The grids are shifting in response to the new vibrations of the field of energy the earth is moving into.  Shifts are happening on all levels of human activity.  All of us are responsible for healing the earth on the physical plane:  ending environmental pollution, social injustice, inequality, hunger and helping our fellow human being.  This means putting human welfare and awakening, not money, on the bottom line of all interactions.  However, if you are called to this work, these are a few thoughts, tools and techniques.


There are essentially two ways to work:

1. to unconditionally volunteer one’s Light in service to the work of the planetary spiritual guidance, i.e. the Ascended Masters which basically brings light into the darkness, and

2. to follow the requests and instructions of spiritual guidance of various degrees in consciously effecting a specific piece of work.  Usually this is initiated at the request of the spiritual guidance or Ascended Masters.

The first way is probably higher because in not knowing what the work is, one avoids involving the ego and getting attached to the outcome—it is purely unconditional. The second way has the risk of involving the ego and requires a degree of psychic ability to see and travel in the higher planes but may also have a more immediate effectiveness.  The mystery school teaches the first way, the Family taught the second.


As you do this work, it’s paramount to learn to build and maintain your shields at the various levels upon which you work.  Start with the physical plane and work your way up. Shields are basically activated Light Bodies for each plane with certain enhancements.   Also learn to protect/shield the work itself (this involves invoking or asking/placing angels to hold the energy). There is evil on every plane of duality, ie. every plane of the Lower Kingdom below Godhead. This evil or darkness considers itself separate and equal to the Supreme Being, it is conscious and self-directed with its own agenda: to keep mankind from ascending and claiming its divine heritage, enslaving man to its material fulfillments.  It is just the opposite of your purpose as a Light Worker.  It will distract you at every opportunity, as when you play in the astral when you shouldn’t or forget to put on you shields.  You are protected to a degree by your innocence, sort of like the Eloi were protected from the Morlocks in H.G.Wells’ “Time Machine”. Denial is not protection.  As one of my teachers always said, “Never leave home without them.” The basic shield that works on many levels is just to “Bubble up”: install a bubble of energy around you that is mirrored on the outside. Such a convex surface reflects the negativity sent to you in a way that scatters it without injuring the sender. Bubble the whole work or invoke guardian angels.


The Work, like enlightenment, is a process, not an event, and is effected by degrees.  It goes forward on a personal and planetary level, each affecting the other in reciprocal fashion.  Each piece is a part of the whole hologram.  As you heal yourself, humanity is healed and so the world. 


The work requires that changes be effected from a higher dimension than that where effects are to take place.  For the physical plane that means the astral plane. But the astral is the energy playground and one can easily be distracted by (or stuck in) the emotional dramas, and even attacked by all the different astral beings, extraterrestrials and entities. Better to at least work with the ascended masters on the Christ/Buddha plane, which corresponds to the Buddhic subplane of the Mental plane, but one only has access to personal akashic records from that level.  Ideally one works from the level of the Soul, the plane called Godhead, where one has access to universal knowledge and the akashic record, and works with the higher orders of Masters, on and off planet. For this work one must at least be trained in moving through the lower Kingdom and merged with one’s Higher Self, the Soul.  There are particular masters at this level who work with the evolution of the world, especially Babaji who is the lord of evolution for the planet.


At whatever level you work, it requires an intense focus of consciousness.  Manifestation in this physical world is effected by an intense concentration of mind, powered by intense desire (emotion) and is directed by intention or will.  The mind, even focused in small groups can effect great changes. For example, it was shown that a group of fewer than 20 individuals could actually change sunspots.  The power of people meditating together and intending change for the positive is often referred to as the “Maharishi Effect.” In the 1960s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described a paranormal effect claiming a number of individuals (the square root of 1 percent of the people in a given area) practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) together could have a significant effect on raising the consciousness of the local environment.


