Man has his being on the physical. emotional and mental mental planes of existence, hence the 3-dimensional or triadic nature of his being and is becoming conscious on the Budhhic and Spiritual planes, 4th and 5th dimensional.

Theosophy Logo

7 Root Races = Globe
7 Globes/Planets = Round
7 Rounds = Chain/ Globe Round
“Chain of Globes”
7 Chains = Scheme/Planetary Round
7 Schemes = Solar System/Kalpa/Day of Brahma

4 YUGAS-Hindu Ages
Satya Yuga – 1,728,000,000 yrs
Treta Yuga – 1,296,000,000 yrs
Dwapura Yuga – 864,000,000 yrs
Kali Yuga – 432,000,000 yrs
Yuga cycle = 4,320,000,000 yrs
Equals 1/2 Kalpa/Day of Brahma

Satya Yuga – Age of Morality-4 Pillars
Treta Yuga – Age of -3 Pillars
Dwapura Yuga – Age of -2 Pillars
Kali Yuga: Age of Vice -1 Pillar

Each period of Activity, a manvantara. is followed by an equal period of inactivity, called pralaya.

The process of descent spiritual man into matter is developed in the first three and half rounds when man in the fifth root race on the Earth globe begins the process of ascent back up the dimensions.

At the end of the kalpa/yugas, all life has evolved into a Dhyani Chohan, creator Being and all is withdrawn into pralaya.

Theosophy was established by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1875 and developed by subsequent spiritual explorers, as the “Divine Wisdom” expounding the Ultimate Truth of the Supreme Being, the Cosmos, and Humanity. It synthesizes aspects and teachings from Hindu, ancient Egyptian and Qabalistic sources. In particular Blavatsky‘s Secret Doctine and Isis unveiled and Alice Bailey’s Treatise on Cosmic Fire and on White Magic by the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul. In the 1920 Rudolph Steiner reformulated the teachings in more humanistic terms as Anthroposophy.
All substance has consciousness ordered in a hierarchy of evolving spiritual beings and brotherhoods that extend from man to planets, stars, galaxies and the universe. The septenary nature of reality is fundamental: there are seven cosmic Lokas or planes of consciousness, each subdivided into 7 systemic sub-planes and further into 7 individual sub-sub-planes for a total of 343. In addition there are seven Rays or emanations, qualities of Light or consciousness that color all manifestation. (see commentary below). The process of evolving up through the lokas is called initiation, each one awakens the aspirant to higher, now aware states of knowledge and service. proceeds through cycles of manifestation, of activity-Manvantari, and inactivity-Pralaya, on all levels as described below.
Multi-dimensional reality is inhabited by a hierarchy of spiritual beings. Of particular note are the White Brotherhood of Light known as the-Ascended Masters, who after their ascension committed themselves in service to the Earth and Humanity.

Concepts of Theosophy: Commentary


There are three fundamental or axiomatic postulates: First, that there is an eternal, unknowable cause or Principle, which underlies all existence.  Second, everything in creation comes into and out of existence in a continual process of cyclic/periodic activity in accordance with cyclic law. And third, that all beings are fundamentally identical with and connected to the universal spirit, thus to each other, and must reincarnate repeatedly in all types of forms in order to evolve forth their full potentials. There is an essential oneness/connection of all beings.

The Cosmology of the Secret Doctrine (process of creation) is given in the Tibetan Stanzas of Dyzan. (Part 1, Secret Doctrine).
“Father-Mother (God) spin a web, whose upper end is fastened to Spirit, the Light of the One Darkness, and the lower one to its shadowy end, Matter; and this Web is the Universe, spun out of the Two Substances made in One, which is Svabhâvat”.  III, 10.
“Fohat (Cosmic Fire) traces spirals…lines upon it.” (the web).  “Fohat is the Steed…thought is the Rider”.  Stanza V, 2 & 4

1. There is only One…a single, Supreme, Eternal, Immutable, Unknown and Unknowable, Infinite Principle or Reality.  All things come from and return to it. All things are connected in that Infinite Reality. The Universe is created by an unknowable intelligence having a plan for the experience of itself and setting in motions the operation of a system of Laws: The One, Duality, Attraction, Form, Consciousness, Free Will, etc.

