Channeling by KAHUNA through Sharon Tomas
Kilauea, HI 12.30.95

Note: This is really a message for the Family of Light and for all those that work with the grids. Some personal information has been deleted

Kahuna: Aloha, aloha, aloha, dear ones, yes, aloha, I am here, of course, I am here with you…I am here.
Dear ones, you are here to do what you have been requested to do, yes. As you know the grid is transforming, the grid, you know, that exists around this earth…you know this. Your part is, of course, valuable and important that you are activating.
Those portions of the grid that are necessary to begin the linking that will permit the light to… filter through to this earth, to this world…ummm this is imprecise.
As you know, dear ones, as you know, the information…the energy of knowing…the knowledge, that all of you possess…this knowledge has been hidden…necessarily. Your tasks here are to reveal this slightly hiddenness, if you will. It is your quest for this information that moves this entire planet…you know this.
We are saying to you are understanding very well, very well, you are a part of activating the larger grid that will permit the greater light, the knowledge to come through at this time. It is important…
It is vital that you do this. All are being activated in order to take this next step, your know this, dear ones, you know this.

Q. What is the specific work that we are to do here? (Bob)
Dear ones… you are carrying the gift of the grids that will activate the great crystals on this island, you know this There are crystals throughout this island, there are…umm dear ones, dear ones, dear ones…you, Umm dear ones, dear ones! Welcome. Welcome. Welcome!
You bring with you, dear ones, the possibility, the ability to place the capstone of information on the pyramids of crystal that exist in the whole of…ahhh, the valley (we laugh).
Yes dear ones. the Kalalau, yes you understand dear ones that there are great pyramids…as structures there.
You understand also dear ones, that these structures as they have been noted in other parts of this world appear to have their tops…they do not, you know this? (yes). As they do not have their tops they are dormant, if you will, dormant in ways that are awaiting activation. Your part is to bring these capstones, these energy…ahhh…

Sharon (out of trance now with eyes wide open): What am seeing are these grids and you’re somehow working this grid. And when you are working this part of the grid there are these beams of light flowing down to touch these pyramids. (We have seen this already at the heiau when we first arrived.) That is what it is. Well you are carrying some way…some ability to activate that whole thing. The crystals are in Kalalau, they are crystal pyramids…they are not like…they are both structures and etheric. (Discussion about the trail being open only to Hanakapi’ai Falls and that we cannot get to the Kalalau Valley.)

Kahuna: Dear ones, dear ones, dear ones, you can get to wherever you need to go. Dear ones, do not think that simply your feet carry you. Yes of course you know this.
You understand you are the beginning circle as you are the gift, you are the completion of this circle as you are giver. You are the receiver also of all that is known, all that is …written in your blueprint, if you will. Your blueprints…. you will be given, the ability, the capacity to complete your agreed upon tasks. You will do this. You will be given always, dear ones, the capacity, the ability to perform, to complete the agreed upon tasks that you have designed with the help of Spirit, and purpose for being here in this world at this time. Does this have meaning, dear ones?

Yes, in a general sense.
Q. Do these pyramids have a specific function? As transducers between off-on planet grids, as gateways? (Bob)
The function, dear ones, if you will, this is the, ahh…in this place, in this time, this is the center of all that is being created. This is the place…the birth, if you will, of the light. It requires the activation of these points in this valley to energize the rest of the grid. Does this have meaning? It is the heart, if you will, of all that is occurring. (Around the planet?) Yes Yes (So this is a heart chakra?) Yes, it comes from here (Kauai), dear ones, it comes from here (the heart). It is the activation, dear ones, again of this heart, if you will. It is the ‘Aloha’, if you will. It is the spirit of this place, yes, that is moving through out this world as you know it, dear ones.

Q. What about the columns of light originating from this council, and they come down as gold and pink columns of light, and there was a powerful love energy (Kahuna: Oh yes) and I felt they had a relationship to Sananda? (Bob) And we need to project ourselves into those columns of light and that by doing that we would then become almost like broadcasters ourselves to send this out? (Bunnie)
Yes, yes, yes. dear ones, understand, dear ones. You are the guides and teachers, if you will, of the planet at this time. Dear ones, as you know, all of you have raised, increased your frequency, increasing your capacity to carry light. In this way you are assuming, in form, the information that must be carried at this time.
Your own guides and teachers are moving, themselves, away to other levels. Does this have meaning? You are indeed, dear ones, assuming, the position, the tasks, of those guides and teachers that are close to the ones…to the ones here on this planet. It is necessary, dear ones, for these teachings, for this information to come through your informed bodies, as you will be received…you will be understood….you will be accepted with a bit more ease than the unseen ones. Does this have meaning?
In this way dear ones you have acquired a new tasks and responsibilities to carry the message that you may have considered would only be carried by your own guides and teachers. They are moving. You are aware, dear ones, of the shift in the Brotherhood, the exchange, the…yes, yes, you know this. In this way, yes, you are the stream, you are yourselves activated, you are activating your very own light receptors as you are available to carry this amount of light, to assist in this process.
You do have the images, dear ones, you are yet entering the stream, you are creating the movement of this information as it pulses from the center of the sun, if you will, as it pulses you pulse back. This pulsing is the information exchanged, received and transformed.

