Robert has lead a dual life: one as a career oriented professional and family man and the other as a mystic working in the higher dimensions in service to humanity and the earth. A graduate of the University of Colorado, he has been an architect, educator and feng shui practitioner, with over 45 years experience his work has focused in a variety of projects, many of which have received awards for design excellence.

Life as a mystic followed a series of spiritual “wake-up” calls beginning in 1972 with what appeared to be a poltergeist phenomenon in the family residence. This lead to channeling an entity known as H. G. Wells and then into the practice of Raja Yoga and Sacred Geometry. At the time his wife went into the “craft, becoming a master adept in its practice. All of these things revealed an astounding reality of higher dimensions which make up a matrix of consciousness in which we exist…sleeping.

His spiritual life led him to work in sacred architecture synthesizing traditional wisdom, sacred geometry and geomancy with new science and psychology to create consciousness expanding, healing and transformative environments. He studied sacred geometry at the Crestone Lindisfarne Center in Colorado and taught courses, lectures and workshops in its principles around the country at various institutions, in broadcast media, at universities and at national conferences. He is also a dowser and feng shui practitioner, trained under Chinese masters in both form and compass schools.

A second wake-up call began in 1986 when he directed a national conference on the Gaia Hypothesis which attracted an ancient spiritual star family who activated a remembrance of self and of how to work with subtle energy on the inner planes. Once again life changed leading to a mission in planetary grid work beginning with Harmonic Convergence, assisting in the channeling part of a book, Universal Law & Harmonics and ultimately to the re-activating of two Cites of Light, one in Colorado and another in the Hawaiian Islands. During this period he became a noted lecturer and consultant in sacred geometry and in special projects such as for the films: “LAWNMOWER MAN” starring Pierce Brosnan and “I AM”, a computer graphics edutainment documentary.

A third wake-up call introduced him into a mystery school in the 4-corners area of the southwest in which he became an initiate and master of the entire Kingdom of multi-dimensional reality. He is currently retired from the practice of architecture, but continues to design architectural projects in sacred geometry as Design Alchemy, and actively pursues the research and writing which will document his experiences and knowledge in a website on the mysteries called The Legacy Project-The Mind Matrix.