Hawaiian City of Light/Golden Crystal Pyramids

December 1995-97
By Robert Gulick

Before I arrived in Telluride in 1992 I had been told that I would meet and marry my future mate there and that we would live on a mountain and she would know how to do the Inner Work. Her name is Bunnie, short for EL.MY.RA. Starr, her actual given name. In 1995, the year we were married on our land, July 1, we took a winter solstice vacation trip to Kauai, her favorite island…north shore. The day we arrived we sat in meditation on the heiau (platform temple) at the head of the Napali coast trail…its a hula temple, very sacred, now closed to the public. In the meditation we both had a vision of the same thing…of golden etheric crystal pyramids stretching from the valleys into the ocean, particularly from the Kalalau Valley. They were missing their capstones but were connected up into the golden grid above the planet, what some are now calling the Crystalline Grid, by pillars of golden Light. The capstones reside in the grid intersections of this grid like pyramid jewels, transducing energy from the cosmic grids into the planet. We also were given the same message, “Replace the capstones down onto the pyramids”. We came out of meditation, looked at each other and just laughed. Damn, we didn’t bring any tools/toys for this kind of work.

We decided to see a local channel to get a better sense of the work.
She’s a hoot, (Sharon Tomas, lived in Kilauea) channels a group matrix called Kahuna. We didn’t tell her exactly why we are there. She goes into trance, eyes closed, obviously doing her standard ‘schtick’ for about a minute, ” Aloha, blah, blah…Dear ones, blah, blah…the Grids, blah, blah, blah, when suddenly her eyes open staring straight at us, and says, “Oh, Dear ones, welcome…welcome…welcome. We did not know who you were. Welcome.” We all laugh. She confirms the crystal pyramids that fill the Kalalau Valley and says we are carrying the ability to activate the whole thing.
Apparently the promise of a vacation was the way to get us there.

Kahuna: “This is the place…the birth, if you will, of the light. It requires the activation of these points in this valley to energize the rest of the grid. Does this have meaning? It is the heart, if you will, of all that is occurring. (Around the planet?) Yes, yes (So this is a heart chakra?) Yes, it comes from here (Kauai), dear ones, it comes from here (the heart).”

Bunnie: The columns of light originating from this council? and they come down as gold and pink columns of light, and there was a powerful love energy (Kahuna: Oh yes) and I felt they had a relationship to Sananda. (Kahuna: Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth).

Kahuna: “You are the guides and teachers for the planet now, taking over from the guides and teachers who are withdrawing…shift in the Brotherhood…you carry the knowledge and energy. To do the work you must enter into the columns of light…” “It does not take, as you imagine, the bells and whistles of great accomplishment for you to know that you are doing this. It is occurring with every breath you take.”

Discussion of connection of Kauai to Telluride followed.

“It is your agreement, your contract to be here at this time, dear ones. We have called you from so far. We have offered you a great deal of…interesting things to do, if you will. We did entice you to this place and this time. You are needed. You are, of course, the ancient ones, the ones who were here at the beginning of this world and are, of course, quite interested in its transformation.”

Bob: “It seems that the connections to be made are really through the stargates, to the center, to Source again, (Kahuna: Yes! Oh yes, yes, yes) to link the councils, from the Council of Elders of the Central Suns, all the way down through the hierarchy of councils. I see rings of councils around this column of light (Kahuna: Yes!) as it goes through these stargates? Bob (Kahuna: Yes! You are getting it.)

So, there’s much more info…especially some personal stuff…we have both had past lives in the Kalalau Valley. We are to use the ‘Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tyebayoth’ mantra to activate the work. Toys are not necessary, but then we are advised to acquire a crystal (from Katrina Raphael’s shop, masculine element), and a conch shell horn, (feminine element) anyway. The work is to be done from Hanakapiai Falls on the Napali coast. The session ends with instructions to tend to the stargate on the land above our property in Telluride, saying, “You greet the ones who come through it and leave.”
(Bunnie was originally attracted to the land because she had seen the hooded gatekeepers to inner earth, walking the forest with the orbs of light, like people see Hawaiian warriors walking the King’s Road on the Big Island.)

The work is accomplished simply and quickly at the falls; the crystal and shell were programmed and left in the pool. We collected some shells and lava washed up on the beach (permitted) to place on the altar in our labyrinth at home.

The next year we are told to return to Hawaii to continue the work, this time with the hearts of the pyramids. They (guides) don’t tell us where we are to go but say that we will meet someone there who will guide us. Air travel mileage takes us to Maui, where we camp out at the Wainapanapa state campground near Hana intending to go to Kauai again later. The first day we go into Hana where a ‘mekeke’ is taking place sponsored by the local hula school. The school students are all wearing tee-shirts, my God, with the Pleiadian stargate on the back. I ask them about it; Oh, yes, it was designed by Nama Hana, the kumu (teacher) of the school who was directing all the hula dances and chants that were going on.

It was mesmerizing to watch her. I knew she was the one we were to see but no one from the school would introduce us because her father had just died and she was in mourning. Finally I worked up the courage to go up to her, introduced Bunnie and myself, and told her we had come from Colorado to do Inner work with the golden crystal pyramids. She nodded.

We met her privately that afternoon accompanied by her husband and secretary. We sat quietly for a few moments and then she asked, “Have you come to replace me?” “Oh no”, we said, “We have only instructions to work with the pyramids.” All of us weeping at this point, she says. “The land is waking up, but my people are not.” She also knew that the Islands were becoming the new planetary heart chakra. Then she told us that the ancient knowledge of the Islands being a City of Light that was made up of “hales” (Hawaiian for houses). These were generally natural features like volcano Haleakala, House of the Sun, the Io Valley, but there were also some heiau’s built on sacred spots. She proceeded to have her secretary write down the names of the hales, some of their gatekeepers and phone numbers for the four islands she knew about. This was so we could get permission to get into some of the most sacred places on the island. The rest of that vacation we spent running the grids on Maui, standing in the columns of light.