In the beginning…there was the primordial Void…that is, the void existed before the beginning. It had no beginning…there was no time, nothing happened. It just was…infinite, eternal, timeless, still, empty, nothingness. Then there was a movement, a vibration and the void changed, becoming an infinite sea of undifferentiated energy or potential… consciousness. Something does not emerge from nothing. This is the unknowable, self-created Source…the Tao…Brahman…the Spirit of God, from which all things come, including the Creators of the universes. This Being is pure consciousness. The creation that follows is a process of the subdivision of the totality…there is nothing else to create from. “All things emanate from the One.” (The Emerald Tablet, Hermetic teaching)

The manifestation of the universe is the beginning, when time starts and space is bounded by the firmament and thus is finite and measureable. After this God the Creator of the universe created even more creator beings who in turn create the dimensions and the universal laws of multi-dimensional reality. The Void has no structure, no number, no form or even field. It is totally incomprehensible to the mind- incapable of being directly perceived or known. It can be understood as an organized movement or activity, as functions, or concepts-archetypes, that are not even localized within the primordial but distributed throughout. The mind projects a geometric structure onto this activity in order to understand it.


TAI CHI The Universe


1.  In the Beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.
2. The earth was without form and void.  Darkness was upon the face of the Deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the waters.
3.  And God said, ”Let there be Light” and there was light.
4.  And God divided the light from the darkness.
6.  And God said, Let there be a firmament (space or vault) in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters.

                          Genesis 1 (written by Moses, Egyptian Initiate)


The Void is the totality.  Even universes float within it, finite envelops of manifestation in its lowest gradient of undifferentiated energy. It is by means of this structured activity that the ideas or thought forms of manifest reality are created.  A universe is thus an individualized aspect of Source and has a similarity of structure to that within, domains of ascending and descending energy called dimensions or planes of consciousness.  Uncountable numbers of universes, called the multi-verse, have been created, which cycle in and out of existence in periods of activity and inactivity, called respectively manvantari and prayala.

Each universe has its unique set of laws, harmonics, dimensions and directives, that is, a Plan or specification, in order to provide the Creator an unlimited number of experiences in the lower dimensions so that it may know itself through its creations.  This Plan is then a program or simulation…the Matrix, which is then re-programmable. To know itself, is to become self-aware or conscious, requires a process of feedback or recursion.  Initially Being expands to a limit or boundary then loops back rebounding into its center, in a continuous flow in and out. It looks like a torus.   The idea of a universe is not enough (any more than the idea of a dinner will sate your hunger)…it must experienced. 

There is a stream of conscious energy that extends from the Source creator to everything in existence connecting all things to the One.  A universe, as the One has an uncountable number of stream emanating from it.  The diagrams presented here basically show a single stream and so appear to be linear when they are in fact nuclear.

The Kingdom is one of many models of multi-dimensional reality for our universe, which has been experienced by the mystics of the world’s mystery traditions of which some 40 plus are recorded here. Many of these also have a void above the Creator/universe from which the universe emerges and in which a self-created being creates the Plan and creator beings of the universe and then returns to the void to witness its creations without judgment or interference.  These are a few of the traditional models:

• Egyptian Mysteries: Atum creates dual principles Shu and Tefnut, (See Egyptian Mysteries under MDR for a fuller explanation)

• Qabala: The Ain (Nothing & Is), the Ain Sof (Infinite, Self-existent) -Ain Sof Ur (Limitless Light) precede the Light, YHVH, the first manifestation.

• Hindu Advaita Vedanta: The non-dual Brahman and Atman are followed by the dual aspects Shiva/Shakti-idea and power.

• Taoism: The Tao begot the One, One begot two, (Tai Chi-the Universe-Yin and Yang), Two begot Three (form) and Three begot 1000 Things

• Mayan: Hunab Ku produces the two creator gods sky and sea. who produce the Hero Twins, and in turn the pantheon of deities.

