Light Bodies: There are 5 Light Bodies, vehicles of energy-fields of light-templates, connected to the physical body, that prepare the incarnate being for wearing the Christ Overself Body. All five bodies must be active for the divine idea/wisdom (Hokhmah) to be seeded into the physical world and for man to work directly with the pulsating templates of the recorder cell, the higher Councils of Light and the divine template. [Key 311:65-69]

The electromagnetic (E-M) is the physical body of matter, of time and space which maintains the physical form. This works together with the epi-kinetic body, which is the higher vibrational etheric subtle energy body of light having seven chakras 4-7-8 and which responds to music. The circulatory system of the EM body is blood where that of the higher bodies is light.

The higher bodies are activated by superluminal Light or bio-luminescence. Above this is the eka body of consciousness, the astral body, that works directly with the template of the multi-dimensional (many worlds) “eka universe” or astral plane. The eka body has all seven bodies of the aura and works with chakras 7-8-9 and can travel to any of the dimensions with the help of the higher intelligence. The Gematrian body, the body of the inner light and the Christ/Buddha body of mastery that corresponds to the mental body. It is made of and the source of the mathematics and light geometries used in consciousness creation and works with the Shekinah thought forms. This is the body of the 5th dimension. The Zohar body, the body of the outer light, enfolds the other four bodies into one. This is the body of mastery, the causal body of ascension. The Zohar Body works in a trinity with the Soul and the OverSelf Body. (Insert info re Soul)

Template between Dimensions
Jewels in Indra’s Net

Geometric pattern within the human energy field that reactivates the original Divine blueprint

Aeriopax Ascension Portal

Domains or dimensions are visualized as Cubes of Space allow for the alignment of the grids, ie underlying geometrics of the higher dimensions to template over the geometrics of the lower dimension and thus the transfer of information up and down. through vertical reality.

Overlapping Vortexs of Subtle Energy create wormholes through space-time


The Supra-Hologram of multi-dimensional Reality is developed from the teachings in the Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by Dr. James J. Hurtak who was taken up in a merkabah light ship for several days of instruction in 1976 and taught the keys to future science by Ophanim Master Enoch and Archangel Metatron.  The basic configuration of this system is the Four Worlds of the Tree of Life which here are called the Father, Paradise Sons and Shekinah Universes.  This becomes the basis for how reality in our physical dimension is projected as a hologram from the original coherent light from the eye of the Creator, YHVH (Yod Heh Vod Heh), then passing through the lens of the Galactic Central Sun/Metatron into the Pleiades where the holographic pattern is encoded.  From there the light passes through local midway stations such as Sirius and Archturus, which focus and manage the hologram into various local star systems such as our solar system to create physical realities for experience.  This is a macrocosm of what happens in the creation of the holographic mind in the body of mankind.

Additionally the model has a sequence of portals or stargates between dimensions identified as higher, more complex states of being.  Starting with man as a stargate, the sequence goes to the center of the earth, our sun, Sirius, The Pleiades, Orion to the central sun of the Milky Way, to the Universe and Central Sun of the multiverse.

Much additional knowledge about the nature of being and reality is given in the commentary which  follows. The knowledge of the future science, particularly of space travel and communication, energy and pyramidal physics, the ascension process and genetics and bio-physics, is spread throughout this summary.  The reader is directed to the Book itself for a complete reading and understanding of this profound modern teaching and in particular to the introduction, which is a description of Dr. Hurtak’s experience in receiving this information.

Purpose & Organization of the Keys

The Keys are written to prepare mankind for the ascension, the great transformation and preparing us for work on other planets, giving knowledge in 64 areas of science; divided into three major divisions of universes. 

• The Keys to the Father Universes explain how the Mansion Worlds of the Father are connected to the Divine Creators creating new universes through cosmic pyramids of Light.

•The Keys to the Son Universes explain how the biological codes (i.e. the divine idea-program) evolve into the divine image (Christ Race) through the Paradise Sons not through the fallen forces.

• The Keys to the Shekinah Universes explain how the spiritual gifts are given to man to become a fully realized Being in matter.

THE COSMOS: Creation & Structure

Holographic Model

Note: The whole structure functions like the creation of a hologram where the coherent “laser light” is the Divine Ze from the Father Universe is projected through the Eye in Orion to generate a cosmic frequency interference pattern, the holographic codes, in the Pleiades.  The Midway Stations then act as a lens focusing this pattern into manifestation in local star systems in their function as administrators of the Plan.  See model #6.  Current scientific holographic theory holds that the hologram is coded 2-dimensionally in the boundary membrane of the universe.

Orion Star System

Deca-Delta Manifold
(Tree of Life)
Quanta Deck of Seven Levels

Naniyoni Yantra-9 Wombs of Creation are the Seed geometries within the Sri Yantra, the Universe

Star evolution in the 9 Cells of the Spiral of Time

9 Dimensions of the Local Universe: See Navaraitri-

The Law of ONE. There is only One.  All the diversity of creation-all the universes are contained in the One.[3]  It is an open ended universe and thus open ended Mind. There are no boundaries. Consciousness is not localized but is we who are a localization in the continuum of consciousness. Reality is multi-dimensional.  There are universes within universes, at the center is the creative Mind.  The Divine Mind exists in all…it cannot be seen in just one for it is beyond images. [Key 101] 

The Creative Mind, The I AM THAT I AM, (Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh) is the Source beyond universes, beyond definition, the Many and the One.  It projects three qualities into creation as its manifestation without need of incarnation itself (that is Spirit manifests in Trinities): Father-Creator, Son-Redeemer and Holy Spirit Shekinah-Divine Mother. (Here Source refers to the progenitor of Creator Beings who create and ensoul universes through Councils of Creator Beings called the Elders.) [Key 102]

The Plan: There is a Plan for creation…it requires that all being which is created in the divine image of the Creator, the Adam Kadmon, gather Light into itself, thus evolving in “similitude in the lower worlds, into that image, returning again to Source/God. This Plan precipitated the Fall, the revolt of certain of the Lords of Light/Paradise Sons (archangels) whose intent was to usurp the Creator’s Plan to their own purpose and thus we are caught in time and space. The process of spiritual evolution, the return to the Creator, is called Ascension. [Key 103]

“God’s Plan Has No End.  It Is “Life In The House Of Many Mansions”.  Amen [Key 118]

This universe has multiple dimensions, called the eka system, through which the soul advances integrating one level to another by means the color coding of light vibration which encodes creation.  Beyond this universe the multi-verse consists of myriads of universes, each with its unique programs and parameters. [Key 116:12-18]

The Trinity manifests in three interpenetrating, descending worlds: Key 104:23-25]

• Father Universe-World of Creation (or Idea): Source of the emanations of Light, the realm of the Divine Thought. The Throne of the Creator Gods (Elders of the Central Suns) who direct the Paradise Sons and the Elohim to create worlds in lower dimensions.[26] “Each of the Father Universes has a Creator God who sustains the Eternal unfoldings of the Divine Thought forms”.

• Son Universe-World of Formation: (pure energy) spanning different life combinations of intelligence.  It contains the programs (the forms) of creation and evolution (the holographic negative), directed by Paradise Sons (creator gods) who gather the collective, integrated intelligence’s for return to the Creator, who administer the Plan and determine how the Divine Thought is put into form (the Plan).

