Like the Kingdom, the universe in this system has 24 dimensions, 12 expanding in awareness to infinite consciousness of all to a crossover point and 12 dimensions if integration to One. The Source of this material is a channeled document through the Council of Elders of the Central Suns who are the first group of creator beings that organize original chaos by Universal Law & Harmonics. The purpose of this document was to assist the group of highly evolved spiritual beings who have descended into physical form on planet Earth to assist in the ascension or Grand Light Sequence” to remember the higher knowledge of the creation of universes from which they have veiled themselves. Ours is the 12th U*niverse in this cycle, (see Universal Law & Harmonics in Articles).

12th Universe-24 Dimensions
9 Dimensional Bandwidth in original Plan for Universe 12, ad hoc expansion to 12 dimensions including the Crossover point.

Geometric Codes for the 12th Universe