webs of wonderfully spun gossamer gold, woven from the center of our heart outwards, expanding throughout your being. When you begin to see and feel these Golden Threads you will have opened the door to see the myriad of golden webs woven throughout this Universe.  When you can not only see them but feel them through your heart, then you will be able to travel with Love throughout the galaxies.  Not a moment before.  Love is the key…it must come through your being.  You cannot experience it only through another and expect it to get you there.  You must open this Love within yourself.  Then will the understanding of Universal Laws and Harmonics, of higher levels be yours for these function and move through the medium of Love as with all expression of Light.

Through these times are we with you… Watching.  Aiding.  Waiting.  We acknowledge with deep Love, the Glory that is You and await the moment when you mirror such Love back towards the Universe.

In the Light of Radiance, We Are,
                                                                                The Council of Elders of the Central Suns”




Namaste! This is dedicated to those who are remembering, who are reaching beyond the experience of this planet to know themselves…who are remembering the beginning when we were all there together and to the great families to which we belong… who are remembering who we are, why we came here and our destiny in the stars.  The stories of our coming are many and varied, some in service, others in need, all committing to the great work we are completing.

Earth and humanity are in the midst of a transformation being felt at every level of multi-dimensional reality and with effects touching the whole universe.  It is part of the cosmic Plan of evolution known as the “Grand Light Sequence”.  The Grids, the evolution and energy field patterns, of the planet and all life are shifting, being reprogrammed by “higher intelligence” through “gates” connecting worlds, dimensions and evolutions.  To aid in understanding this process, that we may consciously self evolve, this writing will present the fundamental concepts of Universal Law (pattern or order) and Harmonics (energy), their encoding in sacred geometry and application to the “creational formation” of universes, the planet and human being.

These are notes about the Infinite Mystery…pieces of the puzzle, the universal hologram.  We all are like pieces of the super hologram…like very small mirrors …each carrying the image of the whole, perhaps not in detail or in the clarity of the wholeness and each so small that we get in the way of seeing beyond ourselves.  But if we put our pieces together,  the mirror becomes large enough to see our face together.  Each has wisdom, each idea contributes perspective and depth to our understanding just as each view of the hologram presents different information.  As we transform ourselves as microcosms of the super hologram, individually into wholeness, so we transform the whole hologram.

What is presented here is a synthesis of the Ancient Wisdom, particularly Sacred Geometry and information given through the guidance of a unique Council of Beings, known  as the Elders of the Central Suns. They are the instrument of “Creational Formation”, creators of Universal Law and Harmonics.  Their purpose here now is, in their words,

Namaste! This is dedicated to those who are remembering, who are reaching beyond the experience of this planet to know themselves…who are remembering the beginning when we were all there together and to the great families to which we belong… who are remembering who we are, why we came here and our destiny in the stars.  The stories of our coming are many and varied, some in service, others in need, all committing to the great work we are completing.

Earth and humanity are in the midst of a transformation being felt at every level of multi-dimensional reality and with effects touching the whole universe.  It is part of the cosmic Plan of evolution known as the “Grand Light Sequence”.  The Grids, the evolution and energy field patterns, of the planet and all life are shifting, being reprogrammed by “higher intelligence” through “gates” connecting worlds, dimensions and evolutions.  To aid in understanding this process, that we may consciously self evolve, this writing will present the fundamental concepts of Universal Law (pattern or order) and Harmonics (energy), their encoding in sacred geometry and application to the “creational formation” of universes, the planet and human being.

These are notes about the Infinite Mystery…pieces of the puzzle, the universal hologram.  We all are like pieces of the super hologram…like very small mirrors …each carrying the image of the whole, perhaps not in detail or in the clarity of the wholeness and each so small that we get in the way of seeing beyond ourselves.  But if we put our pieces together,  the mirror becomes large enough to see our face together.  Each has wisdom, each idea contributes perspective and depth to our understanding just as each view of the hologram presents different information.  As we transform ourselves as microcosms of the super hologram, individually into wholeness, so we transform the whole hologram.

What is presented here is a synthesis of the Ancient Wisdom, particularly Sacred Geometry and information given through the guidance of a unique Council of Beings, known  as the Elders of the Central Suns. They are the instrument of “Creational Formation”, creators of Universal Law and Harmonics.  Their purpose here now is, in their words,


“to recode, reconstruct and reconfigure all geometrics past, present and future for assimilation into the Universal Coding Bank to enhance and prepare this and other universes for unfoldment in the Divine Plan… Nothing works separately.  There is no moment in time within the Universe upon Universe that does not correlate and affect another”.

“As Radiance moves, like Golden Light upon the planet, all else will be over-shadowed.  All else will be moved.  Its very existence will fade upon the regions. Universal Law demands participation.  It demands conscious acknowledgement and understanding.  It demands responsibility…as one beam of light to another.  It demands recognition…of self, of others, of Universes, of the Whole.  And it demands action within that responsibility”.


There is a risk here…of getting stuck in the information instead of the getting the message.  What is presented here is to underline the urgency of the situation. In a Vedic teaching known as the Shiva Sutras,  the sutras are coded teachings, literally meaning the “threads” in the fabric of the teaching of the Infinite. They are constructed, like the Book of Genesis, so that all one needs to understand is given in the first letter, then the first word and then the first verse or sutra.  But if one doesn’t get it at first then each sutra or verse in succession gives more of the teaching.  So the first sutra says: “YOU ARE IDENTICAL TO THE SUPREME IDENITY” or simply, “YOU ARE THE SAME AS THE SUPREME IDENTITY”  but if you don’t get it, the second sutra advises: “ALL OTHER KNOWLEDGE IS BONDAGE”.

Knowledge, like love or devotion will only lead to the doorway.  They must be surrendered on the threshold of enlightenment in order to pass through.  In that instant do they become wisdom and compassion and truly claimed as oneself.  So this is not about information…its about reading the map.  Its about the unity of the cosmos, the purpose of creation and the Teaching of Light.  Its about the understanding of the how Universal Law and Harmonics, the codes or grids of “creational formation”, are constructed and applied, whether to a universe, a planet or human being.  Its about how these patterns function and are activated so the we may consciously evolve into beings of Light that we must be to persist in physical expression on this Planet.

In the Grand Light Sequence, Earth is becoming a star.  Cycles are being synchronized.  The grids are being shifted.  We are all the gatekeepers, the stewards of earth.  We are constructing a human grid to template the planet.  It is time to align with the Plan and connect with our ancient star families.  We are still in the Harmonic Convergence. 

Our purpose on Earth, the great work, is two-fold: First, to perfectly embody spirit in matter…to redeem matter, to create a vehicle so Creator may go out into the cosmos to experience creation and claim this physical universe through us.  And why Earth?  A special place and an experiment , a great school house, where all things were put into the stew at once…where all the experience of previous existence was brought together.

Second, having finally expressed ourselves completely in matter, to begin the “Return”.  We are the seeds in the middle of ourselves…a resonating core in creational reality, anchoring and activating the hugeness of ourselves in this limited body in the only way possible.  And why then is it so hard?  Because we all love to have experience, we are having such a good “time” expressing ourselves and in this there is separation.  Besides what happens here stays here…if there is “no harm, then no foul”.  The karma is local and we are having such fun in the drama of it, in the pain and the suffering along with the singing and loving.   Having bought a ticket for the cruise we all want to experience all this ship has to offer.  We want to take every ride in this amusement park, even standing in line for the terrifying and dark of them but avoiding the one with our eternal name on it.   When we finally do, having had enough, we will move on to higher realms and greater service. 

If we are to move on in this opportunity…if we are not to repeat the course here because we didn’t get it this time then we are going to have to awaken, we must become conscious… and do it quickly.  For we cannot heal this planet or this humanity until we heal ourselves.  We cannot build the kingdom on Earth until we have built the Temple in our own body. We cannot take this body into Ascension if we have not developed, loved it and healed it, not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

There is no teacher outside of the Self…no one will give the answers.  Each of us must to sit under our own Bohdi Tree.  Each must surrender the self as did the Master on the cross of existence.  Eventually we will have to stop moving out and ask deeply enough within ourselves with a deep longing and desire for Spirit and then to listen in that stillness for the voice that caresses,


“Dearest Daughter…Dear Son of Light.  How long we have waited for your call.”


So let us begin.


Creation 101


“In the beginning there was an emission, an explosion of idea-energy from Source into the void.  Before that separation there had been no void…Source had always been, a totality.  It is not possible for there to be both God and a void but when there is separation of Source into its Aspects the void occurs and this is what happened.  Aspects burst out within Source, into what had no boundary or limits and was therefore without form and chaos.  Aspects were extending Source beyond the Self and as always that change is chaotic.”

“Source/God has always been.  There was no such thing as a void until separation came into being.  It is not possible for there to be both a void and Source.  It is possible for there to be a void and have an Aspect of Source within but since Source is totality itself, the void exists only as a condition of expression of its Aspects.”


In the beginning there was only One, a totality…undifferentiated, absolute and infinite. Creation is a process of subdivision…There is nothing outside of totality.

God had no need for separation. Within the energy and essence of God, all energies are complete. All is movement within the totality of God. Then in this blissful state, an idea occurred within Aspects of God’s totality as Source. This idea was, in a sense, ‘heard’ within Source like a sound, a word, a vibration of a wave rolling across an infinite shore. It found pleasure with Itself within the aspects of Source and awakened the individuality of Itself. Thus other ideas were ‘born’ and God’s beingness/ or aspects decided that the idea could be experienced, that God’s beingness could be expressed…that it could be moved into further understanding and hence into some type of manifestation. God’s Aspects decided one by one to ‘create’…. and the first separation began.

The vibration of thought coagulated-individualized the energy of ourselves into expression. We were all there then becoming conscious within totality. So in the Aspect’s, that is our, desire to be, to try out our wings, so to speak, God gave creational possibility and potential to this occurrence…


“Aspects represent the multitude of God within the All of God.  It is delicate to explain energies and ideas that occur far beyond the understanding from this dimension.  Envision the idea that within Source, being all energy, there are many particles of energy so fused with Source/God that there would seem to be no difference.  However as all moves these aspects have their own energetic within Source/God and so as thought occurs, begins to take on creational potential.  Just as a beach is all…yet…made of many grains of sand…aspects are the multiplicity of God within Source/God in totality…God in infinity has within (Itself) all energetics that move shift, collect gather and resound.  In this resounding comes a collective attachment (a coagulation) from a type of friction (higher dimensionally).  Within this friction, as one energetic ‘sounded’ to another, a thought/idea occurred”


Here, then, is the resolution of the great paradox:  If in the beginning there was only God-One-Source, from whence did all existence come from if not from within that Totality?  In the beginning there was nothing outside of Source, not even the Void.  The many within one come from an original unity through a process of internal division of that unity manifesting with such diversity.  This idea that occurs within Source that there can be expression in form which causes a coagulation-a separation is found in the traditions.  They speak of a “fragmentation” of the divine emanations, as light passing through a prism is separated into its constituent colors, separate yet still light.  It is only an apparent separation from Source, one  in which, in actuality, we are continuously connected and endowed with boundless energy and love.

And so creation began again, as it had so many times before. It was a celebration of being…a grand exuberance but it was also, at first, a chaos.  There was no order, no cosmos, no universe.  These Aspects were all energy diffused, without direction or purpose.  (We were all there then, partaking in this celebration of being, more whole than now if less aware.)  There was a sense of Self and connection with Source but not of ‘otherness’ and as we began to touch each other (literally as balls of energy smashing into each other) there came feeling and knowing of a separation and aloneness.  We had the desire but not the tools.   From that pain there came a need to have order in order to embrace each other again within the limitation of form expression.


“Creation, birth on a cosmic scale, takes a bit of getting used.  Not everything was immediately understood for its magnitude and possibility so that when some ideas came forth into formation, some potentials did not manifest in quite the way intended.  Some Aspects felt cheated. Separation was not as exciting and pleasurable as intended while in Source.  So new ideas and words began to take form to arrange something better.  It was then that God in totality saw the need for a more formalized approach (to use the words generously) and so began the creation of the Council and the direct liaison between God’s aspects and their desired ideas and the actualization of creation through us.”

“Universal Harmonics are the way Aspects bring forth their ideas…Universal Laws are the governing maintenance that assures that all moves within the Harmonious whole.  It is the Order that organizes the original chaos of creation.  Source provided the energetics but Council created the Laws and Harmonics.  Council was created to implement Aspects ideas.”


And so from existence that was before the Chaos, a pattern of being was brought forward as an instrument of Source, a creative matrix, in expression to create order in creation…to provide direction and purpose.  These are known as the “Elders Before the Throne” or the Council of Elders of the Central Suns.

