A GRIDWORKER’S JOURNAL: Preparing For The Shift

By Robert Gulick


THE EARLY YEARS_____________________________
1973 – THE 1st WAKE-UP CALL____________________   
     THE PATH: The Beginning Quest

1986 -THE 2ND WAKE-UP CALL___________________

     STAR FAMILY WORK- Chaco & Sedona

1987-90  BOULDER_____________________________
     EVIL 101- A Course in Darkness

1990-91 – DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA____________

1991-2000 TELLURIDE-THE FIRST YEARS__________
          The Quest-Information
          Activating the Foundation
          The Map
     WEDDING LABYRINTH-Meeting Bunnie-
          Kauai & Maui

1996 – 3rd WAKE-UP CALL______________________
ST TRIP- Sai Baba, Matrimandir
          2nd TRIP- Guruji Ashram, Ganges
     ANCIENT EGYPT- Temple Leys, Pyramids,
          Raising the Dead

2000-PRESENT –  THE LAST YEARS__________

‘It is time for me to speak my truth.’



Back in the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s, a group of people around the world were waking up.  They were beginning to remember who they were and why they came here, to this planet.  They were among the first wave of human souls who arrived at the beginning of the current program of experimental evolution to blaze a new path of spiritual return to the creator and to turn the tide of expanding control of the fallen forces of darkness that basically run the planet.  Of course, every age has its mystics and psychics. The ancient wisdom that had been held in secret for ages, called the occult due to religious suppression, was beginning to come to light.  There had been movements, mystery schools and secret societies that had kept the ancient traditions alive; Neo-Platonism Masonry, Alchemy and Rosicrucianism in Europe, and recently the Golden Dawn and Theosophy, but now the New Age Movement was different it was global.  The dark rulers of this world do not want humanity to wake up and have worked hard to discredit the movement. 

It was just the beginning of a great shift in consciousness that had been foretold in prophecies—a time of ascension into higher states of being. This first wave was to prepare the way for the earth itself, a living, conscious being was also moving into higher dimension.  This group became to be known as New World Servers or Workers in the Light.  Gridworkers were those working on the inner or higher dimensions of consciousness specifally with earth energies. Gridwork was clearly practiced in ancient megalithic times as evidenced by the alignment of stone monuments and is today called “geomancy”.  We would call it the “Great Work”. Doing energy work with the earth: Man mediator between heaven and earth, wherever one stands on the earth body conducts energy to planet.  Being conscious makes it more potent but meditating, Visualization, power of the mind, performing ceremony, planting programmed crystals, working in trance in a group context-all channeling Together, going to sacred places really brought the to life.   Always performed at the request of spiritual guidance. Many times I had no idea how to do what was asked and there were many meditations seeking guidance.   This kept the ego from interfering.  This was selfless service.    

The rest of the world, for the most part had no idea of the coming changes, much less the work of these servers. The world lay ignorant, buying the propaganda, unaware of even the activity of the deep state-shadow government, the secret space program, the ET contact, the technologies and the vast galaxy of conscious l

The “inner” work we did to prepare the earth is a story that needs to be told, It is part a sacred history. This, then, is the story of one man’s experience working on the “inner” dimensions, to prepare and heal the earth, Gaia, for the great shift in consciousness, healing. The Earth, like every star and planet, is a living, conscious being who provides an arena or stage in the form of a planetary body for life forms, like man, to evolve and become conscious in our return to the Creator.

Why was I called?. They said (my spiritual guidance), Because I knew how to do the work, even though in the beginning I had not a clue, I had not yet begun to remember who I was or had been in the history of this galaxyor what power I could direct.  So this then is the record of one man’s experience working on the inner planes, of one of those gridworkers, a Gridworkers Journal.



As a kid there was nothing particularly special about me, no contact experience, no awareness then of non-physical beings. Nothing to indicate that so much of my adult life would be spent working on the inner dimensions of reality.  If there was a hint of what I would do as a man, it might have been the feeling of alienation from my family and my peers.  I felt I was dropped into the wrong family. Where was my father’s love? He was a strict military authoritarian, distant and hard. We moved a lot…no putting down roots. I was a loner, later, a rebel, finding solace in nature.    I didn’t understand why some things were so important to my classmates like cars, rock and roll, team sport competition, celebrities and so on, although girls I understood. One of the things high school offered was an honors course in philosophy.  I read  metaphysical philosophers like Plato, Kant, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Russell, Whitehead and others.  So many ideas, what was the truth?  I might as well go have a beer.  Onward with life. 

University of Colorado was a wild and woolly time, parties, motorcycles, road trips, but finally I graduated with a degree and a sweetheart, Bobbie, whom I married. I drank beers the whole time.  We started a family and I, a career in architecture. 1973, Denver, Colorado. Bobbie and I were building a house and living in a rental with two babies when strange things started to happen. Things started flying out of cupboards onto the floor, lights began flickering (sometimes every light in the house), we heard strange sounds of animals and sometimes footsteps above the ceiling often in the middle of the night, and we experienced cold spots.  And things kept changing.  It was 1973.




Bobbie could see light forms moving in the house, figure-eight shaped. I was later to learn that she had never veiled herself as a sensitive child who had non-physical playmates. We thought it was all a poltergeist phenomena, a spook…unusual but nothing to get too upset about.  We checked around, asked the landlord as well, and nobody knew anything.  Then curiously I saw a PBS program on automatic writing and we decided to try it.  It worked.  The first night brought huge spirals and figure eights and the word “Wells”. Then, ”Wells is here.” Which began two years of transmissions on and off and even some sessions contacting spirit guides for friends.  Each had different handwriting, personalities and even languages, like French, that neither of us knew.  The entity turned out to be the discarnate spirit of H. G. Wells, science fiction writer and historian who lived in the last century.  It also turned out not to be a poltergeist, per se, but a kind of spirit guide, though not yet well informed about the other side, assigned to us for learning that it did not get in the previous life.  It was sort of auditing the course without having to take it over again.  The whole phenomena moved with us to the new house so it was attached to the earth plane but not to a place.  In return its gift to us was to awaken us to the undeniable existence of other dimensions, and to invisible, non-physical, conscious beings who could see and to some degree interact with us.  Reality, we found out, is a whole lot greater than we first imagined.  It could interact and affect our physical reality and so seemed important to learn about.  Each of us began a life long quest for the ultimate answers.

As a sidebar, there were many interesting stories to tell of this time period…perhaps one for example.  One night in the new house we were having dinner with a friend.  He knew of our strange experiences but was skeptical.  In the middle of dinner the lights in the house started going off.  Several times I had to get up to turn them back on.  Jim was spooked and had gotten up and was heading for the door when we suggested we finish up with candles instead.  Later, hoping to get some profound esoteric nugget, I asked Wells how he turned the lights off to which he replied, “You flick the switch, dummy.”

We really didn’t consider this experience to be a wakeup call, just a little unusual.  At first there wasn’t much published on the book shelves, though we discovered later more of the mystical traditions. Then we found the book Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts.  It answered a lot and is still one of the best sources of esoteric knowledge. We explored the outer knowledge, the exoteric arcana: astrology, the tarot, and numerology…they all worked amazingly well, but didn’t offer the deep wisdom we were looking for.  Then Bobbie discovered the craft—witchcraft—and the art of casting spells, all from a small pamphlet found at a Safeway checkout register. The spells worked and she proved to be an adept.  Snowstorms changed to clear skies in 30 minutes, consistently; red lights turned green; and objects like a gold earring would drop to the floor out of thin air. She also kept my MGB with a cracked engine block running for a long period, long enough for some cut roses in a vase between her and my car to die and re-bloom three times. We called them “whammies”.  I saw right in front of me how the mind could control matter.

My path was very different. I was led into eastern mysticism, Hindu, Tantra, and Advaita Vedanta.  I learned a technique by Brian Jamison to do past life regressions myself that was also useful for astral projection.  My spiritual practice became Raja Yoga based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  I learned to meditate, to go within, to still the mind to concentrate in the light. I was told I was being re-programmed…for what?  I discovered sacred geometry.  Wow!  Here was a way to combine my metaphysical learning with architecture, a sacred architecture.  I gobbled everything I could find.

Bobbie soon left the standard spell formulas behind, perhaps remembering how to project energy without cards and candles, using instead conscious elemental energy with geometrical patterns to manipulate subtle energies. We discovered others were using magic for their own benefit, particularly politicians…it spooked us. And then she developed allergic reactions to makeup for which she found no allopathic or alternative medical solution.  It seems that the energy one sends out to do some work returns to be re-integrated, something she didn’t remember or had no shields for.  And then one day, in the middle of the road we were both traveling, she did an about face and went into an evangelical, Christian church.  There she could give her power away to a savior and completely deny the experience we both shared.  I think she felt that the magic she played with was evil, the work of the devil, not realizing that it wasn’t the energy that was bad but how it was used.  Plainly she had used it to benefit herself and not others.  Later she would deny all that we had experienced together.   The marriage worked for a while because children, career, home, and emotional and physical bonds held it together, though spiritually and mentally we were moving part at light speed. It was 1976.

I continued to plumb the depths of metaphysical wisdom, and sought support outside the family for the spiritual awakening I was having.  I hung with a group of like-minded individuals in Boulder exploring new community on weekend retreats called the Geneva Group.  My first sacred architecture project manifested in 1979, a chapel in Denver for a Rudolph Steiner based group out of Germany called the Christian Community.  It was built but with many changes to my design (see Projects). And in 1981 I found the Lindisfarne Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado, practically in my back yard, where a Fellowship Conference on Sacred Architecture was being held.  The Lindisfarne Chapel was just being framed and it was then I met several of my mentors to be: Keith Critchlow, Robert Lawlor and John Michell. Immersed in sacred geometry, I began lecturing at conferences.


Two other profound experiences for me came with an involvement with The Tibetan Foundation in Denver.  First a trance session called “Soul Traveling” that took a group of us around the solar system, visiting a moon base with multiple ships and ending up on board Sananda’s ship, an oval opalescent form where I channeled for the first time: our guide suggested we would feel a wave of energy from Lord Sananda which I did not.  Sananda told me to tell the group, “You only feel that which you are different from.”  We were instructed to find our quarters aboard the ship.  Mine was spacious and curved, with a flatted dome and a huge oval window looking out into the stars.  A most unusual thing though was my wardrobe.  Most people had one piece suits of various colors related to their work, and gold was for pilot rank, but mine was opalescent white with gold and red streaks going deep inside.


The second experience was a channeled session with an ascended master called the Golden One.  He placed a matrix of electric blue etheric crystals into my chest, saying only that I would be told their purpose sometime in the future.  It was the beginning of a gridwork project that would span over 7 years. (See “The Earth Codes”)


In all of this I struggled to maintain a normal practice in architecture but would design a strip shopping development using sacred geometry that became extremely successful despite a poor location.  I also worked on a re-model of an existing shopping center, Applewood Grove, that suffered from too many compromises. 

In the early eighties I became associated with the Colorado Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (CITP), which later became Boulder College.  I taught a graduate course in Sacred Architecture & Geometry and served on its Board of Directors.  In 1986, with Boulder College sponsorship, two of us put together and coordinated a conference called GAIA SYNTHESIS.  This was to change everything again.



In 1985 Amherst College in Massachusetts held a conference on James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis, the theory that the earth itself is alive and the biosphere of the planet maintains the narrow conditions for life. People from all sorts of backgrounds: scientists, philosophers, artists, anthropologists, native Americans, academics and lay people presented a total of 108 papers.  Bobbie was adverse to me attending, so I decided to bring the whole event to Boulder the next year. It was to be ”a conference to advance the understanding of the relationship of an evolving humanity to the planet as a living being.”  (See “GAIA SYNTHESIS” under articles) 

With the sponsorship of Boulder College and World Peace University, I and Karin DiGiacomo, an other teacher from the college, put together a fantastic program. Presenters included Jose Arguuelles, PhD, visionary artist; Ken Cohen, Father of the Harmonic Convergence; James Swan, PhD., Taoist scholar and author “Places of Power” and “Sacred Places;” and Bethe Hagens PhD. anthropologist and author of “The Planetary Grid System Project.”  In addition, Susan Osborn, lead singer for the Paul Winter Consort sang a “Concert for Gaia” and more than 30 other presenters contributed over a period of three days.

Sunday was amazing.  It started with a talk about a yearlong Audubon Society PhD program about living on the earth, literally. Nani Shepard, nee Solara, gave a “Call to Return” from Archangel Michael, (we were in tears), astrophysicist Adam Trombly presented slides form NSAS satellites showing the devastation of global pollution to the biosphere and the possibility for “nuclear winter” (it was shocking, this was 1986).  Then a group of children mimed a scenario of the last day on earth due to the dropping of a bomb. It was so emotional that the whole conference got to their feet in a circle, arms around each other, and sang, swaying with the energy.  In the afternoon Ana Halprin led the whole conference in a “Dance to the Earth” for two hours! Many lives were changed.  I am still asked to do the conference again.


But the biggest change for me was in meeting my star family, some of the first wave of souls arriving on the earth millions of years ago.  Solara was also an ancient soul sister. They had come to the conference just to wake me up. 

They told me, “We arrived here together when the planet was very young, volunteering for service after the Galactic Wars. We coded the first grids, the Plan for evolution.  We were the Gardeners of the planet.” I later remembered the first time I saw this newborn world and fell in love with her.  The planet was not yet totally spherical, like a rough pearl glowing blue-green opalescent floating in the inky blackness of space.  The grids were not yet installed. They sat me down and told me stories about galactic history and Atlantis.  We belonged to the same angel family in conflict with the Dark Lord’s angel family.  They described how we destroyed a planet and nearly a star.  Later, we devised a way to send quasar energy back through the Empire’s huge half-lightyear-wide portal normally used for commerce and to transport whole fleets of ships back to their headquarters in Orion.  They explained how this fragmented the Empire and seeded the Dark all over the Galaxy.  They also spoke of how we set up automaton guardians at the perimeter of the galaxy called “El-rods” to prevent the destruction of a planet from ever happening again. They also told me about our work together as scientists in the Atlantean period developing the healing chambers that could separate a person’s light bodies, and also the weaponization of the science of sending energy through planetary grids. I was apparently a character like Robert Oppenheimer who regretted developing the atomic bomb.

  I started to remember who I was and where I had come from. I even remembered who Bobbie was.  She was Lyran, from the Lyra constellation, the first home of humanity in this galaxy and thus an ancient soul.   We had many lifetimes together, sometimes as mates or siblings, other times as parent/child, friends, teacher/student, but always with the same plan:  One of us would wakeup to the ancient knowledge in order to awaken the other but often causing separation.  Here it was again.

The family said, “Son of Light, it is time you woke up, there is a great work to be done.”  I would see them again.


