The Kingdom is the model of multi-dimensional reality taught in a mystery school located in southwestern Colorado known locally as the Mountain Institute. It is the base system to which others are compared. Like all mystery schools it teaches the ancient wisdom in one or several traditions, this one combines Kriya Yoga in the lineage of Yogananda from Master Babaji, Kumari from Theosophy and Lamp Lighting from the Sikh Radhasoami tradition. This system teaches about the nature of existence and being, and the process of spiritual evolution through 24 dimensions which are experienced through a sequence of practices and meditations by means of which the initiate attains mastery over the entire Kingdom (see Commentary). The dimensions descend from Great Supreme, the nameless manifest originator, to Oversoul, the Soul which projects itself into physical form as Man, to experience itself, grow and return to its Source and ultimately beyond even the Void to the absolute Creator. As each plane is attained its consciousness is brought down and anchored into the physical body so that all beings may be stimulated to achieve awakening and enlightenment.

The Kingdom: Introduction

Great Supreme Vortex

Great Supreme Vortex

The Kingdom is the “House of many Mansions”, the model of multi-dimensional reality taught in the Mystery School, the Mountain Institute, in which I have been initiated.  This is one of many such schools that have existed through the ages and in many places that teach the eternal truths of the eternal nature and purpose of existence, reality/universe and mankind. These schools spring out of the philosophical  traditions of the world. The Mountain Institute, located in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, identifies itself with the ancient wisdom in the traditions of “lamplighting”, kriya yoga and theosophy, known as the Kumari School.  These trace their lineage through a succession of teachers: lamplighting to the Essenes and the Sikh Radhasomi tradition of India, for kriya to the Master Babaji who taught a series of Indian gurus/teachers the practice and for the teaching to Kumari School, the mystery tradition of theosophy. The lamp is the human body and mind, the lighting preformed from another lamp, is the filament of light and sound that connects one to the Source of being.

The Mountain Institute basically teaches its students to become master of and travelers in multi-dimensional reality, the Kingdom.   The manifest Kingdom (our universe)  has 24 dimensions or chakras from the root in the 3rd-physical dimension to Great Supreme, creator of all. These are grouped into octaves of 6 chakras each, harmonically linked up and down the stream of creation/column of Light.  There are four such octaves in the evolving universe, not counting the original first two dimensions, and four octaves un-manifest above and beyond the Void   This stream is one of an uncountable number of streams that emerge from Great Supreme. The Great Supreme is in a process of expansion/activity and contraction/inactivity allowing beings to evolve to become Creators themselves.  The objective of the Mystery School is to complete/actualize the entire Kingdom within the Self, becoming a SAT, fulfilling the design of the Oversoul so that it may evolve into a great Supreme and establish another universe/kingdom

See commentary on the common elements of all models and the description that follows. Having experienced directly all the levels of this system I decided to model the systems from other traditions and sources and in comparing these to see what wisdom could be added and what similarities and differences there were.

The objective of the Mystery School is to become a master of the Kingdom, a “free man of the whole estate”, able to travel and experience all dimensions, manifest and un-manifest…building the column of Light/filament connection to Great Supreme and beyond.  Then the vortex is built to Soul, Oversoul and Great Supreme and finally the Soul, Oversoul and the Creator are brought down into the physical form, anchored in the pineal gland and the root/base wheel.  The ego is surrendered in service to these great beings so they may direct the actions of the physical being. A SAT can work at any level of the Kingdom, and is not attached to any plane.  Becoming a SAT occurs from the physical plane and requires a body.  As in most mystical traditions this process takes many, many lifetimes to complete, but can be achieved in a single life.  The mystery school teaches that the mastery one achieves in moving in the kingdom goes with you to he after life offering access to the higher dimensions.

The Kingdom is within the Self and transcendent within all reality.  Man is a microcosm. embodying the whole plan.  The description of the Kingdom will be from the bottom upward as the process of initiation is taught.  In the process of enlightenment man moves up the path, donning the garments of Light, expanding into the hugeness of ourselves.