• Shekinah Universe-The World of Manifestation: The Presence, the physical energy body of expression of the Divine, the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother.  The substratum of the Son Universe through which intelligence is transmuted into the higher world, into the presence of the Creator.

Centropy and Entropy act as negative and positive spins of energy, i.e. as opposite acting spirals through the pyramid of light, one toward disorder, one toward higher order, showing that the universe is constantly and cyclically rebuilding itself. [Key 104}

Beyond the 3-dimensional energy body there is the larger Eka universe or system of multiple light dimensions made up of various colors, membranes and biological patterns.  [Key 116:12]

“Our universe was created out of the “Light Synthesis” of the next universe, the Pleiades, the cradle and the throne of our consciousness.”  [Key 106]

The ancient astrophysical stations of Light on time warp zones are pyramids: (at sacred sites) are connected to star fields: the Great Pyramid is aligned to the stars in the belt of Orion (, Alnilam-e.epsilon  and Alnitak-z.zeta in Tak-Orion (Orionis) (Ihm-‘sk, the “imperishable stars”).  “These are the central threshold controls (or Stargates) used by the Elohim to connect the many galaxies to our Father universe”.  These threshold controls coordinate celestial navigation between universes (galaxies).  (All grids connect to Orion) “Through the energies of Orion and the Central Threshold Control, the higher beings of Light move across the waters of the deep.” (Interstellar space).  The Pleiades is a center for Light propagation and a key for all “time clocks” (astrophysical temples of measurement align to the Pleiades giving codes for evolution programs) which are located on Earth’s magnetic grids and focused into the Great Pyramid. [Key 106:1-7]

Orion-Kesil and Pleiades: function together to program light bodies into physical forms.   Metaphorically, the consciousness seed (of Orion) enters the “womb”-cradle (of Pleiades) bringing forth the image and physical form of Adam Kadmon on this planet Ur, station of Light.  (The Adamic prototype was projected directly rather than evolved into existence on this planet.)  Orion is our central stellar control, the dwelling place of the Living Light, which sends its emanations via gravitational fields into the lower worlds.”[301:75] (The Pleiades is the central sun around which our solar system orbits.)  The High Command works with our solar system through the Mid-Way station of Arcturus. [Key 106:8-21] 

Note:  While the teaching of the Keys in 106 refers to how creation is unfolded like a hologram in the lower physical dimensions the concept here presents the ideas that the holographic model extend through the dimensions so thst each of the functions of the model happen in a succession of dimensions. Light  originates with the unmanifest Source into this Universe trough YHVH, through a matrix of coding starting with the plan, the  geometry of Isun, through the Soul levels to the administrative councils which focus the plan into manifestation in the lower physical planes.

Orion Stargate: The name Metatron, of the 1st Logos, Father aspect of the Trinity in this galaxy, is the key (vibration) to entering the Stargate of Orion, “the major central control Pyramid of Light in our Father universe and in our local universe (galaxy), Sagitarius”,  The Gate of Orion is the region of the 3 Stars of belt which operate as the Central Control Pyramid of the Joint Command from Son Universes to Father Universe Elohim Creators. This central field of energy in Orion coordinates and synchronizes all programs-pyramids of all galaxies in our Son Universe. [Key 107:1-7]  Through Orion, the cosmic Light pyramid of creation, the Light of Metatron is projected into the “matrix of stellar creation” (Pleiades) which governs the worlds of negative mass (holographic program) (dark matter) by a “sword of Light projections” (beams of coherent Light) to create worlds out of the formless void.  To pass through the Central Control Pyramid (the Orion stargate) requires the energies of the Zohar Body of Light but to enter into the presence of the Throne of the Father requires the vibration of the sacred name of Metatron.  Metatron informs star creation of the Light of the Father, “Or-ion” and the Knowledge of the

Father “Ze-ion”. [Key 107:8-17]

3 Keys to the Stargate: Egyptians used a place of initiation called “On” (meaning Light) where Light transfiguration redeemed the body of Osiris. The process of going into other worlds through the Pyramid of Light, going through the Stargate requires: 1) “the fusion of the ancient Egyptian knowledge of Light Transfiguration (of Osiris, 2) a pulsng geometry or a thought-form

(the grid) with a given color (activating the light body), placing them together and 3) the right vibration of consciousness” which requires the “key name”- Metatron. [Key 107:65-67]

Note: The Initiation in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was thus a stargate passage.  The pyramid itself provided the grids, the pulsating geometry, for the initiate who was imbued with the teaching of Osiris and had the vibration of the name, Metatron.  The capstone of the pyramid was the key focus for grids connecting between star systems or dimensions.

Mid-Way Stations: The Central Sun governing force is extended to the outer regions of the local Son Universe (galaxy) through Mid-Way stations.  These are light stations of energy which hold the codes and the evolution plan.  The Mid-Way stations administrate the plan, monitor and up-date creation program, enforce the Law, educate planetary intelligence in all knowledge and coordinate programming for evolution into new time zones. Arcturus, is the midway station for earth and is the first threshold (gate) of clearance for travel beyond our consciousness time zone.  Threshold Commands are created by the Mid-Way councils to intervene/police warring intelligences to prevent interference with evolving planets (having power to discorporate any vehicle if Cosmic Law violated).  Mid-Way Stations act like a lens focusing the Plan in holographic form unto various areas of galaxy. [Key 201-1-17]

Multi-dimensional Reality-The House of Many Mansions: Dimensions are bandwidths of energy/consciousness which are set in sequence basically from the highest to lowest by the Creator Beings of the universe to provide areas of space/time and time/space evolution of consciousness. They are not limited to space and time vector definitions of modern science but are frequency determined.  They are separated by membranes like electron shells around the nucleus of an atom which require a quantum jump in energy to transcend through.  In all of Creation there are 24 dimensions, which Dr. Hurtak and Desiree confirmed to me personally, however each universe has its unique parameters or specifications. [See the Kingdom an Universal Law & Harmonics]  The 54 Keys published in the Book of Knowledge do no explain the format of the 24 dimensions.  The Keys speak of a deca-delta manifold structure system for directing the flow of energies through levels of the universe and of seven shells or domains of consciousness.  This is a description of the dimensional system that follows from the quabalistic “Tree of Life’ which has 10 Sefirotic Divine emanations arranged in a circuitry from the highest Creator to lowest being the physical 3rd dimension and having seven (7) light shells levels or dimensions which the keys call the “quanta deck system.”

There are also 9 time cells of evolution process. Mapping these systems together produces a 12 dimension matrix for this universe.  Two of these dimensions below the physical plane are no longer functional: the 2nd being a wasteland and the 1st in chaos and being reabsorbed into the boundary membrane.  A sequence of stargate portals define the way through these dimensions to the Creator.