We volunteered to be in physical bodies at this, of all times, because the Plan finally gets worked out here in the physical.  We are in the control room driving this transformation.  From this plane of existence our sight and knowing can easily become distorted so it is prudent to call upon higher orders of intelligence to transcend limitations and clarify distortions.  Many requests for work come through your personal guidance which should be involved always to assure ego is controlled.  Do not get involved with requests for work that you cannot qualify by some other means such as a clear channel who is unattached to the work.  You can also request volunteers from the angelic kingdom depending on the work.  Spiritual guides for all the elements play important roles, but Gnome masters of the earth element are particularly useful for grid work.  Calling for the assistance of angel guides for each continent and small landform are important in doing the healing work.  Ask for the guidance of the Ascended masters, and first always ask for permission to do the work and always intend that whatever you do is in accordance with the Divine Plan.  Use mantras to invoke the appropriate master, elemental, devic or angelic guide to assist you in the work.  Meditate always, go within, listen.


The work is always done from a sense of service, to humanity, to the planet, to the Brotherhoods and Councils of Light and to Source/the Supreme Being.  Do not get full of yourself.  Stay humble and grateful for the opportunity to serve.  Give thanks.  You will learn to use a sword of truth, of Light, like a Jedi light saber, as an instrument of enforcement of the Divine plan. The Bhagavad Gita is instructive here.

The Gita, the “Song of God”, is the story of prince Arjuna of the Pandava family, the Forces of Light in battle against the Forces of Darkness is told by Krishna.  Sitting in the middle of the battlefield, Arjuna despairs fighting the opposing army, seeing members of his family there. Krishna, his charioteer, counsels him on the true nature of multi-dimensional reality and the eternal Self, which cannot be lost in death.

Krishna reminds Arjuna of his royal lineage, of his birth into divine mission, that he is a spiritual warrior commissioned for this moment and that he is not his body but an immortal being. He reminds Arjuna that right action is taken because it must be taken, because that action serves a greater purpose, a Divine Plan.  Such action is taken out of a sense of service and thus non-attachment to the outcome, a place of peace and inner knowing.

We are all spiritual warriors in service to a Divine Plan.



Your physical body, next to your awakened and focused consciousness, is certainly the most important tool.  This is the temple of the Divine and should be cared for accordingly to assure the energy flows without obstruction.  The body is a liquid crystal, a perfect channel of divine light.  Wherever you stand, with each conscious footstep you take, you bring light and therefore healing into the planet.


Visualize expanding your light body into your Buddha/Christ Body with your crown chakra in the Golden Grid approximately 60 miles above the earth and your root chakra grounded in the earth. Descend the pyramid which is above the crown at the nodes of the grid down your spine/column of light to enclose the work. Invoke the appropriate spiritual guides to assist you.


The primary purpose of meditation is to consciously merge our spiritual divine essence with our physical expression.  We are never separate from our divine nature but because our physical world receives so much of our attention, meditation is a useful tool to balance and integrate all spiritual and physical energies so we feel connected and in harmony with the One, Supreme Being, and in essence with all existence.  Meditative trance is when one connects with higher dimensions and consciously directs the energy to benefit the divine Plan.  Individuals coming together with this purpose can achieve great changes.


Another highly effective tool is to employ the use of crystals.  Quartz is particularly beneficial because of its similarity and therefore resonance to the human energy field.  Crystals can be used in three ways: one is to record information, another is to amplify energy toward a specific intention, and another is to direct consciousness to serve as a surrogate for the self. We are cells/crystals in the energy body of the planet.  One can also use a crystal, programmed with one’s personal energy patterns, planted somewhere remote from your real location as a false target, called a doppleganger.


One of the most useful energy techniques is dowsing.  Dowsing can be used to search for underground water, minerals, energy patterns, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires called an L-rod) or the changes in direction of a pendulum, in response to shifts in subtle energy.  Energy workers use dowsing to locate and modify energy lines on the earth called leys and other various subtle energy structures and vortexes.  One can work with earth energies directly on site or remotely using maps.


All cultures have rituals and ceremonies that are used for two purposes: one is to celebrate and offer gratefulness to lifeforce energies and the other is to shape lifeforce energies toward a specific intention or outcome.  Shamanism, native wisdom, and Wiccan methodologies can be powerful tools in bringing the collection of consciousness to bear on the work.  These involve the use of herbs, fetishes, crystals, feathers, spells, totems, etc. but it is important not to use these techniques unless you are officially trained by a high vibrational and conscientious teacher.  Only use these techniques in service to the greater good.