After the conference I was struggling with my relationship to Bobbie.  It must have appeared that I was a bit insane but it was just the outer effect of waking up. I had a channeling session with a friend, Gail, who with her husband Greg had a business, Metaforms, making sacred geometrical sculptures that conducted subtle energies for healing and meditation.  Gail was a superb channel, a voice for her own soul. In a personal session seeking guidance, I asked her who I was and where I had come from.

Q. What are my origins?   “You are a very ancient, ancient soul. You are a bit of a traveler. You are one who goes great distances. You have been here (on earth) a number of times before and you have been many other places as well.  You have been very busy in between.

You originated from a system…we do not have a name for it.  It is beyond this universe.  We do not have a reference point. It is something that is not given a name for… When we speak of the origin of your soul being so very, very ancient, that it is beyond the understanding of the origin of this universe and so it is very difficult to explain…

You are a very interesting energy…you are brought places that are in transition.  You are one who brings to light the understanding of the structure of the universe, the structure of the self and the relationship to consciousness, and to the Consciousness of the whole. (…This knowledge is full and total in you…it is etched into your fibers.)  You are a Light Being…who is called upon time and time again to be in difficult and critical places of evolution. What you are learning now is how to communicate this knowledge.  This is something we have not seen before.”  Finally they said. ”You come from the other side of God. (Whatever that means?)  You should sit in meditation and ask your guides to take you home.”

I asked, “Am I working with the Golden One?” They answered, “That is an incredible being you are working with. You have the same origination.  This being is so bound with your soul as to be difficult to separate your identity as Bob.  The Golden One is wanting so much from you…there is so much that is being concentrated to be pressed into you…to be manifested through by you and to be understood by you”. 


A couple of weeks after the channeling I sat in meditation with the intention of going home.   Two spiritual guides appeared on either side of me, lifted me up into the stars and accelerated towards the converging super star in the center of my vision.  The rest of my field was empty and they said to me, “Jump through the star”. I don’t know how but I did and found myself in a reality that was fluid flowing light and color. After viewing this phantasmagoria while they spoke again,” Say your name”. I asked, “What Name?  and they replied, “You will know.”  So as I thought myself doing this a form grew up out of the flowing color.  This is the power of the frequency of your sacred name…it puts you into a body.  This was my first stargate experience.


A few months later I was in Crestone again to take part in a gathering of Harakandi Babaji devotees who were forming an ashram there.  The Manitou Foundation would be making land available on the Baca Grande as part of Hannah Strong’s vision to create a World Spiritual Center. The Lindisfarne Retreat, Carmelite Monastery, and the Buddhist Stupa were already in operation.  Several years later I would provide some initial design drawings for the ashram temple. I was invited by the priest to sit at the fire to make rice offerings for Havan, a traditional Vedic fire ceremony, which proved to be a very hot experience!  This was a great honor in recognition of my work for healing the earth by creating the Gaia Conference.  There was a satsang that evening, my first of many to come.


Things had changed again. I had much to remember and much to do.  I felt called to service and was beginning to think the marriage would not allow me to do what I was being drawn to.  It seemed complete and on a course to divorce. Bobbie was also threatened and in January served me with separation papers, I was shocked.  I had hoped to be able to maintain the marriage.  For some reason she thought this would bring me to my senses…some lawyer’s handiwork.  I think she really thought I was insane and a threat to the kids. I filed for divorce.  I would be leaving a marriage of 17 years, and two absolutely beautiful children I loved dearly but was kept at length from by a concerned mother, a beautiful custom home and career, and for what?  A spiritual quest…maybe I was crazy.  I packed up my VW Dasher with whatever would fit: clothes, books and skis, leaving most material stuff behind, and jumped into the abyss.

The Harmonic Convergence was the vision of artist, scholar, and visionary Jose Arguelles who had also created the first Earth Day.  According to prophecies of traditions around the world, this was a time of great change as the earth and humanity were evolving.  The Convergence, a two-day global meditation event at planetary sacred places and power centers, took place August 16-17, 1987.  This would be the opening bell for the culmination of the old world of conflict predicted to end by the Mayan calendar on December 12th, 2012 initiating a new age of peace. The Rainbow Warriors, the earth healers, were awakening, and in August the earth was to experience a major pulse of energy that would affect its planetary grid system.  It coincided with a grand trine of eight planets, including the sun and moon.  After centuries of human neglect, conflict, and pollution, the earth’s subtle energy system was in need of repair to allow the new energies to move through.  This was the work to be done. 


The first thing on my agenda was to reconnect with the family, first to Mt. Shasta to visit Solara.  I also hoped to connect with Zena, whom I had met a year before in Denver, a crystal and energy healer with the inner sight and the most radiant being I had ever seen. She wasn’t there but we would connect later in Boulder. We shared instant recognition at a soul level.  She would introduce me to JJ Hurtak, the author of The Book of Knowledge, aka The Keys of Enoch, perhaps the best book on new science and the ascension there is.

Mt. Shasta was to be about Solara. She was living in a house that was built around a six-sided pyramid in the center.  She had come to the Gaia Conference to ask about a geometry she called the Antarian Conversion.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, this was the key to the geometry of a stargate.  According to new physics, the angle drawing actually produces a measureable magnetic vortex which overlapping an inverted angle creates a portal. She also was interested in the Keys of Enoch and so I suggested that I could construct a stargate out of wool yarn strung in the 6-sided pyramid.  And so one evening while she played with her daughter on the floor, I wove the geometry I knew so well, the Orion Stargate.  She added the crystals from her collection.

With her daughter in bed we sat inside the 6-sided woven yarn geometry, transfixed in its energy, with the music of Popol Vuh playing in the background. Suddenly she arose saying her guidance (the Ophanim Angelic Order) was calling her to check in. While she was out I called Gail in Boulder and asked her to check with her guidance about our experiment.  Soon after Solara returned, white and shaky. “Who was it?,” I asked.  She replied, “The Voice of the Federation.” “What did they want?” I inquired. 

Solara said they had told her “What are you doing down there?  Do you have any idea what you have created? Do you have any sense of the responsibility you have for what you have opened?  Do you know what energies are coming through your geometry?  Never leave the gate open unattended!  It can be adjusted to be a healing structure…,” and so on.  We sat in it for a long time.  Days later Gail called back and I asked, “What did you get?”  She replied, “What are you doing down there?  Do you have any idea what you have created?”  It was the same message, almost verbatim. In the weeks afterward several people came to check it out and all experienced some interesting effects.

After that, I went on to Marin County to visit with some of the star family.      Many of the group had been trained in psychic skills in the Inner Peace Movement.  I came away with many stories of our ancient history and star lore, before coming to earth and also with much information about my roles and activities in the Milky Way Galaxy, including sacred angelic names and titles.  One in particular applied to the earth experience: ÃLÄÄNAH RA SHÄ BAAR; Counselor General, Light Worlds of Orion, Stargate Keeper. 

See “appendix #1: ORION STARGATE for graphic and/or more info.



At that point I headed back to Boulder to settle down and deal with the divorce and start a new life. It was a challenging time and I bounced around for a while from place to place, sort of at loose ends.  One of the places I spent time in then was Gold Lake Ranch Resort in the foothills near Ward, northwest of Boulder.  Gold Lake had been the summer camp for the Southern Arapahoe Indian tribe lead by Chief Niwot, also called Chief Left-Hand.  I began to remember my Indian lifetime there. The soil around the lake felt something like a dolphin’s skin.  I had visions of ceremonies taking place.

Chief Niwot had organized a Powow of the plains and mountain tribes to talk about what to do about the white man’s incursion onto their lands.  Niwot had gone to Missouri years before to learn how to farm but his people just couldn’t adapt.  The majority of the tribes decided to go to war…knowing the white man would some day have to heal their injustices.  There really was no choice.  Niwot and a few Cheyenne opted for peace but were later massacred at Sand Creek in 1864.  I was a member of the inter-tribal Order of the Shield, a group that traveled and taught the spiritual teachings.  My name was “Walking Hand” but I had another sacred name represented by a hawk’s head with a star sapphire eye, my tribe was probably Northern Ute.  I was also a minor war chief, having a band of guerrilla warriors, who disappeared into the sands of history.

When my star family learned I was living at Gold Lake, they suggested that we gather to do a healing.  A vortex in the lake was out of alignment with the ley line that came down through the lake from Arapahoe Peak, one of the Indian peaks up on the continental divide.

So one weekend in April, with the lake still frozen and covered with snow, three of the family arrived. Two women from California, Diana and Artemis (two Greek goddesses), and John, out of the blue, who would become my best friend and cohort in the adventures ahead.  He had left a family, home and career to do the inner wok as I had.  We did Indian ceremony together to prepare and cleanse ourselves for the work ahead. The next day was sunny but very windy.  Three more joined us to make seven: Logan, the owner of the property and former Findhorn resident; Standing Elk, a 6’-6” Lakota Sioux who was doing sweat lodges at the lake; and Connie, a bright and beautiful soul trained by her father in the medicine ways of the Chippewa Tribe.

We also had some tools (or toys): a large standing recorder quartz crystal, some crystal sand, Atlantean energy wands and tuning forks.  We surrounded the lake, chanting to each other and ringing the tuning forks.  Sound carries well across the cold frozen ground and water.  Standing Elk took the large crystal out onto the ice. Finding the location of the vortex on a ley that came down through the lake from the Indian Peaks up on the Continental Divide, he began to dance a large medicine wheel in the snow—it was mesmerizing to watch.  Afterward we all went out onto the lake to spread the quartz sand crystals so that when the ice melted they would sift through water and precipitate out the “tears” of sorrow of the Indians who had gathered there some 123 years before. All during the several hours we worked a saucer-shaped lenticular cloud stood over us, motionless in the wind, as protection and validation of the work.  When it was done the family went down to Boulder to see a friend attending a workshop by Jack Schwartz, founder of the Alethea Foundation, a recognized healer with acute inner sight.  As we stood in the doorway with Jack still talking to people at the front of the room, he saw us and immediately came bounding over chairs to greet us, asking, “Who are you guys?” and “What have you been doing?”  He could see our expanded auras.  More validation.

Gold Lake attracted some strange activity as well, hosting retreat workshop by Penny Torres who channeled an entity called Mafu, a Ramtha clone and, as I would discover, an astral parasite masquerading as a spiritual teacher.  Mafu had taken control of Penny’s body and would come down into the audience and suck on people’s energy.  I quickly learned that it takes great discernment when dealing with channels.

Logan and his wife were forming a spiritual community called Gold Lake Family to support the operation of the Ranch. On Memorial Day they held a fundraiser featuring Peter Kater’s band.  It was one of those “best days of your life” kind of day.  I led the entire gathering in a spiral dance to plant a World Peace Pole on the lakeshore.  It was a powerful experience. The energy was so high.

Jose Arguelles was a member of the family.  He was one of the primary vision holders for the Harmonic Convergence in August and was working hard to promote it.  A group of us in Boulder that included Connie, some of Geneva Group, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and several people who had organized the first World Peace Meditation on New Years, decided to form a support organization to help Jose.  I found myself phone calling all over the globe to coordinate the event and speaking at gatherings. This group would become Global Family, still active today.


I had come into contact with a group of people working with the Ascended Masters and the Ashtar Command (serving Earth) and was invited to speak at their annual Universalia Conference at the University of Denver called Journey Into Awareness. I was to speak on stargates about which I had been receiving a great deal of information.  The presentation lasted two hours because they wouldn’t let me off the stage.  A woman named Sue came up to me, asking if I would give a talk to her group in Castle Rock.  This was probably the second to last thing I wanted to do but to be polite I asked her the name of her group: the “Alaanah Healing Group”, she said, adding that she had been given this name by her spiritual guidance who told her that it was the name of a being from Orion whom she would meet in body.   She had my whole name. Later in the summer, she and her husband would be instrumental in the final activation of the ocean gates.


In the build up to the Harmonic Convergence the star family was gathering weekly, one group in Marin County and the other in Boulder to get guidance on the work to heal the planet. Everybody channeled so the information would be very clear.  One evening an angel named Starfire showed up with a request from the planetary logos Sanat Kumara to reactivate a system of portals in the oceans.  Apparently the dolphins normally responsible for this were reluctant to because they would get stuck in the portals.  The request was directed to me.  “Why me?” I asked.  “Because you know how.”  I had not a clue, but as we worked through the summer to locate these 30 gates, I would learn.

See “appendix #2: OCEAN GATEs for graphic and/or more info.

WORKING WITH THE FAMILY- Chaco Canyon & Sedona Vortexes

Sometime during the spring the family was to meet to do some work with the Sedona vortexes. John met me in Boulder and we headed south to Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico, the spiritual center for the ancient ones, the Anasazi, for a side adventure.  The main structure, Pueblo Bonito, dating back to the 900’s AD was the center of a system of straight lines (called the Road System by archeologists) radiating out in several directions, even up and over cliffs.  These were not roads but rather an engineered system of ley lines connecting sites like those found all over northern Europe. We arrived late in the afternoon after the tourists had left. Having it all to ourselves, we danced and sang the 33 kivas into activity.  My dowsing of the Pueblo found a matrix of energy lines in an orthogonal 90˚ pattern that crossed in the major kivas.  The pueblo was like a computer chip plugged into the planetary grid system.  There were other sacred sites we worked: the Great Kiva, the sun dagger on Fajada Butte and a kiva that was under excavation that had multiple levels underground which the park rangers kicked us off of…secret digs.  Kivas are covered circular structures below ground where various clans held ceremonies remembering the time when the people came out of the inner earth.

We met up with the family in Phoenix, headed to Flagstaff for what would be an all night session working with the energies.  The Mormon thoughtform that was made to control Indian tribes from Utah to Arizona was dissipated.  I was guided to reactivate the diamond crystal shield around the earth which the negative ETs had been slipping through.  Together we conducted lots of other work as well, the specifics of which I don’t remember.  On this trip the group was also to meet Grandmother Caroline, a Hopi elder who lived on Second Mesa on the reservation.


The next day in Sedona we realigned a vortex in Boynton Canyon and worked a medicine wheel with a young man who was supposed to be the gatekeeper taking care of these things. Leyland, the energy director for the family, had been telling me of the electric blue pyramid in the northern Himalayas that was used to program the planetary grids but had, so far, not taken me there. So standing in the middle of a Sedona restaurant courtyard, with about 30 people having lunch, Leyland pressed my 3rd eye and guided me up across the planet on an inner adventure.