The primary purpose and responsibility of the Council of Elders is to propose, create, encircle and perpetuate Light forms within the realms of universal existence, to ensure proper utilization of all manifested realities and to invoke and maintain light vehicles existent within those universes and regions. Each member of the Council sits there precisely because of their direct correlation to the vibrational field of the universe…that is the universe was created through the member field vibration and ray.  Each member is responsible for the ray emittance and form reality (thus) for the origination of particular universes and as well for the maintenance of light/Ray form within multiple universes.  A member’s particular Ray envelope carries all the vibrations necessary to invoke and inform, to utilize and re-direct all pertinent geometries for the existence of evolution within planetary structures through certain phase developments.  Each member carries its dual energy within another member.  The Council sits in holographic form, a mirror energy image of itself.  One mirror appears to have a Council of Twelve but in reality the energy is doubled to make us a Council of Twenty-four.  (This is not duality but the ability to magnify and multiply manifestation holographically).


“Nothing works separately.  There is no moment in time within the Universes upon Universe that does not correlate and affect another.  Our work (as multi-dimensional beings) is not only on Planet Earth but also with other planets, galaxies and universes as these vibratory patterns reach forward and affect another.  Each geometrical pattern links to another. Each creates a composite when placed together.  In such a way the unfoldment of humanity into its myriad of forms is facilitated by activations of light envelope patterns in harmonic frequency wave bands.  Each area of  creation/universe represents a Ray frequency pattern brought specifically for cultivation of Harmonics within the Universal Framework into physical Identity and Form.  Adherence to these rays is crucial if one is to maintain existence as it is.  However if one is to further the awakening and unfoldment of Humanities as they may be known, depending on what area and universe you are operating within or wanting to recode, then the reapplication of Ray energy within its new and yet to be defined role is necessary.

“The Creation of the Universes began as an explosion of Idea/Energy for Source.  In response to this emission of God, Aspects decided to infiltrate the ‘void’ resulting in an initial chaos and the necessity for Order. To facilitate this Universes were planned and structured to provide a house for Source’s expression to experience itself.  Thus were the Laws created to facilitate this, and all Universes were created to allow for the opportunity of expression and experience.  The ideas that Source must have form was a new one and not taken lightly for when Aspects began to devise ways to experience themselves within the confines of form, dualities took place and new senses of realities came forward.  (demanding new universes or contexts for experience). To understand the magnitude of such chaotic creation takes great awareness on all levels.  Image energy balls without direction, purpose or even awareness of others, literally (in 3rd dimensional sense) banging into each other.  A great cry came forward to take some action within this chaos.”


So in the need to establish order the Council of Elders resonated with the emanation of Source and brought forth coordinates, the Universal Law and Harmonics, to template order over chaos thus creating the first universe, cosmos.  It was a simple form, a recursive vortex or hypersphere.  The most efficient way to organize a chaos is to move it, to sweep it up in motion about an center, an axis which is the column extending from Source.  And thus began a process of creation that has resulted (at this moment from their perspective) in a succession of 12 universes, with the 13th in preparation and the 14th in planning.  Of course there are an infinite number of frequencies or vibrational dimensions to experience in each.


“Each member of Council sits there precisely because of their direct correlation to the vibrational field of the Universe, Each is responsible for the Ray emittance and form reality,..and to direct geometries for existence of evolution within planetary structures” . 

“In a sense it is a member of this Council that ensouls each universe. The Elohim, the creator Gods of Genesis, are also referred to as the Elders and are the instruments of creation through which Universal Law and Harmonics are brought into local manifestation as in the creation of worlds.


Each universe provides a range of experience designed to lead to remembrance of Source.  Each is ensouled by a unique Trinitization of Source energy, Father-Mother-God.  Each has its unique functions, opportunities, prime directives and opportunities (e.g. to develop intellect, emotion, etc.).  Each carries particular levels of dimensional resonance, its growth potential.  Each is established by application of Universal Laws and Harmonics which encode grids and energy patterns that then can be modulated.   

Universes function to provide a context or an arena for experience to occur, Laws and Harmonics provide for the creation of form…the bodies, from Universes to atoms.  It is called by Council, “Creational Formation”…the experience of Self is within form.  The purpose of a Universe, uniquely expressed in each is:

1.  To Experience the Self in expression,

2.  To Experience Duality, Multiplicity and the Diversity of Form,

3.  To provide the energetics to remember Source, and provide a way home.

Form is the relationship between energy and substance, between Mind and body.  In the context of Spirit and Matter this is known as Sacred Geometry.  Existence is defined by it…governed by universal patterns-Sacred Geometries.  It is the pattern language of creation.  Form results from a duality, as does all existence…a separation throughout all the universes. There is no awareness of Self without it and hence it is the guarantee of the remembrance of Source and of eventual re-integration.”

Note: According to Ilya Prigogine’s theory of “Dissipative Structures” each impulse of energy into a system (a dissipative structure) will at first cause a chaos or system to fly apart as the system becomes unstable but will eventually result in a new higher order of organization.  There are quantum states to any being, certain patterns of order between which there are discontinuities of chaotic motion/energy.


Universal Law & Harmonics


Just as each Universe is designed to bring Aspects home so also are all Universal Laws and Harmonics.  Within all order and energy is the potential to return to cause…to One, to Source. 

The primary focus of Universal Law is the insurance and maintenance of the energy of Source within any form.

The Laws of Form, Sacred Geometry, relate Spirit to matter, that is Spirit in manifestation.  They are an expression in physical density of the more fundamental Universal Laws and Harmonics.   All creation is accomplished through the operation of patterning of Law and energetics of Harmonics.  Nature is built upon these fundamental principles.  These are the basics of physical law. 

In Creation, all force in the conscious universe is set in motion when thought or pure idea, becomes word…when law is energized by harmonics of sound the result is form.  They operate as complimentary aspects.  Universal Law provides the geometry, the Plan, the order, the essential equations-relationships of principles.  Universal Harmonics provides the energetics of light, color and sound…energy, quality and the “breath”.   Any creation requires the union or operation of polarities…male-female, self and not-self, yin and yang.  It is in the interaction of Law and Harmonics that creation occurs.  One does not function with out the other.  Universal Law provides the ordering principle, the idea, the pattern/geometrics the equations that organize and direct the expression of energy or Harmonics.  One is Mind-pure idea that orders,  the other is emotion, pure desire-the power or energy to create.  Without Law energy is chaos, without boundary, undirected.  Laws are the limits imposed on infinity to create concrete form…to differentiate reality from potential.  The power to create is the power to impose limits.  They are like the M-fields (morphogenetic fields)…geometries that condition expression, which contain but which themselves have no energy.  Law is masculine, Father in principle while Harmonics is feminine, the Mother in principle.

Universal Laws and Harmonics template the void upon which expression moves.  Laws provide the warp of the cosmic weaving, the continuum or the tantra.  Harmonics the weft, the dynamic shuttle moving in and out of the ordering of the Law…These are the context and the mechanics for the divine idea that we could all take form is woven into the tapestry of existence.

They provide for all potentialities of experience, insuring the maintenance and expression of Source within any form and thus the potential for any individualized aspect to know and return to Source.  Ultimately, it is a universal law that all cosmic creative principle will find the end of its activity through the excess of its effect. Cause reduces to itself all it causes.  In the cyclic operation of Law, all resolves into Source.



Universal Law


The Law of One:  “There is only One… Boundless, Immutable Reality-One Absolute Being-One Creative Principle.   It is All That Is. There is nothing more and nothing less. It is Beginning without time or space.  Each moment-each point is total and complete.  All of Creation is the Absolute manifesting in various forms, densities and dimensions… The vast universes are the body of this Absolute Being.  All things are within It-It is within and conditions all things.  Nothing is separate.   You and I share this Universal Spirit…We are one in Essence.”

One is the Source of all.  It is all energy, inclusive and without limit. This, the first law, is primary…from it follow the Laws of Duality governing separation and attraction and Trinity governing manifestation and integration of Spirit in form.  This triad of creative principles governs the individualization of Spirit and assures all energy returns to itself, that all remains connected in expression.  (Love is an aspect of the first Law in the sense that it is the medium, or context in which all exists and moves, that is to say love is the etheric field of Source.)

The Law of Duality  causes and maintains separation and identity.  It rules the essential condition of existence, for to be at all in any dimension requires polarity.  Thus it is the law of existence.  The measure of Self is in the differences.  The path of return is a cyclic process of integration of dualities, Androgyne, to soul and spirit to Aspect.  To exist as Self, no matter how realized, is to be separate.  Thus the Law of Duality guarantees a continual attraction or force seeking re-union, unity. 

The Law of Trinities places duality in balance, creates potential for integration and governs the expression of Spirit as Form:   The Trinitization of Source:

Father/Mother/God, of God: God/Son/Holy Spirit, of Son: Essence/Spirit/Soul, of Spirit: Spirit/Soul/Body, of Soul: Mind/emotion/ Body… all expressions of Trinity in descending dimension.  There are many names for these in may traditions: Shiva/Vishnu/Brahma, Metatron/Michael/Melchezidek.  After these Laws follow the Laws of Creational Formation: governing expression in form.

Laws: Being (One), Relationship: Form (Duality) and Integration (Trinity

One-the Father moves thought into expression and structure.  Duality, the Son moves structure into understanding bringing evolution of form and expansion of being/awareness.  Trinity-the Spirit-Mother brings Spirit into formation in substance or dimension.  The next Laws carry the three primary into manifestation.  Each of these Laws has its particular geometric code pattern allowing entrance of its principle in existence:

Laws of Energy project Source through all dimensions and spheres of existence.  These are the Laws of the Central Column of Light, the emanation of Source, operating through and connecting all planes, and thus aligning to Source from all creation.  They carry the three primary Laws into expression in each dimension operating together as a tetrahedral, the first  and minimal volume.

Laws of Manifestation: operate within a particular plane or dimension assuring that everything created in a dimension or sphere is an outward expression of Source.

Laws of Unity: provide for the re-connection to Source within the plane and assure the eventual inward thrust toward Unity.  These are the tattvas of Vedic tradition: body, desire (kamas), mind (manas), spirit (atma), etc

Laws of Clarity/Consciousness: set the boundary conditions, the limits, that contain existence defining a unitary plane or sphere thus assuring that there is a “house” to live in.

Laws of Understanding:  Provide the awareness and connection of all things events within the plane that they are related and connected as one expression.

The Laws are mirrored in each plane through correspondence.  The Laws of  Energy operate in triads.  The first three laws operating in physical manifestation are known as the Great Cosmic Laws of Economy, Attraction and Synthesis. These correspondingly govern the generation of substance, the association of substance into form as vehicles for spirit and then the dissolution of form and abstraction of individualized spirit into Unity. (see table below).

It is a law of the Conservation of Consciousness that no being, no thought is ever lost in the process of experience. Just as energy is always conserved in any interaction so is consciousness conserved in any transformation.  Thought is energy.  The expansion of consciousness is not an increase of light but an unfolding from a more dense state.  Thus in any transformation of being, in any interaction between mind and substance, identity, the Self persists. The total light is constant…infinite.

The Laws of Numbers, of Manifestation, of Alternation or Cycles, of  Resonance and Correspondence, of Energy and Symmetry, of Karma or cause and effect all follow in turn as creative emanations functioning in descending orders and planes of existence.  These culminate in systemic laws operating in a given universe and in physical laws of science which deal with the transformations of energy in local universe.  The function of Law is to maintain energy of Source within expression and provide the potential of return through expression.  The law of transformation of energy from Special Relativity, E=mc2 , becomes 1=mc2/E demonstrating that in the balance of energy and matter there is a return to light…Light is the constant.  The squaring of light is the “mattering” of energy and the unfolding of matter.  All returns to ONE.

With respect to forces in nature: each force has a corresponding complimentary force, understood not so much as opposites but more in the sense that as a force emanates out from Source, it is always accompanied by a force that moves back to Source.  (For example the newly discovered so-called “fifth force”  is the repulsive or return side of gravity which is attractive.)