The mystery school was founded by Sat Guru and ascended master Audle Allison in Oklahoma City, OK, originally as the Lotus Center, now the Christ Center. Since his death in 1988, his students have branded out over the US forming mystery or meditation schools by various names, such as the Mountain Institute.  Audle’s teacher/guru was Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, a Sikh master who studied Radhasomi at Beas, India under Sawan Singh. The teachings of the Mountain Institute are a combination of five traditions:

• Kriya Yoga (as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda in the tradition from Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaiya, Sri Yukteshwar, Yogananda, Roy Eugene Davis, Audle Allison, Jerry Densow, to me).

• Lamplighting School: (various including Essene)

• Radhasoami: The Sant Mat founded by Sri Huzar-Sikhism), (Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind), The Sound current-Shabd

• Kumari Venus School: Ascended Masters-based on Theosophical and Vedic tradition

• SAT School: Vedanta-Yoga; Sat is the perfection Being

For each plane there are one or more practices and teachings which take you there followed by a meditation. Practices combine kriya visualization, mantra, breath and mudra to focus the consciousness and clear distortions much according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The Dark Side is acknowledged but strictly avoided until the initiate has mastered the Kingdom. Thus a shield is constructed by the teacher excluding the Astral planes controlled by the Dark.  The Dark provides physical challenges for the incarnating human but is generally not discussed in lower initiates. Protection is established around the light body of the beginning student to protect them from Dark interference from the Astral planes while the student is learning to travel in the Kingdom.  Each stage generally has its own light body for protection in that pat of the Kingdom in which the student is working.

The human chakra system is recognized a prerequisite to activate, align and cleanse but it is also acknowledged that most humanity has been working with the chakra system for many lifetimes and it is time to move on. The Aura is filled with emotional and thought patterns.  Meditation clears these patterns so light may enter in.

Cycling from Physical through Planetary Astral Planes between Re-incarnations.  Planetary Astral and lower mental planes are quarantined from the Dark allowing human souls unimpeded to integral past lives and plan future lives for growth.  Here a soul reunites with soul families who incarnate together in different roles, time and again.  Surrendering ego identity to Soul collective/Matrix.   

Consciousness always functions in a form/body or field: noted by a Circle C or © at each level of the kingdom.

The Kingdom: Overview

The Kingdome (of God) generally refers to the manifest multi-dimensional universe centered upon a great creator being known as the Great Supreme. This universe is basically a bounded area in which Souls, known as the Godhead, may have experience to know themselves. The mystery school teaches techniques and wisdom so that its students may access all dimensions of reality, becoming “masters of the whole estate” What is achieved in this lifetime is carried after death by the Self allowing advancement into the kingdom beyond that of an un-initiated being. The objective of the initiate in life is to bring the higher aspects of being, the Godhead, Oversoul and Great Supreme down into form in the physical body becoming a guiding light for the rest of humanity. There is existence higher than Great Supreme, a mirror structure within the infinite Void where the One (Who Seeds), who is the Creator of all that is sits, watches (but does not interfere) and plans future universes which take a seed like existence until planted into reality. The form of the Kingdom is basically 4 octaves each with 6 divisions for a total of 24 dimensions from the root center of the physical body to the center of Great Supreme. Audle also drew the Kingdom with 3 divisions of each octave for a total of 12 dimensions including the first, underworld and the Abyss at mid-heaven and thus 6 levels within the Void.. The lower dimensions known as the underworld are not specifically addresses as this are at various stages of disintegration and are being reabsorbed into Great Supreme. Godhead is at the mid-heaven of the Kingdom, below it is the Lower Kingdom of form, above it the formless energy fields of the Upper Kingdom. The entire Kingdom, from the One. Source, in the Inner Kingdom beyond the Void through Great Supreme, the creator of this universe, is connected by a golden Filament of Light. This connects the individual to the Creator of its Creator and is anchored into the base/wheel at 4th Initiation, Lamplighting. The Filament is encased by a helical braid of 12 threads of Light connecting Great Supreme, the 12 Rays in Oversoul, the Council of 12 in ISUN, the 12 projections of Godhead through the central 12 “Pearly Gates” of the crown chakra to the 12 petals of the heart chakra. This is the template for the 12 strand DNA of the advanced human spiritual body. This is further encased by a braid of “1000” threads which creates the Pillar or Column of Light connecting the 1000 aspects of the Plan in Great Supreme to the 1000 radiations of Oversoul, Laws in ISUN, Suns in Godhead, Masters in the Hierarchy, to the petals of the crown chakra. Think of this as the DNA of the Creator.