We arrived over the pyramid in an instant, and dropped down to the top where there was a portal that looked like an eye.  Below us we saw a huge glowing holographic globe of the earth floating above a table that nearly covered the floor.  The table was covered with glowing geometric patterns that connected to the globe with curtains of light.  Within the patterns in the table we saw single multi-colored lights.  Upon closer look we realized they were energized crystals of various very unusual shapes.  Leyland told me that this is where we programmed the planetary grids for evolutionary plans and that each crystal belonged to a crystal holder who placed it here when it arrived.  As the earth and humanity were in transition, new crystal holders would be taking over and as we would be leaving soon it was time to retrieve our crystal. So I floated down and found one that seemed brighter and was calling to me.  Pulling it up it easily merged into my body.  It was quite long, double terminated with multiple facets all over that each had an eye-like aperture. He also showed me a Hall of Records below the table that was filled with crystal tablets.  In another instant we were back in the courtyard, Leyland grinning at me.  Several years later I would connect with author Richard Leviton, who was also a gridworker but had been trained in the Celtic/Druid tradition in which the earth’s subtle energy on the surface was seen as a visionary landscape.  He told me about a very similar place he called the “Blue Room” which he said was located in Siberia but was the same inside.  See his books, The Emerald Modem and Geomythic Earth.   Interesting.


The star family introduced me to Gwen Eona Nimue Cerrwiden, who is a druid priestess, trained by her mother and grandmother in the Celtic mysteries.  She ran the Angelmark Angel Council, a sort of inter-dimensional and inter angel-human communication center, out of Seattle.  She was working with the angelic kingdoms, guides for the animal species and continents, elemental masters, ET masters from various star systems, and beings who ensoul galaxies and universes.  She painted exquisite portraits of the beings that are available to view on the internet.  For a while I worked with her as a member of the council.


My friend John had a group in Colorado Springs he was training to do a project on top of Cheyenne Mountain where the Air Force NORAD base was but the group disbanded before it was done.   So It was left to John and I to do.   After the Ocean Gate project was finished in late July we trekked up the mountain with a collapsible copper pyramid that Greg had volunteered and a knapsack full of crystals from other people.  The native Americans for whom the mountain was sacred had given us permission to do the inner work on the mountain.  On top where the transmission towers were we found a spot out of the way to set up the pyramid with the crystals set around it.  We did a ceremony and meditation to ask that the patriarchal and hawkish military mindset be transformed.  We finished by invoking two guardian angels to protect the work.  Curiously a year or so later I met a young couple from San Diego who had done the same work at the request of their guidance including the invocation of the two angels.  I guess there was some redundancy to make sure the work got done.


Finally the preparations were complete and the Harmonic Convergence was upon us.  I was in Mt. Shasta.  What a majestic legendary mountain—4 volcanoes in one, a fourteener, all shrouded in a lenticular cloud.  So much spiritual activity in one place!   No wonder it is known as the earth energy power center for the northern hemisphere.  In the town there were channelers channeling on street corners, even Mafu. According to Forest Service estimates were least 15,000 people were camped out on the mountain.  They came from everywhere, from Buddhist Rinpoches to dred-locked gypsies, I had no idea existed, who rolled out of their painted buses. Solara hosted a television show at her house that was taken over by an angel who stood beside a ship for the entire two-day event.

On August 16th, a bright Convergence morning, Zena led a small group of us to the south side of the mountain, to the sacred springs where Guy Ballard, founder of the I AM Movement, had met the Master St. Germain years ago.  We gave our prayers, our visions, and our heart to Mother Gaia.  Later that morning there was a global radio broadcast originating from Boulder hosted by Jose Arguelles and Barbara Max Hubbard, with correspondents from all over the world calling in.  My 15-minute report from Mt Shasta was wedged in between Greenland and the great pyramids in Egypt.  And so it went…like a dream.  But as Jose would say the transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it takes two days.  Most people were gone on day two, when we found a silent place on the mountain to write our dreams on the heart of the planet.  For me it still wasn’t done.  The next day I climbed Black Butte, which is the control panel for the mountain to work the grids.  Then two days later I climbed the mountain itself and sat on the very top.  Looking northwest across Shastina, one of the four peaks, I stared at a pearlescent column of light seemingly made of a woven braid of smaller filaments that emerged out of the sky between the two peaks and continued into the mountain. I sat for a while in peace and gratitude and left my offering. Then it was done.  On the way home I found the place where I first touched the earth in the Trinity Forest, which by then had been completely denuded by clear cutting. Despite the devastation I felt wonderful.

The Harmonic Convergence was past but the work was just beginning.  I loved Boulder, a growing university town with lots of activity, and how it pressed up against the Flatirons.  It was the winter campground of the Southern Arapahoe. It was also like an ashram with so many metaphysical, new age people attracted to it.  But where there is intense light there will be intense darkness. 

I was in a relationship with Wendy whom I had met the year before. She was a gifted psychic and ancient soul, working on a PhD. in the Union Graduate Program with Jose Arguelles as her advisor. We had a lot of karma to balance going back to the creation of this universe.  I bounced around ungrounded and struggled as an architect.  My goal was to promote and design Sacred Architecture environments that would actually raise consciousness. I continued to lecture about sacred geometry and architecture at national conferences and universities during this time period. There were many interesting and instructive experiences, some of which are described below.  There were two projects in Sacred geometry worth noting,



The first was called the Harmonic Module after Jose Arguelles’ vision of the auric field of the planet which he called the “Harmonic Module” which was created to stimulate humanities awakening. It grew out of a gathering at Dan Winter’s home in Eden, NY.  The concept was to produce a facility that would combine sacred geometry and new vibrational technologies for the performance of consciousness raising events to stimulate enlightenment. Among these was a device called the Microwave Emission Scanner invented by Bob Dratch that could record and re-project the samadhi field of a meditating guru. Many were attracted to the idea but not much happened until few years later.


The other project was the design for the competition of the National Peace Park on Hain’s Point in Washington, D.C. I collaborated with a team visionaries out of Lincoln, NE. who had contacted me to design a World Peace Center for them.  My contribution was the design of the Peace Chalice which for me was an opportunity to create a national sacred space.  It was conceived as a circular bowl amphitheater based on golden proportions set in a radial garden that would bring the planetary grid system to be centered here.  Over the chalice there would be a stainless steel clad sonic structure made out of re-cycled weapons of war. (See Projects/Design Alchemy)


I got a phone call one evening while I was home alone. A female voice identified herself as Altrea Alea and said that her guidance had told her to contact me as we were to channel a book together. She said that she was down at the bus station and would I come down to get her.  Who is this woman? And how does she have my phone number?    Curious, I picked her up.  It turned out that she was a walk-in to a Canadian unit from the federation of planets.  Walk-ins are beings who make an agreement with a person’s soul to use his or her body for a period of time the do a particular work on the physical planet. Usually the walk-in assumes any karma the person has accrued in the current lifetime who then returns to midlife in the astral plane.  Well anyway I agreed to work with her.  We would sit and channel together, she tapping on a word processor, me writing by hand, working in conscious trance for up to 12 hours a day in two week stretches, whereupon she would leave town for a couple of weeks before retuning again.  The entity we channeled was a consciousness complex who called themselves the Council of Elders of the Central Suns and gave us the subject of the book as Universal Law and Harmonics.  It was to be an instruction manual for grounded starseeds about the creation of worlds to help them remember who they were and where they came from, sort of like ET 101 except things were explained from the top down and we were to give the book away to people we met who needed it.

We are in the midst of a great planetary and personal awakening, a great initiation in consciousness.  As this transformation dawns, we are again being given the knowledge of our origins and destiny, the nature of reality and being and the keys to creation, so that we may remember and become whole again.  Here then is a holon, a fragment containing the whole, of the nature and effect of Universal Laws and Harmonics, the creative principles for the design of worlds, as told from the unique perspective of those who gave order and purpose to creation, the Council of Elders of the Central Suns.

The Council were the first creative matrix the Source’s divine idea or plan for a universe was stepped down to for encoding in parameters, dimensional range, type of experiences, geometrics and universal laws in operation, sort of like drawings and specs. The Council and Source who also came through to answer questions the Council could not, obviously existed beyond space and time either within or beyond the primordial Void.  Source told us about our ancient origins, before the existence of universes, so this Source is what was meant by Gail’s soul speaking of my origin being the other side of God.  This was the Creator of the creators of the creators of universes.

We finally channeled about 400 pages before separating which I condensed into a booklet for teaching.  See Universal Law and Harmonics under Articles and 0. Primordial Reality under Portals/Ascension/Multi-dimensional Realities.


The day-to-day gridwork, often done in response to some reported global event, would simply entail looking at the grids at the particular location from above the planet and making adjustments as necessary to relieve the problem.  This would involve making realignments or repairs, removing blockages, and modifying particular features of the grids.  The grids are not just the simple Platonic geometrics of the planetary grid system.  They are a complex of overlaying patterns both geometric and organic and are very dynamic.   Sometimes they are monochrome curvatures funneling into the planet and at other times they consist of Technicolor geometrics on the surface. They may be straight, wavy, wobbly or zigzag depending on what’s going on at the moment.  There is a relationship between the form of the grid system and the type of human activity at a location.  Washington, DC has reddish, very sharp, explosive looking grids at large and small nodes while London has murky, wobbly unstable grids.  The energy can be changed by changing the grid form.

The grids meet at nodes but may be disconnected at locations of civil unrest. This seems to be increasing as the planet approaches the Great Awakening and the grids are shifting.  They sometimes appear to be “hot” and pulsing.  The grids vibrate or oscillate between patterns. They are usually humming and may be associated with musical tones or chords.  The shadow government of the global cabal is able to manipulate the grids to cause unrest, confusion and conflict anywhere they want.  Putting shock absorbers on the grids they are using is a useful technique.  The middle east has a large vortex over it as it is one of the main access portals from space to earth and most of the first world nations have corded into it.  Use your own imagination.  Changing the color or just pulsing light into the area is usually effective.  The more beings of light you have working together, the better.  A friend in Santa Cruz has a meditation group that has been able to change sunspots with just 10 people focusing together.  Do not believe you are not powerful.


In 1989 I had found an apartment with a high ceiling to accommodate the Orion Stargate.   This one was made of braided copper wire strung through acrylic tubing and had an adjustable geometric metaform in the center.  To do this Wendy sat in the travel seat while I fiddled with the height of the metaform.  Each time I adjusted it I would sit in front of her to test if it was tuned in.  I as able to track her as she traveled.  On the last try a booming male voice came out of her asking, “What do you want?”  I asked it who it was.  “I am the Gatekeeper to The Hall of Records” (under the Egyptian Pyramids).  I was so surprised that I brought Wendy out of trance.  She was planning a trip to Egypt, in part to retrieve some technology from the Hall of Records with two other people and was seeking further guidance on the request.  I didn’t think she would ever forgive me.

Some days later we were both lounging in the stargate day-dreaming when I had a vision of a stairway going down through an opening in the desert into the tunnels below the Egyptian pyramids.  She joined me gladly and together we projected ourselves into the tunnel.  We followed it to a fork where there stood a tall hawk-headed being. We asked for directions to the Hall of Records. It motioned us to the right hand tunnel which we followed to a huge room with a spaceship on the far side.  It appeared to be quite old, gold in color and saucer-shaped, but with vertical sides that had raised symbols on it.  A caped being stood beside it.  This was not the Hall of Records we sought and so we returned to the hawk-headed guy and went down the other tunnel.  At the end was a solid wall with symbols on it.  I remembered that we had to chant some unknown mantra in some equally unknown language to open it,  which we promptly did and then we passed through.  Wendy went off to find her technology while I stayed in the first room which had some interesting picture frames.  The frames had crystals all around them which when removed and placed in a special receiving port on the right side turned into moving holograms of some event that I could actually step right into through the frame.  Wendy returned satisfied with her search, and bingo, we came back out of meditation in the stargate grinning at each other and eager to swap experiences.

We shared another experience using the stargate in an attempt to find portals into the Hall of Records.  We had already discovered a portal on top of a Mayan pyramid.  I tracked Wendy into a cave in the hills above the Valley of the Kings.  In the back of the room there was a portal with blue light coming from the middle emanating from a set of stone slabs.  I asked Wendy what they were. “They are the Tablets of the Law,” she answered.  And then I asked her to read the first law.  “There is only One. The One becomes two, producing vibration, the essence of all things. In three there is form, thus manifestation. Four is volume, the body. Five is life, the body and spirit, four plus One.”  And so on, the Laws of Creation.  The portal is through the Law.


We continued to use the stargate to travel…everywhere.  Others came to try it out.  My friend Gail who had channeled for me was very uncomfortable in its presence, remembering an incident in the Galactic Wars where we were being pursued and I had closed the gate before she got through with some awful consequences.

There was a project that was done using a radionics device hooked up to the stargate.  A friend whose name I have forgotten had brought his radionics device over to explore what star systems it was connected to.  All the ones you would expect: Orion, the Pleiades, Antares, Arcturus, Sirius, Lyra, Sagittarius (Galactic center) and, strangely, the circumpolar Ursa Major.  This system, I knew, was used by the negative reptilians in Draco to access the northpole of the earth and so I questioned it. This gave me an idea.  Maybe we could shut down this access by using the stargate to send energy through the Great Pyramid back to Ursa Major.  I had a crystal retrieved from the Crystal Cave in the Chirachaua Mountains in southeastern Arizona that Solara had told me about that sat right on a main planetary grid line to Egypt.  I put it in the metaform. Next we wanted to anchor the energy to something that would provide positive light to the endeavor and to avoid having any negativity come to us.  The Office of the Christ would do.  My friend produced a sample of blood on a glass microscope slide he had been given to by a Buddhist Rinpoche in India who told him it was from a bearded teacher who taught there some 2000 years ago.  He placed it in the witness cup in the device.  He then dialed in all the codes and ran the program.  Nothing happened.   A week later the Berlin Wall started coming down.  I asked my guides about it.  The said that the Berlin Wall was a big project, a long time in planning and involving many entities, but that our work had been the trigger event. 



EVIL 101- A Course in Darkness

The planet is controlled by the forces of darkness…the fallen light.  In fact they control the astral and phyical planes in a large part of the galaxy.  The fallen light, evil, descended from the ancient empires and has a control agenda to keep man from knowing his true history, his purpose and destiny on Earth.  Where there is light there is also dark in balance.  Living several years in Boulder there were a series of experiences that were to instruct me on the nature of evil.

• The Demon:  Connie once told me that her son who was in school in Santa Fe had come under the influence of an older female psychic which concerned her and asked me if I would look in on the situation.  So one night John, Altrea Alea and I sat in meditation together to look.  We were immediately confronted by a demon who simply laughed at our efforts to shield Connie’s son from it.  Finally we encased it in a very sticky salt water taffy to immobilize it which stopped the laughing.

• The Sorcerer:  I had a friend in Boulder who was an ET.  He told me a story about a sorcerer that he had come to earth to remove him and had nearly escaped its control.  Strangely he never mentioned this being’s name until one day I encountered him on a busy street corner.  As we talked the subject of the sorcerer came up and I asked why he never said his name.  Looking deep into me he asked, “Are you ready for this?” “Yes.”  About 30 seconds passed when suddenly behind me in the intersection came the loud sound of metal crunching metal that I’m sure lifted me well off the ground.  I wheeled around to see the collision and then looked back.  My friend was grinning at me and said, ”You said you could handle it.”  The sound of the name had summoned the entity.  “Thanks”, I said and hurried off.  It seemed like everything went wrong that day. I lost money and my address book, the bank screwed up my account and more. Didn’t your mother tell you not to play with fire?  On another occasion Leyland (from the Star family) had come to town for a visit and wanted to meet my ET friend.  Though he lived on the street I immediately found him.  As were talking a huge semi trailer rig kept maneuvering to turn into an alley forcing us to move ourselves each time as if something was trying to bust the meeting.                                                                  Curious.