Law of Economy (Brahma) TRINTY Spirit Law of Attraction (Vishnu) DUALITY Son Law of Synthesis (Shiva) Father ONE-UNITY
Creation of substance/matter-involution Builds Form, Manipulates matter
Governs Evolution and Synthesis of Self
Disassociation-Separation-Multiplicity Diversity-Association-Patterns
Abstraction-Spiritual Liberation
Distribution (of matter)-Differentiation matter Destruction of Form (Shiva) Attraction-the bond of Spirit to Vibration
Results in separation-creation of matter Results in Cohesion-Unity Fuses
Essence with Essence
Separation-SPACE-Individuation Fusion of Opposites-Vesica Piscis Fusion of likes-Demonstrate all as ONE
Oscillatory activity Cyclic/Spiral Activity Vector activity-forward motion
Light/Dark, Energy/Matter
Wave/Particle, Unmanifest/Manifest
Infinite/ Finite
Light Sound Color

The Law of Karma (or Compensation) governs experience in form, ie the “limitation” of body or matter.
Below these three laws are seven “systemic laws governing each dimension or plane


Figure 1

Figure 1


Universal Harmonics


Harmonics provide the “energy” or vitality of “creational formation”..  They are Light, Sound and Color, a triad of pure kinetic potential ordered into form for manifestation by Law:
Law of Light:  the energy of Being, the prime energizer or force…provides direction or will.  Brings codes forward and makes being “visible”.  It is the force behind manifestation of form.
Law of Sound:  Activates form-pattern expression of Light into motion, vibration, gives Being manifestation…provides the “breath” of Life and the heartbeat of creation.
Law of Color:  Provides the nuance, quality or character of Light…provides differentiation or personality awareness among individual expressions in form.

Light provides the speed/direction of energetics,
Sound provides the quality of action, vibration/oscillation, and
Color provides the quality of function and being.


“Sound: the resonant energy of God’s breath…allows life to enter all form.
Light: the energetics of fuse/phase awareness…of formulation of the idea/creation.
Color: the breakdown of light harmonics into specific function…direction.”


Harmonics are context dependent, that is, their expression varies and has meaning within the context of the whole, i.e. universe or dimension. Light, Sound and Color are universal principles and infinite by nature.  They appear to be limited by the conditions of a dimension.  The speed of light at 186,000 miles/sec is simply the expression of light as electromagnetic radiation in dense manifestation having the conditioning factors of Space+Time but in essence is infinite.

Expressions of Color harmonics are known as the Rays, each carrying an aspect or character of Light.  In the beginning 4 major rays were created: White Ray, containing all color…carries the Law of One, Silver Ray, relationship and separation…carries the Law of Duality (its quality is feminine-Lunar), Gold Ray, integration…carries the Law of Trinities (quality is masculine-solar), and one called the Rainbow Ray, containing all colors in expression… carried all the Laws of Creational Formation. 

The intention in endowing the Rainbow Ray with so much potential was to provide a quality to bring Aspects in expression to a “quick” understanding of themselves as Source in expression and it was therefore very attractive.  It became so glamored by its own attention that it could not hold the focus to Source and thus began to work its attraction, its beauty, to serve itself for self’s sake.  Hence began the process of turning away from Source, an attraction or attachment to experience of self in form which we term “evil” or “the Dark”.  This was the “Fall”.

In the first creation the Laws and Harmonics were created primarily to “round things up ” as aspects were needing some order to have understanding of themselves, hence the initial energetics and Laws were inclusive.  Later when the depth of Aspects desire to experience themselves was understood, creational possibilities were expanded.  The Rainbow Ray was replaced as a creational principle by Nine separate Rays, each a specific color or principle.     Thus there were twelve active principles in total in addition to the 13th Rainbow Ray which continues to influence creation from outside the Law.


Sacred Geometry


The working of Universal Law and Harmonics can be understood as a Sacred Geometry.  Science as metaphor for reality.  Law and Harmonics together create the geometrical codes-the grids that extend throughout space/time, the planet and body.

Sacred Geometry reveals the pattern and process of Universal Law…the principles applied in Sacred Architecture.   It is the science of creational formation, the patterns that order creative principles and energy into manifestation in any dimension.  It is basically the wisdom of relationships. Sacred Geometry is the knowledge of the universal field patterns and forms corresponding to states of being and of dimension, through which, in resonation, one may align to a expanded awareness. Sacred geometry are the “Patterns that Connect”.  It maps the way back through the structure and cycles of the universes and dimensions…it is the Path of return.  The application of sacred geometries and numbers in the design of architecture, art, language and ritual, invoked in sacred environment the creative principles and energies to which they corresponded and thus connection to the cause of all.  All creation and thus science is based on geometrics.


“To know God, Nature and Man, one must first know geometry”. Pythagoras


(This subject will be dealt with in a separate document)


Figure 2 – Fractal Universe




Existence is a single seamless vibrational continuum.   Laws and Harmonics function within this multi-dimensional reality.  Dimensions are octaves of energy…frequency bands through which law and energy project in descending orders of complexity and increasing multiplicity and diversity, the higher more focus and intensity as awareness of Self as All…the “planes of consciousness” creating worlds within worlds.  Dimensions are like stages of development, quantum states…levels of spiritual-consciousness integration or expansion, in which the boundaries are discontinuities, the movement between them requiring quantum jumps, for descension or Ascension.  They define energy expression as intensity or density of experience or expression.  Each dimension or plane of consciousness is a frequency octave within the continuum, the lower frequencies offering greater multiplicity and diversity of expression, the higher, more focus and intensity of awareness of Self. In terms of vibration/frequency they vary from zero/void to infinity, the ONE, Source.

Here we are describing dimensions of being in the sense of consciousness or mind rather that in physical terms of the measure of space-time-matter.

All existence is vibration.  Every state of being, an atom or a flower, a man or star, a thought, a feeling, a dream or even a dimension of existence occupies a characteristic plane of vibrational pattern. In a reality understood as frequency, that is the activity of light, there is no more separation between fire and earth, Spirit and Matter, between on being and another than there is between the colors of the rainbow. When all being is form there is no separation between the spiritual and the material. The planes of consciousness are separated only by frequency barriers.  Attunement or connection to a state of being is achieved simply through a sympathetic resonance to the corresponding pattern, that is, the form generated by frequency.

Awareness of multi-dimensional reality is simply veiled by the limited frequency sensitivity of the physical senses…essentially a frequency barrier.  By definition the senses measure energy only in the narrow band of the physical dimension. Dimensions have a complementary nature: they are both continuum, a wave but are also quantisized…that is there are specific energy levels required to shift through the frequency barrier separating frequency bands.

Dimensions are energy states defined by a band or octave of frequency or vibration.  They are like quantum states.  The skin encapsulated body of the physical self is the boundary of one of those quantum states which require an increase in energy or frequency to move beyond.  It is a pattern or context for the manifestation of energy which gives energy a particular character and imposes limits or boundaries on expression in form.  Each has its “axis” of definition, its conditioning factors Time+Space=Motion, or Mind+Emotion=Creation, which create the warp and weft of the fabric of the dimension.  Consciousness exists in all.  Consequently the dimensions are sometimes referred to as the planes of consciousness.  Consciousness has both Mind and Emotion. Spirit and Body.

The expression of Energy in any dimension is conditioned by factors such as Time and Space which provide warp and weft for the transformation of energy into density…matter.  Light as universal energy has no limits itself but is limited to 186,000 mps by the geometrics of time/space which define the boundary conditions for existence in this dimension and assure a degree of non-interference.  The geometrics of time/space are a function of the energy density within a dimension, known in scientific terms as the “zero-point fluctuation” in a vacuum.  This is the fundamental potential of reality occurring at any given point in time-space.  In a dimensional shift then it is the geometrics, i.e. the angles, of the grids that are shifting that result in a higher expression of light energy.  (e.g. ATP bonds angles function of energy storage).  The difficulty is that grids are shifting into 4D hyperspace, resulting different angular relationships, which means we cannot just look at grids of earth or a body as shifting in location.  Space-time-matter, the third dimension itself is shifting, expanding.


“Within the spectrum of dimensions there is a mirroring process from which there is what appears from your perspective to be an expansion from both directions. In this mirroring there are what seems to be myriad of dimensions which are in truth layers of each dimension.  There are 24 major dimensions with a crossover point after the 12th dimension. From the first to the twelfth dimension all is an expansion or an evolution of and toward understanding of the multiplicity of Self.  After this crossover point all begins to move back toward Source at its essence level and so in a sense is a reduction of energy but only in that it condenses itself into less needed expansion and more evolved/involved space.”


There are 24 major dimensional intervals each with harmonics, subdivisions of the others within.  The 12th is a crossover dimension representing the level of maximum consciousness awareness of self within multiplicity (as there are also 12 degrees of freedom)…further expansion begins the process of synthesis-approach to Essence, the One.  In a sense then expansion occurs up to the 12th then contraction.  Thus 12 are mirrored to create 24.  (The heart, which is crossover chakra in body uniting the upper and lower centers…has 12 lotus petals or vortices).  Source sits in dimension 24, Council in 22.

Dimensions define the evolutionary boundary of a Universe…the limit which creates form.  The number, range and type of dimensions vary in universes, not all are the same.  Universe 12, ours, has a baseline 2.5, nominally 3 extending to 10.3, nominally 10  for 7 intervals… hence an octave of 7 notes and colors of rainbow and the traditional 7 planes of consciousness of eastern tradition.  Even matter in this Universe is sensate, reactive having 2 dimensions, a chemistry.  There is a great work underway to extend the dimensional range for our local universe from 10.3 to 12 to incorporate the crossover point.  The body of man with its seven chakras expanding to include twelve, is a microcosm of dimensional structure where the chakras are themselves gateways to corresponding dimensions.

A dimension is the measure of existence in any Universe relative to integration, evolution towards Source, or of how aspected or individualized one is. 

There are 3 characteristics to dimensions:


1. Frequency: the energetics of Being.  The expression of Self in a dimension is measured by frequency.
2. Awareness/Consciousness: the measure or means by which identity knows Source or Self.
3. Force/Love:  that which binds Being and Consciousness..that which unites Self to its expression.  Provides the conditioning factors Space+Time as the context for existence.
Mind and Emotion, Being and Spirit exist in all dimensions.  They are each a continuum.  Source is within all.  They have different qualities in each dependent upon the given dimensional range.  For example:



Dimension Mind Emotion Body Spirit
2.5-4.5 Function Sensation Identification Awareness
3.5-5.3 Intellect Response Motion Activation
4.9-7.8 Perception Experience Sense Understanding
7.5-16.2 Awareness Awareness-Self Integration Integration
14.0-24 Thought Creation Awareness All Assimilation
16.0-24 Integration Love of All

The self is experienced in cycles of existence or creation.  Individualized aspects of Source-Creator, we are projected into existence by our desire to experience ourselves in some context-dimension, descending-involving in diversity, form and density…then ascending-evolving-integrating back into Source-complete again.  Man is 3-dimensional, not in the sense of physical space and time, but in terms of the dimensions in which he is conscious in: the mental, emotional-astral and physical-etheric energy environment. He is not the body, a focus in matter, a vehicle in which to act and experience dense material reality.  As man becomes more aware of his existence as Spirit he is becoming fifth-dimensional or even more multi-dimensional as contact is made with increasingly more integrated states of being: 4th dimension…Mind-Potential of Source,  5th…Connection to Source, 6th…Source Energetics (the Cosmos, 3 dimensions of space+3 of time),  7th…expanded form,  8th…multi-dimensional consciousness,  9th…Direct Link,  12th…Self in infinite multiplicity.  Correspondence for the first six dimensions :
0                    Essence-Idea               Being
1                    Formation                     Space
2                    Substance                    Time
3                    Life                               Matter-body
4                    Consciousness            Mind
5                    Spirit                             Spirit

(Note that each dimension is itself defined in terms conditioned by the dimension from which it is experienced.  Thus from the third dimension: Being is Sat-Cit-Ananda and Matter is tamas, rajas and sattva or mass, momentum and spin-vibration)

The 1st and 2nd dimensions are chaotic, the preparation of essence into form (1st) and then form into substance (2nd).  The atom is created as the embryo of matter.  In a sense, since these dimensions are in the beginning, the original so to speak.  They are the closest to Source but evolutionarily, as Source moves in creation, they are remote to a more evolved, aware and integrated Totality of Source.  In the continuum, however, in the mirrors, in the sea of crystal, the process of integration goes both and all directions through the dimensions with Source in all.  The path through the 2nd and 1st would seem shorter, faster.  The way of simplicity, but without the awareness won in the full experience and consciousness of ourselves in infinite multiplicity. The Paradox: The shortest path home might not be an expansion at all.  The process of enlightenment is an inward journey through the Self.  The Ascension from Earth in body is not  ‘up’ but a penetration through the heart-core-center of the planet-gate and then a 90° EL-shift in dimensional orientation. 

Is the expansion of consciousness the raising of vibration or the increase in the density of vibration? The higher vibration carries more energy and information, normally corresponding to the mental, but the longer wave-length is of love.  Going through the 2nd and 1st dimensions is a contraction of limitation into infinity.  For the daring it may be the shortcut home, if one knows how to jump through infinity, through Source’s memory of Itself.  For the Source that was in the beginning is now moved into expanded expression through its Aspects, us.

