The Plan for the Universe, Galaxy, Sol/Earth & Mankind



This narrative includes information from the records of my star Family, The Prism of Lyra, Alex Collier’s contact with the Andromedans. The Chronicles of Girku by Gerry Zeitlin and the books of Anton Parks, The Secret of the Dark Star and Adam Genesis.  These last sources deal primarily with the history of the earth, its domination by reptilian races and manipulation of the human genetics we may call the second creation as described in Genesis Chapter 2.

Why is our ancient history important?  To explain who we are, how we got here and what karma must be balanced so that we might understand our purpose here, our destiny and most importantly the events we are beginning to experience as we move into higher dimensional awareness.  The record of physical events tells us what happened but the spiritual aspect of history tells us why.

Every universe, every galaxy, every being is created with a program for expression and experience for consciousness and a path of return to the Source-Creator which is called The Plan. Each is unique and in a sense an experiment. Once set in motion the Creator normally does not interfere but recedes to witness in order to know itself. In our duality universe the specifications include 12 dimensions, duality, frequency, and certain universal and systemic laws, one being free will choice.  Our history then is the record of how that Plan unfolded, the sequence of choices made, causes and effects.  With the initial separation of the light and the dark, a history of conflict was set in motion that was leading the world into a state of chaos and destruction that was affecting other universes of creation, requiring an ad hoc adjustment in the Plan. The process of creation is covered elsewhere on the site (see Multi-dimensional reality Base Maps and 0.All That Is).

Before getting into that history a number of factors need to be considered that affect how we view this history:

• the Source of the information,

• the Timeline: one of a vast variety of possible sequences of programmed events experienced by a being or world from beginning to end,

• the Multidimensionality of the universe and

• the nature of Time, the context of history


The first source for historical information would be the Akashic Record where all possible timelines that emerge from all possible events, that is, all probable or parallel worlds is recorded.  This is both universal for all worlds and systemic for each evolving world such as earth alone.  There are also Halls of Records hidden away at several locations on Earth that hold the true history of earth’s and man’s origins and history on earth. These have not been revealed.

So without these sources available to us now we are left with what has been given to us either telepathically or in direct contact with ET’s with varying intentions and agendas or from higher dimension beings who generally are interested in our survival and awakening to join the galactic community of evolving intelligent species. ET civilizations have different ways of telling time, thus tracking history, based on life cycles rather than orbital periods.  ET’s are either positive, serving the light, or negative, serving their dark self interests.  The negative operate a control agenda to keep humanity from advancing and do not want us to know our true history.  If we were to awaken to our true nature and potential as spiritual beings we would not tolerate their mind control games.  Positive ET’s holdback because of the non-interference rule and wait for our request for assistance. Those in between are here to witness the ascension event or to harvest our DNA for hybridization experiments.

Some of our governments have been in contact with negative ET’s at least before WWii who want unfettered ability to abduct people in trade for technology but there is evidence that contact has gone on for many thousands of years, most of which is classified by our secret government.  For some we are literally being grown as a food source.  All this information is planned to be brought to light by the Disclosure Project that will shake our civilization to the core.

The global ruling elite, the illuminati struggling to maintain control during this time of great change called the Shift—serve the forces of darkness that promote disinformation. At this time, the forces of darkness are being removed by the forces of light.


The history of the universe, the galaxy, the solar system and planet Earth follow timelines, individual unique sequences of events that bring all things and beings to the present moment. These timelines, however, are all different and so the history one perceives will vary depending on how one has arrived here.  Events exist in time which can be experienced in a different sequence. (See sidebar.) We all come here as either souls, higher dimensional or physical beings from other star systems, dimensions, times or realities. Non-physical beings must evolve or genetically engineer physical forms in which to incarnate. Thus there are a multitude of timelines or histories converging on the planet now.  Again the history of the galaxy and earth then depends on who is telling the story.

Different timelines look back to a variety of histories and as well ahead to different futures.  For example those humanity of who choose not to awaken or to release their attachments to this material reality will not move on with the planet into higher dimensional existence but will instead re-do the physical plane experience on another physical world.


We exist in a multi-dimensional reality both physically in terms of the three dimensions of space and of time (linear, probable/parallel and non-temporal) and in the frequency determined dimensions of energy-consciousness.  Timelines, for example, actually exist in an alternate dimension of time.  In reality viewed from higher dimensions, time does not exist at all or flows at different rates so that events appear to exist all at once.  The speed of light is a limitation of physical space-time but not of higher dimensions.  A moment of time in which change occurs is vastly different at the scale of the Creator or universe than it is for an individual on earth.