• The Magician: A magician is not as dangerous as a sorcerer but they can still slime you.  There was a time when Wendy got involved with the ex-CEO of a major corporation who had assembled a group of women with the promise of helping them to start their own businesses only to be sexually abused.  This guy had been trained by his father in the black arts and had an altar set up on his property with some “sacred” artifacts to do sacrifices.  It took some considerable effort to extract her from this relationship.

• Corded by a Magician:  She should have known.  In another incident she, John and I had gone for a visit to a scientist who was doing experiment in communication with dolphins and brain entrainment technology.  He could put people into high beta brain waves where they could do all sorts of things moving material and energy with their minds.  There was another guy there by the name of Savage, which should have given us a clue.  John and I walked away from the meeting and I started having extreme stomach discomfort.  Wendy exclaimed, “You idiots” and laughed as she pulled the cords out of our solarplexes that this Savage guy put into us to control us.  Negative beings cord innocent people in their chakras quite often to control them: the 2nd chakra for sex, the throat for communication, the 3rd eye for thoughts and so forth.

• Jose’s Arguelles’ Mirror Gates: One more story on this subject:  After the Harmonic Convergence Jose retired into seclusion for a time of rest during which his son Josh died in an automobile crash into a bridge abutment late one night.  The loss shook Jose badly, and he was refusing to see anybody. Wendy and I attended the funeral in the Buddhist Temple in Boulder sitting in the front row before the casket.   We decided to look within to see what happened. We got identical visions.  On this particular night Jose was doing work on the astral plane manipulating the earth’s mirror gates between dimensions.  Almost like the Wizard of Oz, pulling levers behind a curtain, he was summoning up some very dark entities for removal.  These beings would come up just on the other side of the mirrors where they could be captured in the mirror and then dispatched away.  Josh was there as a spiritual guide.  He got caught in the mirrors as they flipped, right next to this evil entity, instantly cutting his soul-life source off from his body which was driving in a car on the interstate, causing his death.  Realizing what he had done Jose fled the scene leaving Wendy and I to release Josh from the mirror who also fled. Jose later confirmed the vision to a mutual friend.


Working in the astral plane is tricky and unnatural for most of us.  The astral plane is home to some very dark forces and we have limited awareness of all that is going on.  The Star Family taught me to “bubble up” when doing the inner work.  This involves surrounding yourself with a sphere of diamond hard material to prevent penetration of negative energies.  The diamond hard material sphere is covered by a mirrored energy field on the outside to make one invisible and to reflect away in all directions so as not to injure anyone.  I would learn more shields in time including the diamond mental body and the “avatar body” of vertically re-aligned spinning chakra wheels. In advanced work, the vehicle of travel in higher dimensions called the master wheel is a spinning wheel of light made up of the ascended chakras. Ultimately one develops a merkaba of energy vortexes which altogether creates a toroid field conformed by a star tetrahedron, known as the causal body of the Soul.   

There are other types of protection one can use as well. I had a cougar’s claw that literally made me invisible.  It had been given to me by a woman friend pipe holder who had been given this shield by her Apache teacher.  I couldn’t wear it while driving because other cars would literally drive into me.  My teacher in the mystery school would later advise me about the use of shields to ”never leave home (that is my body) without one”.

I gave a talk and workshop about stargates at a conference in the late nineties that attracted a lot of attention, especially from some ETs that were there.  As a result, I was implanted with two energy devices, which I could feel.  Fortunately there was a friend who had the sight to see them also attending the conference who was able to remove them.  But I still needed protection for the rest of the conference.  So I asked guidance and here’s what they described: first the diamond body of light, then archangels at the four directions around me, then a planetary ring like Saturn, then the mirrored bubble and for good measure sticky ball like things that were programs that would begin the transformation to light that would stick onto any dark being that tried to penetrate the shield.  At check out the last day of the conference one of the negative ETs approached me, but as soon as I spoke he started to backup until he was about 20 feet away where upon he turned and hurried out of the room.  It worked.




      By the fall of 1990, Wendy had decided to leave Boulder to pursue a business manufacturing and distributing a marine cleaning product.  I wasn’t doing anything in the way of architecture so I sort of tagged along behind her… to Dana Point, California. Orange County is like a whole other country, yuppie-ville, USA, but fun and sunny.  I ran into a deer on the highway and damaged my jeep…damn.  Don’t be a cowboy.   PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS!!! 

     The cleaning product had a lot of potential.  The formula which held hydrochloride in a gel was channeled from dolphins and blended in a kitchen.  Stanford materials scientists said it wasn’t possible.  It could be painted on a boat hull or outdrive and the barnacles would be washed off after having a beer, a task that would normally take two men 4 to 8 hours to do and then wreck the finish. And it was earth friendly, helping to clean the water.  Marina operators were dying to have it but in the end we couldn’t verify the ownership of the patent and it all fell apart.  In the year or so that we were there we worked on a number of interesting projects.



     Ever since I met her she had a chronic pain behind her right shoulder blade for which she had tried all sorts of allopathic and alternative cures without effect.  Wendy went back to boulder to be with her kids for Christmas, leaving me in Dana Point, when one night she called me.  Her back was in great pain.  She said, “I know you have something to do with it.  Fixit!”  Click!  Oh no, more karma.  We had already spent a couple of years fixing her.  I called Leyand (Star family) to help me through some past lives.  In a vision I found myself in a female body wearing a white nightgown lying on the ground at dusk in front of a Viking warrior standing over me. A battle had just taken place with fires and bodies lying about.  I could see a castle in the shadows behind him.  It was northern Scotland or Ireland, in Celtic times.  He was in leather armor but helmetless with long blond hair. Two men held him (her) at spear point.  He was my husband and I had come out of the castle after the battle to find him. I remembered our life and how abusive he was to me. As I lay there in the waning flickering light, obviously having been thrown to the ground, the two men gored him through from the front through the heart, the other from the back under the shoulder blade.  I was so surprised I came out of trance.  So there I was, it was an ancient wound from lifetimes ago. 

      I called Wendy to tell her the vision.  Yes, yes I was right.  She saw it all but, “There is more.” She said, “I will call you back.”  The next evening she called.  “The two men were our sons.  The three of you conspired to use the battle as a cover to murder me.  You gave signal.” Yes, I remembered my boys but there had been no conspiracy.  I had no wanting of revenge.  She acted as if it had just happened.  Disbelieving me and angry, she hung up again.  Click!

     Now what?  I went back into deep meditation, found the two sons, apparently not embodied, and told them that I had not wanted them to kill their father on my behalf and that I wanted them to go back in time with me to undo their deed.  We arrived just after the goring, I asked them to back up time, pulling the spears back out. Standing there we surrounded him/her with golden light for long time, finally spiraling up and away.  There was an immediate call from Wendy.  “What are you doing?’ she demanded.  “What do you mean?” I asked.  “The pain in my back has gone…completely gone”. As far as I know it has not returned. There are many causes for illness that medicine does not know about, for example, the role of the subtle energy body, and for some cures, going back in time.


    An acquaintance from Boulder, Richard Leviton, showed up one day (see above). He told us how the stars in the sky were mapped onto the surface of the earth and that in certain places there were complete landscape zodiacs.  Dana Point was one.  It extended out into the ocean and up into the foothills.  We were living on Sirius in Canis Major and a stray dog hung out at our house.  Mission San Juan Capistrano with its ley line matrix was an important star system.  Mt. Palomar was the star Alnilam, the middle belt star of Orion and thus the gateway to the center of creation.

       Due to my relationship to Orion I decided to check out Mt. Palomar alone.  It was in northern San Diego County, not far from Dana Point.  I drove to a retreat facility on the mountain.  There was a small lake in a meadow where I started exploring, going up stream   It had a very feminine energy, full of life, lush foliage and lots of bird and animal activity.  I came to a strange landscape feature that looked like a pregnant woman lying on her back with legs spread open.  I sat and meditated.  It was Lady Orion…but also the Queen of the Fisher King of Arthurian legend, the guardian of the Holy Grail. She looked pregnant but wasn’t really.  Her husband was wounded in the groin and impotent.  I invoked a golden column of light down into her womb to seed the new age that she would bring forth. 

      I then went down below the lake looking for the masculine counterpart.  The landscape was almost barren, craggy and dry…no animal chatter, strangely silent.  A fire had burnt the tree trunks up to about 8 to12 feet above the ground leaving the tops alive.   As I came to a stone weir across the stream with a tower, I felt the energy of the Fisher King, guardian of the Grail Castle in the Arthurian legend.  I remembered the question the Grail questors, the Knights of the Round Table, were required to ask the King in order to acquire the Grail:  ”How may I serve thee?”  “Heal me,” came the answer.   Immediately there as a field of golden light around us that tuned into rainbow of the new electric colors: orange-gold, phylo aqua-green and magenta which went into the shimmering apparition floating before me.  Then it disappeared.

  I hurried back to the lake in the waning light. I had been carrying a crystal with me the whole time programming it with affirmations for world peace, healing and abundance and threw it into the pond where it would lie undisturbed.

I headed for the top of the mountain for the sunset and to see Orion rise. Magnificent.  On the way back down I stopped to meditate on a rock outcropping below the observatory.  In a vision I saw a golden ray of the Divine Idea through the Eye of Horus which is the Orion stargate, through the Pleiades and Sirius to our Sun and Earth.  It entered through the vortex of the mountain completely surrounding it and descended to a plane where the crust and mantle of the earth meet.  There it then spread out to encapsulate the earth creating a sphere of golden light.  Once this was complete the light started to descend further but now from the whole surface of the sphere, filtering down through the mantle and core of the planet and filling it with light.  This took about 30 very deep breaths to complete and as I followed it down at the very center of the planet I was thrust through into another dimension.  It was related to earth but expansive and serene compared to the intense pressure and energy I had just experienced.  A female greeted me, familiar to me, but I could not stay, I was becoming aware that my balance on this rock in the growing darkness was somewhat precarious.  At that point I became aware that this golden ray, having spread all over the planet just below the crust was thus available at any point on the planet to serve the transformation.  It was also apparent that the light had severed the cords of much negativity into the core of the planet.  I envisioned many dangling black, worm-like, wriggling, things seeking to be reconnected to their energy source in the planet.  Uh oh, I thought, this might cause some premature major earth shifts.  So I put a thin clear elastic membrane over the surface of the planet to hold things in place until a better idea came to me and then stitched up a few fault lines.

Back home Wendy was concerned that this negativity, now on the loose even though disenfranchised and disconnected form its source of energy, needed to be transmuted.  At the time I felt it was not my work to transmute all that negativity since too many others had some karma there to resolve.  But re-thinking this further the next morning, I decided to clean it up better so we worked together to bring in an additional transmuting ray sheathing the Golden One.  Wendy saw it as green, I as violet with a green interior.  This sat just over the golden sphere and expanded outwards and upwards, transmuting the negativity as it did, moving through the surface of the planet and out into the atmosphere.  Wendy sealed the work.


      Working the grids was not a constant occupation…normal life went on. It was more like I was on call.  Guidance would call and I would go, within or without. There was never much explanation.  One time I received a  request from spiritual guidance to create a planetary power center, something I knew little about and certainly did not know how to create.  Planetary power centers are what power the planetary grid system with energy drawn from the earth and from the galactic central sun.   It was to be somewhere in northern California, in the redwoods, but that’s about all we got.  John came in to help.   At the beginning he and I camped out on Mt. Palomar to anchor the work.  Wendy joined us as we made our way to Mt. Hollywood in central Los Angeles, the City of Angels.  We did ceremony on top, climbing up from Griffiths Observatory and the city lights extending to the horizon.  We would be healing the San Andreas fault all the way to Point Reyes, visiting missions as we went.  A major quake had been predicted and Buddhists from monasteries and groups along the coast had planted Buddha statutes all along the fault line to limit its severity.  We camped out all the way, sleeping on the ground to maintain in physical touch with the work.   We stopped in Big Sur.  The three of us stood back to back on a rock in the middle of Big Sur Creek which comes down from Ventana Cone.  We invoked Erami, a powerful gnome Magician and controller of earth mirrors, to assist us with our work.  The elemental masters of earth, fire, air and water came forward.  Musar, King of the Gnomes, master of the electromagnetic grids, Magician of the Earth was also called.  These two were often invoked when doing the earth grid work.  Next it was a meditation in the Big Basin vortex in the mountains above Santa Cruz.  It was like this all the way up the coast.  Each stop involved finding a sacred place to work and connecting with a different group to assist creating the power center.  We called on angels of the land, devas of the animals and plants, crystal holders, ascended masters, the logos and Gaia herself. 

      Finally we reached Humboldt County.  We traced the foundation of a huge landscape pyramid, anchored on the southern coast, then Arcata and inland in the Shasta-Trinity forest. The Humboldt Redwoods State Park was in the center.  Here deep in the forest we would build the power center.  Late in the afternoon with the rays of the sun streaming through the trees, we created a vortex by laying out a 30-foot diameter spiral on the forest floor with crystals.  The crystals came from John who had collected them from Crystal Cave in Arizona.  We dedicated the power center, powered it up and back to idle according to the protocols below.  It was done. 

      What importance was it all, and was it even real? Why did we go off working the grids when others were basking in the sun for pleasure?  By taking such actions on the physical dimension we were connecting with a reality on a higher plane.  Were we really in the driver’s seat and serving as an anchor for the outworking of the great Plan?  Suffice it to say that we were clear in our service, each had been given powerful visions of the work we completed and its relationship to the whole activity of the transformation of the planetary evolution.   Happy with the work we had completed, we headed home.

Protocols/Formula for Power Center Activation

• Alignment: Self to sacred work and divine Plan, with higher dimensional beings 

• Invocation of Guides, Councils, Angels, Hierarchy, Devas, Elements.

• Activate Personal Power Center (within self)/Stargate-Each bring Trinity, 8 Whole becomes Trinity, Mother/Father/God.

• Activate Crystal pyramid of Light:

Upper vortex to Eye of God, Lower vortex to sun at the center of planet Mirror interior plane, Expand Pyramid to Light the Planet.

• Create crystal mandala of power center (over 100 crystals used), see it from off planet

Invoke ray of golden light; activate power center.

• Create vortex; project ourselves out over large area and circle in.

• Power up the center through all dimensions of this Universe, 9 light levels possible (maximum power now is at 5), then bring power center back to “idle”.