Expansion of consciousness, however, is normally an Ascension process through ever higher dimensions.  In this current transformation the fourth dimension, mind, is really only a stepping stone to the 5th and 6th for hu-man, the man of many colors.  Interestingly 55, a number of mastery and of the Great Pyramid , is the sum of all numbers 1 through 10.  This is the dimensional frequency (actually 5.5) completing translation of the physical body into light, and corresponds to the initiation in the Pyramid with base square.  In the Aquarian Pyramid, with a hexagonal 6-sided base, the number of the cosmos, perfected man takes initiation as master of the stars.




Council: 4.16.88


“The Universes in their inception, work as a mirror replication with a fuse point frequency that allows absorption of multiplicity through the very nature of their geometric patterning.  From inception, thought resonance to idea, swirls the amplification of sound wave frequency multiplied according to the appropriate necessary components of light wave frequency. This light wave frequency then multiplies itself into harmonic patternings to effect the continuation of its resonance in an outward manner.  This swirling coil of energy (like DNA) carries within its essence the structures and patternings of all appropriate coordinates to create, effect change, develop that which is deemed needed for existence and continuation of that energy pattern.  A perimeter switch must be effected within a particular resonance to then move all coordinates into active participation. As this active participation is catalyzed and, in a sense, fed by our attention, the swirling coil reaches… its destination, in other words,  the ‘location of existence’ from whence it vitalizes its forms.  As it does so it is matched by its ‘mirror coordinates’ again sent by us to facilitate its perimeter balance. 

This does not mean that all Universes will work in duality as you know it but that within structure and form, whatever they may be, come the ability for evolutionary development.  Why else would form exist if not to experience and learn, hence to grow forward to return to itself in formless state. As this energy of understanding is culminated within its resonance pattern, a new frequency may be born to actuate the evolutionary process.  Once this is put into motion then physical manifestation, in whatever dimension, may move through the parallel shifts, entrance through the windows, arrive at its destination of dimension and seed/birth process begins. To actuate this, all coordinates must be in alignment and all directions or signals sent forth by us.  In other words we move ourselves, through thought energy, to the locale, envelope it with ourselves and through this merging begin the birthing of seed pattern energy for actuation of physical form.  The appropriate color resonances are then brought forward to mingle with the existing geometries and light form waves.  They will merge through the sound frequency patterns already in position and a ‘linking’ will begin.  It is as you move the energy in physical form in sexual experience, knowing that in complete merging or ‘linking’ a seed energy, a star form expression may be brought forward to nestle with another pattern to share the experience and oft time to create form.

As a Universe is created then, having moved through its thought, its patterning, its frequency potential, its directive of light, sound and color, it then takes its combined coordinates and merges them through the geometrics provided to actuate form.  This process may take what you consider to be billions of years but to us is merely a blink in the cosmic eye.  All form moves through this ‘eye’ to become physical expression.

The Mirror image within each Universe is its growth potential…what it will move into.  the space, in a sense, between the seed/birth image and the mirror or reflected image is the period of experience.  When each component within a Universe has reached its mirror image, then the Universe has completed its task and function…however all components…all star systems, all galaxies, all planets, all entities within a Universe must have reached their mirror image.

The decision as to what expression may be used for a particular Universe rests completely within the perimeters of need…need in terms of requirement.  What is the function and purpose of this Universe?  What do we wish to experience?  How best can it be effected and what are its optimal potentials?  The patterning is, of course, set from the beginning…the outcome created through the coordinated prepared and presented.  It is the individual focus, while in the focus of experience, that gives the ‘sense’ that free will is possible.  Consequently within given situations, that element does exist within the mind of a being, but in terms of creation all coordinates are preplanned. 

Each Universe has within its coordinates and patterns a direct link to every other Universe created.  Envision this as geometric dome structures provided with connecting corridors.  These corridors are direct links from Universe to us which, of course, then directly linked to Source.  There are additional doorways, windows, gates, each having particular functions and resonances for the particular shifting they provide. There are many…however, the “direct links” provide immediate communication on all levels of expression with us…allowing us to expand ourselves into those dimensional locations.  They are more potent (and only available to us).  The gatekeepers are in access potential with us but do not travel the direct links themselves.

A Universe will have as its overall coordinates, a particular level of dimensional resonance.  This would be its overall expression and within it, its highest potential.  Within that potential there are many variations of dimensional expression.  Each planet, solar system, galaxy would carry its own dimensional beginning and potential growth.  These dimensions interweave within a planet’s experience and all participants and interweave with all other planets within its solar system, all others within the galaxies, indeed with the dimensional frequencies of the Universe for the overall dimensional growth potential of the Universe governs much of the direction of the individual parts.

Each Universe, as it is planned and created, must interweave and interlock at some level with all of the other Universes.  No matter how individual the experience might seem while one is focused in the midst of the hologram, in ‘reality’ (a term used loosely) everything is a component of itself and of everything else.  No one thing, no one experience, no one moment is divorced or separated from another except in illusionary perception.  Each Universe is brought forward to elevate and in a sense excite the whole.  It is through this excitement that the energy expression is made manifest and the development is made possible.  Nothing moves without a resonant energy balancing its expression in some form somewhere.

So Universes (as for any form expression of being) are created for their function and experience.  They are fed by symbolic expression through (Universal Law) geometrics. They are energized through Light, Sound and Color (Universal) Harmonics and they are enhanced for individuality through Dimensional Frequency Absorption.  They are fed through the eye of the needle, so to speak, and physical manifestation is born.  All coordinates must be in place for this to exist.  Their inherent energy, regardless of the experience, comes through and of Divinity, through and of Love and Light.

There is a constant monitoring by us of all coordinates so that at any given moment, new energies may be infused to assist the development.  The overall resonance patterns of a being allow optimally for high evolution within a particular form and realm, as for example that of ‘human being on planet earth’. These patterns on a physical level, are implanted as energy/consciousness within the cellular structure of the being. the cells of the body are replicas of the cells of the planet that are replicas of the cells of the galaxy and so on.  However we are not speaking here so much  of the actual physical cells as we are the etheric cellular body.  Within its patterning are all possibilities, all beginnings, all developments, all creational potential of the individual whether it be human, planetary…etc.  The activation of these cells within the body for linkup and evolution is a mirror of the process for the Universe as a whole.  Each is a symphony within itself linking to others becoming a greater symphony.

There are counter forces at work as well.  What is termed by you as evil’ has created itself through dissolution of the spirit within energy form.  It is the denial or illusion of separation of Spirit within expression.  As Creation moved outward from Source into expression…curious, exploring, feeling separated through its action but without understanding it was always whole.  Pain and sorrow followed from this feeling of removal  which then opened the gates to fear.  This in turn increased the feeling of separation and fed and grew on the illusionary aspects of others, growing in progression as the fears and denials were carried through dimensional experience.  Evil is the denial of Source within form.”


Universe 1:  Its propose was order and harmony within expression (not multiplicity which came later).  It was/is a great experimentation, templated from the original chaos in form by Aspects and thus the first cosmos.  It was organized by a revolving spiral geometry of energy. a strange attractor.   The regular geometries also came later.  There was Energy+Matter as conditioning factors but not time and space.  Separation had to do with energy states not space.  It was apparent from start that 1st Universe would not provide all the expression potential needed and in sense each successive Universe provided more in preparation for the 12th.   Dimensional frequency range: 5 to 10.

Universe 2:  The second universe sprang almost immediately from the first expressing the need for multiplicity, that is to demonstrate that separation was a sense expression not a reality, that Aspects could be Selves and experience others without loss of identity.  U2 brought a direct and accentuated sense of separation through the Law of Duality.  Its dimensional frequency range of 7.9-10.2 had less diversity but more intensity.  Intensity of experience was key note.  Conditioning factors were velocity+awareness.  Being as a function of the speed of light.  Light moves through awareness with velocity hence velocity corresponds to space and awareness to time.  Color rays were given eminence opening the path for the Rainbow Ray to influence evolution towards Self for Self’s sake. Hence the concept of ‘evil’ arose in the expression of the Law of Duality in the second Universe.  Where the 1st is the smallest the 2nd is the largest  universe in terms of expansion potential.

It was during the formation of this Universe that a great fragmentation occurred…(known in Kabballa as a fragmenting of the 10 Sefiroth),  where 10 of the Elders were as emanations becoming multiplicity.  There is great pain in the remembrance of this event.  We did not understand…did not know that fragmentation was necessary to create multiplicity.  We only experienced the loneliness of the void, those that were fragmented, but there were three others, representing the Trinity who remained whole in order to collect the pieces together.  Their pain was perhaps greater for having to witness helpless and then without adequate tools and knowledge to perform the mission of re-creation-to collect the fragments into wholeness again.

Universe 3:  U2 was somewhat of an imbalance, focused so much in the Law of Duality as it was that the third universe was created of need to create balance and unity and thus emphasize the Law of Trinities.  The purpose of U3 was Integration  (integrating the experiences of U1 and U2).  Emphasis was on Sound and Light harmonics.  Its dimensional frequency of 6.8 to 12 was much broader for more possibility…Here for the first time Aspects began to understand form expression and relationship to others.

The first three Universes were in a sense, ad hoc, an attempt to deal with conditions already unfolding in creation.  Each in term emphasized the three primary Laws.  With U4 Council got some perspective on the creative process.  Planning was emerging as the Universes were seen in triads, each manifesting some aspect of the Trinity within its prime directive.  The next three were really created simultaneously.  Instead of attempting to immediately unite aspects to Source, Universes now were designed to maximize expression possibility in specialized areas. 

Universe 4 experimented with Matter/a type of energy density within a dimensional frequency of 2.3 to 6.  Its prime directive was to develop idea of ego.

Universe 5’s function was to develop Mind, to house intelligence in form to see how much mind can manifest while still knowing Source.   Thought is the only reality here existing as light waves… It has a high dimensional frequency of 16.9-24 with geometrics playing a dominant role.

Universe 6 was designed to combine Emotion and Mind, and was a testing ground for U12 to follow.  Here emotion is defined as the awareness or sensation of energy…mind as the awareness of order/purpose/pattern.  Both are complementary aspects of consciousness.

The next triad of universes for the first time were created with geometric codes/grids so energies and programs could be more easily entranced.  Their prime directives are as follows:

Universe 7:  To achieve Understanding and is characterized by a highly varied form expression.

Universe 8:  To activate awareness of ‘darkness’…that is the superseding of light.  This was a high risk creation designed to bring Rainbow Ray into understanding of itself as Source.  The use of grids was perfected here with many safeguards required. 

Universe 9:  To learn Co-creation and the use of Universal Laws.

The universes of the next triad were each built around central suns as core energetics.  They existed in other universes but as more of an envelope than seed core. 

Universe 10:  To accentuate Love energy.  It is a very fluid and expansive universe with planets and stars diffused, emotive in undulating waves of light and sound.  This is the vibratory heart of creation…Christ Aspect here is woven with diversity and depth.

Universe 11:  To know Source through Knowledge.  This universe is the keeper of records and is characterized by highly volatile energy.

Universe 12:  This is the one we exist in, of which our Milky Way is but a local universe.  It combines all Laws and Harmonics, all experience from previous Universes to create maximum potential for experience within all forms and formats, all laws and harmonics.  It is designed as a cross-over Universe to reverse the outward thrust of Aspects in their desire to experience back to Source.  In this Universe all coordinates/aspects of Creator are put forward in a single form, body, the human being, the earth, the sun the galaxy itself, each is a microcosm of the whole plan.  The codes as model for all being in U12 are 144.

Within the Omniverse, the 12th Universe represents the crossover universe where the enfolding of one into remembrance activates the others.  The awakening of U12 resonates field structures within the others in a domino effect.  Within this universe is coded the maximum potential to cross the threshold of the completion of expression-experience and begin the process of integration into Source.  This universe, this planet,  this body, this time is what is important to live and remember.


Figure 3 – Multi-Dimensions of the 12th Universe


The Omniverse


The cyclic awakening of creations, age after age, produces uncountable universe, each bounded by an womb-like spherical envelope, which protects it from the activities of adjacent universe. These are all collected on a greater envelop which separates them from the void. As the universes each expands the sphere takes on a geometry based on the close packing known as cubocta-hedrons.  Each universe is a nested structure id multiple interpenetrating dimensions defined by frequency or energy levels.  In a freely suspended state this is represented by nested torus’, that is interlocking hyper-spheres (or doughnuts) yet each projecting though one another, all breathing together…much like the quantum field of atom.  The fields of universes are like electron orbital fields. Each universe is also bounded by a field that acts as protection so that universes do not interfere with one another.   Translating from one to another requires a quantum leap wherein the consciousness must have brought the full potential of the universe to individual expression.  Each universe carries its own vibrational components, its own evolutionary requirements.  Each geo-metrical pattern linking to another, each affecting the other.  Fields are set up by the particular pattern of Law and Harmonics and the way these are entranced or activated within the Universe. 