Lower Kingdom

The Lower Kingdom extends from the root chakra to Godhead, The plane of the Soul, the Upper Kingdom from Godhead to Great Supreme.  Within the Lower Kingdom the Lower Self includes the dimensions from root to the Christ/Buddha Plane.  The Higher Self extends from the Christ/Buddha to Godhead.  The intermediate planes become he chakras for the Lower and Higher Selves. Such that the Soul is the Crown Chakra of the Higher Self.

The Lower Kingdom is governed by Systemic Laws as distinct from Universal Laws which govern the Upper Kingdom.  Systems Laws are limited such as is the Law of Karma. The Akashic Record contains the imprint of all past lives and future probabilities for being.  The effects of karma, cause and effect, and unfulfilled life plans for growth for the Lower Kingdom are recorded in the Akasha (space) just below the Christ/Buddha plane where it creates a “ring pass not” preventing travel into higher planes until karma is removed or balanced.  The guru or teacher of the mystery school guides the initiate through this level as well as higher levels until the Akashic Record is cleared.  The karma for any given lifetime is not recorded until death, allowing the ascending being to clear any karma of a lifetime up to the moment of death.  The Universal Karma is recorded in the Akashic Record just below ISUN and requires the escort of the Gatekeepers to pass through.

Free Will is also a systemic law but universally enforced where it applies throughout the universe.  The Dark, however, ignores this universal law.

The Lower Kingdom is ruled by duality and therefore has form.  All being in the Upper Kingdom is embodied in a field that is itself formless.

INITIAL PRACTICES & TEACHINGS: Each of these practices and teachings is complex, with specific visualizations. mantras, breath and names, which shall remain the secret of the mystery school.  The practices are always followed by a meditation.

Each dimension or level projects the level below creating a Matrix of reality. Each is created of increasing dualities and is thus each a greater illusion.  The first series of practices and teachings focus on correction and refining the flow of subtle energies in the body: Earth is the Great School.

• Filling the body with light from above.

• Seeing and connecting with the sound (shabd) and light currents. Sound precedes the Light.  Sound takes you home…Light shows the way.

• Activation the Rainbow of Light in the Aura.

• Changing the flow of rising kundalini from passing out the pituitary gland into the astral plane back to the  pineal gland giving access to the Lower Kingdom through the Crown Chakra.

• Using initial kriya to run light up and out around the spine with visualization, mantra, breath and mudra. The polarity of the chakras is reversed by the guru to facilitate the flow upwards.  See Kriya Practice below.

• LAMP LIGHTING: The initiate’s lamp is lit by another lamp ie enlightened being (process called paradosis) and the filament is brought down from Great Supreme.  The 12 petals of the crown chakra are brought up, the wick brought up to the top of the head and is trimmed.  Protection is set around column to keep astral entities from interfering.

• Use kriyas into travel to Christ/Buddha and Godhead planes; bringing Christ Consciousness down into the pineal.

• Cleansing the aura & chakras: The subtle energy body is filled with distorted thoughts and emotions that must first be cleared.  There are several practices: using light filters, spinning chakras, breathe through chakras out through the crown, release cords into the chakras…

• A skull cap is put on a child about age 3.5-4 years which shuts off access to he kingdom

Lower Self



CHAKRA SYSTEM: Chakras of the Dense and Etheric Physical Plane of the human Body sit in front and behind the body extended from the spine. In this position they easily interact and exchanging energy with other beings and the physical plane. The chakras are doorways to levels of consciousness.  Each chakra is harmonically linked to a chakra of a higher plane facilitating travel in the lower kingdom.  Thus from Root to Crown there are 6 chakras as there are from Crown to Godhead, Godhead to Oversoul and Oversoul to Great Supreme, 24 in total.