• Connect up to grids, and chakras of planet via frequency tones/patterns (this was done by angels/devas upon our request)

• Set power level and frequency (also done by devas)

Consecrate the power center, encode with vision for the new earth, key in any intentions (i.e., peace, awakening of humankind, etc.)

• Ask Guardian Angels to steward the power center (appeared to all of us as triple helix).

• Disperse crystals from the mandala.

• Locate and ordain local gatekeeper and distribute crystals to keepers (each of us has one as key to power center).


The vision of the Harmonic Module, as a group-consciousness-raising environment and event, was still alive and well.  I was meeting many new friends in southern California who were in the entertainment and media industry: musicians, video producers, theme park designers, software programmers, etc., who were drawn to the concept.  Adding their own knowledge and agendas, the project was reformatted as HyperTheater, which featured an interactive dramatic film for theme park venues called “Dolphins Don’t Drive. The script for the film was already written.  It had a physical environment based on sacred geometry and the consciousness enhancing technology like brain entrainment with the addition of a video software allowing interactivity in real time that only required 22k to run. It used the same recursive, feedback process that is the basis of consciousness and gives rise to fractals and the golden proportion. We did a lot of research on theme park ride technology that simulated certain kinds of physical experience.  We made presentations to Disney Imagineering staff who were redesigning Future Land in the Anaheim park and even to a Japanese group who were developing a metaphysically oriented park on Mt. Fuji called the Akeno Project. The promoters had actually channeled the concept.  `Our project needed a lot more development and was just ahead of its time.  Humanity would have to awaken another way, but still seeds had been planted.


       Among all the people I was meeting there was one very special woman called Dejai.  I met her at a Whole Life Expo in San Diego where Wendy and I had gone for some fun.  Walking through the exhibit hall we passed a booth that had an extraordinary energy.  It was empty so I asked the adjacent exhibitor.  It belonged to this woman, a healer and channel, who was wearing a white Indian buckskin dress.  As we began moving on, we saw ahead of us coming down the aisle this beautiful specter.  I decided to test her sight by putting golden spheres of light in each of my outstretched hands.   She stopped about 30 feet away, and looked at me and my hands with some surprise.  Then she came up and asked, “Who the hell are you?”  We became great friends. I would go to her classes and often sought channeled guidance: “You are a very, very powerful being but you’ve been on this earth rather earthbound and that upsets you. You are meant to do some incredible things with major changes in the world, like putting a gigantic puzzle together.  You bring through a lot of information.”  She would be instrumental in the next piece of work.


This story is a long one, and actually dates back to when the Golden One placed a breastplate with electric aqua crystals in my chest.  I had forgotten all about it.  With the end of the business venture with Wendy and nothing coming of HyperTheater, we were beginning to break up. I found I had become more attached to her than I thought and so it was a bit difficult for me.  It was time for another new life to be found.  The last time I was in Dana Point I gave a workshop at a metaphysical bookstore in Laguna Beach. The owner, a woman named Yvonne, showed up at the end.  Coming up to me she said that she had the inner sight and could see that I had had an ET contact experience.  She asked if we could get together later so she could catch up on my stargate material.

So the next day she came to my house which by then was temporarily in Pacific Palisades.    What a surprise.  I had long been asking my guidance to send someone in a physical body to tell me who I was, so that I could question them. Here she was a Korean raised in a Buddhist Monastery because the government sought children with extraordinary psychic abilities.  She laid it all out again, “You are a specialist in what you do in many worlds where you do the same kind of work.  Your work is to reprogram and re-pattern the planetary grids and link these up with human grids.”  And then she added, “Your energy field is 80% reprogrammed.   Your spirit guides and ET contacts, are working on you.  (Yvonne had never seen one so much re-programmed and wondered how I managed to stay on the planet).  You are to be 100 percent re-patterned, 20 percent to go.”  Well I had been reprogrammed before, just after the first wakeup call.  That was not new.  My next plan had been to go to Mt. Shasta to work with Zen.  I had planned to go on to the Yucatan in Mexico and meet up with John and another gridworker to dissipate the old Maya dark energy of the left-hand path still encoded into the temple ruins.  I decided to work on the re-patterning instead.

Before I left I decided to get one last channeled guidance from Dejai about the re-patterning and certain aspects of the gridwork.  Whew!  In came the Council of Elders of the Central Suns, with a wind slamming doors and rattling windows…no mean spirit.  There was a lot of knowledge for me but the big gift came at the last.  Sitting in front of Dejai she proceeded to give me this large golden sphere of light, about 30 inches across, with dynamic codes moving within it.  This was from the Council with the instruction to place it in my chest on the crystals that were there to hold it in my body.  These were the codes for the new earth, for the next cycle in higher dimension.  I would be told what to do with them later.  My re-programming, then at 84 percent, she said, would be completed by my soul.

Mt Wheeler:  Working with Zena in Mt Shasta didn’t last long, I got in tune with the energy of the mountain and headed south to Taos.  On top of Mt. Wheeler I channeled energy from Mt Shasta down into the Yucatan to empower the work going on there.  Then it was on to Los Lunas, New Mexico, where a number of the star family were living.

Los Lunas, NM:  The family was there to monitor secret government experimentation with mind control technology going on at the Sandia Peaks and Los Alamos Laboratories.  When several of us would come together, we would usually sit in meditation together to get some idea for the work we were to do.  This time there were six of us including me. Leyland served as the energy director, Joyce was the vortex technician, and Michael was the sound healer.  Also in the circle was a Hopi woman, a friend of Grandmother Caroline, and another I don’t remember. In the meditation two angel guides showed up, one either side of me, and took me down to the center of the planet, to the “atoma”, central sun.  This was also the “computer” for the earth. The told me to place the codes for the new earth in my chest into the computer—atoma—and to boot the program.  In The Mayan Factor, Jose Arguelles had called this process “Earth Diving”.  Before I knew it, we were all coming out of meditation.  No one had gotten anything to do except me.  I explained my experience.  Everyone went back into meditation to go down and see.  Yup.  That’s the work.  In fact it was the last work on the planet we needed to do and we could go home.  But first Leyland demanded that we get the permission from all the beings and groups who had any interest in the evolution of the earth.  For the next two days we talked with the crystal holder, the elemental master, the angel guides for this and that, the Masters…every body he could think of.  In the end the work wasn’t done. It would take all of us together and there wasn’t consensus.  I left Los Lunas deciding that that I was wasting my time with them.

.      Later with time to reflect on the experience, I realized that the Council had also given instructions for booting the new codes.  The whole plan for earth’s and humanity’s ascension in consciousness into higher dimension is anchored in 3D, the physical third dimension.  What already exists in the higher planes where sequential time does not exist is now working out on earth. This is where the grids are shifting.  The codes are really written into the grids of the planet which spring out of the center of the earth along funnels, or hyper dimensional vortexes of energy.  The earth’s energy field has the geometry of a torus spinning around the polar axis.  To boot the codes meant that we would have to fold ourselves into the center singularity of the earth.  This basically required that we each and together as one, be in a state of absolute peace, fully merged with the Source of our being, that is to say, that each of us had to be fully enlightened.  Leyland had issues with the Law of One stemming back to the Galactic Star Wars and refused the work, saving our spiritual asses.  We really weren’t ready for that as a group nor was I individually.  Doing the service work had brought me great knowledge, but now the quest became one for enlightenment.  There was more to come. 

Telluride:  I had spent several months traveling up the west coast and Cascade Mountains over to the Rockies down to Taos and back to L.A. looking for a place to land, climbing mountains and interviewing for jobs. Three circuits and nada.   Then on the beach in west Malibu I was to get my answer.  A guy came jogging down the beach with the word, TELLURIDE, written across his chest.  Sometimes they have to hit me on the head with it.  I was gone the next day.  Telluride wouldn’t have me, no work, but Aspen would.  An architectural firm needed an experienced architect to head up their Telluride office.  Funny how things work.

Once I settled in Telluride I met many kindred souls who were just waking up and I decided to present a three-day workshop on stargates.  I could set up the Orion Stargate in the building I had access to.  One night during the workshop I got a call from my council, “Go sit in the Stargate”.  In meditation those same two angels showed up and took me to the atoma again.  This time however they told me to just put the codes, the memory sphere, into the computer but not to boot. When you do this work you keep your ego out of it and just do what you are asked to.  So that was all.  For me, the end.  On to other things.  The next adventure was to re-activate an ancient City of Light, The ADNIPOSHE, The Abode of the Master Teachers.



In the spring 1992, a friend handed me a packet of material entitled “Teachings of the Land and the People,” a channeled address “To the Children of Light” by a local woman by the name of Hunter.  Amongst the papers was a channeling about a ancient City of Light, giving three foundation points in the mountain peaks around the Telluride Valley and requesting someone to re-activate it as a personal quest. It was called the “Adniposhe: The Abode of the Great Teachers”.  I immediately recognized this as intended for me. This was why I was brought to Telluride.  (Notes from the channeling, a site map, confirmation. and some follow up events are in the appendix.)

By the next summer 1993 I was ready to work.  I had dowsed an additional five foundation point and had discovered that a primary planetary grid line ran through the valley coincidently connecting two of the primary three foundation points.  People showed up to assist the work, Best buddy John, Gail & Greg, Bunnie who would become my wife, Sena Rose who actually had lived in Dana Point a few blocks from Wendy and I but never met there and Siama, who is a story in herself. (See appendix report)

By the end of the summer all the points were located on the ground, ceremony done, crystals planted and higher dimensional beings engaged.  Then nothing much more happened until the Steps To Awareness festival in May of 1995. I was presenting a workshop on stargates, focusing on knowledge the first day and experience the next. I sat in meditation the morning of the second day to seek guidance as to where I was to take people through the gate.  Well wouldn’t you know, the same two angel guides showed up and took me into the Shining crystal city and sat me done in the Throne, the “Holy of Holies”. Before me I could see the whole planet covered in light, becoming a star, just like the vision on Mt. Palomar.  So that’s where we went.

Later that day another friend Robert, who had been trained in the magical practices of the Order of the Golden Dawn, performed a secret ritual setting angels on the peaks around the valley as protection.  By then the wind had picked up to almost a gale.  When I asked why he did that he responded that he really didn’t know.   His guidance told him to.  “I know”, I said telling him about the City of Light.  “Today, it went active.”  In the years afterward events would happen that validated the work. 

See “appendix #3: ADNIPOSHE for graphic and/or more info.



Life in Telluride, a historic old mining town turned resort, was idyllic. The valley is surrounded by stunning mountains and forest.  It’s known for skiing in winters, and hiking, camping, and fishing in the summers.  Every weekend there seems to be a festival of some sort like Bluegrass, Jazz, and Mountain Film. I got involved in one called the Steps to Awareness presenting sacred geometry and serving on the Board of Directors.  Presenters, many well known on the lecture circuit, would come without payment to enjoy the land. Most of the locals though were sound asleep, concerned mostly with mundane life.  They smiled at the mention of the Steps to Awareness festival.   Telluride was a frontier mining town with a lot of history.  Nikolai Tesla had built the first alternating current electric generating plant in the country to supply the mine’s energy.  Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery was here.  The mountains and valleys were sacred to the Mountain Ute.  Telluride was the secret hidden mountain valley setting for Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged.

Many spiritually oriented people were drawn to this sacred land for meditation and discussion groups.  Every year I would lead groups celebrating Wesak (Buddha’s enlightenment) and the New Year’s World Peace Meditation. We created a large subtle energy Peace Wheel under the valley floor to resonate the population into higher consciousness. There was lot of architecture to do and I practiced feng shui on the side, having trained with Chinese masters of two different schools back in Dana Point.  There were portals, it seemed, all over the area.  The legendary portal the Navajo emerged from inner earth through was on Mt. Sneffles.  I even found myself exorcising spooks from the rowdy frontier times hanging about old Victorian homes. I had finally manifested my dream life.  But what was missing was the love of my life.

See “appendix #4: SACRED TELLURIDE for graphic and/or more info.

See “appendix #5: TELLURIDE LEY LINES for graphic and/or more info.



Dejai had told me that I would meet a soul mate, the beloved of my life in Telluride.  She would be beautiful, intelligent and spiritual.  She would live on a mountain and would know how to do the inner work.   A whole year later in Telluride and no mate.  A very dry time.  I had not dated anyone for the whole time, There was no sense in wasting sexual energy on casual encounters.  Besides I knew that having an orgasm in casual sex opened me up to take on all my partner’s emotional crap that has to be cleaned up.  It’s not worth it.  I was thinking of moving on when a friend, Angel,  told me about Bunnie.  “You’ve got to meet her. You guys talk the same language.”  “Yeh! I‘ve got to meet her.”  Her real name was Elmyra…El-My-Ra, what power in a name. Finally on Thanksgiving Day, 1992, I met her.  Driving back into town after a long day of feasting and celebration, I heard the guidance in my mind.  “Go to Angel’s restaurant, SHE is there.”

And so she was.  She was sitting with Angel and another friend, into their third bottle of champagne, leaving a fourth empty spot at the table. Her 6 year old daughter was at the bar talking to the bartender, a perfect setup.  I sat down in front of her, and our eyes locked with a feeling of forever.  She nearly fell off the chair as she later told me.  She had seen my face in a dream before, marrying each other on a mountain without a minister.  She was not ready for this meeting.  After some chit-chat I excused myself. I wasn’t invited to this party.

I couldn’t wait to see her again.  She was absolutely stunning.  As it happened the very next day we bumped into each other at the hardware store.  She was remodeling a house on Hastings Mesa on sacred land and would be back in a couple of weeks.  We scheduled a dinner on her return.   I got her phone number.  Two weeks later, guidance announced to me, “She’s back.”  I was getting pretty good at this guidance thing. (As I write this they are telling me, “Not good enough.”) I called, she had only been back an hour. We had dinner that night, spent hours talking, downloading our lives, closed the restaurant.  The rest is a fairy tale.


In May of 1993 before Bunnie and I were married, I was giving a presentation in sacred geometry at the Steps To Awareness Festival.  Just before I was to start, a woman stood grinning at me in the entryway to the classroom, “You don’t remember me, do you?,” she asked.  Oh my God.  Here before was my first girlfriend from high school in Akron, Ohio. Still very cute and short, but now very wise, she had awakened like me and was practicing as a healer specializing in removing implants.  Too late, I was already in love.  She was visiting her sister who lived close by and had seen my name on a flyer.  She knew how to do the inner work and here, some thirty years later, would help with activating two of the foundation points of the City of Light.  There are no coincidences.

A few weeks later she helped to remove an etheric implant, one that I had placed on myself to control my power so I wouldn’t cause any hurt or damage.  The implant was a golden collar with cords attached in the back, each going to one of my 24 vertebrate.  Hanging from the bottom of the collar was a chainmail shoulder armor with some sort of object woven into it.  “Booby traps”, she said,  “I can’t touch it, only you can take it off.”  Dejai had told me about the collar implant, deadly if removed improperly.  I proceeded to unweave the chainmail.  The booby traps fell to the ground one by one. Now the cords, “How do I release them?”  She said, “Each cord belongs to one member of your team, the ones you came with.  You will have to get their permission.”