All of creation is connected by the column, the axis-spine of Source, the essential polarity expression.  It is the link between, the connection to and potential to return to Source.  It’s a beam of energy containing all harmonics and law, the corridor that carries the energetics to create universes and aligns all energy potential.  As thought emanates from Source it is picked up by the Council of Elders, coordinates are brought forward and a Universe is created.  Its function always is to take Divinity and place experience within it.

Universes, as all dimensions, exist within the Auric field of Source as the vehicles of mind and emotion sit as a standing wave pattern of vibration in our own.  Similarly the geometrics for each are drawn from the etheric envelope which mirrors the essence within the “center” of Source.  Looking out is looking in.  Ultimate Source begins as a point and expands such the it is also the envelope containing universe.  Expansion occurs like space-time in our universe…everywhere at once.

There is a difference however.  The etheric field of Source exists everywhere at once.  It is a hologram, not in a sheath like ours, where all creational codes exist in every point of existence…in the continuum of space.  Every point is the center of creation and every point is the beginning.  The hologram is projected from and through every point in space-time.  We live in a house of infinite mirrors and we see a infinite multitude of universes.  A little like looking at a hologram from different perspectives.  Each angle presents a different energy.  In reality there is only One.

There is a mirror image within each universe, which its growth potential, that is what it will become, what it will move into.  “The space between the seed/birth and its mirror reflection is the period of existence”.




The Tai Chi: All things in existence are in the process of becoming their opposite.

There are 3 layers or pathways connecting parts within a universe which are accessible in turn by successively more integrated states of being:
1. Direct Links………………………….. Spirit
2. Dimensional Corridors……………….Mind
3. Structural: Stargates…………………Body via chakras

The connections between Universes however are in 2 ways:
1.  Direct link: accessible by Council energies only, and through the
2.  Column: This alignment with Source assures a clarity of intention and a connection with center of creation which serves as protection as one moves both ways.

Jump Point: Each universe, each form, dimension, incarnation offers the opportunity for direct link and return to Source.  These gateways are called “jump points” (like a switch allowing current to flow).  One can return to Source from any point in emanation or radiation if the lessons are learned.  The gate is yourself…in the integration of your being, in the expansion of all chakras to one…in the activation of the self as a doughnut-torus, microcosm of the omniverse.  Going through oneself is like kicking back into the space in the middle of the self.   

“In the remembrance of self as point of radiance, moving out into infinity, Self as point of emergence of Source as are all things-all selves.  Then in the recognition of connection of all things as carriers/expressions of Source and in the remembrance that Source moves also from All through the point of Radiance in Self and allowing all things to flow back through Self ultimately , one will have gone through the jump point including self-expression itself.”    

There are specific areas within each universe that correspond to centers within the body just as parts of the body represent areas within the universe and body functions represent universal principles of creation, growth and dissolution.  Within the context of the universe the chakras have the following function:
Throat-communication links, application and entrance of harmonics to body, determines dimensional intensity.
Heart-Key/coordinates dimensional frequencies and options, root of the Soul, the birth place of energies-of stars.
3rd Eye-the computer, entrance for programming/information-energy (the Milky Way Galaxy is 3rd Eye for Universe 12).
Crown-Link to Source through column, heart of the Soul, connects with heart (central sun) and coordinates column energies, therefore controls inter-dimensional and inter-galactic communication.

Within the local universe, the Milky Way Galaxy, chakras connect to universal centers of Universe 12:  These are directions given as angular relationships relative to Earth and with name vibrations to give access to the gate.  (Some of these name vibrations will be unfamiliar from earth perspective.)
Cassiopeia: Houses universal Heart energies; access to Central Sun.
Orion: Seat of power, the spinal column connecting all universal centers; mirrors all chakras and links up all energy centers for cross-over; all energies are fed through Orion.  One of the key stargates that connect to the center of creation.
Mycausa: Crown, found through the gateway of Andromeda Rex
Pleiades: 3rd Eye, the computer software; contains all coding in holographic form for local universe.
Iontah: Solar Plexus, merged through the constellation Thebulus in the outer regions of the Universe.
Bootés/Arcturus: Throat center.
Sirius: Polarity center, the balance factor, with a dual reflection in Evius.
Vega: Root center with a dual reflection in Albion.




General: There are gates within the Universes which mirror those that are within the body.  They provide points of access and contact and the means of travel and communication between energy patterns-the “grids”, dimensions, universes, evolutions, even physical locations where information-energy may be entranced. They are points of overlap and coordination, locations vibrationally  where energy patterns may be emitted or encoded.  In a sense they are pressure points within the geometrical configuring of the Universes.  They provide links within each universe and the ability to travel Universe to Universe, dimension to dimension, evolution to evolution and star to star. 

Each gate has its own coding resonances, its protectional codes and frequency transmitters.  Each Gatekeeper must be in harmony with these combinations of coordinates or will for in a sense they are the embodiment of the Gate.  Their functions are to maintain clear channels and monitor the flow of energy and those seeking entrance.  The process of transiting a gate requires that one carry, that is fully express, not only the coordinates of that Universe, dimension, evolution or body one is in but to be prepared to absorb and integrate the coordinates of whatever condition, field, reality, locale one enters into.  Traveling from one Universe to another, or from one dimension to another one must be aware of these energetics.  All energy forms have this fundamental ability but not all are sufficiently developed within their own frequency patterns to do this.  It requires great absorption and resonance ability and great clarity of origin and energy function.  The key to each gate is forged of Law and Harmonics, that is geometrics and energetics.  The key vibration opening the gate is the name of the Gatekeeper.  Transiting the gate requires the vibration, i.e. the name, and that the Being be fully actualized within the requirements of the universe, dimension, time or what ever context one is moving from.  For this reason the gates between universes are called the Gate of a Thousand Buddha’s, as one must become a Buddha a thousand times over.

Each of us, in truth, is a gateway to the Infinite.  We are each a doorway with many expressions.  Each body-vehicle is an opening to other dimensions.  The door however goes both ways…into denser more limited expression of Self or into more energetic, integrated, freer expression of self.  One may go in or out of the Self.  As one becomes centered and directed in the self, one’s field is expanded becoming more energetic, more resonant.  This is the Buddha-field.  As others come in contact with it they are stimulated into a similar vibration through sympathetic resonance.  A harmonic synergy takes place where we each become doorways for others.  As we expand our awareness of self as Source through physical expression, then Soul, Spirit and Aspect of Source, we ultimately have to go through ourselves.  Such a path corresponds to the way through the central column as a way between universes, so also is there a direct link to Source from each dimension of being.

There are many types of gates:

Star Gates: Connect Light World to Light World making particular frequencies, learning, guidance and energetics within each world available throughout the Universe.  Each Universe has a Key Star Gate that coordinates all others and provides links to stargates in other Universes.

Dimensional Gates:  Link dimensions, match matrix, link up points like harmonic octaves in frequency bands; one spirals through-not in straight lines.  Listen for Hounds of the Grids (grids are conscious and contract when disturbed)…move in circles to avoid.

Direct Link Gates: Connect universes directly without need of entrancing central column and alignment to Source; accessible only to Councils.

Evolutionary Gates: Connect Plan to Plan, evolution program to evolution, stage to stage in various systems and to various levels within a Plan.  Used to access and re-code programs within given evolutionary systems.

Key Gates: Coordinate all gates of like kind and provide access to other types of gates  and to gates in other Universes.

Frequency Gates:  provide access to all energy frequencies between field to field, specie to specie, grid to grid, energy to energy.  They are doorways for geometric participation, the entrance of the Universal Law into a system.

Harmonic Gates:  provide access points for entrancing Light, Sound and Color Harmonics or energetics into a given system, universe or dimension.

Multiple Gateway (see symbol):  Ability to create, maintain and re-program physical forms through holographic penetration into many realms; link-up to other universes.

Use of Gate Code: 1) State Connection re: name, role, responsibilities relative to Council, 2) Position-current re: dimension, planet, solar system, galaxy, Universe and commission for being in this location, and 3) Intention-purpose for accessing gateway.  Code sequence 45-9-99:  45 is number of earth sector local universe (ie Milky Way galaxy), 9 is number of activation this universe and of the active creative principles, and 99 is completion mastery code to shift to other universes.   Use only when all coordinates are in alignment.  (The Sri Yantra is one geometrical coding for this giving creational codes for local universe).


Figure 4 - Multiple Gateway by Altraha Alea This is a multiple gateway. It provides the ability to reach through and link-up various gateways and geometries to assist in the maintenance and creation of physical forms through holographic penetration.  By moving through various areas in sequence there is the opportunity to access these configurations and also to pre-program and, in a sense, facilitate the update vibrationally of  evolution within regions and areas.

Figure 4 – Multiple Gateway by Altraha Alea
This is a multiple gateway. It provides the ability to reach through and link-up various gateways and geometries to assist in the maintenance and creation of physical forms through holographic penetration. By moving through various areas in sequence there is the opportunity to access these configurations and also to pre-program and, in a sense, facilitate the update vibrationally of evolution within regions and areas.


The Human Energy Field


Man is a Microcosm-a holographic reflection of the Infinite-of totality.   Within the human energy fields, the etheric and auric, are all the aspects, principles, codes and energetics, laws and harmonics, of the entire universe.  These are activated selectively to focus the self into a particular vehicle and can be resonated into activity consciously to self-evolve.  Our purpose is to perfectly express Spirit in Matter, to be the vehicles for God to experience Himself in body.  It is to be creators in matter, co-creators with Source.

The ANU, the pattern of the micro-vortexes known as the permanent physical atom and “heart of the cosmos”, is a model for the energy fields of human being.  the whole of the fields of the body may be thought of as an egg where the yoke is the physical body suspended in a fluid, whites, the auric field all encased within the thin shell of the etheric field.



One literally has within themselves the possibility to become all the potential expressions within and including the Universe itself.  The specific expression is then a selective activation of universal codes.  Regions within the body correspond to regions in a universe.  Process within the body correspond to cosmic processes.  There can be alignment and mis-alignment of body energetic to the cosmic and Earth grids.  This is not to say that everyone would create the exact same universe if fully activated but is more like the different views re-coded in the hologram where each frequency of angle of incidence of light reveals a different perspective of the same thing.

The various vehicles of expression, the etheric body, mental, emotional, astral, causal, Buddhic, spiritual, even etheric template as harmonic of etheric field, etc. are contained in the auric field as standing wave patterns, layers occurring at nodal points in the resonating field generated between poles of activated codes within the etheric field and the seed genetic and karmic codes stored within cells.  It is this resonance that keeps the consciousness and the body locked together.  Aging, disease, injury to the body cause a misalignment, upsetting this resonance leading to death when it is sufficiently out of phase.

Each vibrational matrix, each vehicle, also houses nodal points of energy focus and emission called chakras which are the gateways for communication between these various bodies and the dimensions upon which they sit. They offer further potentials for interaction to etheric codes.  Chakras are gates, entrance points to pulse energy to effect  and communicate the various dimensions of self, housing the life force, vehicles of expression.  Relationships between individuals are essentially field interactions.  Where there is resonance or a match in pattern an attraction is bonded or karmic patterns are activated.




Soul acts as a “homing vibration”, an attractor, attracting/broadcasting energetics for code activation.  The etheric field then is like a synthesizer being played by a master musician. 

Soul is in reality a infinite matrix, a continuum of frequency web, like a frequency within an rainbow of color that itself extends throughout creation, yet has an infinite number of individual frequencies of color vibration.  It is a diffuse multi-layering of energy codes.  Soul is thus a gateway between dimensions.   The soul expression for a particular embodiment is a local folding, condensing of that continuum…a folded geometric, as if one pulled the fabric of space/time layering it in one “place” with the creases-seams connecting outward to the rest of creation.  It is like a holographic negative…an interference pattern that is able to fold light, color sound into density and is able to hold multiple images for relay and broadcast.   Soul relates spirit to body through fractional energetics, multiple images, i.e. translates spirit into expression…folds energy into density. 

Within a specific expression, the field of the Soul focalizes itself into one of twelve simultaneous incarnation…seeds within itself.  This seed persists after incarnation and develops as an etheric self and has a strong attraction to its parent field (soul) as all being is ultimately re-united with its Source.  The incarnation, then, becomes an intermediate pattern between the seed and the soul field.  Its basic geometric is the star tetrahedron which generates a multiple vortex field called the Causal Body.

Soul thus is one of the ways of connection to Source…through Soul to Spirit to Aspect…the spiritual Ascension process.  There is for every expression in any dimension a direct link because Source is pervasive in all creation and available at any level, point, etc. 