At each dimension the initiate assumes a new body or garment of light that severs as protection and as a vehicle in which to travel.  These are well known to contemporary healers, starting with the physical, the etheric/emotional, mental, and several spiritual bodies. Beyond the physical plane, there is the Astral or Rainbow body, the Buddha body, Causal Body and Soul. The scales are log rhythmic between dimensions, making each body, such as the soul a much larger being than the previous one.

REALIGNMENT of the CHAKRAS: The chakras are realigned, they are pulled in and aligned vertically, spinning counterclockwise up the spine.  In this position they can easily be templated and even ascended up the spine into higher planes.

CREATE the MASTER & KUMARI WHEELS: Kriyas are performed from a Base Wheel below the Root Center spinning a wheel of light counterclockwise up through each chakra to a Master Wheel above the Crown.  This is first done with one chakra with each breath and then with all chakras in a breath, building the Pillar of Power in the spine. Allow the light in the spine reversing the spin to fountain out around the body into a spiral creating a toroidal field of light. 

AVATAR BODY of LIGHT: The preceding practice builds what is called the Avatar Body of Light between the Base and Master Wheels.   This serves as a further vehicle of protection through the Astral Planes.

KUMARI WHEEL:  This build by bringing The Godhead energy down first into the Crown chakra and then into the Master Wheel.  This creates a light vehicle called the Kumari Wheel which is used to travel higher in the kingdom.

ASCENDING THE CHAKRAS: The process above is done by templating the base wheel onto the chakras which causes then to realign vertically around the axis of the spin. Similarly each chakra can be spun up and templated over the chakra above, all the way above the Crown. What remains in the physical body is a point of radiance. What happens in the physical body is preceded by the Etheric Body so If the chakras can be ascended the physical body must follow.

SOUL (Godhead) MERGE:  Blend with the Soul by spinning the Self to match the spin of the Godhead field.  It is unbounded but spinning it like a galaxy of stars creates a form we can deal with. Everything there is, is within this field and connects to all that is without by a web of light made of “Adrian’s Threads”.


These are also known as the 4th Dimension. In the astral planes creation follows desire, emotions and feelings, thus the astral body must be brought into balance before advancing into the higher planes.  This work is being done in the etheric physical planes in this system to avoid interference by astral entities. These are also known as the “playground” as anything that can be imagined goes. Here dreams are seeded…imagination and desire rules. 

The Astral and the Physical planes are controlled by the Dark forces, the “Fallen Lords of Light. The Astral planes should not be played in as we do not process the necessary awareness. The dark supresses human development from the next higher dimension putting mankind at a disadvantage in consciousness..   A protective field is set up around the pillar of light, called the Pillar of Power to shield the awakening initiate. The Avatar Body, from the Crown to the Christ/Buddha until the path to the Soul is established.

Between incarnations, i.e. from death and rebirth, the being cycles into the Astral planes, from lower to high, depending on the level of vibration achieved in the lifetime.  These are special astral planes associated with the Earth, which are protected from interference and are called Devachan or heaven. The amount of time in each higher realm is based on the achievements or growth of the prior lifetime.  Godhead is the crown chakra of the soul.  One cycles through life and the astral planes ascending to that level in the astral before rebirth corresponding to the vibration one had in the physical life.  This is called the cycle of rebirth, or samsara.  The individual is assisted in this process by guides, developing a plan for the next life: what is to be achieved, what major events to be experienced, what growth, what parents, and what members of the spiritual family to work with.  These guides remain in the higher dimensions during the lifetime, continuing to assist in the completion of a joint mission on earth.  This group of being is also known as one’s Divine Council which includes the Soul and a number of other beings such as angels and ascended masters.

The Higher Self: The Soul


The Christ-Buddha plane is characterized by golden light. It is the plane of the archetype or plan of perfected being and thus the model, or holographic pattern through which Godhead- spirit projects into physical being.  It characteristically is of a golden color which becomes much more refined in the Buddha’s higher Chakras.  This is the seat of the planetary spiritual hierarchy. It sits at the lowest sublevel of the Mental or 5th Dimension. Everyone has a Buddha Body which is generally not awake.