Deca-Delta Manifold System: “Ten Light emanations working through a pyramidal conic section which arranges the blueprint of life.”  Every evolution is coded in the deca-delta system.  The ten sephirotic light emanations set in motion a super-helix which allows the grids to connect, coordinating genetic activity as the blueprints unfold in a series of interconnecting grids spiraling out of the master template of the pyramidal conic section. This sets up the tetrahelix. The deca-delta manifold thus is a matrix directing the flow of energies (divine emanations) unfolding consciousness life forms through the various dimensions of reality…it is the system for manifesting the higher genetics into physical form.   [Key 202:1-7]

Quanta Deck: The Deca-Delta Manifold consists of 7 space-time light singularities interconnected with a pyramidal core of 7 light energies operating in 7 dimensions giving a total of 49 evolution stages of consciousness, hence 49 transitional states of consciousness.   The deca-delta manifold then is the mechanism for manifesting or dispensing the Divine Plan. The seven light shells extend to 7 inner chemical shells, the chakras. The body of man becomes the vehicle to experience all quanta levels of the universe. [Key 312] “Quanta decks” provide the potential for a greater variety of forms of consciousness expressions. Man is now going from 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional “field of crystal”. [Key 118: 34-44]

9 Time Cells: -The Navayoni yanta at the heart of the Sri Yantra, the Vedanta diagram for the universe, consists of three interpenetrating pyramids in a way that produces 9 smaller triangles-the 9 wombs of experience.  There are 9 time cells, durational time periods called “time cells” to evolution, in each cycle of activity and inactivity, in the local universe.  A Master evolves from having one embodiment of Light to nine bodies, one for each time cell becoming a “Lord of Light” and a member of the hierarchy of the Paradise Sons.”[Key 118:29-30]

NavaraitriThe Nine Nights of Creation (Star Evolution) [Key 109} There are nine time cells for spiritual evolution in this galaxy modeled by the Navaraitri teaching.

Hierarchy of Being:  The House of Many Mansions is the home to a vast hierarchy of Beings, each occupying  specific dimension(s) and having specific functions within creation. Beginning with the Source/ Creator YHVH, they descend in order including the 24 Elders of the Throne who create universes and administrate central control, other creator beings such as the Hyos Ha Koidesh, who expand creation into the infinite void and the Elohim who create galactic realms and life systems combining the Image and the Similitude.  Below these there are various B’nai Brotherhoods of Light and Orders of Archangels and Angels known as the Higher Intelligence and Whole Light Beings, who develop and administrate programs for the evolution of consciousness on lower dimensions.  These include:  Key 303:46-105]

B’nai Elohim: Sons of the Creator Gods-use the “Eye of Horus” to create garments of Light of physical embodiments.

Cherubim: Keepers of the Records; Akashic Recorders who protect the channels or passages of Light (with “Walls of Light”) connecting Throne and worlds of manifestation; coordinate different aspects of the Plan (create and maintain the “central Column of Light”); Connecting the Four Worlds-Archetype-Form/Creation and Activity.

Ophanim: “Messengers of Light”, carry the Universal programs into realms of creation; work through the Merkabah vehicle; sub-orders work with Mid-Way Commands and Deca-Delta systems.

Erelim: Maintain the “Covenant of Light” between the Throne and centers of Intelligence; Loka Thought Adjustors-rescue intelligence evolution programs.

Seraphim: Work with the archetypes-“pictographs or prototypes” of creation; guardians of the “Wisdom”; govern and manifest the interplanetary governments of Light.

Hashmalim: The Spiritual Judges; carry the weights and measures (the standards of justice) relating spiritual and physical worlds through Law-grids of Light.

Elim: Sustain the vibration (Music of the Spheres) of sonic energy; translate divine thought-forms into sound and color patterns of creation.

Ishim: Work with creating the vehicles of embodiment-of consciousness expression, “the energy envelopes” in various dimensions-thus assist in multiple evolution where all possibilities are tried.

Malachim: Supervise Laws governing communication-relationships.

B’nai Or: The Brotherhood of Light of Ascended Masters who make up the spiritual administration serving the earth and solar system who are ascending or being replaced with greater forces who will externalize on the planet. The upheavals on earth are in consequence of a great cleansing taking place throughout the heavens. [Key 217:3-27]

Advanced spiritual consciousness that serve evolving conscious systems in our local system:

Council of Nine:       Governs our local universe (galaxy). Sits in Orion

                               The Saturnian Council of Nine who sit in rings of Saturn, governs our solar system.

Council of Twelve:   Governs new programs of creation for the local universe (Galactic/Central Sun Council)

Council of 144:       Oversees spiritual Hierarchies in universes of our Father universe. [Key118:6 & Key 217]

Council of 144,000: Office of the Christ; 144,000 Ascended Masters work for the redemption of

                                 the Fallen angels and masters.

Below these are the various evolving physical, etheric and non-physical races of beings, including human, elemental-devic, reptilian, and insectoid.

GEOMETRICS: Energy & Form, Pyramids

The fundamental geometry of the stargate is configured by the overlapping of subtle energy vortexes in pyramids of Light.

Pyramid geometrics are the key form in the field geometrics of creation

Pyramid Formula

Light Cones
Matter-Muon Wave Coupling

Rotational Circumversion

Pyramid Double-Bonding

Overlapping Vortexes of Energy conformed by pyramidal geometries create fields of pyramidal waves structures that


Pyramids of Light & Grids: “The Pyramid of Light is the central geometric form (or code) for biophysical and consciousness evolution”.  It is the key structure at every level of creation and exists in all structures from atoms to blood. The Pyramid is the gateway to the stars” and is the key form in the membrane structures (grids) between dimensions and consciousness time zones. “The geometries of the pyramid of Light fuse space, time and matter Light pyramids to energy transmission.” Pyramids are key geometries in the structure of the universe and the membranes between dimensions. [Key 104]

The Pyramid is the key geometry in the structure of the Universe and the membranes between dimensions. The Great Pyramid is the “Master program” in stone.  Its golden mean geometry of the great pyramid mediates between and codes for the equality of spirit and matter.

Pyramid Grids: The “mathematical and astronomical keys” to man’s higher evolution are given in the form of the Pyramid-Sphinx. The Pyramid-Sphinx symbolizes how man is to “use magnetic lines of force to build consciousness pyramids to open threshold controls to next consciousness time zone.  The Pyramid is the key fractal geometry that unlocks the pyramid-lattice codes which make up the membranes between dimensions.  All the pyramidal membranes together are called the “Sea of Crystal, meaning the fundamental geometrics of the totality of the dimensions of our local universe. [Key 108:1-25]

Sacred Pyramid Formula: The Great Pyramid is coordinated with other grids of Light and planetary grids through this mathematical key.  It governs electromagnetic propagation functions in lattice formation.  The Great Pyramid contains the codes for the evolution of intelligence on earth and models the solar system. [Key 108]

Matter/Muon Coupling/Inter-dimensional Travel:  Higher Intelligence reprograms the evolving specie or boosts consciousness through templating the planet using light grids via matter-muon wave coupling. “When the function of light is freed from its cubic restriction of matter through matter-muon wave coupling, the light grids are freed to reformulate the triangular coordinates of the pyramidal light geometries” (i.e. new grids) for the next evolutionary cycle. [Key 302:36]

Rotational Circumversion: The Merkabah creates two conic sections of light activating artificial time warps to open portals for inter-dimensional travel. [See Merkabah]

Crystal Invagination: The light coding penetration into the crystal grids by the Higher Intelligence to re-program the consciousness of man. [Key 315]