Going deep within I could see them standing in a row, some I recognized from this lifetime but others had no faces.  Each one agreed.  It was time to reclaim my power.

Sometime after that I had a very emotional phone call with my daughter, Dana.  “You do not know me!”, she would say over and over again, finally hanging up. She meant that I had not been there for her during her formative teen years.   I was driving to Scottsdale later to see Bunnie, turning the conversation with Dana over in my mind when suddenly I saw it, her face was one of those I hadn’t seen.  She was one of my team.  I really did not know who she was.  I pulled over on the side of the road and wept.


Christopher Beaver arrived in Telluride soon after me, a healer and channel for a discarnate native American named Black Bear.  He was most interested in shamanic work, but for Bunnie and I he would bring through guidance from ETs and higher dimensional beings.

In October I went to him for a healing.  Lying on the floor in front of him, a deep voice came forth identifying itself as “Solomos, Chief Flight Surgeon for Fleets Serving Earth”.   I am with others from Alpha Centari, Pleiades, Orion and what is good of the Sirian system.  We are here to activate your “microtron”.  As Christopher worked his fingers actually lengthened into my body.

Procedure for Activation of the “Microtron”

A gold twinkling energy came in. Hemispheric balance and merging of the brain was completed.

The microtron was placed and activated in each energy center/chakra.

The microtron activation code: 3 3 7 (45) Y E 3 2 1 then 22 11 at solar plexus. Like tumblers in a lock, clicking into place.

The old light body was removed and recycled, and I saw the light depart.  (Others have reported this experience).

A new light body was installed, it was silvery gold in color, and number codes were moving in my body now.

Instructions:  Meditate on the microtron.  Visualize arteries and capillaries distributing energy to all cells in body.  To maintain integration process, tap two fingers on centers to release blockages.

Information about the Microtron from Solomos:

  Its purpose is the reparation of the cellular body, to integrate other dimensional bodies and to effect dynamic cellular change.

It is a fundamental part of the human energy anatomy. All people should have their Microtrons activated.  It activates the original divine program and the12 stand DNA.

It is an energy that integrates light bodies, i.e. the higher dimensional bodies; it facilitates light body activation.

It shifts all ancient programs, past lives and past worlds. It reverses thought processes to that of original conception (and Plan).  Faith, Trust and Surrender.  It activates original intention and original innocence (before the fall).

  It moves one beyond limitations, ego, structures, and dissipates blockages to divine purpose.

It is to be placed in every energy center of the body to change it to pure light.

  Once placed and set in motion, it enhances the innate frequencies of being 10-fold.

  The Microtron is the basis and source of all light—all light in the universe emanates from it.

The Microtron is a dynamic geometry of energy, made of two interpenetrating pyramids of different polarities, but with an energy center where the polarity points connect. It shares similarities to stargate geometry in the human energy field.  This is fundamental stargate geometry.  Its activation makes the human body a stargate.  I asked Christopher how he saw the Microtron.  It looked very much like the stargate geometry. Solomos also explained how the Microtron is to be installed in the earth, transforming the planet in a similar fashion for a similar purpose.


My love affair with Bunnie was storybook material but early in the romance, something very significant happened.  We decided to take a vacation by ourselves.  It was to be in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan.  As a respite from a cold winter, we envisioned enjoying lots of sunshine and lying on the beach.  We hadn’t intended to do much sight-seeing or to visit the Mayan ruins, but one day we rented a VW and took a tour down the coast to Tulum.  We found ourselves taking in the stepped Tulum pyramid overlooking the Caribbean—it is a spectacular site.   As we walked around the grounds of the pyramid, Bunnie became quite uncomfortable especially at a small isolation chamber on the edge of the complex.  Meditating on the viewing platform in front of the pyramid, Bunnie experienced an awful vision of falling and tumbling to the ground.  On the other hand, I experienced a celebration in the space in front of me.  People wearing colorful clothing with feathers were dancing, singing and playing music.  Then it suddenly changed.  The setting was the same but now the scene had turned to chaos, with wreckage, fires and bodies lying around.   Immediately we left and went swimming on a quiet beach to wash away the visions.  A couple of days later we drove to Chichén Itzá, the Mayan university.  It felt so good there, almost as though we were alumni returning for a reunion.  We climbed the pyramids, visited the observatory and the temple of the priestess’ and the warriors, and even dowsed the ley lines that passed through the major monuments. It was a much different feeling than Tulum.

On our last night we were having diner at the resort and I said something, I don’t remember what, but it upset Bunnie.  So much so that she rose from the table and disappeared without a word.  Oh no, I thought. What is happening?  I found her on the beach, she would not say a word.   Even the next day flying home getting off at Phoenix, she wouldn’t speak to me.

I got home totally crushed and lost.  What did I say?  I sat at the computer and began to channel.  It was another lifetime as Mayan.  Bunnie and I were both at Chichén Itzá.  I was a warrior and astronomer scientist, she a priestess in training, we were lovers.  Her husband in this life was there as well, an elder mentor to her.  The times were changing.  The culture had turned to ritual warfare to obtain victims for blood sacrifice on the pyramid steps.  We had planned to leave all the craziness and follow the spiritual path to South America where we could retreat in one of the mystery schools in operation in the eastern highlands of the Andes Mountains, like the Order of the Red Hand.  She wanted to stay and help her mentor who was resisting the political changes, so we delayed.  While we delayed, I was called away having something to do with the dark ones taking over.  The dark side and left-hand path have always interested me as part of my work here was to redeem the darkness.  With me out of the way, Bunnie was kidnapped, taken to Tulum, tortured and sacrificed on the pyramid.  It was not pretty.  By the time I had assembled a rescue party and arrived at Tulum she was dead.  We destroyed the loathsome place.  Later I was captured and sacrificed as well.  For me the experience was ecstatic, drugged out of my mind and blacking out as they held my beating heart in front of the sun over me.  There was no pain.

I immediately sent the story to her.  She called back.  Yes, she had remembered it all but for her it was as fresh in her mind as if it had just happened.  Something I had said that night triggered her memory, that I wasn’t there when she needed me, because I was off playing with magic. I asked her forgiveness.  Thank God she forgave me.  It has been a wonderful life together, but to this day she warns me against the dark.


Bunnie and I were married on July 1st, 1995. It was high on her land filled with lupine that should have been in full bloom carpeting the meadow.  But it wasn’t.  That year at 9600 ft, it snowed two feet in mid June.  We burnt prayer bundles, made offerings and said prayers to the spirits of the sky for good weather which finally came, just in time.  We built a labyrinth lined with aspen log seats in a traditional Cretan 7-circuit pattern except that it was opened up with a path directly to the center for Bunnie and I to enter.  (See diagram in the appendix) The labyrinth was surrounded in a circle by 12 hand-sized crystals set on 12 short posts and in the center we placed 6 more posts and crystals connected by a copper grid in a hexagram buried in the ground.  Outside the circle there were four tall posts with crystals on top for the four directions and at the entry toward North Pole Peak, there was an additional small circle of 8 posts and crystals for the gateway. Two 12 foot columns with  prayer flags strung between were placed on either side of the entry to define the gateway. In the very center there was an altar enclosing a very large double terminated quartz crystal that was to be the recorder of the event and the prayers for the earth. The whole construction was patterned after the traditional Hindu heart chakra which has 12 petals or vortexes and a lower 8 petaled gateway chakra.

The plan was for the wedding party to be smudged at the house, even my Dad, and then walk the quarter mile to the circle single file in silence, led by musicians on drum and flute and a huge gong.  Then the party would continue into the labyrinth with the gong ringing and find log seat.  We arranged the procession so that our most sacred of friends would be sitting in the front circle holding the energy. The path was lined with crystals, burning incense and bells hung from the trees.  Chants of OM’s lilted down the mountainside from a sound system up at the circle as they came.  Bunnie and I would already be at the circle getting dressed in a tepee loaned to us by Rolling Bears, a Lakota Sioux rain dancer.  We had special crystal studded clothing made especially for this event.  We learned later that the tepee was sitting right on a small vortex…the energy inside it was so powerful that Bunnie was bleeding through her fingernails.  Rolling Bears had also made a wedding hoop with a dream catcher in the center that wedding guests could tie on small mementos of the event instead of giving wedding gifts.  We also asked Rolling Bears to chant an invocation to the spirits of the land to join our ceremony.

We had designed our own ceremony and vows like a traditional tantric ritual where each partner anoints the other to consecrate them as a divine being, thus we would each be marrying a god and goddess. We were to marry ourselves as Bunnie had seen in her dream, which Colorado law allowed as long as witnesses signed the wedding certificate with the county.  Two hours of special music was choreographed to the ceremony.  As the wedding party was arriving at the circle the meadow suddenly filled with a cloud and it began to rain.  We came out of the tepee and into the center.  It was so wet I couldn’t light the candles on the altar.  Rolling Bears stood up and started to chant, not to the spirits of the land but to the sun.  Above our heads, just over the wedding circle, the clouds parted and a ray of sun came down on us.  He sat back down and the clouds closed in.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole party.  The weather finally opened up for the rest of the ceremony.

Two rings were made, one for our marriage as a man and a woman, the other as divine beings.  It was a wide gold band with tanzanites and Paraiba tourmalines set in the geometries of stargates in sequence from the cosmic source to our physical bodies.  Even Anastarr, Bunnies daughter, was given a ring with three tourmalines as a symbol of our commitment to her. Our vows were special, each of us writing our own.  In them we promised to support each other on the path to complete enlightenment.

At the end everybody completed the path through the labyrinth greeting us in the center and receiving a gift from us of a crystal that was programmed with the energies of our union.  Then they gathered in circle around the labyrinth and danced as Bunnie and I danced in the center.  Fresh salmon from Seattle was barbequing below.

The next day I was drawn back up to the wedding circle and sat in peace.  I had the sense of a great presence in the circle, welcoming and thanking me for the energy anchored there by the previous day’s event.

It all happened just like this.  Friends still talk about it and ask when were we going to get married again. Some even still carry the crystals we gave out that day.  The work went on.

See “appendix #6: WEDDING LABYRINTH for graphic and/or more info.


Telluride and Hawaii are related, they both have a City of Light. The year Bunnie and I were married we took a winter solstice vacation to Kauai, HI, her favorite island.   On our first day there we sat in meditation on the hula heiau (Hawaian pyramidal temple) at the trailhead to the Napali Coast on the north shore.  As we came back out looking at each other with some surprise, we had each seen the same vision of crystalline pyramids extending from the Kalalau Valley out into the ocean, their capstones missing.  Guidance told us that they were part of an ancient City of Light that encompassed all the Islands and asked us to replace the capstones.  We hadn’t come prepared to do the inner work and so set about getting more information. 

We got some very good and surprising information from Kahuna, channeled through Sharon Tomas. We told her what we came for. She went into trance and with eyes closed, started with her standard greeting and then began:

KAHUNA: “You are here to do what you have been requested to do.  As you know the grid is transforming.  Your part of the activation process is, of course, valuable and important.  It is vital that you do this.   All are being activated in order to take this next step.”

US: “ What is the specific work that we are to do here?”

KAHUNA:  “Dear ones, you are carrying the gift of the grids that will activate the great crystals on this island, you know this.  There are crystals throughout this island. This is the place, the birth, if you will, of the light. It requires the activation of these points in this valley to energize the rest of the grid. Does this have meaning? It is the heart, if you will, of all that is occurring.”

US: “Around the planet?”

KAHUNA:  “Yes, yes.”

US: “So this is a heart chakra?”

KAHUNA:   “Yes, it comes from here (Kauai), dear ones, it comes from here (the heart). You are the guides and teachers for the planet now, taking over from the guides and teachers who are withdrawing.  There is a shift in the Brotherhood, and you carry the knowledge and energy. To do the work you must enter into the columns of light.  It does not take, as you imagine, the bells and whistles of great accomplishment for you to know that you are doing this. It is occurring with every breath you take.”

“It is your agreement, your contract to be here at this time, dear ones.  We have called you from so far. We have offered you a great deal of interesting things to do, if you will. We did entice you to this place at this time. You are needed. You are, of course, the ancient ones, the ones who were here at the beginning of this world and are, of course, quite interested in its transformation.”

For more information see ACTIATING THE HAWAIIAN CRYSTAL PYRAMIDS, a channeling in the appendix.

INSTRUCTIONS:  We were to work at Hanakapi’ai Falls on the Napali Coast trail.  Sitting in meditation in the crystal pyramids, we were to chant the mantra “Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth” to activate the work. Then we were to expand ourselves so that the capstones in the golden grid above the planet were in our crown chakras and bring down the pillar of light into our bodies and onto the pyramids. As instructed, we had also acquired some crystals (masculine) and a conch shell horn (feminine). I blew the conch to sound the work.  We left the crystals and the conch shell in the pool below the falls.   The work was done.  So be it and so it is.

The next year we were to go to Hawaii again.  This time we asked for a heads-up.  The work was to activate the heart energy in the crystal pyramids and that we would meet someone there to act as our guide.  Other than that we didn’t know very much.  Air mileage took us into Maui and we would then go on to Kauai.  We were going to camp out at Wai’napanapa State Park near Hana on the northeast shore.   The next day there was a makeke (celebration) in Hana sponsored by the local hula school.   The most beautiful hula and chants were being performed, they were mesmerizing.  The native Hawaiians that were members of the school were all wearing the same T-shirt that had a design on the back that I recognized as the Pleiadian stargate.  (The Polynesian cultures all have legends of their origins being in the Pleiadian star system.)  I approached one and asked him about the design.  “Oh yes it is the Pleiades stargate.  It was designed by Nama Hana, the lady who is directing the performances.”  I asked him if he would introduce me to her.  “Oh no,” he said, “Her father has just died and she is in mourning.”  I returned to Bunnie, “I know she is the one.  I must meet her.”

After one of the dance sessions, I approached her introducing Bunnie and myself and explaining that that we had come from Colorado, instructed by spiritual guidance to activate the heart in the crystal pyramids. I told her that guidance told us we would meet someone here to guide us and that I thought that person was her.  She looked at us without expression. Meet me at the hula school at 4 o’clock.

We learned that Nama Hana was a well-known and beloved kumu, a high teacher whom all deeply respected.  At the hula school we sat on the floor with her husband and personal secretary, and again we explained the mission. We sat silently for a few moments and then she asked, “Have you come to replace me?” “Oh no”, we said, “We have only instructions to work with the pyramids.” And then she said, “The land is waking up, but my people are not.”  She told us that the Hawaiian Islands, as a whole, was a city of light, made up of hale’s (houses) such as Haleakala, House of the Sun, the Iao Valley, and the Pi’ilanihale Heiau, the largest on the islands. She knew about the hale’s on three of the islands: Maui, Oahu and the Big Island.  She asked her secretary to write down their names, their gatekeepers and their phone numbers.  It was a profoundly emotional meeting.  We spent the rest of our “vacation” running the grids and anchoring columns of light at all the sacred sites we could.