History is recorded in time, which our science still does not fully understand.  Time is the measure of the duration of a movement, a change or event.  Without time nothing happens. It is what separates events as space separates objects. (See sidebar).  It appears to be dualistic: digitized according to quantum physics and a continuous flow or plenum integrated with space as space-time in relativity physics, something like the particle-wave nature of matter. We will find there is a dual nature to everything in physical reality.  Everything is based on frequency, an oscillation in time and space. Time and space make up the fabric of reality in lower dimensions as consciousness and love are the fabric of reality in higher dimensions.

Quantum physics has discovered that reality is non-local, that is, that the cause of an event may happen in the future not the past. Quantum fluctuations produce tiny geometries in time—

time has a geometrical nature that governs motion.

In relativity time varies with the velocity of the observers so that for one who is approaching the speed of light time appears to slow and finally stops. It is much different from our time on earth, thus with a different history.  To confound the picture even more, some of our space visitors are time travelers, returning to their past or into their future in order to change their present, again along a specific timeline.

Torsion fields produced by quantum spin and motion depend on “time density”, thin or thick, the amount of change per unit of time which in turn is related to entropy, the tendency of order to disappear over time in a closed system. 2nd law of thermodynamics. If anything, history demonstrates the opposite effect of increasing order or complexity over time, negentropy, suggesting that while the universe is a bounded thus finite system that energy is constantly moving in and out of it from the primordial void.  This occurs through blackholes.  The Key is balance in the duality system not stasis.

With all this in mind let us explore what appears now to be a common thread in the story of earth.


The creation of the Universe is a process of subdivision. There are many systems of reality having different numbers of dimensions. This is not necessarily just cutting cake, but the way the whole is viewed varies by different cultures and levels of consciousness.


Everything in creation including creation itself exists and disappears in cycles.  Everything is characterized by vibration or frequency, oscillation.  This is a duality reality.  All things emanate from the One, a singularity, manifestation results from three and physical form from four.  Creation is a process of the subdivision of Unity…All That Is.  All is the body of its creator, which has a period of existence, a “lifetime”.  Creation consists of a multitude of universes, each emerging from the infinite void of undifferentiated energy, a multiverse.  Each is a finite, bounded unique system of multi-dimensions, and laws, each with its own Creator.  Creator expands itself into a series of dimensions, defining the stage of existence.  Our universe is said to be 21 trillion years old, measured in  earth years.

So far our science has only managed to come up with a theory “the big bang,” to explain the existence of the physical dimension aspect of the universe, which according to the theory is only 13.7 billion years old.  This theory so far still doesen’t explain all phenomena.  It sees the beginning of our universe as a random event, a quantum fluctuation in the “zero point energy” that fills empty space.  This theory lacks a cause.  It pretends to explain the “how” as physics and doesn’t need to explain “why” which is the most important question.  The creation of an intelligent conscious Being seeking to know itself through a process of manifestation and experience…a Creator.  Science proclaims to know it all when it is only  beginning to understand how the Creator works.  All these universes are designed to provide the arenas for the manifestation of all the possible kinds of experience.  Once created, the Supreme Being recedes to witness it all but does not interfere…leaving the details to other creator beings. The personal God who projects us into physical embodiment is our Soul, a fragment, holon, of the absolute supreme being, made of the same substance…consciousness.  All matter is endowed with consciousness and the impetus to become aware.  It has a drive to become alive.

Creation begins with the emergence of consciousness from the infinite medium, the energy of the void.  This medium is love.  The manifestation of consciousness is light.  Light is a vibration, a wave phenomena or movement which is carried by the medium of love. “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Genesis 1:1.

In the beginning of this universe light divided from the darkness, creating the essential duality.  Then light itself divided into a spectrum of color called the rays.  We exist in a universe that is not whole light but half light.  The manifestation of this event is called the “Fall”.  The Creator of this universe endowed it with a Plan for its evolution and mult-dimensional reality and universal laws, and consciousness with “free will”.  Some of these creator beings, Lords of Light, chose to create for their own agenda rather than serve the Plan and were accordingly ejected from the higher dimension, the heavens, falling into lower planes, astral and physical through a tear in the fabric of reality.  In these lower worlds they instituted an agenda of control over other evolving sentient worlds.  They are the source of darkness in our world.  Many, but not all galaxies were affected.  Ours was one and so is the one that matters here.