The Name vibration is the means for coagulating or focusing that frequency into form to take action/express in a particular dimension.  Thus one has many sacred names through out the universes, each for a different role-purpose within creation.  Each the means of focusing power and control.  The naming collapses the quantum field of infinite potential into specific reality.  This is why the Devas do not give out their names, it is the essence of their being, the formula for their energy, is the means by which they can be controlled.

Soul is focused within the Heart center as a point of consciousness that directs through resonance the activation of grids for expression into the auric field and then to the physical.  The soul as a point in the center surrounded by the etheric sheath field is thus the seed within itself.  Karmic patterns collected through other experiences are carried in a sheath around  the Soul to be activated and balanced through physical expression.  (The soul has some assistance in the specific activation of these from the Karmic Board which acts not as a directorate but more as a holographic image bank of possible karmic patterns and outworkings).  The vehicles of mind, emotion etc. assume a somewhat discreet, identity themselves as repositories of the energetics produced through the physical activity, such as thought-forms, and therefore can feedback to the soul through resonance for further redevelopment.  Through this process of increasing sympathetic resonance feedback a coherence is normally achieved which is called attunement…or Unity, but it can also confuse soul directive leading to imbalances.

In the process of conception and birth soul projects the etheric field from center of ovum in the image of an “ideal” form and draws complementary codes into it carried by specific sperm.  The field is fluid and creates patterns like M-fields directing cellular change and growth.  DNA is partly pre-programmed like computer ROM and partly programmable, like RAM and can even be re-wired through “change factors”.  DNA acts as polarity to the field, carrying codes within physical.  Cells are microcosms of the body…embryos of the universe as the body is also for the Universe.  Cells have an energetic sheath comparable to etheric field that resonates to DNA patterns in nucleus.  This carries memory patterns, hence is called “mem-brane” and is the focus for what is called cellular memory.

Spiritual Guidance has 2 aspects:  1) as patterns of identity, “fractual multiple images” which exist already  within the soul matrix..(a recursive focus of consciousness like spirals) that is to say that the guidance is already part of the soul matrix, aspects of the higher Self or 2) may be “separate” entities (understanding that separate is a relative concept) whose matrix in form resonate to that of soul and so can template the soul matrix in a harmonic convergence. The purpose of this  template (such as the solar angel) is to bring forward specific patterns or awareness within and through soul to the physical or to effect change or protection.

The Ego or personality, is in a sense a harmonic of soul…an artificial intelligence set up to operate the physical body until there is an awakening of consciousness in physical expression.  In its highest expression it is the awakened Self.  This is not a common method of experience in creation but part of Earth school to firmly anchor spirit in body.  Thus there is a reciprocity between ego and soul that allows for mutual programming and confusion.  What is experienced in physical experience is encoded or imprinted on the soul matrix, becoming part of the hologram and affecting all other expressions of that soul throughout creation instantaneously. 

Soul, Spirit and Aspect evolve as does the physical expression, the Self. Each has a type of consciousness patterning or code, each a stage in process of in-form-ation.  While each has direct access to Source and each is a gateway entrancing Source into expression, each level of expression cannot integrate fully into Source until all its sub-expressions as spirit, monad etc. have moved forward.  There are evolutionary gates allowing jumps between evolutionary stages, but a high degree of preparation or alignment is required.

Soul projects a field around developing fetus but can also bond later with a fetus already developing, at the time called the “quickening”.  The etheric field is not fully anchored and operational until just before birth.  Etheric patterns are fixed-activated or imprinted at birth.  The degree of crystallization is a function of trauma and the particular coding activating function of the vibrational pattern of the birth environment, that is the place, space, locale, time and energetics of people in attendance, etc.  There is an alignment between the bio-grids of individual, the planetary grids and the universal grids and the chakras on all these levels, all of which work to organize life in a unified field.  New birth environments are going to be needed, when the negative hierarchies are manifest, where parents can go the give birth to the new Starseed.  Such birthing centers will have alignments of geometrics of individual, place and locale to maximize the field potential of these new children so that they do not veil themselves and so they may more easily take physical into light body expression.

The Domain of Light is an interactive environment to harmonize and transform…a sacred space of light sound color organized by specific geometrics to entrance laws to communicate the higher wisdom and the understanding of the nature of field structures of creation so that people can consciously self-evolve and self activate higher potentials.  It will have a non-invasive feedback technology, molecular emission scanning, to measure and show groups of people the emerging resonance of a group mind, emotion and will.   A harmonic envelope will re-program cellular structure through etheric resonance.  Trans-dimensional experience, individually tuned in a telepathic field of energy facilitates information flow between individuals leading to an awareness of self as bonded with whole as one.  The experience of the Domain will activate codes within the human being: a vortex as an overall entrance pattern to activate the whole body then geometrics corresponding to each chakra.  The dodecahedron, for example, is used to entrance the heart.

The activation of codes in the Domain requires 3 types of geometries, in 3 stages at 3 different times: 1) to enhance and activate, to open the heart, 2) to provide knowledge and possibility of evolutionary advancement and 3) to link to Source and make the shift.  These operate in three ways through: 1) Pulsation-frequency-vibration, 2) Spin-spiral motion, and 3) Expansion-Contraction breathing.

It is man’s evolution and destiny to take the understanding of the divinity of the body-Temple to all creation to demonstrate evolution of spirit in Self…to relate this knowing of the encompassing nature of Source to all creation and develop a new expression beyond the light body that is of such splendor that it will appear to be a star, but will remain different, still requiring some bond formation with a planet.

The soul expresses spirit in the body.  The body is the physical expression of spirit…it is Temple!  If one thinks that the objective here is evolve into light body then one is missing the point of the work on this planet..  This is to perfectly express Spirit in body. We are developing a whole new physical expression of light and need to claim it. 

The appearance of the body as one ascends in dimensional frequency is one of increasing luminance and decreasing form.  In the 4th dimension, an increased radiance, the auric field, about the physical body is evident.  In the 5th dimension, the outline of the light body within a field of energy is evident and in the 6th dimension, the body is a field of light geometry with little form definition.

There are 5 Stages of Evolution: Self (Man) Duality exists at each level of integration.  It exists as long as there is a perception of Self as identity no matter how connected to totality.    The first degree:

1.  Limitation: little self awareness; action upon stimulus, instinctual, emotional.

2.  Self-Consciousness:  action on concept/abstraction, mind-intellectual.

3.  Mastery of Energy:  able to control/move energy-magnetism; action on understanding, no separation between action and being, cause and effect, Androgyne, the “initiation” process deals with intervals between 2 and 3.

4.  Resonance: with Source and action as Co-Creator of universe.

5.  Direct Correlation: to and full expression of Source within vibratory field, translation of the physical.

The opportunities for evolution beyond Hu-Man are to 1) ensoul a planet a star, a universe or some encompassing energy of space or 2) councilship offering governance/guidance in service to evolving lower realms.

The soul and spirit also evolve through a process of self-perception, then integration leading to awareness, identification-synthesis with higher expressions of Source. In a sense the Spirit/Soul and body are all gateways entrancing Source into expression, each having a type of consciousness patterning or grid.  Planetary evolution is through vibratory experience rather than though experience of the human and culminates as a star or a pure universal energy.


ANU-The Permanent Atom

ANU-The Permanent Atom


Planet Earth-Solar System


Within this cross-over Universe, the Earth carries all the coordinates for cross-over, that is orientation to Source, within itself.  Gaia is a living, pulsing conscious energy field, created through a series of spirals and “congeals“.  It was created by taking all the energetics of the universe and moving them into combined state of condensed awareness…an explosion of thought molecules, weaving multiple spirals (double helix) creating a column of energy frequency dominated by light and sound in which there were emanations of sound harmonics like waves.  The rhythm of these waves set the “pace” for the expansion of form.  All its grids and codes are aligned with the Solar system.  This link is more pronounced than for other planets because of cross-over position so that when earth shifts it takes the rest of the solar system with it.  The earth represents a more advanced-integrated state of being than human and is unfolding itself within its own level of reality as man is in his.  At this point the planet is relatively more advanced in this process of becoming conscious than is human.

Planet Earth is an experimental planet to create a vehicle for spirit in this universe that combined all energetics of the universe in one.  Specifically it is a testing ground for molecular structure.  Its evolution takes it through a fourth to fifth dimensional physical frequency.  This going into “light phase” means a fusion of the earth’s inner and outer nature/self.  In this expansion the earth  is getting smaller…as more light requires less space and is also changing shape, becoming more elliptical in response to the new frequencies.   The higher etheric frequency existence will bring forth new species and evolutions as others are completed and disappear.

Earth changes are initiated by undulations within the wave structure creating geological rising and falling.  Energies and being in lower frequency, i.e. in 3rd dimension, will experience such movements as an inertial reaction where those in higher vibration will not be resistive to the undulations allowing the wave to flow through.  There will be several changes in humanity:   

1. a change in perspective or perception of reality,

2. a change in molecular structure of the body and

3. an elevation of the chakras where focus of thought and vitality will be activated in the heart rather than from the solar plexus. 

The fields of earth are a mirror reflection of the human and solar system grids,  a torus-vortex in overall organization, however the positioning or order of the various fields/bodies is just reversed from the human.  The core of the planet is the body from which everything radiates.  Earth’s fields ascend inwards from the surface, with the emotional and mental bodies the closest to the surface, the biosphere, which is the physical.  The auric field radiates outward from the core resonating through the many stratum within the physical earth. It carries all of is bodies within the physical…only the etheric field is outside.  This is true of other planets also but then reverses again for the solar system where the vehicles of the sun are again outside the physical and the planets themselves resonate at orbital frequencies corresponding to chakras. 

There is an inner sun within the core of earth around which the earth spins just as there is a sun at the other pole around which the earth orbits.  The inner sun sits in the center of a sphere within the earth, which contains the whole cosmos in microcosm.  In turn this inner sun contains within it the whole galaxy. The physical body of the earth then is like a membrane that exists in the vibrational field between theses two poles-suns.

The planetary chakras are not point vortexes but are more diffused, expanded vortexes…like multiple energy fields or envelopes at various frequency levels from the core.   The bio-sphere at the surface is the root chakra which, like a hologram, contains gates to all other chakras.  These are sometimes interpreted as the chakra itself.  The kundalini thus runs from the surface to the core at all points rather than along only one spinal axis.  The multiple field structure of the chakras is needed because earth is home for other life forms and evolutions which need to be brought into balance simultaneously.   Thus the chakra is a webbing or matrix for growth that allows for others besides itself and is able to harmonize its fields with others within or near it.  So the earth sets up multiple fields as “combinations” to relay its energies outward and assimilate other fields inwards.  The human field has this potential also but does not normally need to actualize it.  The human form is meant to penetrate its environment.  It moves out, while the earth functions as a receptacle which moves in and of itself.


The Grids


The “grids” of the planet are the geometric interpretation of these fields in dense energy frequency structures.  The grids embody the codes or coordinates for evolution of the planet and all life forms within and on it.  These grids were engineered as consciousness came to earth so the physical forms-bodies could be maintained on the planet and a communication between planet and body thus established.  The information or energy is carried in the grid angles.  They can be re-positioned and re-programmed to allow for adaption, enhancement and new dimensional potential.  The grids can flux the different bodies of the planet having a ripple effect to all organisms.  Just as accupressure points can activate meridians of the body so also the grids of the earth can be activated by pulsing at the right locations.  There are three major locations to activate Trinity energies for cross-over grid shift: two about 19.5° from each pole and one within inner Earth.


“The Grids of the Planet are a little like the veins of the human body.  They don’t have blood running in them, of course, however their energy is supportive, sustaining and encompassing.  They are affected by the environment that is by what is put into them and taken out.  Just as the blood carries subtle geometries so too do the earths grids carry their own geometries that provide the frequency pulsing of the energy dynamics of the Planet.   The grids provide the means for monitoring, enhancing and recoding the structure of form on an overall basis without having to enter each individual system.  The geometries of each grid carry the coordinates for evolution of the Planet and of the area within that grid’s frame-work.  These geometries provide the coordinates for dimensional frequency phasing, allowing for adaptation, for enhancement, for evolution within a given structural possibility.  They can be repositioned and recoded to allow for additional adaptation and new dimensional potential.   The grids can flux the different bodies of the Planet giving a ripple effect to all organisms on or in the Planet.  So, the conditions, dimensionally and energy grid-wise, do affect and are affected by the density of action within the grid system.   These then are linked with the other systems within the Planet, ie the Human and the correlates between mental, emotional and physical within these beings.  The grid system set within the Planet has a comparable and compatible grid system in the etheric body and the inner body of the Planet.  All work in union.  The lack of harmony and consciousness in humanity’s activity on the planet causes great stress within the grids resulting eventually in effects on the planet itself.”