Reality begins with Absolute, undifferentiated energy, Void into infinite consciousness which becoming self aware descends into conditional, manifest, reality governed by Universal Laws: Reincarnation and Karma, Cause, Formation, etc. becoming the Laws of physics, reality called the universes each with a particular specification for the expression an experience of Self in planes of dimensions of being, frequencies of energy, vibrational existence, etc. Everything that is, was or will be (except the Absolute) has a beginning, a period of existence and an end.

2.  The Logoic Triad of cosmic intelligence: First Logos-cause, Second Logos-duality and Third Logos-manifestation.  The universe is created and administrated and experienced by a cosmic Hierarchy of sentient beings, including man, each having a specific work and objective, and operating in a structure of planes of consciousness/reality.

Lokas and Talas
Cosmic planes &49 subplanes
Compresses Universe

3. The structure of the universe is septenary (7-fold) in nature/expression.
      • 7 PLANES OF MULTI-DIMENSIONAL REALITY:  This Universe is expressed by a structure of seven cosmic lokas (planes) or of descending and ascending dimensions of energy and consciousness, subdivided into seven sub-planes and those into seven sub-sub-planes for a total of 343 planes. (see chart of the 7 Lokas of the cosmic Physical Plane).  The ascending 7 lokas/planes in order are
1. Physical: subdivided into dense and etheric physical sub planes.
2. Astral/Kama: The desires/emotions/feelings.
3. Mental/Manas: Mental plane consists of thought subdivided into Lower Mind (rational/linear thinking having form) & Higher Mind (intuitional/wholistic knowing being formless)-Causal Plane of the Soul-Egoic Lotus.
4. Buddhic: Plane of the Soul
5. Atmic: Plane of the Divine Mind, the Cosmic Idea, Divine adjusters
6. Monadic: Plane of the Monad, Field of Divine Love, Divine Administrators
7. Ad/Logoici: Plane of the Creator(s)-Dhyani Chohans.

These compare with the 7 principles:: 1. physical/material body, 2. astral body, 3. prana/subtle energy, 4. Karma?cayse & effect, 5. manas/mind, 6. Buddha/universal soirit and 7.Atman/pure consciousness.

      Additionally there are 7 Rays condition the quality of Light in all manifestation, the humam energy body has 7 chakras, humanity evolves through 7 root races, there are 7 stages of cycllc evolution.

• The Fall is the process of descent down through the numbers-principles, planes from the highest planes of Spirit into matter and form…it is the process of Creation and the experience of consciousness in knowing itself.  The Fall is followed by a process of ascent back up through the planes to a state of integration an unity with the intelligent Source.

• Fohat:, The feminine power of manifestation, comparable to Shakti in Hindu system, the “dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation,” “the “bridge” by which Ideas existing in the “Divine Thought” are impressed on Cosmic Substance as the “laws of nature”. Works from the 6rd Plane.

• The EGO is Dweller on the Threshold, the sum of residual instinctual, emotional and karmic energies and unresolved personality characteristics  It is the ego which remains to be overcome in order to ascend and gives way to the Angel of the Presence.

B. 7 PHASES of EVOLUTION: The process of evolution within the structure of the planes is cyclic known as the Plan of Evolution: The manifestation of all things is governed by the Law of Cycles.  All of reality evolves progressively, occurring over a process of recurring existence or lifetimes called incarnation. The Plan for the evolution of the Universe is the cyclic manifestation of existence in root races, globes, chains, rounds, schemes, and ages-kalpas, having periods of activity called manvantara and of inactivity called pralaya.  This evolution is controlled by karma, the Law of Cause and Effect. (see Diagram).

7 Globes: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
7 Root Races = Globe
7 Globes/World Periods =Round
7 Rounds = Chain
7 Chains scheme of Evolution
7 Schemes = Day of Brahma
7 Root Races – correspond to 1st, Hyperborea, Atlantis,  Lemuria, Aryan. 6th and 7th in ancient history.
We are currently at the bottom of the earth chain in the 4th crossing over from desent to ascent.

C. 7 RAYS: In the original Plan there were seven (7) Rays: emanations of Divine vitality and quality that give all things their character.  In this period of crossing over into ascension five rays have been adding giving twelve (12).

