STUPA: Pyramid Energy Device

Overlapping inverted pyramids conform overlaping vortexes which open a portal to the stars and higher dimensions

The Stupa is a device that acts like an antenna or wave guide to activate, accumulate, conduct, transduce and manipulate energies in the form of fields, grids and vortexes. To begin with, the Stupa incorporates several types and shapes of pyramids which have been well known to generate vortex energies.  Pyramids have triangular faces but may have from three to multi-sided polygons for bases.  The type and strength of the energy produce varies according to the geometry and size of the pyramid.  Note: This research has been published in recent times starting with Pyramid Energy by Patrick Flanagan, Shape Power by Dan Davidson and most recently by researchers in Russia.  Pyramids are the most ancient form of temple and are found all over the globe. They have been even photographed on Mars and the Moon.  They are symbolic of the sacred  mountain which is where the earth meets the sky/heaven or the Buddhist cosmic Mt. Meru in the center of the universe.

The Stupa of the Great Awakening incorporates three pyramidal geometries.
1. The lower stepped pyramid has a shallow slope angle of between 30º to 36º matching the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico.  The vortex for this pyramid is widely spread out into the earth.
2. The middle pyramid is specific, matching the slope angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This pyramid whose height is the radius of the circle and whose base is the side of a square, “circles the square”, that is it equates the perimeter of the square to the circumference of the circle, uniting spirit and matter. (See diagram).  This pyramid establishes the overall height and base horizontal dimensions of the stupa.  It is virtual in its expression governing the overall proportion but can be actualized by placing programmed crystals at the vertex of the spire and the corners of the base.
3. The upper pyramid is the spire above the harmika which is steeply angled with a slope angle of 18º matching the geometry of the pentagram which is also the geometric basis of the Buddha‘s body.  This may also be conical in shape.  The vortex generated  is very strong and sharply focused.

This energy accumulates in the dome and in the stone construction material which act like capactitors and conduct energy into the planetary grid system to be distributed around the planet.  It produces a toroidal field like that the human aura and that which surrounds the human mind, heart, and body as well as the earth, solar system and galaxy.  It is an universal form of energy that interacts with fields of like geometry through resonance. 

The pyramids conduct energy into the earth at points in a planetary grid system that is based on the sacred Platonic solids. Ancient megalithic structures in northern Europe and elsewhere have been found to align along straight energetic lines called leys, evidence of an ancient science of grid engineering call geomancy used to maintain harmony, health and balance on the earth. The center of Pyramids were generally placed at the crossing of such leys which were either natural or created ritually and oriented othagonally to them.

GATE: Energy Portal

Stupas in the Bagan Valley, Myamar

Such a concentration of Stupas in one area suggest they are funtionng as vortex generating station for the planetary grid system


These are derived from the primal creative principles of the division of unity.  These produce proportional ratios in the design which relate the rational/finite to the irrational/infinite, the material world to the higher realms of non-duality.  In passing through this portal prepares the consciousness of the seeker of truth to enter sacred space.

1:1 – The Square – Unity representing perfection in physical body is typical at the entry to sacred space.

1:√2 – Unity of the Square is divided by its diagonal – the creative principle of “generation”.

1:√3 – The unity of the equilateral Triangle is divided by its diagonal – the creative principle of “formation”.

This proportion is the ratio of the sides of a rectangle formed about the “vesica piscis” which is formed by the intersection of two equal circles whose centers fall on each others circumference.

1:√5 – The division of the double square whose sides total 8, the number of the gate to nirvana.  The creative principle here is “transformation.

Ø – The division of the pentagram representing  “life-perfect being”, by its diagonal – produces a ratio known as the golden proportion. This ratio governs growth in nature and is the key to equating the circle/Spirit and the square/body.

Pi /π  The division of the circle representing spirit by its diameter – The principle of spirit in matter.

Plan of the Gate

Construction would ideally be of granite and/or limestone which also hold the subtle energies imbued during the process of crafting.  The root meaning of architecture is “crafting first principles in matter”.

Such a concentration of Stupas in one area suggest they are funtionng as vortex generating station for the planetary grid system