PLEROMA-the“fullness”, the totality of Divine powers and manifestation. The path of return to divinity from the fall into physical form.

The Ineffable
-Ain Soph
– Singularity
1st Mystery
-Universal Mind
Realms of Inheritance 24 Elders
-Programs of Pure Energy Being
Light Land-Treasury of Light
• The Plan-Emanations
• Divine Thoughtforms
Region of the Right-Unfallen Worlds-Spiritual Hierarchies Councils
The Midst-Mid-heaven
• Midway Councils
• The Height-Upper Universe
• The Lower Kingdom
13th Aeon-24 Invisibles
• Sophia/Fallen Lords
Virgin of Light
• Fullness of the Plan
• Cause of Events
The Region of the Left
• Fallen Worlds of Mixture
• Physical (3rd) Dimension
12 Aeons-12 Universes/Entities
• Worlds of Experimental Cre- ation-Divine Beings or con- scious forces who administer the Divine Plan
• Archons
Outer Worlds of Darkness
• Realms of Chaos

Each of the Dimension manifests as a pair, hence 24 dimensions. The path through these dimensions is structured on the Tree of Life Matrix typical of Multi-Dimensional Reality systems in the Western traditions.



The cosmology of the Pleroma, from Greek meaning “the fullness” (that is the “totality of Divine Powers”) is a mystical teaching of Coptic Gnostic Christianity, recorded in the story of Pistis Sophia, (lit. “Faith Wisdom”) which comes to us from several sources. This version from the Askew Codice, written in the 3rd or 4th century, one of three documenting the Gnostic tradition known to exist prior to the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library in upper Egypt in 1945. The Pistis Sophia tells us that its teachings were given by Jesus to his disciples, including three women, Mother Mary, Magdalene and Martha, for eleven years after his resurrection. We are told that for most of this time Jesus revealed only the lower mysteries until at some point he became fully enlightened and was able to transmit the higher mysteries. Gnosticism emerged from Judaic, Zoroastrianism and Neo-Platonism, particularly the cosmology of the Timaeus, merging with early Christianity in the 1st and 2nd centuries. A number of different sects developed in the middle east, each with slightly different details of the story.

The Pistis Sophia is the story of Sophia’s fall from grace and her eventual redemption. She is identified with the soul and as the opposite, the syzygy, of Jesus. thus her’s is the journey of the soul. In the Askew Codice she falls from the 13th Aeon a lofty yet not Divine position in the cosmology, to the level of the Archons, the Fallen Lords who rule the lower material planes, where she is persecuted, but with her repentent efforts and desire to serve the light, a process of awakening, she is eventually restored to her lofty position. Other version particularly the Apocryphon of John manuscript in the Nag Hammadi library, she is seen as a divine being who falls into material form. Like Jesus her mission is to bring gnosis, knowledge, to earth.
The Pleroma exist only in this galaxy, the aeons beings inhabit the galactic core. Periodically it emits cosmic substance into the galactic arms to create the lower worlds of experience. Sophis came forth as such, creating our solar system and becoming the “living matrix” in which we all exist.

The teaching and cosmology of the Pistis Sophia is unique among the mystery traditions in its straight forward recognition of the existence of the Shadow, the Fallen Dark or evil, the Archons, its effect in our lives and how to overcome it. These are inorganic conscious but souless beings formed before the earth and appearing as a pre-natal human form. Most people, even those on a mystical spiritual path, tend the deny the reality of the Dark, unable and/or unwilling to deal with it, although many of these individuals working in the astral planes have come face to face with it, usually unprepared and suffering the consequences as a result. The mystery school acknowledges its existence and trains its initiates in the art of self protection when traveling in the higher dimensions that is, building and using shields. As the teacher admonishes, “Never leave home without them.”
The purpose/agenda of the Archons is to obstruct humanity’s spiritual enlightenment which they do by manipulating our minds by influencing the way we perceive reality. They have rejected the soverignity of the divine creator, convinced that they, themselves, are the creators of the world. However, like all life forms, they must have light to survive, and so have become parasite, feeding on human subtle energies, light. and so do everything in their power to maintain control over humanity. Most of all they do not want us to know of there existence and agenda. And so they enlist the assistance of religions, corporations politicians, to implement their agenda.