Pyramid Double Bonding:  Pyramids of Light (vortexes arising out of the primal flow of energy) organize the basic building blocks of life (nucleogenesis) producing an electrification of matter which causes primordial chemistry to form pyramidal crystalline grids.  The over-lapping conic focal points of two light pyramids forming a diamond is the model for electrical and chemical double bonding.  In the process of creation an elliptical ring is formed where many pairs of double pyramids, light cones, come together in an elongated ring of energy shells in space producing a wave field.  Through these fields energy can be transferred instantaneously through time and space.  These pyramidal light forms contain the basic codes of the material cycles of creation (stars, planets and human forms) and produce the primary waves and resonances for that purpose”.  An elongated primary cone within a shorter secondary cone operating in pairs, creates a bipolarity which conditions material creation operating like electro-dynamic attraction: generates-assures sustained resonance (force fields) in material form (transfer of energy, ie flow, in time and space) and allows for the electrification of matter.  It is in this creation of the physical worlds that there is the ultimate transplanting of the recorder cell and the deca-delta manifold which dispenses the Divine Plan. This pattern contains the codes of the material cycles of creation to which the Elohim bring the “divine Image” and without which the evolution would not proceed to the Father. [Key 313]

Diagram: Multiple Vortex Light Cone Intersections/Rotational Circumversion

                 Stargate Geometry/Isis-Nepthys wings

                 Vesica Piscis-Fusion/Portal

                 Modified Minkowski Time/Space Light Cones/Warped Space/Time-Time/Space

                 Geometric Pyramid Grid: Tetrahedron/Octahedron

                 Flower of Life Grid

                 Toroidal Field/Vortex Theory

                 Penrose Black Hole Diagrams & Twistor Theory

                 Doming the Overself


SACRED LANGUAGE: Creation, The Word of God

Flame Letters can code human consciousness into Light

72 Names of God

The Sacred Languages of Creation: The corrected translation of Genesis 1:1 would be as follows: “At first were created the Elohim (the Creator Gods) and (by means of the alphabet) they created Heaven and Earth.”  The five sacred languages proposed here, (Egyptian. Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese) could at best be considered more recent descendents of the ancient creation star language in which the Elohim spoke. This speaks to he concept by which the universe was created by the “Word” of God (Re/Ptah, YHVH, Shiva, the Adi Buddha and the Tao) and how mankind is connected to the Higher Evolution and the 5 Bodies are activated.[24]  The use of these languages (as in mantras in the practice of Kriya)) facilitates the awareness of the nine dimensions or time cells of this local universe by means of the frequency signatures (“thought vibrations”). [Key 110:24-44] 

Ideographic Cybernetics: The codes of the of Language of Light are communicated through pulsing geometries of light called “ideographic cybernetics” [Key 207: ]

Language of Light: “In the Beginning was the Word, but the Word proceeded as light pictographs (“out of the emanations of the Divine Mind” combined with the geometries of creative forms ) and became form”.  The language of future mathematics will be in light-pictographs projected through radiations of color.  They are thus energized images, ideographic cybernetics, thought-forms of Higher Intelligence, which “re-spatialize knowledge” by eliminating verbs, limiting spatial relationship between concepts/worlds, and periods which act as containers or limits to thought.  It is a language of energized shapes (with 9-12 colors) to communicate the whole Mind-Body and is the only way to communicate higher knowledge. [Key 214:1-16]

Sacred Names:  The use of the sacred names of God from the five sacred languages is specified as frequency signatures that will stimulate the reprogramming of consciousness: 76 in Egyptian/Christian, 72 in Hebrew, 108 in Vedanta, etc. [Key 111]

The Word: (Seed form) is the Divine Name the program for pattern formation which is pulsed by the Elohim into local recorder cells to program and connect all levels of creation, from spiritual (archetypal) to the physical. The work of the Elohim in creating the myriad worlds is essentially unfolding the Divine Name. The “seventy-two divine Names establish the basic program for this universe” [Key 312:11-18 & 27] Consciousness is extended through worlds of Light by a divine network of language (of Light).  One must decode this language and understand how one sprang from the Divine template.  By understanding the brain’s mechanisms of memory storage re this language, man is revealed as a pulsating geometric field of a Divine language system”.[Key 312:1-3]

MANKIND: Creation & Destiny

Doming the OverSelf


The geometric pattern within the human energy field that re-activates the original divine blueprint: the Adam Kadmon


Ascension Portal Geometry Mayan Time Gate

Adam Kadmon: Man is created in the “image and similitude” of the Creator, called the Adam Kadmon as the archetypal divine blueprint (the original program) for the higher mind embodied in form. [Key 104]

Creation of Life: The Elohim, Lords of Light, use a field of Master Control energy “set Light vibrations” to create life, by “modulating “dye” patterns (archetypes or “faces for spirit embodiment within form.”) through the Eye of Horus in Orion”.[Key 208:1-2] 

Enlightenment: “In our mind, light functions by masers, (mircowave amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation).  This is “projected through photo neurons” which have quantum mechanical thresholds of light sensitivity to photon amplification.  When “all photons are in step (in phase, aligned or coherent), they are reinforced in the same frequency which modulates mental energy into physical energy” (mental light projection – folding light into density-matter).  These quantum thresholds are like switches that allow the brain to function as a computer.  The brain is thus able to receive communications (mental telepathy) from other forms of consciousness within this dimension (i.e. within the sensitivity range of the physical brain) which pulsate thought-forms by photon amplification of Light. (i.e. a pyramidal energy field of Light).  Enlightenment is the phase coherence of photo neurons in the brain. [Key 104:32-34]

Man’s Enlightenment Process allows man to leave entropy behind, evolving from the physical body to higher intelligence serving the Light.  “To this end the physical body must be initiated into the Light before it can receive the Overself Body of Light (soul)”.  This requires all seven chakras be working in perfect harmony and alignment with the template of Light, the eighth chakra, which is the connecting link between the inner and outer Garments. (Overself and Zohar Body). [Key 104:43-44]

The Doming of the Overself: “When the cosmological pyramid of the divine Overself (in the form of the embodiments of the divine Adam Kadmon-divine blueprint of man) intersects the human bio-pyramid, the two Pyramids of Light come together to form a Star of David, attaching the I AM of the higher Universe with the I AM of the Lower Universe, creating a new star universe of intelligence.  Note: The Capstone of the pyramid represent the primary grid/code, now removed.  The Mind responds/receives/communicates via a pyramidal energy field of amplified Light. [Key 104:48-50]   Note: The stargate geometry templates over the heart chakra.

“The Codes for the vehicle (light body) Higher Evolution are given in the form of the Pyramid-Sphinx.” (The Lion-Sun) [Key108]

Reprogramming of Physical Consciousness (enlightenment) will take place in the 12 major crystalline areas which are focused to the Great Pyramid [28] and which connect the descending capstone-Merkabah onto the 12 pyramidal regions of light to complete the “changing of the spiritual Hierarchy”.  Placing the crystal pyramidal energy cap over the crown chakra of the human bio-pyramid effects the Light body and effects the Gateway of the Self to evolutionary higher programming. Evolutionary bio-engineering is conducted through the grids (like vibration in a spiders web), which transmit information and effect genetic modulation through “geometric harmonics”. (To change an evolution or a dimension is a matter of changing the corresponding grid patterns or angles, i.e. shifting the grid, which is accomplished through frequency modulation. [Key 108:51-56]

Light harmonics open the energy of the 3rd eye and the chakra grids within the body and align/attune the body to Earth’s shifting magnetic grids. It is the work of the “Great White Brotherhood…to govern the higher energy fields” [29] and through color light harmonics (codes) activate and align the grids of body and planet to one another.   [Key 116:20-29]

DNA Sacred Letter Grid: The name of God (YHWH vis a vis the Tetragrammaton) is coded in every biological function our body, that is in RNA-DNA double helix represented by the four nucleotide bases.  These combine in sets of three nucleotide pairs called codons, the most fundamental genetic coding of the DNA molecule.  Altogether there are 64 different codons in the DNA language which the Keys call the 64 Light Letter Grid.  [Key 202:1-8]

