The Orion stargate geometry consists of a pattern of interpenetrating tetrahedrons each conforming four vortexes within creating a worm hole in their overlapping. The base was then a six sided pyramid. The first stargate was constructed in Solara‘s house in Mt Shasta in Jan, 1987, woven of wool yarn supported from the timber superstructure. The others set up in Telluride and the our mesa house were made with braided copper wire fed through acrylic tubing to make them rigid. In the first gate there were quartz crystals positioned on the center axis: a single terminated crystal at the apex, a double-terminated crystal at the midpoint and a crystal cluster at the bottom. The copper stargate had a geometrical metaform made of copper tubing substituted for the middle crystal which was adjustable vertically acting like a transformer for the transmission of energies. The vertical legs of both could be adjusted so they were vertical which closed the gate and made the space a healing environment. The seat was positioned right over the base crystal cluster.

There is a sketch of the Orion star system Betelguese, Beletrix, Rigel, Saiph and the three belt stars. Note that a line drawn through the belt points directly at Sirius on the left side and to the Pleiadian cluster in Taurus on the right. The center star of the belt is the portal in Orion taking one to the center of creation, which is why the Orion Council sat there and also why the dark Empire also sat there by a lower dimension…a very rare occurrence not found in many galaxies of this universe. (There is one however in Andromeda.) The portal JJ went through with Metatron into the presence of the Creator was actually the apex of the stargate, a star known as omega Orion. (Betelguese is alpha Orion). There are also stargates formed by the geometrical arrangement of stars in the Sirius and Antares Star systems that I know about and a main transport stargate in the Milky Way highway system that is very close to our solar system, which is one reason why earth is such a popular stopping off place…but also now because of the imminent ascension of the earth and humanity.