In the mystical Hebrew Qabalah, creation is envisioned as 4 overlapping worlds descending from the Creator-YHVH:
1. Aziluth-Emanation
2. Beriah-Creation
3. Yezirah-Formation
4. Asyyiah-Action-Material
A 5th world Kilipot-Chaos sit below these.

Within these 4 worlds there is a matrix of the Tree of Life, ten Sefirot-Divine Emanations or attributes arranged into a descending pattern of seven intervals or planes through which a path of lightning zig-zags down from Keter-Crown to Malkuth-matter. The Sefirot are connected by 22 individual paths one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which in the tradition are the instruments of creation.

A hexagon is then inscribed in each world which contains a sacred solid: In the lowest, world of Action a cube representing the physical, material world, a tetrahedron for the soul in the world of Formation, then an octahedron for Mind in the world of Creation and finally an icosahedron in the world of Emanation. All is then surrounded by a dodecahedron representing the totality of the cosmos.

Field of Experience for the Adam Kadmon. Man is the mediator between heaven and earth.

The Cube of Space organizes the creative attributes of the Hebrew alphabet.

Dimensions are like cubes, the “Cubes of Space” each with its particular interior geometry, which stack to make up the universe. The parallelagrams function as portals between the dimensions.

A wave pattern of subtle energy stands within the universe, reverberating off its interior boundary which generates a matrix called the Flower of Life. Within this pattern a myriad of Trees of Life and extended Trees can be drawn in a fractal-like pattern. Thus a myriad of sacred solids sit in the foundation of the cosmos. The whole cosmos is wired together in a cosmic circuit board. See Metatron’s Cube.