Synergetics: All physical and metaphysical experience or phenomena, i.e. reality can be described/modeled in terms of geometry. It models the universe using only frequency and angle, i.e. matter is pulsing geometry. The tetrahedron is the minimum system in the universe. It is the minimum something that can be subdivided into itself. Multiplication is always by division. “Unity is always plural and at minimum two.”
The geometric matrix, UVG, is defined as the connected centers of close packed equi-radius spheres. tetrahedron +octahedrons or cubocta-hedrons+ octahedrons. The UVG is nature’s coordinate system. The sphere occurs as the ultimate ideal of the entire universe. The regular polyhedra are analogs of the sphere. Cosmography by
R. Buckminster Fuller

Platonic Cosmology

Plato puts forward his cosmology in the Timeaus, a dialog with Socrates written in 360 BC:
The universe consists of two worlds, one eternal, changeless and absolute the other physical, changing, impermanent…the first Being, the second, Becoming. Becoming is endowed with a “world soul”. The cause of the universe is the Divine craftsman, the Demiurge, who fashions the universe from immutable archetypes, “forms” or ideals. For Plato, “Purely mathematical structures are the underlying principles of matter.”The universe is envisioned as a sphere, perfect volume, with Being at its center and Becoming its circumference. In the space between Being and Becoming, the “receptacle, there is a primal chaos which is ordered by the progression of regular polyhedrals, the Platonic Solids, which nest perfectly within the sphere and are considered its analogs. The universe is made of four elements represented by one of the four solids: fire for the tetrahedron, earth for cube, water by the icosahedron and air by the octahedron. The tetrahedron and cube, fire and earth, were the poles of an octave of energy, between which were inserted air and water, the octahedron and icosahedron, as notes in a musical scale, such that there was a proportional harmony between the elements. The matrix of geometries was therefore the archetypal thought-form.. A fifth element, represented by the dodecahredon is pervasive throughout. The elements are made of atoms which take the form of sacred triangles, isosolese and scalene which form the faces of the solids. The universe is beautiful then by virtue of its geometric proportions.

According to Plato the nesting of the regular polythedra creates a geometric matrix that gave order to the chaos of elements in nature. The five solids are said to be regular: perfect in fitting within a sphere with symmetry about their axis, all vertices touching the surface of the sphere, their faces having a single shape, the centers just touching an enclosed sphere. They are in effect “transforms”of the sphere.

Crucifixion on the Hypercube
Salvador Dali
Man bound by the limitations of the material body. The cube represents earth/matter here is shown as an unfolded hyper-dimensional tesseract, the 4D cube.

“Plato‘s fabricator of the Universe created order from the primordial chaos of these elements by means of the essential forms and numbers. The ordering according to number and form on a higher plane resulted in the intended disposition of the five elements in the physical universe. The essential forms and numbers then act as the interface between the higher and lower realms. They have in themselves, and in their analogues with the elements, the power to shape the material world” Robert Lawlor, Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Practice