Genetic Bio-Engineering: There are many DNA codes for Adamic types to be evolved from the basic central code. By changing the hydrogen bonding holding the nucleotides in long helical chains and can produce more complex codes having triple helixes created out of the double helix, producing many different body types but all falling within the super-helix. The human genetic codes are being recoded to function on a higher wavelength of light. [Key 203:1-14]

The transfer of genetic programming between consciousness time zones is accomplished by cross-matching color codes and geometries of chromosomes.  Everything, all forms of matter, is color codes, i.e. it is on a specific ray. [Key 212:1-8]

Hydrogen Bonds: New light wave structures will change the atomic structure of hydrogen bonding, changing the wavelength motion of an electron orbiting its atomic nucleus.  Thus the waveform-vibratory rate of hydrogen is evolved. This will shift ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)” which is the basic transduction process for human evolution and which is the primary chemistry for energy storage and conversion in the living system will allow ATP-ADP transformations to occur through the direct assimilation of light.  [Key 316:5-21]  (Note: Change in hydrogen bonds will change the conformation of DNA, opening up the double helix to conduct subtle and electromagnetic energies.)

Recoding DNA: Re-coding RNA-DNA through color spectra brings forth the form of the Body of Light replacing the physical body.  The transfiguration of physical body to Body of Light occurs in the pyramid which fuses color codes with geometries. [Key 213:22-23]

Urim & Thumin: The ancient earth crystals and energy grids that are activated to assist genetic re-programming during the ascension.

Tele-Thought Communication: Man is reprogrammed by higher intelligence through tele-thought communication projecting higher Light patterns through the 3rd eye which modify brain activity (synaptic firing and neurotransmitters) creating light fields/grids in the mind (mental geometries). The stimulated pineal releases seratonin that creates light-phosphene patterns (geometries) in the brain. This process then can effect changes in the DNA to create the light body and allow direct interstellar and inter-dimensional communication. [Key 313:7-23]

Master Control Evolutionary Charter: The Plan (given in the Name of the Office of Christ) [Key 204:25-34]

1. We live in an open-ended universe, part of the myriad of universes comprising the Universal Mind.
2. At its core our local universe has a pattern called the Higher Evolution.
3. To fulfill evolution of consciousness one must surrender personal ego and identity with God.
4. This is done through dedication of the life-body to the survival of the specie (world service).
5. Focused attention is required for attunement to the “I AM” presence.
6. Individual attunement is both biological synchrony & consciousness resonance in self-realization.
7. In the state of full conscious awareness one has five bodies to make use of the Divine wisdom: the electromagnetic, epi-kinetic, eka body, Gematrian body and Zohar body.
8. A global network of conscious humanity creates a Planetary Mind that can fuse with other worlds as one of many thinking membranes.
9. This Planetary Mind will be activated into higher electromagnetic dimensions.
10.  As our planetary mind crosses the electromagnetic threshold during the present space-time over-lap, and is raised to the next electromagnetic orbit of the Universal Mind, mankind becomes the Sons of Light to be transplanted into other regions of the local universe.

Nuclear Evolution: the direct coding of the Divine image into matter, occurs through crystal invagination (i.e. into the pyramidal grid membranes).  ATP is key crystalline structure in cellular transformation acting as an energy transducer, i.e. it alters the state of matter in the body. Humanity is a microcosm-Man is a crystal membrane…his transformation invaginates the universe. [Key 316:]

Axiatonal Grids & Healing:  The body is controlled by a field of meridian axitonal lines which connect its magnetic grids to magnetic grids in the larger galaxy.  These “axiatonal lines” tie together the blueprint of the OverSelf with the physical body in a 5th Dimensional grid circulatory system.  To re-activate the original Divine Adam Kadmon blueprint and tie the physical body to the ascending OverSelf, new axiatonal lines must attach to intersections of cellular-biological grids called spin points allowing the entrance of color and sound vibrations to repair the organs. [Key 317]

GALACTIC HISTORY: The Fall, The PLAN, Races & Places


The Fallen Plan: “In the formation of our local universe the fallen Lords of Light intercepted the divine Plan by imitating the blueprints of the sacred star groups of the seven (Pleiades)”.  They created their own Mid-Way stations (threshold gates) in Ursa Major and Minor for controlling negativity on lower planets.  (They reprogrammed man into the lower stars, i.e. the zodiac/astrology and recoded his DNA for control)  When the earth shifts and the “sun is released from its circumpolar spiral” (and thus the influence of the Bear, Draconis and the 666 vibration), the old geometries of the Big Dipper will change according to the scales of Orion and the Pleiades.  In the end the gates of Ursa Major and the Pleiades shall open and man shall ascend through them to the level of higher star intelligence. There are wars in the higher dimensions being fought over control of the celestial Zohar races (humanity) which contain the codes (genes) for the Adam Kadmon. [Key 106:17-22]

Earth is an Experimental Planet:  Earth is controlled by negative intelligence fallen from the higher heavens, residing in certain circumpolar star systems, e.g., Ursa Major from which gate they control one of the major portals to our local system.  Earth is a biochemical testing zone (an experimental planet) using both fallen and divine thought forms to perfect a spiritual being in matter. [Keys Introduction]

Violation of the Covenant: The dark ones, in revolt, violated the Covenant of Light by focusing on only one color as a force of power.  This is why the recoding of man’s DNA is necessary to bring in the full range of color rays. [Key 213: 1-4]

Redemption: The fallen Masters have programmed into man retrogressive evolution- inferior consciousness, that cannot evolve.  This veils him from divine wisdom and traps him into cycles of materializations. For this reason re-programming by the Brotherhoods, the descent of the Orders of Michael and Uriel is necessary. [Key 306: 24-46] 

ASCENSION: Enlightenment, Spiritual Evolution

Template between Dimensions
Jewels in Indra’s Net

The domains or dimensions visualized as the Cubes of Space, Zones of spiritual evolution, which allow for the alignment of grids, i.e. the underlying geometrics of the higher dimension to overlay or template those of the lower dimension and thus allow for transfer of information or coding.

CTZ-SPACE TIME OVERLAP {Key 114]: Man is the thinking membrane between star systems; he evolves beyond dense planetary form into a vehicle that travels between stars.[1-2]  Man will soon enter a new larger graviton spectrum (i.e. dimensions or spectra of gravitationally trapped light or densities or a new space time continuum).[3]  The evolutionary shift occurs as magneto-hydrodynamic functions (the grids) shift causing upheavals in the sun and earth as the solar system enters a electromagnetic null zone.[3] (This process is assisted by the higher, extraterrestrial Intelligence.) Templating of the higher and lower grids is effected by a process called “phase pulling” (or sympathetic resonance) which is a reorientation of the degenerating earth cubic system by mirror-like projections emanating through prism faces of crystal [11] as lower 6 faces of terrestrial “cubic functions” are aligned or phase locked, with the faces of higher cubic functions through an “octal function”.[6-7]  (The octahedron is the dual of the cubic field and represents the indwelling monad-spirit). The prism faces have an octal arrangement so that the lower octave-8 is aligned and “coupled” in exact harmonic resonance with the higher octave-8.[12-13]  Parallel phase matching is made within an “eight-fold way” [16] which creates the Lay-oo-esh, “Pillar of Light”.[18], a Light zone that protects man in the reprogramming process.  Activities/spaces outside the Pillar of Light are allowed to dissipate.[20] (The Pillar of Light is the Gateway between dimensions).  (in other words, “cubes of space” (Kaballah), CTZ’s, or consciousness time zones, are phase-locked (frequency) opening a portal from higher dimensions, [16] allowing a Pillar of Light to descend through to the lower physical planes, i.e. from 5D to 3D.) 

