The MATRIMANDIR-House of the Divine Mother

Sri Aurobindo” Cosmology

Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

The Matrimandir, also called the “House of the Divine Mother”, was the vision of the The Mother (Mirra), collaborator and spiritual associate of India’s philosopher-sage, Sri Aurobindo, 1872-1950. She saw this temple as the spiritual center of Auroville, the new international spiritual community founded in 1968 near Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu, India. Its purpose is to realize human unity and the transformation of consciousness, ushering in the great awakening of the new age. .

Sri Aurobindo’s System The “temple of the third millenium” as it was called, reflects Sri Aurobindo’s model of multi-dimensional reality, the universe, which he described in his system of Integral Yoga in the The Life Divine. This cosmology of consciousness has become the spiritual basis for Transpersonal Psychology defined the nature of multi-dimensional reality and man based on the seven Lokas or worlds of the Vedic Puranaic tradition and his own mystical experience. He called them planes of consciousness. The higher three are transcendent, eternal planes of infinite consciousness: Sat Chit, Ananda, above the lower three, which are planes of finite existence: the mental (thinking mind), the vital (astral), and physical (material). Between these is the infinite Supermind, the enlightened mind, a transitional plane, with several subplanes. Above these is the unmanifest Supreme Absolute Being. Below all these are the subconscious and inconscient subplanes. Counting the subplanes and combining the upper three as SatChit-i Ananda there are 12 planes. Atman, the Soul dwells in the lower planes as the Inmost or Psychic Being (Self), one of a threefold “parts of being” that includes the Inner Being and Outer (Ego) Being.1

The objective of life, enlightenment, is an evolving process of increasing awareness, aka moksha, nirvana and self-realization. It is the beginning of higher evolution, ascending ever higher in the planes of existence. It is a state of non-dual consciousness where one knows itself not as a separate individual but as an infinite, eternal Self, at one with the infinite Source of Being. Humanity is now evolving into the consciousness of the SuperMind. Entering the temple to the center mirrors the process of enlightenment.

Project Description
The Matrimandir, was conceived as a golden, globe, somewhat flattened, as is the earth, some 29 meters (94′) high by 36 m.(117′) in diameter. The flattening makes the globe more like a torus with an interior vortex as is the shape of the hyper-dimensional universe. It was to be the body of the Divine Mother, the Cosmic Mahashakti. It appears to float above a radiating plan of twelve gardens arrayed around it, representing the 12 attributes of the Divine Mother and landscaped with plants from all over the world. It is approached by one of 12 radiating paths through a circle of 12 meditation chapels which curve upwards like flower petals. Each is these dedicated to th th one of the 12 qualities of the Divine Mother. The The walks become ramps leading down under the globe below ground level to a water fountain of cascading lotus petals. The structure of the globe is a precast concrete space frame, supported off the ground by 4 concrete piers representing the 4 aspects or personalities, of the Divine Mother: Kali-power, Lakshmi-beauty, Saraswati-perfection and Shwari-wisdom and compassion. It is covered by circular laminated gold discs mounted off the exterior surface to allow air to circulate behind them to cool the building. The four piers contain stairs which lead to the entry level where two spiral stairs continue up to an intermediate level.


From there the Inner Chamber is accessed by two spiral ramps which symbolize the cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti, the principle of duality in the process of creation. They also reflect the journey of the soul and the spiral muscles of the heart organ.

The Inner Chamber & Crystal Sphere Within the globe there is an Inner Chamber, a 12 sided concrete constructed space clad in white marble and proportioned in golden Ø ratio (see below), the same as the Great Pyramid of Egypt which is known to be a temple of initiation and ascension. The repeated theme of 12 figured geometrics the number of petals/vortexes traditionally of the heart chakra, the 12 petalled wheel in the human subtle energy body makes the Matrimandir as a whole is a model of the heart chakra.

At the center of the inner chamber floor and at the exact equator of the globe there is a 70 cm diameter crystal sphere, made of optical quality quartz…the largest in the world This is supported by a golden standard designed with 4 sides of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, which sits on a platform mandala of the Mother’s symbol. The male principle thus is in the vertical dimension and the female in the horizontal. Surrounding the crystal there is a circle of 12 free-standing metal columns which, like standing stones of ancient henges, function like tuning forks create an resonating energetic field. They are an antenna, a wave guide, producing a standing wave to attune a focused field of consciousness within the chamber. They also channel 12 etheric braids of light down from higher dimension like a cosmic 12 strand DNA.

At the apex of the Inner Chamber is an opening, an oculus that allows a ray of sunlight to be focused and directed by a solar tracking heliostat on top of the globe down into the crystal sphere, providing natural light for the Chamber. Traditionally in Indian temples this is known as the “sun door”, gateway to the cosmos. The ray continues down the center through the floors. ramps and stairs to a crystal in the center of the Lotus Pool below the globe and then into the earth. The crystal sphere seems to act as a lens to focus a laser of coherent consciousness down into the planetary grid system to be distributed around the world. Such a laser of consciousness is capable of activating, even modifying the Divine Plan for evolution of the planet encoded in the geometry of its subtle energy grid as if it were a laser beam of light used to recode DNA.2 On the global scale the effect is to energize The Great Awakening, otherwise known known as the Ascension of Mankind.