Cosmic Mind is the plane of Krishna, the blue being, characterized by blue light and the “blue pearl”.   It contains the holographic energy pattern and universal laws for the entire plan for the Universe.  Harmonic of the blue plasma flame above ISUN.


The Causal Plane is just below Godhead at 3rd center of the ascending being whose crown is at Godhead.  The Causal Body is the first that the Soul takes in form and is called the Merkaba. This has the form of interlocking tetrahedrons, the star tetrahedron, which is a geometrical analog for a multiple vortex field.

The Causal Plane causes things to happen…it is the plane where thought creates.  Godhead is source of divine spark activating incarnation, vibrates the Plan in Cosmic Mind-Plan, differentiating a specific idea of being.  the Causal Body (separates form Godhead) precipitates from the Causal Field=Godhead.

Causal body is that field at the periphery of the aura that defines the boundary of individualized self from the universal field/Godhead.  It contains all the maps and codes for expression of self in the lower realms.  Opening the Causal body allows one to participate with the unified field of the Godhead.

GODHEAD-Soul-MID HEAVEN-Light of 1000 Suns

The godhead is the Soul, the creator of your physical being and the source of your consciousness.  It is the higher Self, the I AM Presence, the individualized aspect of the infinite creator as yourself.  IT IS YOUR PERSONAL GOD.  It resides at the mid-heaven of the kingdomGodhead, is at the 12th dimension. and as all other dimensions where states of being are focused, is as a matrix, a continuum, in which being is focused or coagulated but is not actually separate.  Godhead is the MATRIX  (the unified or causal field) of being that Oversoul projects through into physical being.  Self is focalized into being at each dimension as in a matrix.  The matrix is the coding for the manifestation of the physical worlds.  Godhead is the Atma-Soul.  It is the dimension that connects to all things.  It is the Presence of God-The I AM, Shiva.  The Presence manifests in form only through Soul (the function of soul is manifestation).

The Soul or Godhead is the personal creator…it connects to all things in a vast cosmic web…it carries all codes  It is the same identity as the Great Supreme.

express the Universal in the physical plane.

Godhead Blasting: brings the Soul into physical body.

Godhead, as all other dimensions where states of being are focused, is as a matrix, a continuum, in which being is focused or coagulated but is not ???

Christ/Buddha Grid is at the Crown chakra of the Christ/ Buddha Plane.   The service of all Buddhas is to bring this geometrical grid to the surface of the ascending earth.  The major nodes of this grid, also called the Golden or Crystalline Grid, have capstones for etheric pyramids which are replaced and activated in the ascension process.

Live from Godhead-i.e. as if the Soul is expressing the Universal in the physical plane

actually separate.  This is the level where one connects to other beings. Objective: Live from Godhead-ie Live as if the Soul to express the Universal in the physical plane.

Upper Kingdom



The gateway to the Upper Kingdom is guarded by the Black Buddha, Mariah, who sits in an abyss above the Godhead.  Called the  Land of the Midnight Sun.

Land of the Midnight Sun-“the face of the deep”, Black Buddha; Mariah-everything reverses.

It is the anti-matter universe where most energy in creation exists in potential; the power of the zero-point vacuum fluctuation out of which all physical matter arises.  It is the dark matter that holds creation together.  Imagine this Buddha as having sort of a afro hair-do from which spiral hairs connect to everything in the cosmos.  Like the akashic records, the abyss requires the assistance of the guru to pass through.

Carries the anti-codes for the Matrix; where light and darkness meet. Shimmering sea of vibration where light emanates directly from the scintillation…from the wave.  Form is fluid.  It is the Harmonic of the etheric Plane.

Midnight Sun- Black Buddha is the plane where the Light and Darkness meet (The Darkness that was originally established when the Oversoul was created as its “anti-matter” self).  Black Buddha body is shimmering black Light.


These six advanced beings, cosmic masters, serve in the capacity of guardians to the ISUN Plane.  They sit in Golden matrix-grid based on hexagram and escort Initiate to White Island in an envelop like a lotus whose petals fold and unfold.  They are the Lords of six aspects of the Universe which must be mastered to rise above.