Q. The ships we’ve been seeing…who are those guys? Where are they from? (Bunnie & Bob)
You have a variety my dears, a variety. Understand there is so much light around this world at this time, there is so much excitement about this transformation. There are many, many around who are most interested in seeing what is going on. You are perhaps most in tune with galactic command, who are assembled from the various…the Arcturians, the Sirians, are of…some discernment potentially the Pleiadians, of course. There are many, multiple groups of Pleiadians. You are experiencing different groups of them also. They are coming from very far away…very far. It is getting a bit clogged if you can image the routes here. The transportation brotherhood is clearing as well as possible.

Q. Returning to the pyramids, is there a specific way to activate the pyramids, to place the capstone? Is the capstone ourselves? (Bob)
Yes! You are, dear ones, the frequency for it. It is, again, your willingness to enter the columns. As you see them they are there. As you are in them they are there. As they are there they are activated. You are activating them now, dear ones.
It does not take, as you imagine, the bells and whistles of great accomplishment for you to know that you are doing this. It is occurring with every breath you take.

Q. Is there a connection from Kauai to Telluride? (Bob)
Yes. There are links. You do understand the formation of the “dove”…the covering of the dove. They are linked in this way. All are linked. You are where you are supposed to be. You are light workers…you are of the Family of Light…you understand this.
So many of the Family of Light are being drawn to this place, as it is indeed the heart, the place to work. It is the homecoming for renewal and for clarity of the heart space. You are also required to be other places.
It is part of your contract that you will place yourselves in places that are very close to the light…there may be a balance that your presence will tip toward the light. You will find yourselves…present at disasters…present at places of great conflict.
It is your agreement, your contract to be here at this time, dear ones. We have called you from so far. We have offered you a great deal of…interesting things to do, if you will. We did entice you to this place and this time. You are needed. You are, of course, the ancient ones, the ones who were here at the beginning of this world and are, of course, quite interested in its transformation. Does this have meaning? Yes.

Q. It seems that the connections to be made are really through the stargates, to the center, to Source again, ( Kahuna: Yes! Oh yes, yes, yes) to link the councils, from the Council of Elders of the Central Suns, all the way down through the hierarchy of councils? I see rings of councils around this column of light (Kahuna: Yes!) as it goes through these stargates? (Bob)
Yes. You are certainly understanding, dear one, the fidelity is increasing. It is as if the veil is being lifted. It is so permeable at this time as your bodies of light increase, you know this.
As your bodies of light do, so does the fidelity of the information increase. It does not have to be stepped down so much to be received by those here. As you are contacting these councils the energy, the information from the Source…it is more apparent to you….
Dear ones, know this, all receive this information…but all are not attuned to the frequency that permits the information to understood. It is as if you are looking into a room through a very small opening and can see only a small portion of it and declare this as real, as what is.
There are those who will only see a small portion. Dear ones, you are enlarging this keyhole so that the availability to the larger room, the larger picture expands and expands until you can see it all.
You know dear ones, you agreed to come to this place with, what we can only call blinders, in order to focus your plans, your purpose, your gifts. These blinders are being removed. The availability of the larger picture is present.

Q. Sooo, from whence were we enticed? (Bob)
Well…you have been flying about, and, well, dear ones, you were here at the beginning. You were part of the formation of this world. You have certainly had stops in Sirius, in those dimensions. You have come from planets of great intellect and music. You have come from planets of great beauty, dear ones. We call them planets but they are zones, they…as you know, time and space are artifact of this place, of this current zone, of this field.
You are from everywhere. You have experienced a great deal. You have chosen to be in places where learning occurs…learning of the mind, learning of the Spirit, learning of the beauty, learning of the feelings. Your are here as you are been to coordinate all of this…That is what this planet at this time requires. Does this answer your question?