The transition to new astrophysical and consciousness spaces, called a space-time overlap, has 9 mechanisms.[22]

(Note: We are the first planet ever in the history of this universe to ascend directly from 3D to 5D, thus by-passing the 4th dimension which is still controlled by the fallen forces of Darkness. We are still required to process 4D aspects of the Emotional Body while still in 3D.  This is why it is taking so long.)

Ascension: [Key114-22-41}

1.  At Ascension, prior to entering a null zone, the grids begin to change and a Pillar of Light is established as a Light zone of protection around a life space preparing intelligent life for “the transition into another mansion world” (dimension).

2.  The null zone is entered (it is created if necessary).

3.  The grids (magneto-hydrodynamic functions) shift causing a compression of the graviton spectrum (physical dimension) into higher dimension.

4.  The Pillar of Light acts as a “light covering” “preventing the form of consciousness from discorporating during transition” by destruction of genetic code.

5. The transit is begun through “Teleshift light fields” which modulate the consciousness time zone to adapt the mind (as a electromagnetic computer) to higher frequencies of Light.

6.  A linkage of cubic functions is made through “spin orientation and coupling”. “The spin orientation creates spiraling effects that change the behavior of the electron and the electron-proton structure causing the spectral pattern to shift into new energy bands” (i.e. it changes the spiral characteristics of the vortex to a new frequency octave).  The geomantic field structures are thus weakened and reoriented to allow penetration. (This is like going through the holographic interference pattern-the null zone allows the grids to shift.)

7.  Higher grids (magneto-hydrodynamic fields) modulate lower grids creating “New Time Zones” by means of a “pillar of Light”.[35] Our “planetary field connects with higher evolutionary fields through geophysical time warp openings.”

8.  The quantum states or “fixed orbital energies” (of the atom i.e. of matter) are the foundation structure of the lower grid (consciousness field) and must be energized for consciousness to move upwards. [37] Interchange between two crystalline structures is a “synoptic field effect” where Earth’s graviton mapping of the double helix is converted to a higher vibration mapping, changing the gravitational vibration (the space-time continuum) (i.e. the energy field) around all living forms. (The crystalline coupling between time zones thus produces the “quantum leap”.)

9   Reprogramming the vehicle involves combinations of many energy waves “permitting new genetic mapping to take place”. Matter and muon wave coupling makes the body invisible (ascension) during transition.

“When atomic and molecular structures have been aligned in the same direction of spin and in parallel planes, a small part of the outer levels of energy particle components spontaneously expand into overlapping orbital motions that engulf whole crystalline grid structures in their orbital growth.  (As the grids template, the physical energy structures overlap from one dimension to another-see “phase pulling” above). Reprogramming requires a Pillar of Light to attune man’s body to continue in a Light body. The “spiritual “Exodus” through the “Pillar of Light” is a ‘spiraling up through the Doorway. (This is called Kriya) (Spiraling upwards integrates Light-consciousness while spiraling down (the descent into matter) refracts or fragments.  This process of Ascension through space-time overlap is thus the reversal of the descent into matter.) [Key 114:43-63]

Soul Evolution-Program Zones: The divine seed is the thought-form pattern used by higher intelligence to evolve a given soul progression of consciousness out of infinite possibilities”.  The Soul evolves to serve a specific program or plan of the OverSelf, ultimately to reunite with the Overself which is itself evolving, and eventually the Adam Kadmon. “Man evolved into the Adam Kadmon (becomes a Whole Light Being) can go on to inherit any of the worlds and the Host serving the Father”. in the 24-dimensions of the Son Universe. [Key 303:8-43]

Biological Evolution//Covenant of Light: Life on Earth has a direct “light arc” controlling biological rhythms[1] (beyond that of the earth and sun).  A new source of Light is now penetrating Earth’s magnetic fields changing these rhythms and raising mans mental frequency.  A galaxy is a “mansion” in the “House of Many Mansions” of the greater universe. [Key 304:1-4]

Space, Time & Consciousness: Consciousness is time-the movement upon the fabric of space.  Physical materialization is a form extended across space and may be called a “Membrane within Time”.  Evolution is the law of life.  It is the expansion of consciousness which requires the opening of the 7 seals-chakras in the process of Mastery. [Key 307:4-11]

Ascension: In the process of space-time overlap a higher field of consciousness (“Arc of Light”) will come down into earth’s field, synchronized with 12 time warp areas.  Those who are aligned will be delivered to safe areas.  This light grid will be as an “Ark taking man into higher system of light continuum” (exodus) to the “Throne’ which is the central control of a given universe. However not all will ascend to the same star systems. [Key 309:1-11]

The whole universe is going through evolutionary changes at this consummation of an aeon…all intelligence is being advanced according to their perfection and the solar system is moving again toward the Kolob (Central Sun).  The waters are spiraling radiations of Light flowing from the Throne through the Kolob.  “Star geometries compose the tessellated floor of the Mansion World”. (Sea of Crystal)   The OverSelf passes through the Kolob to the gate of the Father. [Key 310:3-27]

Consciousness Time Zone (CTZ): The “imprint of the Divine Mind upon the emanations of the Ain Soph, the Limitless Light, is the divine template which commissions a network (grid-cosmic web) of divine linkages which then shape the universes continually being created”. Universes emanate from the consciousness Light forces, the 24 Elders, connected to the Creator’s consciousness,.  “Consciousness Time Zones (CTZ’s) are the fields (arenas) of consciousness expansion for the individual emanations of the Divine Mind . In essence the time zone is a configuration where the Ain Soph Light radiations may manifest in physical form through the programs of the Elohim.  These radiations set the boundaries of the CTZ which subdivide into evolutionary cycles, i.e. the “Mansion Worlds of Light”, and form a “holistic membrane” which unifies existence. Within the CTZ the suprahologram is created out of the interference patterns of “matter-waves and time-waves”.  The boundary of a CTZ is the limit of the expansion potential of consciousness itself, not time and space. [Key 311:1-11]

The Two Creations/Creation Templates:  There are two creations: one physical and one Divine (the Divine Idea).  The purpose of CTZ’s is thus to provide for the “sowing of seeds” (thought-forms), the blueprints for the unfolding-expression of the infinite possibilities of the Creator’s Mind. The Divine creation is a blueprint (idea) composed of “seeds of Light”.  “Divine creation initiates configurations, through templates of energy, which shape multiple energy spectrums (frequency bands) and local fields of negative mass (matter) which precede shaping of physical reality”.  These templates are the interface-connections between two creations.  “Physical worlds are seeded by templates (etheric sheaths) which contain the blueprint for gradual bio-mechanical evolution” operating in a “time-lag” via time-waves which condition brain processes to separate events and, apparently, man from the creation grids-God.  This may appear as millions of Light years but it is really only consciousness that separates.  The “divine template is only on the other side of Light.” [Key 311:14-23]   

