In the beginning there was infinity. Infinity became aware…conscious. It then focused into energy which separated into patterns of creation called densities. The first concept of creation was the idea of finity. The first three distortions are Will, Love and Light in that order. After that many patterns devolve.

Intelligent Infinity has a rhythm, a vast tide or flow of beingness outward and inward.

“All things, all life, all of creation

Saturnian Council of Nine (8th Dimension)-are located in the Rings of Saturn.are part of one original thought.”

Higher Self (the Soul) resides in mid-6th level density. The Higher Self is the end result of all the development experienced by the Mind/Body/Spirit complex

The 4th Density is described as being without disharmony or conflict of any kind. The principle is in doing no harm. Harm os not possible because telepathic communication is universal, meaning there are no secrets. Man will live in the rainbow energy boy of Light…the dense physical-chemical body will be gone.

There is a quantum shift at the boundary between densities where the vibration od substance changes as color of light from yellow to green from 3rd to 4th. This is a sudden, discreet shift.

The term “density is a mathematical one having to due with vibration. Each Density has 7 sub planes which each have 7 sub-subplanes which each have 7 sub-sub-subplanes on to infinite subplanes. Within the great octave of existence there are seven octaves or densities.

All Creation is an effect of the distortion of the Law of One, that is an effect of duality.

ASCENSION termed the “harvest” of the consciousness originally seeded on earth.
Ascension of the earth is facilitated by the confederation of Planets and overseen by a group of higher intelligence called the Guardians.
Earth is a free will zone, free will is inviolate by Universal Law which is disregarded by the Dark Fallen.
There are basically two primary decisions open to evolving souls on earth: Service to Others (the Light) and Service to Self (the Dark)