See “appendix #7: HAWAIIAN CITY OF LIGHT for graphic and/or more info.

See “appendix #8: HAWAIIAN CITY OF LIGHT: CHANNELING for graphic and/or more info.


In 1998, Beth Hinn gave the first of three retreats at the Skyline Ranch she called “Taking Refuge”.  Zena had told me that Beth, the founder of the White Rose Foundation, was one of her teachers, which was enough of a recommendation for me to attend.  Beth called Telluride “The Refuge of the New World Teachers”.  This was a place where the teachings for the new age would go forth.  I had often thought of Telluride as an area of safety.

She had been taught by Grandfather David, a Hopi Elder, and Thomas Banyanca, a spokesman for the Hopi Elders.  They had told her about a bearded white man named Pohana, who had taught the Tribes of the Southwest in spiritual ways, much like Kulkukan had taught the Mayans and Queztacoatl the Aztecs and that he was buried in the Telluride Valley. 

The retreat had two focuses:  The first was the teaching about the opening of the Self to God, to allow the full expression of the Divine to flow within one’s personal program and to actualize one’s personal dharma or life purpose.  The second was the activation of Telluride as the World Refuge.

“This land,” she said, “has the capacity for complete enlightenment.  There are no obstacles here.  This place has a great deal to do with how to realize oneself and, beyond this, then to assist in global realization.  This is an extraordinarily holy place, it has all the dimensions for the Christ, and the qualities to hold the masters here.” During the retreat she had taken us all up on Imogene Pass to do meditation and ceremony for the activation.

There was something else related to the refuge I talked to her about.  I had become an initiate of the Mystery School (see below) which held a weekly “service class”, working with Babaji from the soul level, to serve the earth’s transition.  At the end of each session we would usually go into Shamballa, the Tibetan home of the planetary logos and ascended masters.   To me it seemed to be empty except for the short master who always greeted me. So I asked Beth about it.  She told me that Shamballa had been lifted out of Tibet up into the golden grid surrounding the planet.  She mentioned that the Mantle of Tibet was being transferred to America, and specifically to the Four Corners area.  Telluride was being considered by the masters because the first choice, Santa Fe, was being ruled out due to the ark activity at Los Alamos.  I saw this as a large oval shaped ship, about 3 miles long, tethered above the valley to the mountain tops by lines of white light.

At the next year’s retreat, I asked her how the work was progressing. She said that there had developed an unsteadiness, a wobble in the focus, that there had been some hesitancy or indecisiveness on the part of the master’s of the lineages of the planet in terms of a commitment here, particularly on the part of the Dali Lama.  He missed his cue, so to speak.

Anxious to do something about it, I and two others went up above Alta Lakes below Bald Mountain where one of the foundations to the Shining City is, to do some inner work to petition the Masters and to anchor Shamballa.

• Briefly the process consisted of first invoking the Masters, Angels, guardians, and all beings who were working for the evolution of the planet.  We chanted to Babaji.

• Then we prepared the Divine mother womb, and asked that it be made fertile to receive the seed of the new age. This was seen as a lotus arising in the valley from the sun at the center of the earth. Into the womb we then invited the masters of the hierarchy to abide here and seeded the womb with the world traditions and lineages.

• The vessel was prepared both in the land and in the hearts of the people to receive the fullness of the dharma and destiny of this sacred land. The Plan was anchored as filaments of golden light from Source connected to lotus petals in the form of a double lotus, one upward on top and the other facing down.

• Then a golden egg Shamballa formed within the two lotuses to give birth to the new light (sun) of the golden age.

• The Children came forth from the egg.

• A column of light was raised in the valley connecting it to the stars, abode of the gods, and Home.

• The throat chakra was opened so that Divinity could speak from this Holy Land and the teaching that will bring the world the light in the coming shift could go forth.

When I checked on it later, the ship was gone.  The consciousness in telluride was not high enough to hold it.  Since then many of the spiritually awakened people have left, leaving Telluride to its political squabbles, trophy home owners and greedy realtors. But the City of Light still shines on Wilson Mesa.

DESGN ALCHEMY: Sacred Architecture Projects

Architecture is one way we relate to a sacred land.  Along with normal architecture projects, mostly houses, I continued to promote sacred architecture but there were only a few projects worth noting.

SACRED TELLURIDE: Telluride was holy ground.  This was a proposal for what I called the Sacred Telluride Project, a project to increase awareness of the sacredness of the earth.  It would place a sequence of shrines designed as chakras along the San Miguel River that came through town from high in the mountains flowing down the valley. Walking the path to each shrine in order would symbolize the journey of the soul, a concept that unfortunately was way over the heads of most people so it languishes in my computer. (See appendix for drawing)

DOMAIN OF LIGHT: I re-formated and re-named the HyperTheater Project to become the Domain of Light.  It had the same basic concept of a consciousness expanding environment based on sacred geometry and mind enhancing technology. It incorporated the latest computer base technologies like virtual and augmented reality and total immersion environments plus interactive events or adventure games but without the feature length film.  In addition, there was an alternate scaled down version for shopping malls and arcades to reach more people.

8+HOUSES: The Vesica Victorian House on a town lot.  The design had a contemporary look, based on the vesica piscis geometry.  The client unfortunately did not sufficiently understand the concept and was more concerned with money.  A number of other designs were in my mind that I finally committed to drawing.  (See Projects)


ETs @ Conference, Implanted-Gesica removed, Stargate Workshop- The Shield.


Still Classified, Hybrid ET/Human research, Lunch with a Zeta Reticulan


I met Robert at a Steps to Awareness Festival in 1996.  He was a talented grid worker, even if a little full of himself, trained by a woman who worked for the shadow government.  We became friends and did some work together on the City of Light project using a map with some rather unusual cut crystals that Marcel Vogel had given to him when Robert worked for him.  I had taken Robert into the ship below Bear Creek Falls (see Adniposhe, Gridworker’s Appendix). His wedding to Kristin was held in the Grand Canyon and was really an inner experience like my wedding to Bunnie. He flew me in by helicopter.  The site was Havasu Falls, the legendary portal into the earth of the Havasupai Indians who performed their sacred mountain sheep dance at the ceremony.

He told me about an experience he had had in a place near Telluride called “The Well’ that I think is instructive although not one of my own.  After the secret experiments in time travel in the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 and Montauk, Long Island, later, tears in the fabric of space/time were discovered through which astral beings were slipping into our 3D dimension. Another friend of mine told me that an Oxford educated African tribal chief had told him of a single clawed beast that was walking the land that was so hideous that domestic animals which that had seen it along its path had died in their tracks of fright. There was also a report from Crestone, CO of a single clawed arm reaching out of thin air.  Unable to do anything about it, the secret government had made an invitation to any psychic inner planes worker to repair the rips.

A group led by Robert’s mentor went into the Well, a cave with lithium hot springs, and worked for two days.  When they came out, Robert was confronted by a black unmarked Apache helicopter, fully armed, that was pointed right at the cave.  Nearby there was also a trailer with all sorts of electronic gear sticking out of it to monitor the work.  Apparently their work was successful, as they received some appreciation from the higher ups that came down the line.

Robert would probably not appreciate my telling his secrets, but he is dead now, reportedly he committed suicide, but this I doubt. He was not the type. More likely it was a secret government assassination, but that comes with playing with fire.  This is a small tribute to a friend.  I miss you, Robert.  See ya soon.




Robert Archer introduced me to the mystery school in 1996 which was called The Mountain Institute and located in Red River, NM. It was founded by its teacher-guru, Jerry Densow, a student of Audle Allison, a master and founder of the Lotus Center in Oklahoma City.  It promoted itself as mainly a meditation school but its primary objectives were: 1. to teach its students to become masters of the Kingdom (Multi-dimensional Reality) or “Freemen of the Whole Estate” and 2. to merge with the Soul, Oversoul and finally the Creator, Great Supreme, so as to bring them into physical form in the body.  In so doing, each student would live and act as a Divine being, thus awakening the rest of humanity.  To accomplish this, the school taught the ancient wisdom teachings of the world’s mystery traditions and the most profound practices based upon Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga in the lineage from Babaji.  Most importantly though, was its function as a school for Lamp Lighting, an Radhasomi initiation where the guru connects you to the Creator with a filament of golden light.  I joined in 1996 and by 1999 was an initiate.  (See 1.Kingdom under Ascension for the model of multi-dimensional reality and further commentary.)

This was to be a major change in direction in my spiritual work.  In traveling beyond the human energy body, the astral plane was shielded off due to its control by the forces of darkness, which could easily disrupt the spiritual progress.  Jerry would say to those who continued to play in this playground, “I will clean you up just once.”  To which I would reply, “Well Jerry, some of us have work to do in the astral.  What we need out here on the streets are M.A.S.H. units.”  No good, the inner work would have to take on a new M.O. For the mystery school this was called Service Class, a weekly meditation serving the earth with our power and energy, following Babaji’s guidance and working from the plane of the Soul or Godhead.   

The Kingdom gave me a model, a base map of multi-dimensional reality (MDR).  As a hobby at first I started making drawings of MDR’s of the world’s mystical traditions, reasoning that they were all seeing the same thing perhaps from a slightly different perspective and cultural context, which I should see in the comparison.  I was right.   There are some 40 plus models now, most of which are posted on this website and can be accessed from the Ascension portal.



In 1997, Bunnie, her daughter Anastarr and I took a trip to India to see Sai Baba at his ashram in Whitefield in Bangalore. Bunnie had been a follower for years but I knew nothing about him but went for the adventure.  I was very disappointed.  One day in the morning he appeared for darshan, an event strictly controlled by his security guards who kept people away from him in a highly ordered seating in the hall.  He would smile some, perhaps walk around some but rarely speak and then leave.  Nothing he had to say was very profound anyway.  For me he was just a magician with a few parlor tricks, like producing vibhuti (cow dung ash), and projecting a ray of orange light from his 3rd eye to that of Indian women in the hall which may have been why they would make such a fuss over him.  He had also constructed a huge etheric wheel that spun under the ashram to maintain a certain resonance there.  The side shows and people were much more interesting.

At the end of our trip we drove down to Auroville at Pondicherry on the southeast coast to see the Matrimandir, The House of the Divine Mother, (See 25.Matrimandir under Multi-dimensional Realities in the Ascension Portal).  I had analyzed its geometry and followed and contributed to its construction for many years. I was anxious to sit in its inner chamber with its mammoth spherical crystal.  It was just as I had imagined, a portal into the grid system.  What a trip!


Bunnie and I met Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) at a Satsang in Colorado Springs in 1998.  I had seen a flyer about it in a Boulder bookstore and told Bunnie,  “We need to meet this guy.”  We arrived early and sat right in front of him in the first row.  We talked with him personally afterward, having given him a cut white rose.  He invited us to stay at his ashram south of Bangalore, India and we scheduled it for the fall of 1999. 

Bunnie visited the ashram in the spring for her 50th birthday and had a rather extraordinary experience.  There happened to be a palm leaf reader visiting the ashram to whom Guruji referred his western guests for a reading.  The palm leaves are prophetic writings of the ancient rishis describing the lives of people to be born way in the future, particularly at this time of great change.  Not everybody has a leaf, in fact there are quite few, but Bunnie did.  It is found among thousands of leaves by birth date and thumb print.  The leaf identified her by name and described her life with extraordinary accuracy.  Even I was in her leaf.  The leaf foretold events in her life for a decade from age fifty to sixty years and then she was to return for another reading. 

We made a trip to the ashram in the fall.  Bunnie left with Anastarr before me. I had work to do with Beth Hinn on Shamballa.  While Bunnie was there without me there was a Shivaratri (the Great Night of Shiva) celebration at the ashram.  She actually witnessed Guruji take on Shiva’s shimmering body of light.  Not only that, for the whole week of the celebration the plumbing system of the ashram became electrified with sparks coming out of the pipes so that nobody could touch them.

We lived quite comfortably in a one-room kutir (cabin) on the ashram owned by some friends. Life was fairly routine, satsang every night in the Sumeru temple on top of the hill. We all took on Indian dress for the whole trip. I even wore a bare-chested dhoti in the temples.  It was a very sacred place of power where the rishis (the great sages of the Vedas) would meet for discussions and teaching. A convergence of leys crossed in its center. I loved to meditate there sitting on a ley in the warm morning sun.  There was lots of time for other activities. I worked on the architecture of the new satsang hall, called now the Art of Living International Center.  I also did some dowsing for Guruji to locate an ancient temple buried under his proposed new kutir and taught a course recorded for the ashram library.

Not long after I had arrived Guruji invited the three of us to join him on a two week train trip doing satsangs in towns along the Ganges River, starting from Chenai and continuing through Calcutta to Delhi.  This was really a great honor as for most of the trip we were the only westerners with him.  At satsangs some of which attracted a hundred thousand people or more, we sat on the stage next to Guruji acting holy.  People would come up afterwards to bow and touch our feet.  Often we would have to be protected as people would surge to the stage.  The train though was a real trip with so many people there to greet him.  We would have to throw our bags over their heads just to get on.  Learning patience was a great lesson for me. We had plenty of spare time to visit temples, like the Taj Mahal in Agra and the temples in Khajuraho.

It was there that we were invited to take part in a puja ceremony in one of the temples still in use. It had the largest Shiva lingam in India, practically filling the temple. In Calcutta we found the house where Yogananda grew up and we were allowed to meditate in his bedroom where he met Babaji and became enlightened.  In Varanasi for Dawali, the Festival of Light, throngs of people filled the streets. We had to step over “spooning” sleeping bodies to get to the ghats to board a boat to set candles out on the river. 

We went on a second trip with Guruji to the southwestern state of Kerala.  Here we were to witness a chanting ceremony with priests and elephants and make offerings in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Trivandrum.  Bunnie and I had been certified as devotees of Guruji, which gave us access to Hindu Temples. Going into one of their ancient temples is like stepping back in time.  The temple, dedicated to Vishnu reclining on a serpent, dates back at least to 500 BC.  There is an interesting side court surrounded by carved statues/columns that ring when struck, each a different tone, making the whole building a musical instrument. What is going on has been going on for thousands of years.  People are wearing the same clothes, worshipping in the same way.  The only thing that tells you what time period it is, is literally the watches men are wearing.