The vastness of the universe we see is only a fraction of what exists containing uncountable numbers of civilizations, intelligent worlds, evolving as are we into higher consciousness. It is so much larger than our imagination.  (The process of creation is treated more fully in the sections on Base Maps and the 0. Primordial Reality: All That Is.)


     Galactic history has both a physical and a spiritual aspect, both will be discussed in this account.  In the physical dimension, our solar system and most of the constellations seen from earth exist in the Orion arm of a bar spiral type galaxy, a little over half way out from the center, which is a massive black hole.

    In most accounts, our galactic history begins with the seeding of conscious life-forms from other galaxies.  According to the annals of extraterrestrial races that have made contact with us, the first to arrive were an advanced but very aggressive and negative reptilian species from an unknown origin called the Ciakar. They entered into the alpha star system of the Draco Constellation about 544 million years ago.  They seemed to have descended from the fallen ones, and considering themselves royalty, they quickly developed technology for interstellar travel, spreading out to colonize other worlds for their use.

Second to arrive were a peaceful race and precursors to humanity called the Founders who came through a stargate in the Lyra constellation called the “Prism of Lyra”. The Lyrans, in their non-physical, higher dimensional form, were the Adamic human race and advanced geneticists.  Humans in Lyra quickly developed another human species which was centered in the Vega star sytem of Lyra.  These humans were beings of light developing peaceful and abundant worlds.  Then the reptilians discovered the Lyrans and coveted their worlds, demanding that they submit to their control.  They refused and the reptilians attacked the defenseless Lyrans, as the story goes, destroying three planets and some 50 million inhabitants.  This began a Human diaspora to colonize other star systems in search of safe and peaceful worlds.  The history of the galaxy is the story of this devopment and the rise of new genetically engineered species, both positive and negative. 

Many star systems are involved, relative to earth most prominantly Draco, Orion, Pleiades and Sirius. There does not seem to be a great deal of information about the other side of the galaxy.

      The key turning point in all accounts is what is called the The Galactic or Orion Wars which started in the Orion system billions of years ago primarily between reptiles and humans. The Federation of Planets was established as a human organization designed to combat the reptilians.  It draws from human colonized star systems, especially the Pleiades.  Conflict is still going on.

Milky Way Galaxy

The Council of 12 Elders of the Central Sun is responsible for the administration of the Galactic Plan.

Councils in midway stations administer the plan in local sectors of the galaxy. Earth is under the administration of the Arcturus midway station. The Council of Nine which sits in the rings of Saturn administers the plan for this Solar system.

Overtime more conflict produced more migration, more colonization, more seeding and more worlds in different star systems. Most importantly for earth were the Orion, Pleiadian, Arcturus, Ursa Major and Sirian systems.  Other racial types were developed, particularly reptilian and human, but also insectoid, avian, cetacean, amphibian and even non-physical, conscious forms in higher dimensions. The history of Earth is bound up with the legacy of extraterrestrial conflict in the Galaxy but varies depending on who is telling the story.  What is important now for humanity on the threshold of a “Great Awakening” is that we share this planet with a number of extraterrestrial races living mostly on the inside of the planet and the planetary karma accrued over ages of conflict for control. 

Each world undergoes an evolution in consciousness up through the dimensions, each one in time that is fairly standard.  That is why history is important: to understand our origin, our purpose and our destiny.  It all began with the creation of this universe and the separation of Light and the Dark, that is, with duality or vibration and then form.  The subdivision of totality appears to be a fragmentation of the whole to seed the dimensions.  The prime directive is the return to Source over cycles of existence but duality allows us free will-choice of the path of evolution, growth, experience, and learning.