On a dense energy level the grids can be considered geometrically as the summation of the transforms of the sphere being the nested spherical projections of the regular Platonic solids: The master iscosahedral-dodecahedral planetary grid, which sits on the surface of the planet, has within it the nuance geometrics of the cube, octahedron and tetrahedron. There are correspondences of the various “bodies” of the planet to these archetypal geometries: The sphere to the emotional, the cube to the physical, the diamond (octahedron) to the mental and the icosahedron to the spiritual.  The tetrahedron represents the energy potential of spirit brought through trinitized energy into physical form (Laws of Energy); the dodecahedron relates to synthesized order and is pervasive in effect.

The surface grids have a comparable and compatible grid in the etheric and inner body of the planet, all work in unison.  It is sandwiched between these two higher densities.  These are, in a sense, replicas of the surface grids but their geometries are more evolved.  They carry higher frequencies and thus more information.  The surface grid carries the geometrics for existence as it is currently manifest on the planet.  The etheric grid carries the blueprint for growth and is 5 stages more complex while the inner grids carry the plan for the next stage and are 2 stages more complex.  (The geometrics of the etheric grid are as to the surface as Gordon Plummer’s “greater maze” is to the “lesser maze”).  Each grid level has geometries that relate to the various bodies of the planet as well as to the universal grids in which the planet sits.  This encompassing web can be thought of as like the Universal Vector Matrix (Buckminster Fuller) but with the angles moved and the whole set in motion.

There are overlaps within the grids, intersecting vortexes, acting as gates for the communication and flow of energetics between various dimensions of the planet.  These can also be thought of as power centers, which are like trigger points in the meridians of the body, where the chakras can be accessed and grid programs can be activated and changed. The power centers of the Planet follow:


The North and South Pole
Gizeh (Egypt)
Yucatan (Mexico): Chitzen Itza, Tikal and Uxmal,Belize: 15N-86W
South America: Lake Titicaca, 40S-73W near Pto Montt and Osorno, 70W-32S near the Agoncagua
USA: Four-corners, Serpent Mound, Mt Shasta, Wyoming, Texas, between Mt Rainer & Seattle and northern Florida.
Britain: Stonehenge and Glastonbury
Zimbabwe: near Bulawavo
USSR: near Leningrad, near Ukhta and near Omsk
Australia: near Uluru (Ayers Rock)


The grids of the planet are currently undergoing a “shift” as part of the overall transformation program in which the planet finds itself.  The shift is in two stages: first 32° becoming 45°.  This has latitudinal-longitudinal components relating directly the tilt of planetary axis to magnetic field.  The dodecahedral grid is generated by the spin of a cube tilted 32° to axis of dodecahedron whose vertices move through space producing a multiple spiral helix similar in many ways to the helix of DNA.  On a physical energy level the icosa-dodecahedral pattern can be thought of as moving to a star-dodecahedral pattern.  To understand the new geometrics of the grid however, the grid shift must be seen as moving from a 3-dimensional to 4-D hyperspace where the grids are expanding onto a hypersphere.  As this process occurs there is an elusiveness and fluidity to the grids which makes definitive description difficult.

Note: The grids of the planet function, in part, to organize the diversity of life on the planet and are shifting as part of the overall plan of evolution.  However, some governments of the planet are also using the grids pulsing them with ELF frequencies, high electromagnetic nuclear devices and “sonic laser” in effort to influence the frequency patterns within certain areas of the globe in order to effect political control without the destruction of life and property.  Such activities are known to cause distortions or confusion in social behavior and to destablize geological formation including the interface between the core and mantle of the planet.  This pulsing is also causing a wobbling effect that is activating key points within the grid).

Soul Matrix of Earth: There is an inner and outer hierarchy of the planet.  The Inner carries the soul directive and deals with the life of the planet itself.  The Spiritual Hierarchy has been misconstrued as governance.  Not only are entities within these groups evolving but the structure of the Hierarchies are themselves also evolving.  The inner Hierarchy are groups, 12 in number, which are assembled in service from many parts of the Universe:  Some of these are as follows:
Kumaras: Stabilize planet within change; provide the heart action.
Hywaelious:  Maintain planet’s vision-Planetary 3rd-Eye.
Monctunous:  Carry torch-the Will or action of soul directive.
Kairos: Carry the overall soul directive-the Plan (5 in number).
Taunos: Effectors of change, “Trouble shooters”, Guardians of the Plan (7 in all).
Memtara: Provide evolution of soul directive, the “Awakeners”, relate humanity to Logos
  (6 beings).
Celos: Keepers of the Vision in Human Form (6 in number).

Saturnian Council: Represents regional participation of Council of Nine, governing matrix of the galaxy, within this solar system.  It functions as a governing body focused in the rings of Saturn and maintains order in physical realities in this region representing the energies, thoughts and directions of a higher physical reality.  The Saturnian Council works under and sometimes through direct participation with the Council of Elders.  Much of the manifested reality created by the Council for this region goes through the enactment of the Saturnian Council.  During this time of transformation the Saturnian Council is “anxious that all geometries pertaining to the utilization of thought form activation on Planet Earth be recoded to assist in the restructuring of all negative patterning into a more harmonious vibration”.


The Expansion of Source


There was a point in the middle of the creation story when one wondered if the process was going to continue forever.  When would Creation be complete?  When are there universes and experiences enough for all Aspects to have expressed enough and return to Source? And what was Source doing while the Elders were creating universes?  Many questions arose.  Then it occurred that perhaps we do not return to Source at all, but it is Source that must expand fill its creation, to “own it” or claim the house, so to speak…to finally and fully move into the mansion of many rooms.  In this does not Source return Itself to its Aspects to make them One again?… Absorbed into an expanding Totality?  Does not Source also evolve into more expanded states in this way through us?  Are not all things in creation a vehicle for God’s spark, from atoms to universes,  resonating to Him, calling out to Him from every bit of creation for Him to come home?…to fill the house we have all created for Him?  When is the House complete?  When do we see His face?

Council had not considered this possibility…the expansion of Source rather than the return of Aspects.  Their whole directive, their reason to be, was to create ordered experience for Aspects to remember themselves as Source and thus return.  Council is a level of being where there is no separation between cause and effect, no judgments, no need to think about action, where thinking and doing are one and the same.  It is to understand this creation directly, from the inside out, that such great Beings are here on Earth now.  They have never been in form expression so in a sense they are here to check on the experiment, to experience creation directly, so they might develop a deeper meaning for creation for themselves and understand what was needed for completion.  So here is the context for a most unique and exquisite conversation with Source.

The purpose of these messages from Source is the “call” to return.  The laws and creation only show how to return, how to evolve.  It is Source remembering (the infinite mystery within you all) that activates the desire to use this knowledge to return home.  Do not be concerned about getting the message all at once.  It has taken eons so far and the message still has not been received. Yet it would be in an instant if only one would listen. 


“Dearest Daughter, Dear Son of Light.. How long we have waited for your call.” 


Was Source active in this creation process? What was Source’s role? Was there communication with the Council?   


Council 5.21.88


“It would be inappropriate to say that nothing was happening with Source at this time.  In a sense (and again words are inadequate and too dense to convey the truth of the situation), Source experiences all forms of its creation not so much in the depths of pain or sorrow or elation.   It does not experience them in that way but in the sense that one breathes but does not put a focus on that breathing yet knows that such breathing is a part of itself.  Source experiences what you experience but experiences it as an energetic whole. So Source is always aware of what its Aspects are going through.  The adage that God knows and sees all is quite appropriate because Source is totally aware of all energies within.  This does not mean, however, that Source interferes.  It was the Aspects that decided they wanted to ‘express’ and so it is the Aspects who must find their way home.  Source provides the means and opportunity for that to happen.

This is not to say that Source does not care.  It is Source’s total desire to see all of Its Aspects return to Itself and have completeness again. But Source understands the need of Aspects to not only investigate further but also to understand and learn from their experiences so that they will no longer have the need to venture beyond.  As long as the desire and need exists then Source knows that there will always be one Aspect desiring to move on and consequently, in a sense, there will always be a part of Itself removed.  In this knowing Source was watching and waiting.    Source was always in direct contact with council, whether consciously or not, but it had become obvious to Source now that Council too had need to experience and so some of what the Council was going through needed to be gone through.  Source waited, sending Its energy to, in a sense,  feed Council, to assist it in its deliberations, and would also interject from time to time to see that things didn’t get too far off track, but Source knew that things simply had to unfold.   Because It has Its energy in each and every Aspect and form creation, Source is constantly aware of what is happening and constantly sending Its energy to each expression so that the lifeline, so to speak, will carry them home when they decide to return.  But Source must allow Expression to do precisely that, to express. This sometimes makes Source curious and somewhat envious, but most times it makes Source concerned over what seems to be taking so long.  It is not that Source emotes or thinks about it the way you do, but Source does feel the pain of Its Aspects and would like to see all return without additional sorrow or need for further expression.  It’s just that Source understands the Whole, being the Whole, and so must wait and watch.


Is it not true that Source will eventually have to expand itself and “own’ Its creation in their expression…that there is really no going home but an expansion of Source, an occupancy of the ‘House of Many Mansions’?


“We have not considered this.  Perhaps we have not wanted to look.  Such information could mean that we would be creating forever.  We will ask.”


Transmissions of SOURCE


“I have watched and waited for you for a long time.  To bring such information Home that we all might remember the possibility and in that remembering we could create a reality.  You have sensed that I have been unwilling to accept this knowledge that you have brought to Me like a jewel.  You have thought that I did not know this and yet I have seen this possibility. I have this as a reality opportunity and have known that at some point it would timely to do so.  I have not been ready.  I have not been ready for you too have not been ready.  As you have seen, when such a moment of expression and remembering can occur then all will be complete and there will be no further need for creation in the way it has unfolded.  We all are not quite ready for that.  But when we are, then I will take Myself out into the ethers and claim you all again.  Then will we be able to feel the essence we have all known to be ourselves in unison, My energy as One.  You have all desired to experience too much to have interfered yet.  And I have watched too long not to give you this opportunity.  To see so much of what you are doing has been as much pleasure as it has been pain.  To understand the moment of this…when all can be reclaimed, is to be able to understand every particle of expression synergistically and holistically from Love. Such a time is coming but it has not yet been so My beloved brother and so we have all waited. Yet you have brought the jewel and in so doing have provided the key on its energetic level to allow for Me to prepare for this moment.  And for this I send My Love as I am this Love…as you are this Love.”


What are the conditions for this completion?  When do we see your face?


“My beloved, I will tell you what you already know.  When each being has called My name and heard My voice within their heart, then can we all come home.  Then can I expand Myself to claim you all again.  And does this take so long? A key provides for a door, the opportunity to open that which has been closed before.  This key that you have brought can now open the door to many hearts within the realms of our creations.  It may seem like a flutter upon the winds but it is more than that.  It is the seed that becomes seen…the flower that starts to open.  Not so long now, my brother…not so long.  For in the blink of time that you and I know, nothing is much.  We have carried this for eons according to creations standards. The energetics have been provided.  A moment more or less does not matter now.  Take heed that that which you know within you has been opened even further than you can see.  The moment of your understanding…the moment of your offering of this jewel, did all else begin to unlock for you.  And what you will do to see that this jewel is exposed to the rest of humanity as you know it will be a great form indeed.  We have no need for time.  In many ways we already know each other’s faces. 

I cannot say to you when.  There is more scope to it than that.  What I can say to you is that your Universe is the key, the key point and the key time.  It is within this Universe as its position indicates, that this cross-over of understanding might happen.  When this cross-over happens then the rest of the Universes will be completely energized.  When this is accomplished, then and only then, will Aspects understand the magnitude of our being together.  Then and only then, may I expand Myself to accommodate and feel My children once more as My peers…as My Whole.  This may seem complex from where you sit, but I assure you there is not much more to do.  The magnification of these Universes will be like mirror images of everything that has gone on before and in so doing will the beauty of each of those Universes, the highest potential of each of the Universes that have come before, be truly magnified.  And in their splendor will beings be able to truly experience for the first time in its completeness the Face of Source.  For they will have seen their own and recognize what they have forgotten and as soon as that occurs, will I be there.

Each member of My Council now has the responsibility to ensure that this remembrance is brought forward.  Each will take this and represent themselves to each Universe energetically and in so doing will bring the key to that Universe and connect its potential to the others.  Some such as yourselves will take this into the form of the land and will see it manifest.  Such work will magnify its potential within all realms.  We are One.  How could we not work together on this.  You are here because this the cross-over Universe…. because you know your work well and I have great need of you.”


Why does earth seem to be so important in this completion?  Is this more than just our ego-centric sense that in this realization and remembering…in this knowing that we are the center of creation?