Ray Concept Color
1st Will or Power Red
2 Love-Wisdom Blue
3 Active Intelligence Yellow
4 Beauty or Harmony Green
5 Concrete Knowledge or Science Blue
6 Devotion, Abstract Idealism Indigo
7 Ritual or Ceremonial Magic or Order Violet
8 Cleansing -0 Healing, Transcendence

Aquamarine, Phylo


9 Joy, Attraction of the Light Body Electric Magenta
10 Soul Merge Pearlescence
11 Integration Electric Gold-Pink
12 Transformation-Christ Consciousness Gold-Fire Opal

D. PRINCIPLES or TATTVAS: fundamental essences out of which and from which all things are and exist, …kosmic principles, corresponding to the seven planes of the kosmos — the seven basic types of consciousness-substance of which the universe is formed: sthula-physical, linga-astral, prana-etheric/vital, kama-desire, manas-mind, buddhi-soul, atman-spirit.

7 human principles.  Universe in all its parts is composed of monads, and that every monad in manifestation expresses itself as a septenate. 7-fold classification of principles of being. Christian is 3-fold (Spirit/Soul/body), Qabala is 4-fold, Vedanta is 6-fold.  Quatenary-the 4 lower principles of man: Body, Energy/etheric body, Desire/kama body and lower manas/mind.  Ternary-the higher three principles are Mind, Soul and Spirit.

E. MAN: is a microcosm of the macrocosm. expressed in the hermetic Law of Correspondence: “As it is Above, so it is Below. It is by this law and fiery aspiration on the path that we may come to know the ultimate truths of creation.  The Human Subtle Energy Body: consisting of Subtle energy-kundalini, prana has Seven (7) chakras, energy centers or portals manifesting as wheels of light and connected to the seven planes.

F. Spiritual Hierarchy-Ascended Masters, Great White Brotherhood

Initiation: nine levels of spiritual development that beings who live on Earth can progress upward through: four basic levels of spiritual development to 4th level = enlightenment and have no further need to reincarnate. At this level a choice is made from 7 as to the forward path of work and service.  At the fifth level of initiation and beyond, souls have the opportunity to become members of the Spiritual Hierarchy

Initiation corresponds to each loka-dimension.lø
1.  Mastery of the physical body
2.  Baptism: Mastery of the astral/emotional body
3.  Transfiguration: Mastery of the lower mind or manas-siddhis of clairvoyance and clairaudience.  Siddhis expand and increase with each initiation.
4.  Crucifixion:  the end of incarnations in physical form; perfected being; 7 choices  which ultimately lead to service one higher planes.
• Become an Asended Master
• Become a Bodhisatva
• Join the Devic evolution
• Join the Solar Logos directing the Plan
• Prepare the work of the next chain
• • Enter Nirvana, become a Pratyekabuddha
5. Resurrection: Reborn as a Master of the Wisdom
6. Ascension:  Masterhood; Chohahans of the 7 Rays
7. Bodhisattva-Avatar-Christhood-MhaChohan or Manu
8. Buddhahood
9. Godhood
10. Planetary Logos-Gaia
11. Solar Logos-Sun/Star; Avatar of Synthesis
12 and Beyond: Beings beyond the 11th level correspond to solar systems, central suns, galaxies, universes and creations or cosmos.


Theosophical Seal
Crown/OM z-The Creator
Ouroborus, Serpent, Ananta-Sesha – Bounded Universe, Cyclic activity. Scales are the limitless potential  Recursion
Spinning Wheel-Fohat, the energy of manifestation
Hexagram-Universe-Polarities. Balance between dualities-Spirit & Matter, Shiva & Shakti
Ankh: Principle of Life


Sanat Kumara – Lord of the World -Ancient of Days

3 Kumaras
Buddhas of Activity
Lords of the Flame

WILL Aspect LOVE/WISDOM Aspect Intelligence Aspect
The Manu The Boddhisatva Mahachohan
Christ-World Teacher Lord of Civilization
Master Maitreya
Master Jupiter European Master Master R.
Master El Morya Master Kuthhumi Paul the Venetian
Master Djwhal Khul
4th Ray- HARMONY/BEAUTY-Serapis Bey
5th Ray SCIENCE-Master Hilarion
6th Ray-DEVOTION-Master Jesus
7th Ray-RITRUAL/MAGIC-Master Saint Germaine

Karmic Board- 7 Ray Masters



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