Milky Way Galactic Star Map

In the Rigel star system of Orion, the reptilian race developed what we call the “Empire” or the Orion Empire, with the objective of controlling the entire galaxy.  The Council of Orion (Council of Nine) also sat there focused in Betelguese, but in higher dimension.  With extreme Light there is also extreme Darkness…balance is always maintained.  The importance of Orion lies in the fact that it is the location for a stargate that accesses the center of the universe or Creator, not only for the galaxy but for a sector of the universe.  The Orion Stargate is the source for incredible amounts of energy.  The Empire built other stargates that could accommodate entire fleets and planet sized warships.  This activity of the fallen dark was causing un-anticipated major disruptions, i.e. imbalances, in the Creator’s Plan.  The Empire had taken free will beyond the bounds of possibilities and had run amuck, requiring some ad hoc adjustments lest the whole universe fall into chaos.  Free will is risky business.  A call went forth for volunteers to confront the Empire in what became the Galactic Wars some 245 million years ago. They were also called Angelic wars, as they were actually conflicts between angel families. The volunteers came from many different star systems, galaxies, universes, times and dimensions.  Some were so evolved they had achieved Nirvana state of Absolute Oneness but volunteered to redeem the plan in this galaxy because of their ancient Bodhisattva vows: “I will not go home, I will not return to Source of my being, until the Plan is redeemed and all sentient beings are enlightened.”   Altogether it was called the Black League.  They…we, discovered how to run quasar light energy backward through Empire’s stargates to the center of their control.  Several planets were destroyed and almost the whole galaxy in the process. The Empire was fragmented, seeding remnants of the dark all over the galaxy.  A huge amount of karma was incurred by both the forces of light and dark. The Council of Elders set up android guardians called “Elrods” 12 in number, at the outer limits of the galaxy, to make sure that no planet would ever be destroyed in warfare again. Earth was to be one of twelve experimental planets designed to explore ways of dealing with the dark and thus a new spiritual path of return to Source. In addition, earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy, with an amazing variety of ecologies in which to develop new life forms, both plant and animal, for seeding other worlds.



Earth Grid System

Conflicts on the planet have led to cataclysms, earth changes, mass extinctions, and destruction of civilizations.

The human genome has DNA from 22 races, 17 are human others are


The earth is like a living time capsule in the process of being opened. Various ETs have conducted and are in the process of harvesting experiments in ecology and plant and animal species. 

The history of earth is also one of colonization and re-colonization by various species.


     According to extraterrestrial wisdom, our planet is actually 7.5 billion years old.  Earth was conceived in Orion, in the star, Rigel, and then transplanted to our Solar system where it was born out of the sun as a plasma sphere which is still at the center of the earth.  The formation of the earth combines the push of the electric charge of plasma with the gravitational pull of an accretion disk of matter leaving large cavities inside the earth. At this point the planet was not quite formed. It looked like a luminous blue-green orb, not quite spherical.  The first beings arrived here in nonphysical bodies, set up the original planetary grid system which encoded the original plan, life blueprints and experience scenarios.  They were called the “Gardeners,” the ones who gardened the planet, and they were reptilian.  Also among the first to arrive in the solar system were the original Founders, or what our secret space program calls the “Builder Race”, who built huge domed structures on other planets and moons.

With the fall of the Empire the plan for earth was modified.  It was to become a grand experiment in spiritual evolution, blazing a fast track return to Source while redeeming the fallen light and rebalancing the karma of the Galactic Wars.  The whole Orion drama would be replayed again…and again on earth.  As a planet of unsurpassed beauty in the galaxy, earth holds a special place in the experiment in spiritual evolution that could change the entire universe.  A call for volunteers went out again and the first wave of souls arrived, 144,000.  They would become the humanity of earth.  The Creator made a covenant with them for their service, the conditions of agreement or a sort of rules of the game to be played.


     Chaos was being created by the remnants of dark forces from the Orion Empire, who were in control of the 3rd and 4th dimensions in this sector of the galaxy, causing delays in the unfolding of the original Plan and potentially leading to disintegration of the galaxy and the entire Universe.


    The objective of the experiment would be to explore a new path of ascension, of evolution through multi-dimensional reality on our universal path of return.  The idea was to ascend to the 5th dimension, the mental planes, passing through, not to, the astral emotional planes as is standard. The lessons of the experience in the astral planes, however, would still have to be learned but while in the 3rd physical dimension, making its sojourn that much more difficult.  Humans would also attempt to awaken and redeem the fallen dark ones, which could only be accomplished from within.  According to free-will it could not be imposed from without, interfering with the free-will of the dark. Due to free-will the dark may ultimately choose not to turn to the Light and will be taken to another realm to continue their evolution.  Likewise certain humans will awaken and assist those other beings who come to achieve enlightenment.  (Bodhisattva Vows)


          Evolved souls agreed to descend into physical dimension from a fundamentally angelic state and incarnate into physical bodies that evolve on the planet.  Originally humans were androgynous, and would later evolve into male and female sexes.  Beings in human form serve both humans already in dense form seeking refuge from conflicts or destruction of their home worlds, and also non-human races from different parts of the galaxy desiring to experiment, to observe, to assist and some to interfere.