• Kashmir Shaivism: Paramashiva, the unmanifest, absolute reality creates Shiva-Shakti, The non-dual One, which separates into the creators Shiva and Shakti


The model of Primordial Reality in the Mystery School has much more definition. In it there is an order divided into four octaves: Manvantari, the Accumulator, Sunship and the Germinator, culminating with the Seeder at the top.  “As Above, So Below”, Primordial Reality mirrors the multi-dimensional reality of the Kingdom below with its four octaves, each with 6 dimensions below the Great Supreme Creator. The ONE, the Seeder, the Source of all, conceives “Seeds” which are pre-embryonic ideas for everything in creation, from universes and stars to souls and life forms.  These descend through the Seeder Control Wheel, where they are  “fertilized” and then drop further through a Sorter Wheel to a Council of Beings known as the Germinators.  From here the germinated seeds drop into the womb-like “silver lining” for incubation.  When they are ready for manifestation they are sent to the 12 Post Holding Wheels in which they are organized based on their functions.  When they are needed they descend down through the Causal Wheel which sorts them again to be energized by the Sun of the One and then assembled into the different programs or universes being developed by the 12 Elders of the Central Suns (of the One).  The Accumulator then balances and removes the positive and negative energies which are recycled.  In Manvantari they are distributed to the various Great Servers who create and maintain the Creators of universes and who hold the patterns/programs for seven* of these in a structure called the Bell. (*This number may actually be 12.)  Our universe is defined by the 4th pattern in the Bell.  The void and the Universe in manifestation are separated by a discontinuity called the Abyss, which can only be crossed by ascending beings using what is called a “Teleporter”. This is visualized as a traveling 12-armed spinning vortex or a neural transmitter that crosses the synaptic gap connecting neuron cells.  The Mystery School actually teaches this process in reverse, as an ascent or return to Source in the Void, and even that there is something beyond the One, beyond the beyond. 

Gate Gate, Paragate, Parasumgate, Bodhi Swaha.  OM

Gone, Gone,, Gone Beyond, Gone Beyond the Beyond, O What An Awakening!                   

Heart Sutra: Mahayana Buddhism

The patterns/programs generated in the primordial, are best visualized as vibrational or frequency patterns.  As each universe is seeded in manifestation and its Great Supreme expands from Being to Becoming (in Platonic terms), descending dimensions, activating laws, the emanating vibrations, resonate off the boundary membrane of the universe, eventually generating a geometrical standing or stationary wave pattern.  This is represented by the Flower of Life in which the regular polyhedral are formed. The reverberation creates a holographic wave interference pattern within the boundary membrane which then projects the holographic manifestation of the universe within.  The descent of the Creator anchoring itself at it densest level as an originating, un-evolved Source…the Alpha and the Omega.

Note: In Hindu time reckoning a Manvantari is equal to 71 mahayugas or 30.672 billion years. 1 mahayuga equals 432 million yrs = 1 cycle of 4 yugas.

1000 mahayugas = 1 day of Brahma or a kalpa = 432 billion years.

100 years of Brahma = Universe = 15,553 trillion yrs.



Contemporary scientific cosmology is approaching the multi-dimensional understanding of the ancient wisdom but as yet does not understand consciousness.  The “Big Bang” theory is not the whole story.  It only describes the creation of the physical 3D dimension universe, which is only 13.7 billion years old, where the higher dimensions are mathematical concepts of space.  Consequently there are competing theories like, string theory, loop quantum gravity and the electric universe to address the unanswered questions. However all of these consider the void not as empty-ness but as empty space, a medium which contains a uniform “zero-point energy”, resolving the issue of something coming from nothing. 

The universe begins then with a random quantum fluctuation (a movement), which causes a coagulation of this energy into substance.  Quantum physics, the understanding of the very small, is increasingly   describing the very large, including consciousness.  Matter is both the properties of wave and particle at once.  The universe is infinitely entangled, everything is connected instantaneously (non-locality) and cause does not depend on time (non-causality).  Time and space are only 3-dimnsional phenomena.  Creation is a process of the collapse of the quantum wave function, which describes all possibilities for manifestation that exist in a multi-verse or parallel worlds, by the interaction with consciousness.  A huge shift in physics is coming that will change our view of the world.