Back at the ashram Bunnie became absorbed in promoting a joint satsang in Bangalore with the Dalai Lama, who is very close to Guruji.  I took the opportunity to sightsee going south to Mysore and a little temple town called Melkute.  Here on a hilltop stood the 12th century Yoga Narasimha Temple at the top of a 1000 step staircase from a tank below, one of the most sacred places in India.   It was being renovated and I couldn’t go in so I decided to meditate on the hillside just below it.  In the meditation I heard the voice of an entity greeting me.  I asked it who it was and got a name I couldn’t pronounce much less spell.  It was the deity of the temple.  “What are you doing here?” I asked.  “I serve the people.” After sitting with the energy awhile, I asked if it had a message for me.  “Yes.  Do your work.”  Unforgettable.  Even my Indian driver felt the energy, vowing to return with his family.

The joint satsang with the Dalai lama was also unforgettable.  Over one million people came from all over the country.  They knew this from the number of candles that were distributed.  When they were all lit, flickering lights stretched to the horizon.

Guruji told me we had a past life together but didn’t say more.  When I looked in I saw a vision of him floating in the space in front of me that looked to be a jungle, wearing a radiant garment of pure white light. 

“Remember”, he said, “what it was like to walk in harmony with the Divine, to walk ‘the Path of Glory’.  Remember what it felt like to wear the Body of Perfection.  Remember when we walked together to fulfill the Plan, bringing Light to the world.”  He showed me why we came and how incredible it was to ‘Walk in Samadhi’, to be awake in a complete state of grace while doing the work in the world.   “Remember,” he said, “the feeling of joy in the flow of your being.  Feel it again.”   

This was an Indian trip few westerners get to experience.  The ashram today is much different, accommodating thousands of followers for satsang at the new temple.  You couldn’t get close to him now like back then. Jai Gurudev!


The next year, the millennium, Y2K. I traveled to Egypt.  Bunnie had already been, she had even once climbed the Great Pyramid in the dark.  This was not my objective, mine was to remember and reactivate the temples. The Nile temples represent a sequence of initiations into the Egyptian mysteries, some think they represent the chakra system of the body starting with the Temple of Ramses II above the Aswan Dam and culminating with the Great Pyramid.  I dowsed the energy patterns of all the Nile temples that I visited. (See drawings in the Appendix to the Gridworker’s Journal.)


  1. Abu Simbel, The Temple of Ramses II, swan:  The temple has been relocated to avoid being submerged in the lake when the new dam was finished. There were no energy lines here even though some visitors claimed to feel energies.  If anything they were feeling the electric field coming from cables underneath the floor.
  2. Temple of Isis @ Philae, Aswan:  This temple had also been moved when the first Aswan dam was built, but here the energy leys had been re-established, probably by the Sufi guardians who tended the temples.  There was a main axial gridline up the middle through the main portals and cross grids at the main walls as expected.  The axial grid even made a turn there to follow the temple orientation as it was added to over time.  When I found the vortex at the turn a Sufi guardian who had been watching me jumped up and gave me a grin and a great big hug.
  3. Temple of Sobek & Horus @ Kum Ombo.  This temple was dedicated to both the Light-Horus and the Dark-Sobek and so had two axial grids.  These had shifted over time so that they no longer aligned with the two main doorways and sanctuaries.  Two cross grids at walls were still there as was a vortex at the initiate’ s throne which sat between the axial grids.
  4. Temple of Horus @ Edfu: This temple was once the main learning center of ancient Egypt so one would expect a powerful grid system. However, to my surprise, there was nothing, nada, not a grid to be found.  When Christians defaced the wall carvings and the priests abandoned the temple n 391 CE they turned out the lights, literally.
  5. Temple of Amun @ Karnak (Thebes)   Ancient Thebes was the cult center for Amun.  Its priests were powerful and dark serving the hidden one, or serpent god.  The temple still stands as a testament to their power.  With its colossal columns it was considered one of the eight wonders of the ancient world.  Only its main axial grid remains of its grid system some 30 feet wide, right down the center pointing at the Valley of the Kings across the river.
  6. Temple of Luxor (Thebes): This is the “Temple of Man” written about extensively by Schwaller de Lubiz, dedicated to Amn-Ra.  The main axial grid widens instead of turning when the newer addition was realigned pointing to the Temple of Amun to the south. Three cross grids were found.  I had been told that if I meditated in front of the Solar Boat of Horus in one of the side chambers that a Sufi master would give me an initiation.  It was like “shaktipat” in Kundalini yoga: to open the 3rd eye, all done in silence.
  7. Temple of Hathor @ Dendara: This 18th dynasty temple was dedicated to the fertility goddess, Hathor, and was the counter part of the Edfu Temple of Horus.  It is famous for its distinctive Hathor headed column capitals and for its astronomical knowledge depicted on the ceilings, especially the Zodiac. Its single axial grid ends in the sanctuary rather than passing through as at other temples.
  8. Temple of Osiris and the Osirion @ Abydos:  The Osirion was discovered buried during the construction of the Osiris Temple by 19th Dynasty pharaoh Seti I, and is of unknown antiquity. The kings list on the walls of the grand staircase dates back over 36,0000 years.  Its design is based on the number seven and has seven sanctuaries to different deities.  The most amazing discovery here is that its grid system appears to be complete and perfectly aligned with a portal along its entry axis and to a wall on the cross axis.  The grids of the Osirion as well are complete and perfectly aligned with its columns and chambers in both directions.  It would appear that this temple is still being used as was in ancient times to work the planetary grid system.  There were several other indicators, one being the niches in the rear chamber that appear to have held some energetic objects that were placed on the grids, the other being the presence of a Sufi master that I was introduced to by the Egyptologist who accompanied the tour as if there was a mystery school there.
  9. Pyramid of Zoser & Unas @ Saqqara: Mortuary complex dating back to 27th Century BC.  The Unas pyramid was one of only a few to have inscriptions on it.  Here the Pyramid texts were instructing the pharaoh on the return to the stars.  It is a step pyramid with a large open courtyard for the pharaoh to perform annual ceremonies associated with kingship such as raising the Djed Pillar and the Heb-sed Festival.  The pattern of grids is quite remarkable being orthogonal, diagonal, and circumferential to the Zoser pyramid.
  10. 10.The Pyramids of Gizeh: Officially these pyramids, ten total, are tombs, but so far no mummies have been found in any of them, nor any inscriptions to the dead.   Khufu may have been buried below the Great Pyramid after it was built but to date the existence of the hall of records below it has not been disclosed to the public. Their purpose is probably related to ceremonial initiatory activities of mysteries.  More importantly, they serve as conductors of energy into and out of the planetary grid system, perhaps to stabilize it during times of catastrophic changes.   In meditation I realized some other functions:  the Great Pyramid, Cheops/Khufu, was the ascension pyramid (travel through dimensions); Chephren/Khafre was the stargate (travel to the stars); and Mykerinos/ Menhkare was the time machine (travel in time), and the queen pyramid functioned as control panels for the larger pyramids.

The grid pattern is complex, similar to that of the Zoser stepped pyramid.  I dowsed the Giza plateau twice, before and after the spring equinox, and found that some of the grids had shifted in direction of the energy current. 

I found that the experience inside the pyramids with a group really scattered the energy and that the pyramids are open to the public daily for a small fee.  The free day I spent in the pyramids practically all to myself.  Sitting in the niche of the Queen’s Chamber, for me, was much more powerful than lying in the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber.  I also discovered that you can find people in Gizeh who can escort you just about anywhere, that are usually off limits such as to the top of the pyramids for just a little “baksheesh”.  One of the most exciting experiences for me, though, happened in the King Tut exhibit in the Cairo Museum.  It was as if all the artifacts and tombs seemed familiar and I had known them before in another lifetime.  Here were the pharaohs Tutankhamun and Akenaten holding the flail and crook double crossed in the sign of the stargate over the heart.  Here were the mysteries of traveling to the stars and the duat (the land of the dead) written in plain sight on the tombs.   I was so excited.  Looking everywhere for something, I found it finally—a piece of jewelry, a crossed pectoral necklace, that I remembered as being mine. It showed the Djed pillar of Osiris in the stargate formed by the wings of Isis and Nepthys. It belonged to Smenkhare, Tut’s older brother and interim pharaoh for less than a year. He was assassinated by the Amun priests for refusing to move the capital from Armarna back to Thebes and re-instituting the old religion of Amun, which his father Akenaten had supplanted with the monotheistic solar god, Aten. 

There’s more to be discovered: recently a large, so far unopened chamber has been discovered above the grand gallery using cosmic muon (a subatomic particle similar to an electron) detection technology.

See “appendix #9: EGYPTIAN TEMPLE GRIDS for graphic and/or more info. 




Now most of the awakened souls are mostly gone from Telluride, dispersed out into the world, which needs us badly, to awaken the sleeping humanity still caught up in the big lie.  I imagine it is the same elsewhere. Being together for a while was a blessing but now there is urgent work to be done. 

Bunnie’s global business manufacturing and distributing skin care products, now in its fourth incarnation as ISUN Organic Skin Care, has kept us here.  I did a couple of conference presentations on sacred geometry and the inner work and mentored Anastarr in an 8 hour credit course for her senior year at Evergreen State College in Washington.

What’s taking most of my time these days is dealing with health issues.  First kidney failure in 2002, of unknown cause, followed by a series of infections, pneumonia, a broken arm, 70 percent loss of vision and a bunch of terminal disease diagnoses, most of which I gave back to the doctors.  One only needs a few terminal diseases to get by.  Western medicine is not about curing disease but is about money, so it keeps you alive with maintenance like transplants, dialysis machines and pharmaceuticals, as long as you can pay for them, and then you die. It knows nothing about the human subtle energy system or vibrational medicine, much less causal effects directed from higher dimension.  The kidney failure is the result of psychic demonic attack for working in the astral plane helping others under attack from the Dark without a proper shield. (confirmed with many psychic healers). Remember your shields, “Never leave home without them”.

I still study and do Service Class in the Mystery School.  It has moved to Montrose after many years of retreats in Ouray, CO.  The course work has taken me beyond the Creator of this universe, across the Void and into a primordial reality that has no form or definition but still has a kind of order, to the Creator of Creators, the Source of All That Is, the Seeder or simply The ONE. (See 0. Primordial Reality in Multi-dimensional Realities under the Ascension portal for more information.)

I monitor world events to see how things are shifting as the timing for the Ascension draws near and Trump is bringing on the collapse of global social and economic order.  Is he an instrument of the Shift, creating diversions in order to bring down the dark cabal, elite?

But mostly now I work on the Legacy Project—Humanity’s inheritance of the wisdom teachings except for a few pieces of work like the Creatrix.


This was a world activation meditation organized by Tom Kenyon.  I missed the time grid, but I have found that if one can travel in higher dimensions, one can also travel in time.

I went deep within, did my kriyas up through the Kingdom (multi-dimensional reality) to the Great Supreme and anchored the Source Light back down through Oversoul, Isun, Soul into the pineal gland in the brain.  I decided to meditate in the Golden Crystalline Grid above the planet where my guides again took me to the center of the earth, the Atoma, Earth’s central sun, now becoming familiar. Then they asked me to anchor my Pillar of Light there as so many others were doing as part of the global mass awakening and service. This Pillar of Light was the golden cord, my Antakarna, which I had re-connected to the Great Supreme Identity, and had brought down into the physical body with so much practice, as part of the mystery school training.  This time I brought the crystalline capstone of the pyramid of Christ Buddha Being I AM from a node of the Golden Crystalline Grid down the Pillar of Light with me. This activated a Pyramid Light Body from the grid to the planet.  The Pillar filled my body, aligned my chakras vertically, filled the center of my being with Source light activating the original Divine codes of my DNA and thence to the central sun-Atoma of the earth.  It brought down the New Jerusalem codes for the ascending Earth.

It was so awesome, so incredible, to look up from there and to see the display of Light converging and streaming into the center of the Earth from all over—its surface, inner earth, above the earth, from the Masters, from all awakened beings in service to earth’s evolution.  In effect we were all  bringing down the New Jerusalem, the ascended body of the planet.  Words simply do not describe how it so completely filled the heart, how it forever will be shining, indelibly etched on my mind to the very end of days. How it fills one with gratefulness to be here now to serve, to be a part of The Divine Party who go forth from this sacred planet to redeem the Plan for the rest of the worlds and who will again gather at the temple.  This great “Table” contains the holographic codes for creation, “the bar at the end of the universe,” where we raise our Holy Grails in remembrance of Sacred Planet Earth and to what we accomplished here.


Given all my health issues, I asked my guidance once, “Why Am I Still Alive? “ to which they responded: “Beloved Son of Light.  The mission for which you took this body is complete and you are urgently needed elsewhere.  But because of your knowledge and skills you have been given the choice to take on another mission. That is to assist the Great Awakening-Ascension to its critical event that you will witness.   That is our covenant with you.”  This is the Legacy Project, to document my experience and knowledge on a website available free to everybody.

What an amazing event this ascension is, that this planet, a speck in a vast galaxy which is a speck in an even vaster universe, which is itself just a speck in the incomprehensible multi-verse, should be so important, and attract so much attention as the key to the completion of the Plan for it all.

The Earth is prepared for the event, now it remains to complete the preparation of the Self.  There is also a personal work to complete, that of full enlightenment.  Many years ago I was told that in this lifetime there would be great initiation, which to this point in time I don’t feel has happened.   I still have work to do.  All of this experience and learning only brings me to the threshold of my enlightenment and must now be released.  This is perhaps the main reason for the Legacy Project.  It is as the Siva Sutras of Kashmir Shaivism teaches, “1. You are the same as the Supreme Identity. 2. All other knowledge is bondage.”

Remember also in your quest for enlightenment that preparing for the shift also requires one to balance personal karma. This requires forgiveness.  The karma of the past is recorded in the systemic akasha situated on a plane between the astral and mental which can only be accessed from above these dimensions. However, the unbalanced karma one acquires during the earth experience is systemic, that is, what happens on earth stays on earth.  The karma of a lifetime is not recorded until one dies.  Up to that time one can easily repair any imbalance that one has created by forgiving. This means forgiving all those who have hurt or cheated you and to ask the forgiveness of those you have hurt or cheated you: siblings, children, parents, friends, lovers, employees, customers, everybody, from day one. It is particularly important to forgive yourself, but also to ask forgiveness from them, while you still can.  Otherwise you will be back.

Merging with your Soul and then Prime Creator:  In the great vastness of your deep meditation you feel an overwhelming love embracing you, a love you never want to leave.  You hear a thought of a great irresistible voice calling you home to the Source of your being, your soul.  You only want to merge with it, completely surrendering your separate identity but gaining the infinite awareness of All That Is, of the beyond the beyond.  It is an absolute bliss that is beyond Samadhi.

When I was working on the Universal Law & Harmonic Project (see Articles) I asked Source, “When do we see your face?”

“When each being has called My name and heard My voice within their heart, then can we all come home.  Not so long now, my brother, not so long.  For in the blink of time that you and I know, nothing is much.  And in their splendor will beings be able to truly experience for the first time in its completeness the Face of Source.  For they will have seen their own and recognize what they have forgotten and as soon as that occurs, will I be there.”    Source