According to the mystical Jewish text, the Sefer Yezerah, the creation of Genesis describes the creation of the Four Worlds and the Tree of Life, the archetypical framework for multi-dimensional reality. This is the teaching of the mystical Jewish Qabalah. The Tree of Life stands in the center of the Garden of Eden next to the Tree of Knowledge, the dual aspects of creation. The Tree of Life is the blueprint or original code for the Cosmic Man, the Adam Kadmon, as well as the geometric circuit for the descent of the creative sound current connecting through ten emanations of God called the Sefiroth, through seven levels or dimensions. God creates using a sacred language made with a sacred alphabet of 22 letters representing the possible pathways the Tree.

The Ain Sof, the Infinite One, exists in the Ain, the Nothingness, manifesting as Limitless Light, the Ain Sof Ur, manifesting the Creator, YHVH, the divine tetra-grammaton, the Crown-Kether, at the center of the first World of Emanation, Azilut. According to the Zohar, The Book of Radiance, creation proceeds by emanation. It is followed by Beriah, the World of Creation, of Divine thought/ideas and Yezirah, the World of Formation, of manifestation in form. At its center the Sefiroth of Tiferet represents the Soul. In the fourth World of Action, Asiyyah, the physical universe appears, the Shekinah Universe of the Divine Feminine.

Divine feminine and finally a fifth underworld, Kilipot, of chaos, remains to complete the system. The Tree thus is structure upon three Pillars energy, form and Spirit. The fragmentation, Shevirat: the descent of Light through the circuit fragments the Sefiroth, each piece a holon containing the whole pattern, seeding the dimensions with life and consciousness. The Tree is the body of God, the Universe.

The Flower of life is the vibra-
tional standing wave within the
Firmament of the Universe

The Tree of Life represents the body or image of the Creator. It is upon this image that man is created, first the archetype Adam Kadmon, then the Soul and then the body, each with its image of internal structure of the sefirotic Tree of Life pattern.

The Teaching of the Ancient Wisdom is given from either the Cosmic Tree or the Mountain (pyramid)


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