The Synthesis & Concepts
  1. Traditions: Alchemy & Magic
  2. Geometry in Tradition
  3. Geometry in Mind & Nature
  4. Sacred Geometry
  5. Cosmology
  6. The New Sciences
  7. Consciousness
  8. Subtle Energy
  9. Multi-Dimensional Reality 5D Mind
  10. Transformation
  11. The Holographic Mind
  12. Stargates: Portals in Time & Space

Squaring the Circle~Man is the mediatore between spirit and mattert, between the macro & microcosns and between quantum and relativity physics


In the synthesis of the ancient wisdom and the new physics a sacred science emerges that provides the keys for a modern understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of reality and being. From these, the principles for the design of worlds, a spiritual technology may be applied to the re-design of human culture that supports the evolution in consciousness of mankind. It recognizes the multi-dimensionality of reality, characterizes by spectrums of energy unified in a universal field…a field of pure creative consciousness. Reality is the effect of the geometry of mind that unifies nature, “the pattern that connects”. All things are connected. The codes of creation are written in the geometry of form that unites energy and form. They are a sacred geometry revealing the pattern of the cosmos, the mind and all of nature.

All the universe is energy, that is vibration, and is perceived as form which is produced by frequency or wave patterns. The secret of Light is in the wave. Every state of being, whether an atom or flower, man or a star, a force or feelinga thought has its characteristic frequency pattern. Mind, and emotion, all experience are energy and essentially geometrical. At the level of vibration there is no more separation than between the colors of the rainbow. To expand consciousness, to achieve a state of enlightened transcendence being then only requires a sympathetic resonance, an attunement to the corresponding vibrational pattern designed into sacred architecture. As above, so below all things come from One.

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