Elohan-     Lord of the Law

Brahman- Lord of the Universe

Babaji-      Lord of Planetary Evolution

Maitreya-  Lord of Karma

Kuthumi-  Lord of the 6th Day (of 9 Days of Creation)

Ram-        Lord of Love

1000 filaments. one through each column of the Laws,  connection Creator to dimensions below.

Babaji, as the Master of Planetary Evolution, is the embodiment of the Matrix as he carries the codes of the Plan.  When one merges with Babaji, one becomes the codes.


The White Island (ISUN) is the plane of the Initiates at the 15th Dimension. It has 1000 petals or pillars similar to the crown chakra and the radiations of Great Supreme through which all are connected through the Kingdom, linking individual being with the totality of creation.  Each pillar represents a cosmic law or principle in the Plan that together make the plan-define all possible events /manifestations. One after another one becomes the laws.  The Pillars of the Law are like the Pearls in Indra’s net or necklace, representing the string of Universes which all reflect one another.

ISUN sits on a throne, the Holy of Holies, first surrounded by the Council of 12, then by the 1000 Columns of the Law, and then by the Crystal Sea of geometry…altogether the three carry the codes of creation into the lower dimensions.   One works in ISUN in serve to this high Council.  ISUN is the bridge between Godhead and the Oversoul, Creator, corresponding to Brahma, extending from Vishnu’s navel by a cord which then is the radius of the universe. 

ISUN corresponds to Vishnu of the Hindu triad. The one who holds the dream of creation lying on the body of a multi-headed serpent.  The initiate dons the ISUN Body of clear light as one builds the “fond”, a fan–like structure of vortexes anchored in the ISUN coccyx and extending above the ISUN crown, which serves as an antenna for higher energies and as protection when traveling above the ISUN level.

ISUN is beyond form.  It sits in the Sea of Crystal, the fundamental geometrics that fills the Universe.  1000 filaments (like streams of plasma) the ‘Fingers of God” connect into the ISUN body from Oversoul wiring it to the cosmic plan, and informing it with all knowledge like a computer mother chip. The ISUN Body is one of clear light

Immediately above ISUN there is the Sword of ISUN. It is one wielded as an instrument of truth and healing and is carried in the spine of the physical body of the Initiate.

Above the Sword of ISUN, one asks for and receives the Seamless Robe and Crown. This is the incorruptible Body of Light which does not discorporate at the end of the Manvantara cycle and which then re-manifests as a high being in the next cycle of creation.

Above the ISUN level there is The Flame which burns and clears the last distortions in the upward journey of the Soul.  When one can see through the Flame as absolutely clear light. One ascends immediately through a portal, called a Black Hole and finds oneself in the WAVE a very long, low frequency vibration that carries one into the OverSoul.



The OverSoul resides on the 18th Dimension, just below Great Supreme and is basically a miniature replica or individualized Great Supreme-Creator, containing the same patterns of energy.  Its body manifests as a field of unbounded radiations of extraordinary colors, of pure consciousness.  These carry the energtics of the Creator into all levels of being and makies the OverSoul the source of 1000 Rays of Creation.  The Oversoul projects it Self into manifestation to activate aspects of the Plan.  Through evolution the whole Plan is demonstrated within the Oversoul which then becomes a Great Supreme to create their own creations.


Above the OverSoul are 6 dimensions of Great Supreme  which are repeated in the OverSoul.  It starts with THE PLAN for Creation, the Divine Idea, having 1000 aspects, which radiate as primal energetics/ consciousness of being from the cosmic inner FLAME, also called NIRVANA.

The BINDU, the portal of differentiated Being from the Creator, also called PARANIVANA, is above this.  And finally the GREAT WAVE called MAHANIRVANA that radiates from the field of pure energy and consciousness of GREAT SUPREME. The wave moves out into expression-manifestation and inward integration/unity on the medium of Love.  It is the Breath of God moving on the Continuum.  Not a lot can be said of these planes as they are part of the GREAT SUPREME itself.