Oh,yes in general terms (Kahuna: you want to know what stars?) What gates? We all come from the same place. I wanted to know the path from that Source and the worlds and gates…to have a context…a link? (Bob)
Your are much linked to the Arcturians, dear one. The Arcturian, as the Sirians and the Pleiadians all represent an energy, a high frequency of information, a love that is very powerful. You have a source and ability to understand the power of love…it is not sentiment with you. It is different than the experience those have of the Pleiadians…they have nourished a…softer love, if you will…a vibration of peacefulness. The Arcturian space, is apparent most for you at this time. It is not where you are mostly recently from. With the Arcturian you are bringing the love as power, the love as creation. You understand the difference. Do you understand?

Well, yes, I understand. I have a hard time with people who do not understand what I understand. (Bob)

Of course, your are one of the…(?), of course. You are still in this time and space and mass consciousness. It is hardly aware or ready to receive. They are more and more aware…the idea of miracles, the idea of angels being present as the messengers of God, you see, are building an awareness of Spirit that all are beginning to carry. It is with equal…you know this, as this rises, so too does the ‘dark’ to match.

I have a sense we have encountered some of that already on the Island. (Bob)
Yes you have, dear ones. There are many who seem called…there are many who misunderstand. There are those too who are very much a part of the ‘dark lords’, the ‘time lords’, who wish for things to be as they are not.

Q, Is appropriate to work with other people then or should we work alone? (Bob)
No, no, no! You all need your councils…you all need your teams. You will be very discouraged if you cannot find others of like-mindedness and you will attract these. Fear not this. The light is with you and around you.

Q. Can we get specific about this work now with Kay…before we leave the island, we felt we needed to do this activation in the valley and that Kay Snow-Davis is with us to do this work? (Kahuna: Yes, dear ones). We have purchased some crystals, one of which we feel to plant at the location of activation. Is there a particular ritual or prayer or chanting or anything specific we need to do to facilitate this activation? (Bunnie)
You know the Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth prayer? This is the strongest light, settlement. It attracts only the light. It clears. No dark can stand in the presence of the Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth. It is Sananda’s prayer.

Q. So at this place, then, if the three of us together chant the Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth…I felt the three were vital to this work. (Kahuna: The three are important, yes.) Is there a particular place around this waterfall where we are to plant this crystal, at the base, at the top or somewhere else? (Bunnie)
It will be the place one of you stumbles.

Along the way? (Bunnie)

Q. Yes but there are more than one pyramid here are there not? (Bob)
Yes. There are several. When you reach the falls, where ever you are. You will be slipping and sliding…that is the nature of the trail. It is where you all are feeling it is appropriate not to move much further and you begin to feel a resonance of Spirit around you. You may hear… Kay may be drawn to dance a hula at that moment. In this way you will know you are in the area, dear ones. You will know.

Q. Is it near the water? (Bunnie)
It is near the water, yes.

Q. The crystals we have would seem to be seed energies to hold our energies in that place? Kahuna: Yes, it is a way of linking you, yes. It seems now that there is more than one crystal to plant…maybe three of the large ones. (Bob)
Yes, yes, yes, Plant the larger…the sister and the brother. Plant also the sea shell, the giant sea shell. A conch shell? (Bunnie) Yes. It is the feminine dear ones. It has great power in its sound. It is seen as the call…the men blow them…it is truly the feminine…the will of the female. As you see…plant the crystals with the shell facing them. You have a master crystal, You know this? Yes. Plant the master crystal. As you feel drawn to plant other crystals there you may. It is not nearly as vital as you imagine. This master crystal will set off all that is necessary. In balance to this master crystal and to bring the energy of these isles to this activation…Also plant and sound, if you can, the conch.

The… soo…. (Bunnie)
You are quite ???? You are doing very well…you are meeting your contracts very well, dear ones. We are extremely grateful for your presence and your being here.

Q. So is there only one location on the island to plant the crystal then…do we need to plant other crystals? (Bunnie)
No, no! As you are drawn to a space, you will know. Do not try to figure this out too much, dear ones. You will understand…you will know. This is the gift. You will enter the zone and you will know this is the place.

Q. What about at the heiau at the beginning of the trail? Kahuna: That is a hula heiau. Is there any work we need to do there…with sound?. Kahuna: No, nothing. Just a good place to meditate then? (Bunnie)
Yes, you may do this. You may enter this heiau with the knowledge that it is the sacred dance that it represents. Kay will know this. This is all that is required of you there.

