In the Hindu vision of reality, there is a cosmology of the universe the universe constructed of the regular polyhedra. This model is more nuclear compared to the more linear Platonic and Qabalabistic schemes. Basically it radiates from the center-Source with a sequence of solids, each nesting within the other, repeating cycllicaly in an endless progression of creations.

The inner icosahedron, represents Brahma, the Creator, the Divine Purusha around which are nested the octahedron-Spirit/Monad, the tetrahedron-Atman-soul, and the cube-material body.

This is all enclosed within the dodecahedron representing Nature-Prakriti, the Divine Mother around which the icosahedron of the creators is projected again thus generating worlds within worlds.

The maze of nested geometries becomes a model for proportioning sacred space so as to bring one in touch with the primal creative process. The series of spheres that can be drawn just touching the vertices, edges and planes of this sequence of solids is seven in number, thus defining the whole note interval of a harmonic octave, the number of chakras in the body and the number of dimensions of multi-dimensional reality.

The progression of solids defines a process of states of being each like a Quantum state related in whole number ratios. All together they are the Universe, the body of experience of the Creator. Progression through these geometries or their harmonic proportions in the Temple was intended to awaken in one a corresponding state of consciousness.

The nest of regular solids are a series of “perfect” geometric shapes that all fit within the sphere and have a growth sequence like tones that fit into the octave pattern, according to the Vedic model of Purusha and Prakriti. This is called the “Lesser Maze”. The numerology Kaku was speaking of is the widespread occurrence of the number 8 in Ramanujan’s physics equations, which are used to map out higher dimensions. Ramanujan’s own functions have been directly associated with Platonic Solids in very advanced mathematics.