Progression of 10 Divine Emanations in a geometrical matrix of creations. Each World contains one of the regular polehedral-Platonic Solids

Pythagoras & The Holy Tetractys
According to the teaching of Pythagoras the universe was created of number and geometry. The Tetractyys organized 10 creative principles in a triangular matrix which encoded the secret teaching, the Path through the numbers. All the Platonic solids can be drawn within this matrix.


In the ancient wisdom, the nature of reality was described and encoded in number and geometry. from the Creator/Source to physical manifestation and back. It was therefore a sacred geometry. We find geometry underlying form in both organic and inorganic structures of nature and the manifestation of all energy as vibration, from the microscopic sub-atomic/quantum structures of atoms and molecules, to life forms of virus’, flowers and the human body to the macrocosmic structure of the planetary grid system, the proportions of the solar system and Universe. Space Space itself has a geometric structure, a universal grid of space filling polyhedrals. There is even a sequence of geometrics that appears to control states of consciousness and a geometry to the field of consciousness. and the human subtle energy body. The exact geometric proportions of the sizes, orbits and rotations *of the earth/sun and moon along with the proportional relationships of the orbits of planets is more than coincidental, a random accident, pointing to an intelligent design and a special purpose for the earth….a Creator. So we awaken up to the reality of higher creative intelligence and the earth is an experiment in consciousness.
The ancients understood the significance of geometry and number in defining the nature of reality, using them to encode the ancient wisdom into architecture, the arts, language, social structure, the whole of culture. The regular polyhedra, the Platonic solids, to model the universe, There are at least two methods for generating the Platonic Solids; one is based upon the Holy Tetractys taught by Pythagoras some 200 years before Plato and the other is “Metatron’s Cube” of more recent times.. Three systems are presented here: based on the Platonic solids. The Lesser maze based in the Hindu Vedas, Progression of solids in the mystical Qabalah and the the Platonic cosmology itself. The geometry is sacred in the sense it leads us to the source of Being.

In more recent times Meatron’s Cube, a geometric matrix derived from the flower of Life, a universal space filling pattern has been shown to encode the sacred solids as the geometrical foundation of the universe.