Q. Tell me, Kahuna, I feel such empowerment and such power whenever I walk this trail. I feel such a Presence, always have since the first day I entered it. Can you tell me about this Presence that is there?. What is it? (Bunnie)
You have lived there for one thing. You are connecting to all the energies there that are very familiar to you. There are those…I agree…the Kalalau is truly the Garden of Eden. It is the place from which all creation has sprung. It is a tale told here. It is to understand, of course, there were many gardens, there were many reasons for all that was formed here…all of the stories. As you were here at the beginning, you were here at the Kalalau. It is this sense return…of returning home that strikes you so deeply.

Q. Is this true for Bob too? (Bunnie)
Yes. Yes.

Q. So this is really important for us to come here? As we were called? (Bunnie)
Yes, yes, of course. I ring you up all the time (laughs).

Q. So, we will be coming back many times? (Bunnie)
Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Dear ones, know this, you will return as you wish and desire. Your work is off this island, however. This can be difficult for many of you. You feel such a longing of the Spirit. Know, we are with you always.

Q. I fell a sense of rejuvenation returning here…and I feel it is such a place of healing…a place of bringing again that empowerment and then take it out into the world…to go again in various places? (Bunnie)
It matches your frequency more truly, you will find, dear ones. You are in your work…you will find, as you enter a room, your frequency calls others to rise with you. You will rarely match as you enter a room frequencies matching yours. It is when you are here that you feel most truly the frequency of love.

Sharon: (out of trance) It is clear you both lived in the Kalalau. I saw Bob scrambling over the mountain. You (to Bunnie) feel more a priestess type…you were doing temple work. You (to Bunnie) were a female presence and you (to Bob) were a male presence.

Q. Discussion of past life memory of female embodiment and of the path from the pool in the jungle up the mountain? (Bob)
You will return to this pool, of course. Your shield mate is very in tune. You are both very in tune, obviously. You have shared many lives together, you know this. You have come from the Source. You did agree to come here together. In fact that was sort of a condition of your arriving here.

Q. There are others on the team, though? (Bob)
Oh yes. This was important though, very important.

Q. As we do this work and activate here, we felt to make a connection to the mountain in Telluride, where we live. Yes. We live in a very powerful place and to establish a connection. Can you see that? What is the importance of that? And how might we work with that? (Bunnie)
There are several levels to this, dear ones. First of all, yes, you do create a connection. As you gather shells from this place return them to the mountain. You may set them in the sun…you may ground them in the earth.

Q. May I collect rounded lava stones from the beach? (Bob)
Here you may do this. On the island overseen by Pele you may not. Do not take from her. She jealously guards her lava. On Kauai, we offer you this gift. These stones represent the power and fire of this place which are little understood along the sea shells which are the feminine again…we call it feminine…it is the receiving…the transforming energy. The words do not describe very well what this is. In this way you create a connection with this place.
We are aware that the one you call Kay is part of your Spirit light family. Your have returned to each other. You are in the process of creating a way of being together and producing something.

Q. We have heard recently that Telluride has now become a focus of the spiritual hierarchy which has moved from the Royal Tetons? (Bob)
It is, of course, a movement. It is as the centers all over are being activated…as you will find the light forming in the Telluride area. It is part of the grid…it is the focus of activation as this place is activated there are other places are being activated, as you know this. It is all occurring. There is little that you know, after the millennium, that will look the same. You know this?
It is as if time…you have heard of the end time. This means the end of linear time and the creation, the beginning of spiral of time.
You will be in those dimensions that will be perceiving…you are very much in the parallel dimensions now. You have been experiencing things appearing and disappearing, yes?
It is as you move between these universes that this occurs.
You will feel a weightedness…a density, when you find yourselves in what you call the third dimension. This can feel very hard for you.
We offer only that you are more and more in the fourth-fifth-sixth dimension. You are ????(name for a type of being).

Q. Now you have teased us with this…that we will be close to disasters and now the end time. Can you give us an update on the earth changes for us particularly and our work? Where are we to be? (Bob)
You are creating this, you know this. Dear ones, know this. We encourage you to focus on the idea that all that has been created is ending. All that is being created is in formation now.
It is in this place of in between that you feel this confusion or spinning. It is that you are here …the way that you are forming this other blueprint.
As you are forming this other where you are, preforming where you are, you will find, dear ones, in order to move away or out of this confusion or spinning, you will be taking actions that will be forming your future.
Dear ones, know this, you are quite capable. You have the ability to do all that you designed for yourselves to do. You are unable not complete your tasks. It is not possible. Do not fear this wherever you are…whatever you choose to do.
Dear ones, we offer this to you. You have come with such mission…you have come with such love and intention to be here. We are deeply, deeply grateful that you have agreed to come.
Know then, dear ones, there is not a misstep that you can take. What you can do for yourselves is know that what pleases you…what gives you energy and joy is what you can be doing. It is a way of knowing the next steps. The next steps will be revealed to you. You can take no action that will not lead to where you agreed to go.