This is the prime Creator of the Universe and while manifest and evolving itself is beyond the limitations of description and Name.  We call it the Great Central Sun. It is the Source of 1000 emanations which extend down through the different levels of the Universe.  It is experienced as an intense field of energy.

“One” does not exist in Great Supreme as an identity…but dissolves-merges into the “One” surrendering the SELF.  This begins in the Oversoul.

Creation is the Great supreme wishing to experience itself.  It is self-seeding, self-organizing, fractal, repeating itself at various planes, levels like octaves (Law of correspondence).  But…there is only One Pattern!!

This model is one of both structure and process showing that the Great supreme is also evolving…  reflecting itself in the “sphere” of Becoming as Godhead, as man, and Oversoul…each as a pearl in the net.

Radiation/Rays of Great Supreme are as thoughts-ideas of creation.  Oversoul manifests one of these.

Beyond Great Supreme there are 7 levels of Great Supremes-the Cosmic planes.  Thus there are 7x7x7=343 sub-planes.  The Great Supreme is the SAT.

Becoming a Sat is a service. One becomes a portal and the way for others.  Becoming a Sat sets the resonance in the morphogenetic field making it easier for others to become a Sat

Great Supreme Vortex: The ascending GS vortex is the Divine Feminine or Divine Mother while the descending GS Vortex is the Father.  Ascending the GS Vortex is “Lifting the veil of ISIS” which no mortal man has done.  A Sat is no longer a mortal man but one who is master of the Kingdom in time/space…an immortal.  One who remembers.

Radiations from the Great Supreme are as streams of being.  Each state of being is as an origin point of an ascending vortex intersecting with that of Supreme Being.

Great Supreme is the SAT.  The Sat is the whole kingdom, that is it embodies the whole reality.  It is a vortex (see multi-level vortex model of kingdom). The GSV.  All the wheels are aligned within it. The energy/Light flows both down (Father-creation energy) and upwards (Divine Mother-Ascension energy).  Eventually the GS Vortex between the base wheel and the Is-Ness becomes clear and empty of all other dimensions.


The Kingdom model of multi-dimensional reality is one of only several traditional models, including the Qabalistc and Egyptian Mysteries, to recognize any reality in or beyond the Void.  In the Kingdom the structure beyond the Void is another 24 dimension divided into four octaves of six mirroring the manifest Kingdom.  At the head of the structure, The ONE, Who Seeds, the Source of all, conceives of universes during cycles of Pralaya or inactivity, which germinate and are held in incubation by a group of Controllers until  a new cycle or activity, , a Manvantari dawns anew.  In the planes of Manvantari, new Great Servers are generated which descend to a Bell-like structure from which they each channel energies to seven Great Supreme Creators one for each universe over the course of the cycle.  As each universe is seeded in manifestation and its Great Supreme expands, descending dimension, activating laws, the emanating vibrations, resonates off the boundary membrane, eventually generating a standing or stationary wave across the universe expanding around the Great Supreme.  The wave pattern is geometrical in nature, generating the regular Platonic solids as the basis of all form. The reverberation of this vibrational field creates a wave interference pattern within the boundary membrane which then projects the holographic manifestation of the universe within.

During pralaya all of creation below the level of Oversoul is reabsorbed into the primordial to be integrate into the One and recycled in the next creation. The mystery school teaches that it is possible to preserve the awakened Self across the Pralaya by donning a light body called the “Seamless Robe and Crown”. The Void is not empty, but filled with an undifferentiated uniform energy, totally even and therefore immeasurable.  However it can be crossed in a specialized Light Body called the Teleporter that is something like a 12-armed spinning octopus.

Purpose of the Firmament:

• provides separation from other adjacent universes, thus protection from interference, both ways.

• provides an arena or place for a universe/creation, perhaps galaxy, to manifest and evolve.

• provides certain conditions of bounded void separate from the infinite, for a process to build, the foundational geometrics and the hologram to manifest.



Kriya Practice:  This practice essentially establishes the Filament connection to Great Supreme and beyond.  In the process the Pillar of Light vortex is extended to each level and brought down into the body, which then basically becomes a fully activated walking universe.