The ancients built megalithic structures and temples based on sacred geometry that were used to engineer earth energy patterns.  Structures like standing stones, stone circles, obelisks, pyramids, mazes, labyrinths, and medicine wheels were created to be subtle energy dynamos. They were used to create vortexes to bring down higher dimensional subtle energies for constructive and healing purposes.  All of these were built on natural energy grids. A network of pyramids was built all over the planet to energize the grid system. 

The purpose of sacred architecture is twofold: to reactivate the earth energy grid system with divine Light and to amplify and align the human energy field for healing and enlightenment.  All traditions and cultures recognize the interconnection of life and the importance of balancing human and lifeforce energy flow (chi or prana or aura). Many sacred geometry techniques are used today.  Feng Shui is a form of sacred geometry that takes into account the four directions, the elements, and subtle energy flow to optimize wellbeing. We also have invented various technologies like radionics to create subtle energy structures for this same purpose.

Because the human body is itself of sacred geometry design, when groups work in specific sacred geometrical patterns, such as particular star patterns, the work is even more powerful.  For example, when each individual in a meditation group occupies a position in a star pattern of 5, 8, 9, like a pentagram, hexagram or enneagram, the amplification power of divine energy is meaningful and significant.  Again, it is important to always to align oneself by clearing the chakras and asking for spiritual guidance to promote the Divine Plan prior to engaging in any of these techniques.


Running the grids is one of the oldest techniques.  It is accomplished by either going there physically or traveling in a light body to conduct divine energy into the grid.  Because we are all connected by cosmic energy grids, through this work you can help heal and stabilize the planet.  Prepare yourself for the gridwork by going deeply within.  Draw the light down and fill your body, clear and realign your chakras, and focus your mind and heart on the work at hand.  Your greatest contribution is when you are fully aligned with Source, in essence, raise your vibration to a state of bliss prior to doing any work.


There are two ways to travel for sacred purposes. One is physically and the other is etherically through meditative trance and visualization. One can project oneself on various levels using the appropriate vehicle: the mental or Buddha body, the merkaba, or what is called the Master Wheel in my mystery school.

Physically traveling to sacred sites or different places you are drawn to is part of the healing of the land and the Self. Treat these as pilgrimages to both remember your heritage and an opportunity to run the grids at the same time. Get in touch with the energy at each site you visit.


The ultimate running the grid is the pilgrimage Home, building the Antakarana (golden bridge) or pillar of light to Source, the Path of Return.  It is built as part of the practice of mastering the Kingdom.  This is the higher work of fully embodying spirit in the physical form.  It is accomplished by expanding the Self into each higher light body occupied by the Self in each of the planes of consciousness, until one becomes the vortex of Source itself, and then bringing each of these light bodies down into the physical body.


Ask for assistance but command that the work be done. Claim your power, your wisdom and divine authority.  Speak aloud.  Mantras are very effective for certain kinds of work.  Mantras are verbal affirmations of divine names through which the power of their vibration invoke certain energies. The key is resonance.  Many mantras are in the Sanskrit language.  The letters of the Sanskrit alphabet represent deities. The first letter Ah is Shiva and the last letter Ha is Shakti. The power of word is such that it can be used to create universes. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1.

Be mindful always to use your words to create only that which you want to see more of in your life and in the world.


• Big Picture: War on higher planes for Earth, you do a Great Work

• You are a spiritual being, you each have a divine origin, and purpose.

• Claim your power.  You have infinite assistance.

• An earth grid, like an aura, is a programmable matrix.    You can heal the earth and yourself with a thought.  It is all in your mind.  “There is no spoon.”

What you do on the higher planes must manifest on the physical.

• The original call to serve the Plan is now being replaced by the Call to Return.

• Remember the work is to fully embody spirit.

• Earth is our mother, she is the source and maintainer of life.  If we honor her, we all flourish.

• To heal the planet we must also heal ourselves.  Go back in time to repair what was done, reverse time so that it did not happen in our world line of history.  Healing the self and healing the world are inexorable ties together.  The rise in cancer in the human body is a reflection of the cancer man has become in the planetary body.  Anything can be healed with divine love, purposeful intent and inspired, aligned action. 

• What would you venture if you knew you could not lose?

YOU are the most important tool, knowing and living from your divine essence is your superpower.  You have the power to create worlds coursing through you every moment.  Direct your consciousness to express your unique and important purpose in fulfilling the Divine Plan for the benefit of all.

And most of all, enjoy the journey, for we are all on our way back Home.