Q. I was once called the “Paradox” by a channeled entity. What did that mean anyway? (Bob)
Oh, dear one. You are all such paradoxes. Your are all such light. Your agreement to put yourselves in these forms…what is so paradoxical is the idea you all have, dear ones, if you were truly great and truly conscious, what are you doing here? You are here by agreement…you answered a call to be here. You are not here because you have done something bad that requires that you move through something in order to return to Source. No, no, no.

Q. We didn’t come here to have the earth experience? (Bob)
No…well, in a way, yes. You are bringing your teaching and knowledge…we had to entice you a bit with an opportunity to learn something. So you acquired life lessons.

(Personal information deleted)

And you will find, all of you as light workers, you have agreed to be here. You have agreed to be in these forms. You are expanding your light bodies in order to increase your receptors, if you will.
Yes, reassure these forms, dear ones. You have taken these forms to serve. You have taken these forms in order to reveal and be seen as substance here in this way. The ones we call mass consciousness are better able to receive from those they can touch.
They will discount the angels…the unseen voices. This is why you have agreed to remain in body. This is perhaps the most difficult part of your contracts. We did have to offer some inducements, yes.

(Personal information deleted)

Q. Well is it possible to go some place for vacation? (Bob, all laughing)
This is a good question. Dear ones, if you will imagine that you have been training for the Olympics…now you are in the Olympics. All that you agreed to do…all that you have prepared yourselves to do…the times are now. In this way dear ones, you are very busy…very busy. We offer to you that as you have agreed to be in body here, you do have dominion this space. You are able to say, “Back off…I will receive you in my own time…I require rest”. Do not do this here, of course, (laughs) because you are here to be available.

(Personal information deleted)

Dear one, know you are working on so many levels. You are aligning yourselves with others who are councils, if you will, who have master teachers as you do. And we use ‘teacher’ advisedly…it is is energy.
You understand, dear ones, that you carry the highest frequencies. When you are requesting assistance, you are simply channeling your intentions and desires to those who wish to support you. There is so much you know…simply trust what you know.
You will find your guides emerging from background to foreground as you enter and involve yourselves with different activities. As you create the channel the energy is given. Does this have meaning?
It is for you to define your intention. It is for you to bring from the sea of potentiality what you wish to do. What you wish to do is an expression of what is coming through from (the higher) You, a part of your soul’s expression and what gives you pleasure and joy. This is one of the perks we offered you for entering this space.

(Personal information deleted)

Keep in mind, dear ones, all there is, is the moment. You know this. It is how you work in the moment…the intention, the willingness to say, “Oh this is what is…not what I want it to be or what I imagine it to be. This is what is and we can be here”. Because we know this moment represents all of the circle.
Dear ones, you can not know all that is going on. You have felt some strain in receiving the purer information…the increasing light in your bodies. It is a grace to protect you from some of it. (If you knew it all you would not maintain the link with the physical bodies) You can know what is required for you to know. You can expand your knowing as you expand your picture. You still will not know all that is going on. You would go nuts! (A technical term we have. Laughs)

(Personal information deleted)

It is important dear ones to understand with whom you are speaking…know who your own guides are and know who other’s are. Some will be quite profane…others will be…we mentioned, there are many around this world at this time who are quite interested in this happening and they can appear as gods if they reveal themselves. They are not. They are magicians. Beware, yes.

Q. I would like to ask about the work Bob and I have seen ourselves doing and the property we have in Telluride which is empowered, and actually creating structures where people may come for instruction, for healing and that we may use for the planetary grid work. I see a pyramidal structure. . (Bunnie)
Use your sacred geometry dear ones. The essential, the elemental form is the tetrahedron. The vortex is the star tetrahedron…you know this.

Q. What about a stargate up on the property? (Bunnie)
You have one!!! Attend to it. Yes. You greet the ones who come through it and leave.

Q. A gateway not to inner earth but to the celestial realms? (Bob)
Yes, to celestial realms. There are inner gates as you know. The circles…are reflecting the inner energy, you know this. The crop circles!…yes. They are reflecting the emerging of the inner worlds to join the outer ones, you know this.

Dear ones, we must end.