The veils of un-knowing were drawn. Human origins, history, purpose, innate powers and destiny, all were hidden.   Often, humans experiencing life on earth would feel separated from their spiritual family and abandoned by Creator, and lost in a strange world they would not understand. While seeking to remember their ever-present divine connection to Creator’s eternal Love, they would often lament a God who appeared to be unjust and un-caring, who also would not interfere.  Humans would be subject to the most cunning of mind control programs, the dark control agenda. The dark however would know everything and its priority would be to prevent man from awakening and ascending higher for they were primarily interested in exploiting humankind for their sustenance, for their source of light.  Until they awaken, humans basically live in a big lie.  Humans reincarnate lifetime after lifetime to experience the full range of possibilities. 


        This adventure serves a great service to the Creator’s Plan with all the rewards that entails, and it also serves as an unparalleled opportunity for fast-track personal spiritual growth available no where else in the galaxy.  Earth would be the hardest school in the galaxy and its graduates would be highly respected and sought after by worlds transiting through the dimensions


          All universal laws, the dimensional matrix, the frequency basis, duality, rays of light, etc. remain in effect except that karma was set up to be systemic rather than universal, remaining with earth.  (Sort of like Las Vegas except you can’t just leave until all markers are paid.)  However it would be necessary to erase unbalanced karma before ascending beyond earth.  The structure of reality would remain the same and there would be no interference from outside or above.  However, each human would have the advice and guidance of a personal spiritual council of beings in addition to his soul, personal creator, who would remain in higher dimensions.   In addition, humans would have telepathic communication with angelic teachers. And the ancient teachings of the ascended masters would be available through their mystery schools. 


           Earth is a conscious being in service to this Plan, as are all humans and all stars and galaxies. Earth is evolving with humanity. As humans move into higher dimensions earth is ascending and leaving her physical body, and will become uninhabitable in the 3rd dimension.  The course is not over with human ascension into the 5th dimension but lasts until earth becomes a star measured in 1000 days or ages.  Earth will evolve eventually into its own universe.


          Humans developed a physical body along the genetics of the human archetype, combining the genetics of 22 of the most advanced races in the galaxy. This afforded humankind the highest possible spiritual powers and qualities needed for the task.  Codes for the universe are recorded in human DNA.  Such knowledge gives humans the potential for interstellar, interdimensional, and time travel using just the physical body without technology. Also, human light energy bodies are encoded with the knowledge, laws, harmonics, and experiences of the entire universe in a microcosm which is projected to the outer sheaths of the aura. Human DNA is of such advancement humans are considered royalty by those ET races that know.  Humans were created to be peers of Creator, equal and identical in every aspect, and are evolving to become creators of universes themselves.


          After all this the Creator promised humankind: “You Shall Return” and that the sojourn would not be so long.  There would be periodic opportunities along the way to ascend above the sorrows and suffering of the 3rd dimension. 


      With enlightenment as the goal, humans were to become fully aware of their divinity in all dimensions of the lower kingdom, and release all attachments to physical reality.

         They would fully activate/anchor the soul in physical form, always        acting and thinking as an advanced soul. 

       Humans would fully merge with the soul in the 7th dimension and become one with the soul as earth would become a star.

Humans would not be bound to redeem the dark and awaken other humans as a condition of advancement as these beings were expected to make their own choices to ascend or continue evolving on another physical world.


          One last thing (the fine print):  Humans would be expected to live as stewards of the earth and would be required to clean up the planet. “You shall also leave the planet in as good or better condition than you found it.”


Those souls that agreed, descended from an angelic state not fully realizing what they were getting into.  Protection from outside interference didn’t quite work as well as it was supposed to.  The dark did not follow the agreement but continued to usurp human free-will through genetic engineering and mind control.

A cabal was created by the dark to rule the earth for them through a hierarchy of elite families, generation after generation.

Outsiders, mostly reptilians, were allowed in and began manipulating the human DNA for their own purposes (allowed in a free-will zone).   They blended DNA from evolving Homo Sapiens with Reptilian forms plus original human etheric genes (those genes connected to siddhis, psychic abilities, space/time travel and creation powers without technology). The genome had great promise but portions of the genetic code were modified further or simply switched off (junk DNA). All humans are hybrids of both human and ET genetics.