The ceremonial path that began with the circumambulation around the gardens, onto the radial paths through the chapels, up through the tunnel enclosing the circular stairs and the spiraling ramps up into the Inner Chamber, culminates at the central crystal and Pillar of Light, This process replicates the sequence of “Kluver” form constants: grid, radial web, tunnel and spiral, which induces a higher state of consciousness, preparing one to enter into sacred space.3

The Chakra System
The Matrimandir is the universe which is the body of the Divine Mother. Gestating within her is another being, The Divine Purusha, sitting in lotus position. As with traditional Indian temples, the Matrimandir holds in its design the chakras, the subtle energy centers, in the body of the Divine Being. Here they are all vertical with the heart center at the crystal sphere, with 12 columns and 12 sided chamber wall, the crown at the top of the globe/inner chamber and the rood at the base of the globe. These are normally inaccessible, enclosed by structure or in this case floating is mid air their position defined by geometry. Sri Aurobindo viewed the chakras as a system of ascending states of mind. Alternately a figure with its feet standing on the foundation and its crown at the top of the globe will have the crystal at its solar plexus, the energy center of the body. The height of this standing figure will be the same as the equatorial diameter of the globe. (see Building Sections above and below.) The ratio of the dimension from the feet to the crystal and crystal to top of the globe is in the golden phi/Ø ratio.(see sacred geometry below)

The Seed in the Envelope
Traditionally, the altar of the ancient temple represents a seed form that was harmonically proportioned to the exterior enclosure of the building. The Matrimandir takes this a step further with the crystal sphere squared by its golden stand as the circle of the globe at the equator is squared by its base of four supporting piers, reflecting the basic design principle of the whole structure.

Circling the Square
The dimensions of the Inner Chamber produce a triangle which is exactly that of the Egyptian Great Pyramid of Gizeh. The proportions of this triangle are in golden phi Ø ratios such that 1/2 the base is to the height is to the apothem (slope) as 1::√Ø::Ø. The Inner Chamber measures 15.0m high divided by the radius of 12.0 m gives a ratio of √Ø.
This same triangle is the key to Circling the Square, a diagram in sacred geometry where the height of the triangle is the radius of the circle that is equated to the square with a side equal to the base of the triangle. Thus the circumference of the circle symbolizing Spirit is equated to the perimeter of the square representing the Body or matter.
Perimeter=8:(2•4)=Circumference= 7.992: (2•π•r where r=√Ø or 1.272…)

The Great Pyramid triangle as the mediating geometry between the circle and the square, Spirit and Matter, and having golden proportions, is a central teaching in sacred geometry. The meditating man sitting in this triangle performs the same function mediating between Spirit and Matter as the Pyramid triangle does between the Circle and the Square. Thus the crystal and stand is the circle squared, the seed within the fruit/membrane, the nucleus in the cell. The relationship between the two forms produces a resonating/ i.e. harmonic environment in the temple. Sacred Geometry Just as numbers combine with functions and operators to make numerical equations that science uses to describe nature and the universe, so sacred geometry uses geometrical diagrams composed of lines and forms to represent fundamental principles to describe the structure of the multi-dimensional reality. They are sacred in the sense that they provide a map of the path of return back to the creative Source.

Sri Aurobindo’s symbol on the sides of the stand, takes the inner two great pyramid triangles from the center of the Sri Yantra, Hindu’s most sacred symbol representing the universe created from the union of Shiva and Shakti.

As revealed above the Pyramid triangle embodies the Golden Proportion. The golden ratio, known as phi or Ø, is based upon the Fibonacci sequence of numbers: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, 55,89,144,… where the ratio of one number to the next is golden: 144/89=1.618…an irrational number that goes on forever. The unique property of the sequence is that any number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two and is therefore recursive. Recursion is the principle behind self-ordering and is key to understanding consciousness. This property is also fundamental to the creation of fractal spirals where the sum of an equation of two/dual terms, having one unknown, one real the other imaginary is inserted as the unknown in the next iteration of the equation. The sequence of Fibonacci numbers and the resulting golden ratio spiral appears in nature to govern the forms and growth in plants, animals and particularly, the human body (see Sacred Geometry-Portal 1).

The dimensions of the Inner Chamber match exactly the proportions of the Great Pyramid/ Drawing then a larger triangle tangent to a circle equal to the diameter of the inner chamber will have a base equal to the diameter of the circle equal to the height of the globe. Then yet again another Great Pyramid triangle will be tangent to that with a base equal to the width of the outer globe. The whole produces a harmonic progression of pyramid triangles and so also of circles squared.(see Section left)
There is more: Connecting main points along the vertical axis with the circumferences of circles we find many great pyramid triangles in the design. The conclusion is that the Matrimandir is a spherical analog of the Great Pyramid both geometrically and functionally. It, like pyramidal structures all over the world create a great vortex that conducts subtle energy into the earth. Modern science has found that there is a relationship between energy and form. Pyramids, for example conform vortexes of measurable magnetic force. Other shapes have different energetics. The energy is in the angle.

` We find another fundamental figure of sacred geometry in what is called the “vesica piscis” a fish or mouth shape formed in the overlap of two equal circles set with their centers on each others circumference. This is the geometrical equation for the principle of fusion (of opposites) and thus of duality which is the principle of oscillation which produces form and thus of creation itself. It is also basic to the geometry of inter-dimensional portals and stargates. The gate is produced by the overlapping of vortexes (cones of energy) that are conformed by the parallelagram. The ratio of the width to the height of the vesica is 1::√3. The dimensions are represented by a series of stacked overlapping circles producing a sequence of vesicas which then are portals giving access to ever higher dimensions.

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Bacteriophage Virus
Curiously, the form of the Inner Chamber sitting on its 4 piers ia very similar to that or a bacteriophage virus (see appendix). This virus is known to inject its genetic coding into a host cell (earth) to use the cells genetic apparatus to replicate the itself without destroying the cell. The similarity here is that humanity is the virus potentially destroying the earth but with a transformation and coherence of consciousness, could actually heal the planet and generate a Great Awakening.