Summer 1987

Excerpted from: “Preparing for the Shift: Notes from a Grid Workers Journal” by Robert Gulick presented at the US Psychotronics Association Conference, Chicago, IL. July 2008, Healing the Earth with Subtle Energy.

The big work for me before the Convergence in August was the realignment and reactivation of a number of gates of different types in the oceans. The angel guide for dolphins showed up one night in the spring for our weekly group channeling, totally surprised to be in the company of so many awakened human beings doing service work for the planet. She was there to deliver a request to me from the great being who en-souls the planet, Sanat Kumara, to fix up these gates before the Convergence, so the pulse of cosmic energy coming to enliven the planetary grid system would flow through the grids without obstruction. The request was made directly to me. I didn’t have a clue of how to fulfill this request. This is quite often the case, which then stirs up an intense period of learning. This all requires a great deal of trust, investment of time and energy. Sometimes you don’t know the last piece of the puzzle until the very end.

There were 30 gates in all, 4 groups of seven and two more that we were not to touch, as they were control gates into the inner earth, one Atlantean and the Lemurian. It took a good part of the early summer to locate by latitude and longitude, all the 28 gates to be healed: Pyramidal, Stargates, space-time Folded Gates and Ray gays. (See description below)

Finally as the Convergence was drawing near, and we hadn’t been given final clearance for the work to be done. Timing is of the essence (time grids) as all other parts of the puzzle must come together. On July 21,1987, a small group including star family member John and Sue and Roger from the Castle Rock healing group, gathered and in a single night of intense trance work, located, opened, cleaned, reactivated, repaired, realigned, reenergized and filtered each of the 28 gates.

We worked from an crystal clear etheric ship constructed for the work, a sphere with rings like Saturn for protection, a golden Ray of Light from the universe Central Sun coming through the sphere and with a violet transmuting flame within. To work on a gate we could either draw it into the ship with a tractor beam or project ourselves down into it or blow off negativity as the case warranted. Dolphins assisted, often pointing out things we initially missed seeing. All the gates had a sonic frequency signature that the dolphins could hear. They were reluctant to go into the gates themselves as they had been caught in them before. Also assisting were Musar, King of Gnomes, master of planetary electromagnetic drifts, from Sagittarius & Tarus home worlds, Erami, powerful gnome, Magician of the Worlds of Djinn, controller of the earth’s mirrors, Ruler of the 4 Elements, Lord and Ruler to the Emerald Domes of Rubikon, from home worlds of Ophichus & Draco and several angels, one by the name of Starfire. After the work was done we left the ship stationed over the north pole with the ray extending through the earth to the central sun and wired to all the gates so they could be monitored in the future. The Work was done and sealed.

Years later at an International Association for New Science (IANS) Conference a friend with connections in the secret black ops programs told that the U.S. Navy had recovered the control panel for the Atlantean portal in ocean water northwest of the Azores, right where we had located it. Apparently it still had some crystals in it, but as I has already remembered the main crystals had been removed just before the fall of Atlantis and placed in a higher dimension for safe keeping.