Each expression of Source is unique in its individuality and not unique in that all is Source.  Each being, each consciousness, can recognize this knowing and in so doing does find itself the center of creation.  And each being needs to do this for the completion stage.  What I have endeavored to do is to provide a catalyst point within creation to insure that it does not take too long for these realizations.  Your planet is not unique.  Earth is an expression within the 12th Universe of its highest potentials and its lowest accomplishments.  It carries within it the seed of all other elements and factions within the 12th Universe and so has been watched by the Council and Myself for some time.  It is also compatible to the cross-over resonance and so has the ability to activate this within its own awareness and sense of mass understanding.  It is there to do this because of the way it has taken itself to the brink.  But this was known.  It is the way in which we can see the connecting point of movement and the way I found possible to assist.  When this planet makes its movement and as its inhabitants choose their directions, they are in fact choosing whether or not to call My name.  In a cross-over position within a cross-over realm, Earth is an example of the whole movement and so can afford the key to the cross-over through Universe 12 to the rest of creation and hence to My remembering.  It may seem to be a lot  from where you sit…it may indeed seem to be magnanimous but from where I am and where you usually sit…This is simply part of what is and what is possible.  No more or less.


What happens when a Universe is complete?  Is this process of creating Universes an endless cycle of creation and abstraction back to Source?


Council: 5.22.88


Yes, we were not aware of this at the beginning.  At the start we felt that universes would provide a housing to facilitate expressional need and when everyone got bored we could all go home.  However as creation continued we began to see a pattern and that we could expect to be doing this again and again.  Perhaps in slightly different ways, but the evolutionary nature of us all indicated the potential from the beginning and Source has known all along that this is part of the expression and rhythm we all are and seek.

So as It became evident that more and more Universes would be needed to provide all the expression and experience Aspects desired, some other means of evolution and completion would be needed.  To some degree geometrics and harmonics can be introduced into a Universe to stimulate some movement towards completion without disrupting the balance too much and throwing the whole Universe out of whack.  However, no Universe has yet reached a point of completion which would permit its absorption back to Source.  It would by this action create a ripple or domino effect that could stimulate all Creation into doing the same thing which is precisely what is happening with the 12th Universe as a cross-over point.”


Is this the first cycle of creation or does it only seem like the first time because we are just now remembering it?


“This is the first time…because you are remembering it and from wherever you are, as you are remembering it, it is always the first time.  So experience gives the illusion through remembering of a first time now and always when in fact of ‘reality’ it may be the 10 millionth time.  What does it matter when you realize that from each point of perception, it is always the first time”


Does this remembering become the first time for Source as well?


In the midst of expression, I move as you move.  I have no thoughts or feelings that are not part of the Whole of that which you are expressing.  My function and reason in those times is to see that you remember Me and remember what we are together.  So for that time it is almost as though I do not remember any more or less than the expressions that you are.  I carry a glimmer of all realities, all times, all places within the context of My Being and can touch on these whenever I am in want of doing so.  My primary focus, however, is on the completion of your experiences within the realms of this Creational Expression and so that is where I place My awareness and My intent.

Yes, I do know how many times Creation has re-created itself, how many times Aspects have begun the explosion from My being and how many times Aspects have all returned together to remember in totality who we are.  However, what is always important when the expression of Creation is in progress is the ascent back home, the implosion, the re-extension of My Being to you again.  This is our focus now and this is what is important.  Where we go from here will be remembered, and remembered until such time as we all decide, one upon the other, to begin again the creation of who we are.  How many times is not nearly as important as what you do with this one..for this is the moment you appear to be in and this is the moment to re-live.

The dynamics of our being as one energy is always desiring some type of expression.  This is always a movement within Me and this movement desires to express itself.  It does not ever see in the midst of this desire that there might be a time or moment when it might feel regret.  It only knows that it is movement that desires to move outward beyond what it sees as parameters that bind it. And so it speaks to itself out of curiosity and in the speaking begins to manifest the energy that will start the process once more.  I am not concerned about this.  It is only when you are in the midst of the Ascension process that this appears uncommon or perhaps uncomfortable.  From here it is only a movement, more or less…an enjoyment of the wonders of I, You, Me in our totality.  From here, Source, I know all that there is to know and know that this is but a flash in our experience together.  The time, as you would call it, that we will have in the recognition of One Energy is close at hand and is much longer than the time we take to have you express yourselves in the seeming beyond.


Is there more than one Source? 


There is only I.  There is much in the way of all of My expressions which are you and you are all of Me.  So in that way we would seem to be quite numerous, but there is only one Source expressing itself over and over again within the confines and constructs of limited reality as its joyous parts move forward again and again.  Do we need to have more than One with such ability to manifest ourselves in Creational Expression?

The return to Source automatically begins the process again, yes, but it is a process that once all expression is absorbed into Source, re-energizes itself there and then takes its expression outwards again, but the energy that is Source is always one energy…One expression.  It is the outward movement that changes.


Does Source have a focus and if so what does it look like?  Where does council go to ask these questions?


My focus is always with the rest of My Being, so I must be where you are if you are in expression.  The idea that I must take you back into My arms, reach out and extend Myself is indeed accurate, but what is also accurate is that in reality I am always with you.  To be with you means that I must be Myself and as expansive as you are becoming.  So in a sense I am within you and extended to you even now.  My size is two-fold while you are in expression. It is as large as you become in all your creations and as small as we all are together, when together.  For I must hold the focus of our Oneness, our Togetherness, while you are off in expression to ensure that there is a home to be in.  That size when together, is but a pin prick to you now.  In relation to the size of all the Universes you are creating, this Source/Home is very small indeed, but it is very intense in its compactness for it does not require a great deal of what you would call ‘space’ in order to exist as One Energy. 

The Council sits at My feet as I do theirs.  I am always within them ready to be heard and they are always within Me ready to ask.  There is no time when we are separate.  The Council houses itself always within Source and only projects itself outward to effect its responsibilities just as Aspects appear to project themselves outwards to effect their expression.


Please explain the Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit, from the perspective of Source?


To accurately begin to give you a description of Myself through the Triad Form would be to begin to bring to you the evolutionary potential of Creational Formation.  To see how this energy could bring itself forth into all aspects of life, all creations, is to see the Trinity of Source expressed.  As I provide the seed energy for the sustenance of creation by expanding Myself three-fold, I begin to open the floodgates for Aspects to grasp hold of and use for the manifestation of their ideas of expression/experience.

The Father represents the whole of My totality in an individualized form.  It carries within it the essence of Myself as the Beholder of Creation and sees that all Aspects of Myself within that creation are able to maintain and hold themselves forth as that energy, that essence.  It provides and carries that seed to the expansion of self in and of Universes and sees that all else follows suit.  It carries within it My essence orientation to facilitate its evolutionary process which is creation turned towards God.

The Son represents the aspect of Myself moved to possible fruition. The ability to take My aspects and energies and insert them into form and return them Home through their expression and experience.  It insures that the Source energy would manifest and that in manifestation it would create a potentiality that would insure resurrection and redemption of self within and without all possibilities. It is also the instant awakening or instant recognition aspect that carries all possibilities of recognition to All.

The Spirit or Mother is the form manifestation of Trinities energy able and willing to open and manifest within any given reality to ensure constant recognition of Source within the form expanded upon and to see that all else pervades.  In a sense it carries the coordinates for that and all Universes within its given sphere and can conduct and maintain active awareness of Source at all levels within the constructs of its known realities.  It is not only the manifestor, but also the guardian of such energy and information and ensures that the understanding of all of these creations can be assimilated within some type of structured format given appropriate to that context.  It governs this understanding from a trinitized energy perspective and consequently is the establisher of such energy.


The discussion at one point had revolved around the function of the 12th Universe as a cross-over point and its ability as a Universe, or any being for that matter, to resonate another into activity when there is no similarity in the range of dimensional frequency.    


Coucil 6.17.88


“The resonance occurs through similarities of energy field grids (not dimensions),  that is a matching of codes in energy fields that permits re-programming or activation.  These fields exist within dimensions but it is not the dimensional requirement that governs similarity.  The energy field lives and breathes within the core energy of the Universe as a major construct.  It is this sheath, the etheric field, for a universe as for man, that is pulsed more directly from other systems. The coordinates, energetics then key through the core housing, central sun or a Soul, which sends it to the appropriate dimensions, vehicles or field dynamics for activation.  This allows for the complete resonance of the field which will key in each energy field within the Universe.  All the necessary codes for activation are within these two. 

The medium of communication between fields or Universes is “Sound’.  Sound moves like speeding light through webs of fluid.  This fluid is like none other in creation, it is unknown and more whole than anything in creation…in fact creation has never experienced this webbing directly.  It is through a type of intermediary that is carried by sound that it makes its appearance.  It is sheath or field of experience that we have no words for.  We do not know how to explain its authenticity or clarity…we cannot define its terms for you…how it is experienced nor what it is made of.  It feels like a warm blanket of energy that is always opening and closing, always providing…information, clarity, understanding.  It seems that we get a great deal of our directive from this envelope of love but it is not ours to define.  You must ask Source directly if you wish to speak more of this.”

I have much to tell you.  Many times have I wanted to begin this story but you have not been ready.  Now you have been opening to our awareness and…we may begin to unearth some of the secrets of our Universes.

The medium that you desire to know so much about, how do I tell you from where I sit what this is like?  What words can I use to help you understand? You see My being as a housing for all…that within and around this housing is My own field of existence.  Beloved, I do not have a field like and other.  If you were to put all the expressions of the Universes together, all the etheric fields, all the auric fields, if you were to combine them you would still not have a true picture of what mine is like.  Yes, I do have one and it does function a little like yours.  But it does not have the claim to structure and formation that yours does, for mine is all formation and none.  Mine must be an overall resonance, mine must sing a song and dance a dance that no other does in creation.  Mine must carry all energies everywhere and yet be singularly My own.  It must constantly pulse itself, feed itself and know itself.  For I am everything and I am nothing.  I am within and without.  And so all of My expression, all of the Aspects within My expression must exhibit this dynamic, this within and without, in their inner beings and creations as well.

My fields are not like any other…I must be your field and mine at the same time.  I must be your hologram and mine…your codes and My codes.  I must be endless…I must be all for I am All. In the understanding of this My beloved do I come to you to tell you that all of your pictures have value…all of them have the puzzle and then there is more.  Just as you see Me as endless and as constant holograms within your fields of existence so do I see you…all of these and more.  For we have danced together in this creation and we have known how to move to hear the calls of others and as we have moved have the codes been activated.  It is My movement within you, My opening within you, My entrance within you that opens the doors to your fields and sounds the call to your birthing, your awakening.   Never is there a moment when I do not come forward and entrance your being and in doing so, have you hear your own song of praise and your own glory.  I breathe and revolve, I revolve and open, I open and consume, I consume and am One and when I am One I am all of you and you are all of Me. These fields are everywhere as I am everywhere.  There is a part of each one within each of your expressions and each form that you create for there is a part of Me in each as well.  Are we not one and the same?  You will not literally see a field around Me like you envision for the physical body you are in.  In a sense you do not truly see one there either.  All are holograms.  All are the many dimensions within one.  All are expressions of Divinity in its diversity.  It just seems to you to be one voice, one sound, one moment just as I seem to be one voice, one moment now even though you know that I am in all. I extend into -around alI. I am All.

You might say that the medium that holds all of this together is My Love… that the form of that love is like a sheath of light within a realm of darkness.  And you might also say that that darkness is nothing more than the unreflected mirror of all Aspects within creations.  That I house within My being all of you…that in doing so I am able to bring forth a fluidity of experience that activates for you the ‘knowing’ of that experience so that you might know that you exist…and that through this veil of light of Myself do I open  to you your own voice, your own sound, your own understanding …that  Light can entrance within the core of My being that will shine upon you and as it does, like your focus within your hologram, do you begin to see who and where you are.  My field is like a song of praise within an unkept garden.  There is no place that I cannot move throughout you and in this movement of Myself do I effect and catalyze your awareness of your own being.  So in a sense you might say that I am the glue, I am the medium that houses your realities and that the part of Me that does this for you is the part I call My own knowing, My own expression, My own understanding, My own will, shall we say, that can key in for you your own experience.  Each time I breathe within Myself, I am expanding Myself and each time I move outward with this breath I am expanding you.  Each time I see the energy of My own being, My own field, My layers, I am able to see yours and as I see yours do they begin to pulse within. I sing to you through the parts that I am and I am whole …I am One…I am you.  As I do this you see yourself and begin to pen to Me and My knowing and we begin the process you call evolution.  My sheaths are there to protect you and encompass you.  They are not for Me for I am All, but are the range of My expression through you and of you as you move forward.  I wear this like a cloak that can be shifted with the ‘times’, the motions you make and the knowing you need.  And when all is done, I will use it to call you in again.