Recorder Cells: Seeds of Light become seeds of material form, transplanted from consciousness template to energy grid to activate physical creation by photon bundles-Sepherotic emanations, into template recorder cells.   These are pulsating patterns of thought-forms or Light seeds (i.e. grids) allocated to specific consciousness zones, essentially the ‘DNA’ coding matrix within a “Mansion World” containing a myriad galaxies.  In the template recorder cell seeds of light-information interfacing between different worlds and Light emanations are re-coded into various physical energy waves.  They continually send out thought-forms of information in space and can beam particular codes to specific local zones of consciousness to modulate evolutionary programs.  A crystalline network in the brain cavity of advanced beings allows access to thought-forms from recorder cells directly.  The right and left hemispheres are fused and a crystal network in the right frontal lobe acts as an individual recorder cell which translates divine information into vernacular.  The mind then becomes a receptor of quantum corpuscles of Light, becoming its own field of Light for the body.  The individual recorder cell is the memory of the Divine Light seeds.  Yet the mind is a field of Light directed by the template recorder cell which in turn is a field of Light within the field of the divine template and the Ain Soph.  These templates or fields are organized and connected by the crystal lattice of the Shekinah Universe…the “Gematria template”, the inner mathematical synthesis of all bio-structures of Light, interfacing through “bio-semi-conductivity”. [Key 311: 31-44]

Transmission from a template is a pulsing from grid to grid, cell to cell, field to field, through a “super-holographic process” i.e. holograms emanating from a template through spatial phase relationships (3-D networks of expanded neurons) but which is not dependent on physical wave production. Information is distributed from recorder cell by an energy flow called a deca-delta manifold. The light wavelengths recorded in the brain from a template are considerably longer than physical waves and are carriers of small amounts of information.  The physical specie of Man is a holograph, a membrane between star systems (luminaries) within the universal Mind. [Key 311:48-55] 

Summary Key 311:  CTZ’s are areas for the expression of the Divine idea to manifest.  The divine idea is programmed into 2 creations, divine and physical, as thought-forms into template recorder cells, spiritual DNA: the Divine template and local recorder cells which in turn transmit to evolutions and beings.  The crystal lattice in the brain allows directed reception of template transmission. 

THE SHIFT: Personal, Planetary, Galactic & Universal


A space-time overlap of earth with Higher Evolution is now occurring. The solar system is in an “electromagnetic null zone”, a vacuum area in space allowing changes in magnetic forces of creation.  The resulting changes in Earth’s electromagnetic atmosphere will activate evolution of species causing a polarity in mankind and completely reorganizing earth’s life systems. Concurrently there is a galactic war occurring, a house cleaning (the Grand Light Sequence) advancing Population 1 intelligence to Population II star systems.[10]  After the wars of the Sons of Darkness and Sons of Light those choosing the spiral of decay will “return to the beginnings of meta-matter and primeval ‘Earth’ to begin the next cycle of re-creation” while there will be a New Age for those choosing the higher spiral of Light…advancing to next dimension, consciousness time cell. [Key 118:7-10]

The Grids are Shifting.  The next evolution requires connection of the 12 energy vortices, the magnetic-consciousness meridians of the world (Earth’s DNA) to the “Pyramid-Sphinx”.  The Great Pyramid, which models changes, is placed in the “center of the Earth” on a point where the magnetic fields (grids) under, on and over the earth (including outer space) are directly aligned.  (The web that holds the entire planet is anchored at these points.)  These grids are balanced by the magnetic north and south pole.  Solar activity will disrupt this balance causing a shift to new magnetic meridians balanced equatorially. [Key 105:25-27]

Earth Changes: Reprogramming will take place during the cataclysmic earth changes.[8]  These will begin with a bombardment of cosmic waves hitting the earth just prior to entering a null zone and opening up vortices of energy.  This will change the mantle as liquefied material, electro-magnetically pinched/ejected out of the core. Earthquakes will destroy China and cut off its army as it invades Russia; land will rise in the Pacific and Atlantic, the North American continent will rupture, massive global flooding will occur.  Islands of light will appear, formed from land separators, on the east and west coasts where the families of Light are to gather. Upon entering an electromagnetic null zone the entire solar system will be re-seeded in a different vibratory dimension of the galaxy. The changing harmonics will require 5th dimensional bodies (with less resistance-inertia). Reprogramming-templating will occur in the time warp areas which will be protected from lethal solar radiation by the Pillar of Light. [Those who are prepared shall be able to maintain their bodies within an envelop (or Pillar) of Light during these changes. (i.e. the Pillar of Light provides protection against dis-corporation during the Shift.)   In the time warp areas the five inner vehicles (bodies) are prepared to enter the Merkabah and thus go into the space-time overlap- (the 4th dimensional doorway) on the Day of Transition. [Key 113: 8-22, 49-54]

EARTH: Plantetary & Star Grids, Time Warp Areas

Time Warp Areas = Natural Icosa-Dodeca-Planetary Grid System

Time Warp Areas are coordinates of the universal lattice of galactic electro-magnetic grids connected with Earth’s electromagnetic grids.  Consciousness programming is connected with the Great Pyramid, which is aligned with specific star points which work with planetary time warp areas. “Time warp fields are themselves a type of energy pyramid” and are contact areas for the Brotherhood of Light.  Natural time warps form an icosahedral-dodedcahedral energy like acupuncture points in a meridian system of the earth’s body.  Artificial time warps, created by Brotherhood, interface architectural vortices, i.e. light pyramids, with celestial & planetary grids as places of consciousness re-programming. [Key 105:2-3]

Orion & Pleiades:  The ancient astrophysical stations of Light on time warp zones (pyramids at sacred sites) are connected to star fields: the Great Pyramid is aligned to the stars in the belt of Orion (, Alnilam-e.epsilon  and Alnitak-z.zeta in Tak-Orion (Orionis) (Ihm-‘sk, the “imperishable stars”).  “These are the central threshold controls (or Stargates) used by the Elohim to connect the many galaxies to our Father universe”.  These threshold controls coordinate celestial navigation between universes by the higher beings of Light (galaxies).  (All grids connect to Orion.) The Pleiades is a center for Light propagation and a key for all “time clocks” (astrophysical temples of measurement align to the Pleiades giving codes for evolution programs) which are located on Earth’s magnetic grids and focused into the Great Pyramid. [Key 105:6-7]

The Grids are now shifting.  The next evolution requires connection of the 12 energy vortices, the magnetic-consciousness meridians of the world (Earth’s DNA) to the “Pyramid-Sphinx”.[25]  The Great Pyramid, which models changes, is placed in the “center of the Earth” on a point where the magnetic fields (grids) under, on and over the earth (including outer space) are directly aligned.  (The web that holds the entire planet is anchored at these points.)  These grids are balanced by the magnetic north and south pole.  Solar activity will disrupt this balance causing a shift to new magnetic meridians balanced equatorially[. [Key 105:2-27]

The Dove:  The Brotherhoods of Light use the 12 grids or vortexjah in the time warp areas to entrance the biosphere to upgrade intelligence. New grids are being constructed by Higher Intelligence using vehicles connecting pyramidal zones to threshold controls (Mid-Way stations) thus intersecting the Earth’s pyramidal forces with the celestial pyramid of Orion.  These twelve time warp areas, along with areas of previous (artificial) programming and twelve artificial time warp areas formed in the oceans and seas (creating new grids connecting to poles), are activated under the Jerusalem Command of Orion to facilitate the Return of the Dove. Previous Atlantean fields of crystalline energy and new Atlantean centers are being activated to shift consciousness to the Americas, the next “Home of the Dove”.  The crystalline fields of the Urim-Thummin also will be opened and the Lay-oo-esh, Pillar of Light, dimensional gates will open in artificial time warp areas.  The Dove is the structure…The Plan of the Creator, anchoring the Brotherhoods of Light in the physical earth to assist the evolution and re-programming of the Adamic race and to program the next “Exodus” into the planispheres.  At this time the starseed planted 20 million years ago will be reclaimed by the Brotherhoods of Light using the time warp areas as points of “landing” or contacting. [Key 105:25-27, 60-62}

New pyramidal grids on the time warp areas are being connected through threshold controls (midway stations0 to the celestial pyramid of Orion, i.e. cosmic grids as part of the shift in consciousness creating the “Return of the Dove” in the Americas. At this time the starseed planted 20 million years ago will be reclaimed by the Brotherhoods of Light using the time warp areas as points of “landing” or contacting. [Key 105:29-53]

LIGHT BODIES 5 Light Bodies, Chakra System, Merkabah, Soul-I AM Presence, OverSelf




Light Bodies: There are 5 (lower) Light Bodies, vehicles of energy-fields of light-templates, connected to the physical body, that prepare the incarnate being for wearing the Christ Overself Body.  All five bodies must be active for the divine idea/wisdom (Hokhmah) to be seeded into the physical world and for man to work directly with the pulsating templates of the recorder cell, the higher Councils of Light and the divine template. [Key 311:65-69]


The electromagnetic (E-M) body is the physical body of electromagnetic energy, of time and space, which maintains the physical form.  This works together with the epi-kinetic body, which is the higher vibrational etheric subtle energy body (etheric double) of light having seven chakras 4-7-8 and which responds to music.  The circulatory system of the EM body is blood where that of the higher bodies is light.  The higher bodies are activated by superluminal Light or bio-luminescence.  Above this is the eka body of consciousness, which is the astral body, that works directly with the template of the multi-dimensional (many worlds) “eka universe” or astral plane.  The eka body has all seven bodies of the aura, works with chakras 7-8-9 and can travel to any of the dimensions with the help of the higher intelligence. The Gematrian body, is the body of the inner light or the Christ/Buddha body of mastery that corresponds to the mental body.  It is made of and the source of the mathematics and light geometries used in consciousness creation and works with the Shekinah thought forms. This is the body of the 5th dimension. The Zohar body is the body of the outer light, which enfolds the other four bodies into one.  This is the body of mastery, the causal body of the soul and thus of ascension.  The Zohar Body works in a trinity with the Soul and the OverSelf Body.


eka (astral) Body-Joseph’s     Gematrian Body of Mastery       Zohar-Merkabah-Causal Body

Coat of Many Colors


eka (astral) Body-Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors

Gematrian Body of Mastery

Zohar-Merkabah-Causal Body


Conic Sections of Light
Rotational Circumversion-
Pyramids produce multiple overlapping vortexes of energy; hence multiple portals

Conic Sections of Light
Rotational Circumversion

Overlapping Vortexes produce Toroidal structures which are the foundational geometry of all energy fields

Merkabah (Light Body): The Merkabah is a vehicle of Light used be the Higher Evolution “Whole Light Beings” to reprogram consciousness and to travel between dimensions and universes without having to traverse space/time. It works by means of three wheels within wheels, an outer wheel having energy portals and an inner wheel of technology based on pyramidal geometries with a color cap which adapts vehicle to multiple environmental conditions of the dimension or universe being traversed. (i.e. the color cap adapts the vehicle to the energy structure-geometry of the universe or dimension it is moving through.) The merkabah functions as a portal, activating artificial time warps through “rotational circumversion” (the overlap of vortexes which creates a stargate). The Merkabah is able to modulate-flex the geometry of pyramidal sections thus change the specifications of the stargate as needed.) [Key 205]

Merkabah’s Purpose: 1) to extend the Light Garment of the Father to new universes, 2) to coordinate the Plan through threshold commands (Mid-Way Stations) of the Paradise Sons, and 3) evolve and re-program the Shekinah Universes (lower worlds). The Merkabah is a universal gateway, even “connecting star systems (lattices of stellar growth) to the crystal patterns of inner Shekinah kingdoms (chemical patterns of planetary growth) within the seeds of life…(thus) evolving any life form.”  “The Merkabah is also the body of the Master coordinating the OverSelf with the physical body” allowing the OverSelf body to “dome” the physical body.  Merkabah is the radiation that ties the thought-form creations of the Father universes to Son universes to Shekinah universes. [Key 301:29-36]

Merkabah Operation:  The higher intelligences move through space using the mathematics of gravitational demodulation and re-modulation of light waves (i.e. through the geometry of Light).  After measuring the magnetics of event horizon it creates a “rotational circumversion”, two conic sections (or vortexes) of light (one the field of the Merkabah and the other of the field being crossed) brought together through the orbits of their magnetic fields.  Thus the Merkabah puts “a spiral of light within a spiral of light…(a wheel within a wheel) connecting with levels of 3-dimensional space re: expanding and contracting gravitational density (the density of space) creating “a type of cosmic lens”, a multi-dimensional portal through which electromagnets and biological fields can be measured.  Coming from a “higher coding of light” they are “re-spatialized through a multi-dimensional hole (“time tunnels or wormholes”) into a three-dimensional time set”.  “Merkabah uses its geometry of light to provide for time translation into other life zones…”It slows down from faster than light travel, if necessary, “to materialize within the molecular frequencies of the given spectrum of light energy.” “In the higher force fields there are no concrete objects; motion all depends on order, grid and template of atoms that are traveling on a particular frequency of light.” To make interconnection between dimensions the Merkabah matches frequency grids, i.e. energy field to energy field, through “complicated flight patterns” and multiple tracings of light in triangular coordinates appearing as pulsing pyramids, pentagons or hexagrams (Star of David) or as 3 vehicles in triangular formation.  This sets up coordinates in the field being entered matching that of the Merkabah.[Key 301:43-53]

Note:  The Gematrian light body is essentially a Merkabah vehicle. Exercise to don the Garment of Light: visualize the ascending field of the physical-etheric body as a light cone overlapping the descending light cone of the OverSelf body, ideally as the star tetrahedron.  Compare gravitational demodulation and re-modulation of light waves creating a “rotational circumversion”, two conic sections of light to open portals for inter-dimensional Merkabah travel to matter-muon wave coupling for spectrum vehicle travel between physical worlds in Key 302.

CONCLUSION Future 10 Keys-The Future 10 Commandments


The Keys of Enoch as originally published contained ony 54 Keys.  The remaining 10 making a total of 64 were to be given in the future as the new 10 Commandments for the ascended man, “The People of Light.  Two have now been released, one each year starting is 2016. To guide us in life in the 5th dimension.

Key 401 (55): “I Am That I Am. Thou Shall Be The Light.”

Key 402 (56): “Thou Shall Be The Image.”

Key 403 (57): Thou Shall Be The Family

Key 404 (58): Thou Shall Be The Kingdom

Key 405(59): Thou Shall Be The Name

Key 406 (60): Thou Shall Be The Wisdom

Key 407 (61): Thou Shall Be The Word

Key 408 (62): Thou Shall Be The Revelation

Key 409 (63): Thou Shall Be The Communion

Key 410 (64): Thou Shall Be The Covenant